Best Vape Mods and Box Mods

By Lindsay Fox Posted May 20, 2020

Best Box Mods, Mechanical Mods, Variable Voltage Mods for Vaping


Vape mods are the devices of choice for long-term vapers, offering huge improvements in battery life and performance in comparison to eGo-style and (especially) cigalike devices, and opening up levels of customization in your vaping experience you can’t get any other way. But the world of mods is a big one, and with such a fantastic range of mods – from the beginner-friendly VV/VW devices to the mechanical mods some veteran vapers still prefer – how do you go about choosing the best vape mods?


We conducted surveys of vapers, looking at the best VV/VW mods and the best mechanical mods, and we’ve used the results to produce definitive top 10 lists of the top vape mods and box mods on the market in 2020 for these classes of device.


So which are the best vape mods and box mods for 2020? Here are the top 10s.


Best Vape Mods and Box Mods (VV/VW)


10 – Smok A-Priv 225 W

A-Priv Vape Mod - Best Box Mod


Smok’s A-Priv is a powerhouse dual-battery box mod with a unique design and all the features you could realistically want from a mod. This is all made even better by the impressively-low price, and if you’re not looking for the very best vape mod on the market, it offers a fantastic balance between performance and affordability.


The A-Priv takes two 18650 batteries, and puts out an impressive 225 W in VW mode. It also features TC vaping with titanium, nickel and stainless steel coils, with all of the additional features you could need like adjustable ramp-up wattage and customizable TCR. The design is awesome too, with a outer metallic shell surrounding an LED-lit interior, which you can customize to light up in your chosen color as you vape. The body is also curved for maximum comfort when you vape, with a firing bar instead of a little button so you can just squeeze the body to vape. There’s also a well-presented display screen on the top edge of the device.


You can pick up the A-Priv 225 W from Vapor4Life for $29.99.



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9 – VooPoo Drag 2


Drag 2 Vape Mod



The VooPoo Drag 2 picks up where the original left off, dropping the angular edges of the original and making the package more compact and portable, while still maintaining the exceptional performance. It’s a dual 18650 mod, with a rugged-yet-cool look and a simple layout in terms of buttons and displays; it looks formidable but also user-friendly. It runs on the Gene Fit chip, which takes the speed and responsiveness that made vapers love the original Gene chip and makes it even quicker, more efficient and safer.


The device supports wattage-based vaping up to a massive 177 W and TC vaping, working with coils as low as 0.05 ohms in either mode and supporting titanium, nickel and stainless steel, so all types of TC coil. It also allows you to adjust the TCR so you can perfectly tailor the device’s performance to suit your preferences. All of this is housed within sturdy zinc alloy chassis, with a magnetic battery door and simple layout all round.


The vape mod comes in a kit with the 3.5 ml capacity Uforce T2 sub ohm tank, which comes with 0.4 and 0.2 ohm coils, a spare (larger-capacity) glass tube and some parts. You also get a USB charging cable when you pick up the kit. It costs $79.95 from DirectVapor.


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8 – Aspire Dynamo 220 W


Aspire Dynamo - Best VV/VW Mods Vaping



Aspire has been a big player in the vaping industry for many years now, with a reputation for quality but generally good prices too. The Dynamo is one of their best offerings right now (and well-deserving of a spot on this best vape mod list), running on two batteries (and working with 18650, 20700 and 21700s), and featuring a circular, 2-inch TFT display screen.


Visually, the display screen really dominates the look of the mod, with tons of options for the “watch-face” like display that gives you plenty of room to customize how the mod looks. The edges are all rounded, making the device super-comfortable to hold, and it features a side-mounted fire button and two adjustment buttons below the screen. They also make great use of the screen in use, with clear monitoring for your battery levels and a well-designed interface for controlling all of the key features of the device.


It puts out up to 225 W of power in VW mode, and also features a fully-equipped TC mode and bypass mode for mechanical-mod like performance. The kit comes with the Nepho tank, including a 0.5 ohm coil and a 0.15 ohm mesh coil as standard. All you need to pick up to start vaping is the kit, two batteries and some e-juice.


You can pick up the Dynamo starter kit for $74.99.


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7 – Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum


Drag Mini Platinum - Best Box Mods



The Voopoo Drag series includes many top-quality vaping devices, and the Drag 2 has already been covered on this best ecig mod list as a testament to that. But the Drag Mini Platinum is arguably even better, taking all of the same features and putting it into an equally user-friendly, but more compact format. Along with the smaller stature, the best thing about the Drag Mini Platinum is that it comes with an internal battery (so no need to mess around picking up some separately), with an impressive 4,400 mAh capacity, right in line with what you’d get from a dual-battery box mod in many cases.


The Drag Mini Platinum has a very similar look to the Drag 2, with one large resin plate (and plenty of options when it comes to the color scheme) and “Drag” written in big bold letters on the other side. The front panel has a well-presented display screen, along with the USB charging port, fire button and two adjustment buttons. The top power output is less than the Drag 2’s at 117 W, but for most vapers this is more than enough, and it boasts all the same features in terms of TC vaping and the unique FIT mode that dials in the ideal settings for your tank automatically.


It comes in a kit with the Uforce T2 sub ohm tank included, along with a 0.6 and a 0.13 ohm coil. The performance from the tank is impressive, with ample vapor production and vibrant flavor with every puff. The tank is also top-filling and very user-friendly in general, making the kit particularly good for new vapers.


You can pick up the Drag Mini Platinum kit for $69.95.



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6 – Vaporesso Gen Mod 220 W


Vaporesso Gen 220 W - Best VV/VW E-Cig Mods



Vaporesso has come a long way since their earlier devices, with an increasingly-expansive range of high-quality mods hitting the market over the past few years. One of the stand-out recent devices is the Gen Mod 220 W, which may look quite unassuming but has plenty of features and packs it all into a surprisingly affordable device.


It runs on two 18650 batteries, with a traditional boxy shape and a substantial maximum power output of 220 W. It also (expectedly) has a TC mode that works with all common TC wire types, but also has additional modes such as the power eco mode (designed to maximize battery life) and pulse mode, with three buttons (in addition to the fire button) so you can navigate around the many features with ease. Although it isn’t the coolest-looking mod on the market, it comes in a range of colors and it has a soft-touch rubberized coating to make it more pleasant to hold than the average device.


The Vaporesso Gen Mod 220 W makes this best e-cig mods list for these features in combination with the great price of $56.95. This makes it one of the best box mods if you’re on a budget, although there are some other good affordable options on this list too.



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5 – Voopoo VMate 200 W


Voopoo VMate 200W - Best Box Mods



A third entry for Voopoo on this best box mod list comes in the form of the VMate 200 W, a dual-battery box mod with an excellent and innovative design, available for less than $50. It takes two 18650 batteries, but these are inserted into a split bay, with one located at each side of the front-facing display screen. It runs on the chipset, and the zinc alloy construction ensures the device has a sturdy build while still keeping the weight as low as possible.


The device puts out up to 200 W of power, and supports temperature control vaping with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils. You can also adjust the TCR value and ramp-up wattage to customize your TC vaping experience. The buttons are located on either side of the device, with the firing button above one battery bay and the adjustment buttons above the other. This frees up space on the body for the large and well-presented OLED display screen, and also helps with the comfort factor when you’re using the device.


You can pick up the VMate 200 W for $47.95.



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4 – Wotofo x Rig Mod Flux 200 W


Wotofo Flux Mod - Best Box Mods



This mod and tank combination is the result of a collaboration between Wotofo and Rig Mod, both big names in the vaping industry in their respective areas. The device has a very unique design, with the full-color OLED display screen located at the top of the front face, just below the tank connection point, and 7-color LEDs built into the body to add more visual flair. It runs on two 18650 batteries.


In terms of power it puts out an impressive 200 W, and it’s pretty unique in that it doesn’t feature a TC mode. This might strike you as a downside (and it certainly is if TC is a make-or-break feature for you), but they’ve really drilled-down on what most vapers are looking for from a device and put some extra care into the VW mode. As well as the standard VW mode, you can also set the device in “Powerful” or “Powerful+” mode, which both give the device an extra punch when you’re vaping in wattage mode. It also uses a firing bar instead of the traditional button for extra comfort when you’re vaping.


The Flux comes with the Flow Pro sub ohm tank as standard, which has two 0.18 ohm “multihole” (i.e. mesh) coils, a 4 ml juice capacity (extended to 5 ml with the bulb glass) and a well-executed top-filling system. This tank is a great performer on its own, but Smok fans will be happy to learn that it’s also compatible with TFV8 Baby coils, which gives you some more options when you’re stocking up on coils.


The Flux kit costs $69.95, coming with the mod, the tank, two coils, a drip tip adapter and the USB charging cable, in addition to a manual and some spare parts.



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3 – SMOK Mag Baby


SMOK Mag Baby Box Mod - Best VV/VW Mods

The SMOK MAG Baby is a gorgeous addition to the Mag family. With aggressive and tasteful styling, it is the ultimate blend of style and substance. Small in stature but capable of fierce performance, this conveniently sized hand-held vape mod is the picture of ergonomic perfection. Shaped for comfort, it fits easily in your hand and offers a crisp trigger action that helps you get the perfect pull every time.


On the technological side, all of its functions are easily navigated on a large OLED screen and the 1600mAh battery provides plenty of juice. With a maximum output of 50w, it works seamlessly with the hard-hitting Baby Prince vape tank, which is included along with 2 replacement coils and an extra glass tube in this kit. Built-in venting holes prevent overheating while the Cobra drip tip adds an additional flourish of style and a powerful draw.


Whether you are an experienced vaper or looking for your first vaping mod, the compact and stylish SMOK MAG Baby Kit is a perfect fit. Available at just $59.99 from Vapor4Life, it is a great value.


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2 – Halo Reactor Mega


Halo Reactor Mega TC Vape Mod


Halo’s Reactor Mega is a beast of a mod. While it doesn’t pack quite as much power as many of the other best box mods on this list, it’s in-built 5,000 mAh battery means it can keep you vaping for longer between charges than most of the competition. Halo may be most well-known for their e-liquids, but the Reactor Mega is a reminder that they can make some seriously competitive devices too.


The Reactor Mega can provide a maximum of 80W of power. With other entries on this list of the best vaping mods going beyond 200W, this might not seem like enough, but realistically most vapers don’t go beyond this in day-to-day use. It might not be the perfect mod for a cloud competition, but for everyday vaping the power output combined with the impressive battery life is a winning combination. It also offers TC with nickel (Ni200), titanium and stainless steel coils to help you avoid dry hits.


The Reactor Mega comes in a kit with the Reactor tank, a 5 ml capacity, top-filling sub ohm tank that comes with two 0.15 ohm Ni200 coils and one 0.5 ohm dual vertical coil offering. Combined, they offer great performance and a very dependable setup all-round. You can pick up the Reactor Mega for just $75.


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1 – Yihi SX Mini G Class


SX Mini G Class Vape Mod


Taking over 14 percent of the vote in our poll to earn it the title of best box mod within the VV/VW class, the Yihi SX Mini G Class is a 200W box mod with temperature control functionality from 212 to 572 °F (firing at between 5 and 200W), and a compact, ergonomic design.


The appeal of the device is much the same as that of the iPV D2, offering a full-featured vape mod in a slim design put together with comfortable operation in mind. The SX Mini G Class features a hexagon shaped firing button, making it easy to press regardless of how you hold the device, and the adjustment button – located below the display screen – is recessed to help prevent accidental presses. The result is an aesthetically-pleasing mod that is intuitive to operate.


The SX Mini G Class takes two 18650 batteries (sold separately), accessed through a coin-slot screw point on the bottom of the device. It comes with the standard array of safety features for regulated ecig mods, and you can also charge you battery through the included micro-USB connection, with the option of passthrough vaping (so you can use it while charging).


The mod will fire any coils down to 0.15 ohms in wattage mode and down to 0.05 ohms in temperature-control mode, working with pretty much any atomizer on the market when combined with the brass, spring-loaded 510 connection. Finally, there are four output modes to give you more options for customizing your vaping experience.


The Yihi SX Mini G Class is fairly expensive, though, coming in at $219.95, but for the best vape mod on the market as voted by vapers, it’s worth spending a little more to pick it up.


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Best Mechanical Mods


Now we move onto the best mechanical mods. Although they’ve been falling out of favor thanks to the proliferation of regulated, high-power VV/VW mods, our mechanical mod poll actually received more responses than the VV/VW mod poll, and mechanicals are well worth consideration for anybody shopping for the best ecig mod for their needs.


10 – Armor Prime 20700 by EHPro


EHPro Armor Prime - Best Mechanical Mods 2020


The EHPro Armor Prime 20700 is a traditional style mechanical mod with some minor additions mainly for safety purposes. Mechs have been falling out of fashion for many years now due to the widespread higher-power box mods on the market, which offer additional protections to ensure you stay safe when you vape. The Armor Prime does a good job of balancing these benefits with the form and style of a traditional mech, with a brass, tube-shaped body (available in four colors) but a soft limit of 0.15 ohms for the minimum coil resistance. Below this the self-protections in the device kick in to keep you safe. It also has an LED battery life indicator, which is another additional bit of technology that older mechs were lacking. But the mod looks great and despite some extra protections, performs like a beast.


It’s also available for just $27, so it’s a fantastic deal if you’re looking to get into mechs.


Demon Killer Tiny Vape


9 – Nudge Mechanical Box Mod by Wotofo



Nudge Mech Mod - Best Mech Mod for Vaping 2020


Wotofo is one of the only big-name vaping brands with mechanical mods still on the market, but – as is becoming increasingly common – most of the options available are “squonk” devices, which have a bottle of juice built into the body for an auto-dripper experience. The Nudge runs on a single 18650 battery, and incorporates a 7 ml PET plastic bottle into the body. The 510 connection makes use of 24k gold-plating for improved conductivity, and the fire button is also 24k gold to give the device a bit of a visual pop, standing out clearly against the black body of the device. If you’re in the market for a mechanical squonker, this is a great option available for just $34.99.




8 – DJV Mech Mod by DejuVu



DJV Mod - Best E-Cig Mods for 2020


The DejuVu DJV mechanical mod is the brain-child of YouTube vaping reviewer Adrian Lo Dejavu, and it takes 8th place in this best ecig mod list for mechanical devices. It’s a tube mech, with a brass body and running on a single 18650 battery, with no extra bells and whistles so it’s very much a traditional mechanical mod. The mod has a gold-plated contact pin on the 510 connection, and you can choose between a magnet and a spring for the switch to suit your preferences, as well as a stainless steel or acrylic fire button. It might not have all of the extras that are commonplace on VW devices, but as a mechanical mod it’s no-nonsense, to-the-point style and cool design is all you’re really looking for. It hits hard and looks awesome. You can pick up the device for $68.



7 – Glas Phantom by Glas Vapor


Glas Signature Mechanical Mod



The Glas Phantom by Glas Vapor is one of the best mech mods on the market today, but it’s a very different beast to the devices covered by this list so far. Not only is it a true, pure mechanical mod, this thing is a work of art.


Everything made by Glas Vapor is hand-made in Los Angeles, using only the very highest-quality materials, including aerospace grade stainless steel, titanium, silver, rhodium and even sapphire crystals. The buttons – mounted on the bottom of the device, with a beautifully smooth throw – are made from custom-tooled aluminum.


The Phantom is an 18650 mechanical tube mod, pretty much in the same vein as the others from the mod maker: it looks beautiful and the high-quality materials used give it minimal voltage drop and a solid hit. The Phantom version costs $345 direct from Glas Vapor.



6 – Caravela by Caravela Mods


The Caravela - Best Mech Mods for Vaping 2015


The Caravela is the original “unicorn” mod: the mythical mod that everyone wants but very few can get their hands on. Not much has changed, except now some vapers are willing to pay much more to get their hands on one. Simply put, it's one of the most legendary vape mods in the industry.


The Caravela is a 22 mm diameter, mod with a stainless steel or brass tube (in 18350, 18500 or 18650) – all featuring the iconic ship logo – silver-plated contact pins, a reverse-threaded locking ring, an adjustable, recessed 510 contact point and a stainless steel button. The device looks elegant and sleek, with every one bearing a unique serial number, and the build quality is nothing short of exceptional.


Finding a real Caravela is pretty much impossible, though, so the only options are clones. You can pick up a clone from Gypsy Vapes, on sale at time of writing for $34.95 (usual price $69.95).



5 – Nemesis by Atmomixani


Nemesis Mechanical Mod - Best E-Cig Mod 2015


The Nemesis is a mechanical mod from Atmomixani, taking over 4.6 % of the vote in our mechanical mod poll and comfortably ranking as one of the top vape mods on the market.


The Nemesis features silver-plated brass contacts, an adjustable center pin, delrin insulators, an in-built airflow control, and comes in the standard three tube sizes, each accommodating a kick. The bottom pin is also adjustable, so you can tweak your throw to your liking. And it goes without saying that the performance and build quality of the device is pretty exceptional, with a very low voltage drop and a solid hit.


It comes in matte or polished stainless steel or copper, as well as brass, all of which look sleek and elegant, and bear the iconic angel of death logo. It’s currently available from Atmomixani for between $153 and $165, depending on your chosen finish, but there are also plenty of clones on the market.



4 – Fush Protected Tube Mod by Acrohm


Fush Protected Tube Mod - Best Mod for Vaping 2019



The Fush Protected Tube Mod is another entrant onto this best mods for vaping list for mechanical mods that doesn’t strictly meet the traditional definition of a mechanical mod. The key difference here is that there are protections built-in, including a minimum atomizer resistance of 0.07 ohms and short circuit, high temperature, low voltage and reverse polarity protections.


Other than that, though, it’s a purely mechanical mod vaping experience. It’s a tube mod – composed of a mix of bulletproof polycarbonate and 304 stainless steel – that runs on a single 18650 battery and outputs the remaining voltage directly, with a recessed firing button. It’s very much a next-generation mechanical device, maintaining the benefits of the originals while still offering some of the protections of regulated devices. You can pick it up for $99.99.



3 – Squeezer BF by Hugo Vapor



Squeezer BF Mod - Best E-Cig Box Mods


The Hugo Vapor Squeezer BF is another squonk mod making this list of the best vaping mods in the mechanical class, with a straightforward but effective design and a 10 ml silicone e-juice bottle incorporated into the body. The device runs on a single 20700 or 18650 battery (with the included adapter), and works with any coil over 0.1 ohm in resistance (as a safety feature), with a spring-loaded and gold-plated 510 connection for connectivity. The body is made from nylon fiber, which gives it a pretty unique look, and it comes in four different colors too so you get some control over the appearance. As a mechanical squonker it’s pretty simple in terms of operation, with a single (lockable) fire button and an opening in the body so you can squeeze the squonk bottle. You get two squonk bottles, one 30 ml filling bottle, an adapter tube and a user manual in addition to the device, all for $39.90.




2 – LiftBox Bastion by Innokin


Liftbox Bastion - Best Mechanical Mod 2019



The LiftBox from Innokin is another squonker that makes this best vape mod list in the mechanical class, but it’s different from most squonkers on the market. The big selling point here is the Lift Siphon System, which automatically soaks your coils after each puff, so like a squonker but without the manual squonking.


The device itself has an unregulated output from a single 18650 battery, and works with a squeeze-to-vape firing bar. It does come with safety features, though, including a minimum resistance cutoff of 0.08 ohms, short circuit protection, battery safety protection and reverse polarity protection. When paired with a bottom-feeding RDA, though, it works as well and hits as hard as pretty much any mech on the market. The device costs $89.95.



1 – Fallout Mechanical Mod by Purge Mods


Fallout - Best Mechanical Mod 2020



While most of the devices on this top vape mods list for mechs are affordable (owing mainly to the move away from mechanicals in the industry), the best mech mods in the golden age were part vaping devices and part exquisite show-pieces. The Fallout Mechanical Mod by Purge Mods follows this tradition, built around a basic tube but featuring CNC engravings all up the body to make it really stand out from the crowd. It has a copper body, a constant-contact switch and a hybrid 510 connection for your atomizer. It works with a 21700, 20700 or 18650 battery (with an appropriate adapter), and when you pick the device up you also get a hard shell carry case to protect the mod when it’s out of the house.


It’s definitely something to treasure though, with the beautiful body design and high quality materials meaning it costs a fair amount to pick up. It costs $371 new.




Best Vape Mods and Box Mods (Recommended by ECR Staff)


With plenty of excellent VV/VW devices and a fantastic selection of mechanicals, anyone looking for top-quality vaping mods definitely has a lot of options, but the 20 devices above only really scratch the surface of what’s available. So if you’re looking for more options to choose from, here are 10 of our picks for the best vape mods and box mods, with five options for VV/VW devices and five for mechanical mods.


5 – Uwell Hypercar 80W TC

Hypercar 80 W - Best VV/VW Mods


The Hypercar from Uwell (who you may know from the well-loved Crown series of tanks) takes fifth place in this list of the best vaporizer mods on the market, thanks to its compact, ergonomic design and the solid feature-set. It runs on a single 18650 battery, and puts out up to 80 W of power in VW mode, with an angled silicone firing button for maximum comfort in-use. It also supports TC vaping, as well as featuring bypass mode in case you want performance more like a mechanical mod. You can pick up the Hypercar for $36.77.


4 – Aspire Cygnet RevvoCygnet Revvo Mod - Best Vape Mods VV/VW


The Cygnet Revvo by Aspire is a compact, single-battery mod with a simple but effective design and a cool tank included in the kit as standard. The mod itself is designed with portability in mind, standing less than three inches tall even with the tank attached, and incorporating the two adjustment buttons into the base to give a clutter-free appearance. It supports variable wattage vaping at up to 80 W, as well as a bypass mode for mech mod like performance. The tank is worth mentioning too, with a top-filling design and making use of Aspire’s unique ARC (Aspire Radial Coil) system, with the coils having a stovetop-like appearance and offering impressive performance. You can pick the device and tank up for $59.99.


3 – iJoy Mystique 162 W TC Mystique Mod - Best VV/VW Mods for Vaping


If you’re looking for a mod with a more unique appearance that still packs a punch when it comes to performance, the iJoy Mystique 162 W TC is one of the best box mods you can buy. It features a cool, webbed design on the body – which is also textured to help you grip the device – and comes in a choice of four colors. The mod puts out up to 162 W of power, supports TC with Ni, SS and Ti coils, and has additional modes including bypass mod and MTL (mouth to lung) mode. It runs on dual 18650 batteries (which you have to buy separately), but has a curved body and as compact a design as possible so it’s still comfortable to use. You can buy it for the great price of $35.95.


2 – Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen 3RX Gen 3 - Best E-Cig Mods for 2020


Wismec’s Reuleaux series of mods includes many excellent devices, but the Gen 3 version really pushes the boundaries of what you can expect from a mod and earns a spot on this list of our favorite vapor mods. The device runs on three 18650 batteries and puts out a jaw-dropping 300 W of power, with a diamond-shaped body to incorporate the batteries into the minimal amount of space. It also supports temperature control vaping with all common TC wire types, and features a well-presented OLED display screen to handle mode and setting changes. You need to pick up the batteries separately (as always), but the price of $49.99 for the mod is hard to beat.


1 – GeekVape Aegis Legend 200 W TCAegis Legend 200 W - Temperature Control Mod


The Aegis Legend 200 W TC from GeekVape is our pick for our favorite vape mod on the market thanks to its substantial power output and its rugged design. The device runs on two 18650 batteries (bought separately), and has a huge maximum power output of 200 W, as well as a full-featured TC mode. The device itself is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, which makes it a great option if you’re likely to be vaping in less-than-ideal situations. It has a unique trigger-style fire button, and a little leather patch at the back to support its ergonomic design. This mod costs $61.95 new.


Best Mechanical Mods (As Recommended by ECR Staff)


5 – Cthulhu Tube ModCthulhu Mech Mod - Best E-Cigarette Mod 2020


The Cthulhu Tube Mod has the look and operation of a traditional mechanical mod but with the addition of a dual MOSFET chip and in-built protection against short circuits, technically making it a “semi-mechanical” device. The mod has the classic tube shape and comes in either a stainless or black finish, with the logo based on the mythological beast on the ring near the bottom-mounted switch. The mod runs on either an 18650 or 18350 battery, with the tube splitting into two sections so you can reduce the size for a smaller battery. It performs excellently, and the simplicity of the device is a huge selling-point, as well as the very low $35 price-tag.


4 – Smok Stick V9 MaxStick V9 Max - Best E-Cig Mods


This is a fairly basic-looking device but the performance is hard to fault. This is another example of a mod that works like a mech – with a direct voltage output and no extraneous features – but has safety features that technically makes it a regulated device. The mod has an internal 4,000 mAh battery, which will keep you vaping for well over a day between charges. The device comes in a kit with the 8.5 ml Stick V9 Max tank and two coils, and costs $59.99 new.


3 – El Thunder Mod by Viva La Cloud Viva La Cloud El Thunder - Best E-Cig Mods 2020


The El Thunder Mod from Viva La Cloud makes our recommended mods list in the mech category because it’s a “true” mech that’s hard-hitting and beautifully designed. It’s made from cerakoated brass and aluminum, with a 26 mm diameter (perfect for 24 mm diameter atomizers) and a hybrid 510 connection. It runs on a single 18650 battery, which you pick up separately. This isn’t a device to choose as your first mech, but if you’re comfortable with a higher-end mechanical mod, the performance, beautiful design and smooth, consistent throw make it one of the best options on the market. It’s fairly pricey, though, at $159.50 for the device.


2 – Tauren by ThunderHead CreationsTauren Mod - Best Vape Mods 2020


The Tauren makes this list of our favorite vaping mods for its cool look (with plenty of options) and exceptional performance. It’s a 20700/21700 device, which supports 18650 batteries too with the included adapter. The look of the mod varies a lot between different colors, but all of the versions have “Tauren” printed up the middle of the tube with a bull and shield logo beneath, along with the unique serial number for your device. It’s a true mech, so there are no extra features like with VW mods, but it has a unique “ball” connection for the button which gives improved contact area and improves the mod’s responsiveness. The mod is affordably priced, too, at $65 for the device.


1 – Swerve by Purge ModsSwerve Mech Mod - Best E-Cigarette Mod 2020


Mechanical mods aren’t as popular as they once were, but Purge Mods is one of the companies still putting out awesome devices, including our pick for the best e-cigarette mod in the mechanicals category: the Swerve. The Swerve is designed for a 21700/20700 battery, but you can run it on an 18650 with an adapter. It’s a tube-style device, but the center of the mod curves inwards to give a unique look, as well as the excellent “Purge” engraving around the bottom. The button has three strong magnets to ensure a smooth and comfortable throw, and the performance is hard to beat. You can pick it up in copper or brass, but the mod costs a little more than others on this list at $231.96.




The huge range of vape mods on the market today – both VV/VW and mechanical – may make the decision a little harder for vapers looking for high-quality vape mods and box mods, but the fact that we have so many options really serves as a reminder that we’re in the golden age of vaping. With tons of high-power regulated vaporizer mods and plenty of options for mechanicals, there has never been a better time to take a step up in terms of performance, reliability and capability and pick up one of the best vape mods on the market.