Beginner to Pro: 10 Vaping Tips For A New Vaper

You've decided it's finally time to save some money – and your lungs. There can be a snag though. If you're brand new to vaping, it can seem complicated and overwhelming at first. You know nothing about vaping. Which one to get, how to charge it, how to use it or what e-juice even is, let alone which to get for it. Being ‘the newbie' is never particularly fun, and no one enjoys sifting through hundreds of pages on Google for answers to simple questions. With this simple list, you'll overcome these tiny obstacles and be on your way to a wiser purchasing choice.


Here are 10 things to consider on your journey to becoming a vaping veteran:


1. Find a Device That Works for You


It might seem incredibly obvious, but trust us on this one. You need to ensure you find ‘Your Vape'.


  • There are a bunch of factors to consider.
  • How often do you smoke?
  • How often do you travel?
  • Able to regularly charge on-the-go?


If you were a light or social smoker, vape pens such as a CBDfx or Juul pen are an accessible, well priced option. If you're going to be a heavy duty vaper, then you'll be best suited to a Mod with some real volume, power and battery life for your favorite vape juice.


The following vape mods are common for experienced users;


Sub-ohm vape pens: The descendants of older tube mods, these devices utilize low resistance coils offering more power without much complexity.


Box mods: The ideal choice for the committed vaper. Computer programmable and reach the highest outputs, perfect for users who want an advanced device. Only downside is they have several variables to consider for beginners, and are not as convenient on-the-go, not least due to an uncomfortable pocket size.


2. Get Quality E-Liquid 


This is a vital (often missed) step. Many of the health issues surrounding recent vaping controversy seem to have roots in bad products. Purchases from countries with pretty awful regulations can result in an undesirable outcome. A huge benefit of vaping is that it's a healthier option than smoking.


A simple step to ensure the quality is there, is to just buy from a reputable source that is USA – or even UK and EU made. Anywhere that has high commercial standards with certifications of quality should provide Premium E-Liquid for a worry-free experience.


3. Trust Your Taste Buds


Traditional Menthol? Coffee? Blue Razz Lemonade? Nowadays there are endless choices. Getting an e-liquid flavor that you genuinely enjoy will make all the difference to your everyday vaping.


How do you choose? A good start is to go with a flavor you like in its authentic form. Like pineapples? Try pineapple. Mixing flavors is common for experienced users, and can be a fruitful way for you to become your own juice artist.


4. Nicotine, CBD or just E-Juice?


If you have been a smoker, then it's likely you'll want a nicotine e-liquid to curb the old habit. There are various nicotine levels (0 – 24 mg/ml) to choose from. Perhaps you just enjoy the taste and sensation of vaping, in which case go ahead and get a standard nicotine-free e-juice.


So what's the CBD option about? It's become increasingly common for vaping enthusiasts to use CBD oils as a stand-alone juice or as a combination with others. CBD has several known positive physiological effects, primarily as a powerful anti-inflammatory. It's never been a better time to vape in all sorts of wonderful flavors.


5. Putting it Together and First Vape


Any device purchased will come with instructions. They can be a little convoluted though. If you have bought a basic vape pen kit then you simply remove the packaging, recycle it, add e-liquid (if not a disposable) – then inhale/exhale. With vape mods there's a bit more to do, but it's still relatively straight forward.


  • Ensure it's fully charged
  • Unscrew the top or bottom (device depending)
  • Insert the fresh coil (provided)
  • Fill pod/tank with your new premium e-liquid
  • Re-connect the tank to the device
  • Stick within recommended power limits for your coil
  • Give it a few minutes to settle – and enjoy.


Keep your eye on any device-specific instructions. The more elaborate the vape, the longer set up will take, but likely the more enriching the overall experience will be in the long run.


6. Look After Your Device and Avoid Tech Issues


I'm sure you've seen some of the scaremongering hysteria from the mainstream media in regards to ‘vape explosions‘. Social media is also rampant with misinformation about how these take place. According to data, the consensus among scientists is that use of the wrong battery and/or charger is what causes these devices to combust. The easiest way to create a stress-less vape is to use the items that come with the device itself.


Other notable ways to look after your vape include:


  • Keeping it out of direct sunlight
  • Keeping it out of extreme temperature (hot or cold)
  • Keeping loose batteries away from other metals such as coins and keys


Once you learn how to look after your device you'll find vaping is not just easy – but very safe indeed. For more beginner safety tips, check out our complete guide to vaping safety.


7. Vape Mod Hygiene


Carrying round a cloth of some kind would be the most convenient way to take care of spillage and basic cleanliness. For an optimized vape, you should be emptying the tank for a weekly rinse.


Obviously you'll want to avoid any of the battery section (the majority of the electronic device) getting near any water. Whip out your cloth and just give it a wipe in all of the crevices, so it doesn't get leaked into or become rusty.


8. Ratios: PG vs VG


It might become common to hear people discussing PG (propylene glycol) vs VG (vegetable glycerine). Both PG and VG tend to be the primary base of FDA approved e-liquid.


PG is a thinner, clear liquid typically seen in used in the food industry.


VG, sourced from vegetable oil is a thicker, deeper liquid typically seen in the cosmetics industry.


In Layman's terms; PG is for a stronger, more flavorful throat hit and VG is a for a sweeter, more vapor-creating hit.


9. Batteries/Chargers


Going on a long journey? Frequent traveler? Work long hours? If your vape device requires a battery, you will want to invest in an extra battery. You don't want your battery to die ahead of a long journey without replacements, rendering your vape meaningless. A simple and crucial step if yours is USB chargeable, is to charge at every available opportunity. We would also encourage you to look into a portable USB battery, to charge your device for longer trips or to use as a back-up if no mains are nearby.


10. Clean Your Palate 


Without contradicting ourselves (on 3.) it's important to clean your palate by occasionally trying other flavors. Eventually your tongue can become desensitized to the flavor it is conditioned to tasting (commonly called “vaper’s tongue”), leaving you high (not literally) and dry (literally). It can be quite easily solved by staying hydrated and every now and then changing it up a bit, so you and your taste buds don't get bored.