Black Note has recently published two posts looking at the issue of diacetyl in e-cigarettes, with one covering the science behind the debate and the other focusing more on the disagreement on the issue within the vaping community. The posts are both well-worth reading – so go take a look if you want the full story – but we’ve condensed some of the key take-away points here.
Tobacco e-liquid types
For the just-switching smoker aiming to replace their combusted tobacco habit, navigating the veritable maze of e-liquid in search of a pleasant, tobacco-infused flavor can be a challenge. So what are the major types of tobacco e-liquid? Which tastes the best? Here’s a brief run-down of the options.
Increase Coil Head Lifespan
If your brand new atomizer head is only lasting you a few days – rather than the 1 to 2 weeks you can ordinarily get out of one – you'll end up spending loads of money on vaping. So what's the problem? Can it be fixed? Here’s a brief guide to getting the most out of your atomizer heads.
As with safe storage, following safe practices during the “steeping” of e-liquids is absolutely vital to protect children or pets from disastrous exposure.
Ohms Law Triangle
Vaping is all about Ohm’s Law. When you move into the realms of APVs, where the atomizer resistance and voltage are both often variable, the weird-looking equations actually pretty much determine how powerful your hit of vapor is.
e-cig wick safety guide
Your wick is the part of your e-cig most likely to contaminate your vapor, so learning about preparation and general wick safety is vital for any rebuilders.
Nobody wants burned or blistered lips from vaping, and there are many options for things like heat-resistant drip tips to protect you against the risk.
vaping driving
Vaping while driving may be safer than smoking, but only if you prepare for the journey sufficiently and heed some basic advice. And never drip and drive.
E-cigarettes have been hailed by many as a safer alternative to tobacco smoking, but a persistent problem still dogs users of the vast majority of e-cig brands. E-cigarettes use a nicotine-infused solution to produce vapor, and this can occasionally leak out of the mouthpiece and give users a hit of bitter-tasting liquid.
The core appeal of vaping is that it’s very, very similar to smoking. To switch, pretty much all you have to do is vape when you would have smoked and try to resist any cravings. However, it’s really a little more complicated than that. So here’s a brief guide for smokers new to vaping who are looking to get the most they can out of it.
One of the main motivations for switching to vaping is to save money in comparison to smoking. But do you really save money? And if so, how much will you save? What’s the cheapest type of device to use? We’ve taken a look at the numbers to put together this cost comparison for vaping vs. smoking.
E-liquid safety
What do I do if I spill e-liquid? How should I store it? How do I refill my tank? With some basic e-liquid safety knowledge, you’ll be ready for any scenario.