Refillable Electronic Cigarettes – Pros And Cons?

For a regular smoker, the concept of refillable electronic cigarettes is really attractive. They consist of a battery, a cartridge (atomizer) and a liquid containing nicotine. However, you need to know all about these devices before you actually use them. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of these devices versus disposable ones (also known as catromizers) will help you make a really good decision concerning them.


Here's a quick look at how you can refill an e-cig cartridge with your choice of e-liquid. Not all cartridges (cartomizers) are suitable for refilling though, so check with the manufacturer before attempting to fill up your carts with juice!


How to refill an electronic cigarette cartridge cartomizer with e-liquid
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Advantages Of Refillable Electronic Cigarettes


  1. Right away, one notices that refillable e cigarettes are cheaper than the disposable cartomizers. You do not have to buy a new battery or atomizer when the liquid in the cigarette has been exhausted. You just refill the blank cartridges with e-liquid and keep reusing it as often as five times before replacing the blank cartridge.
  2. You can also play around with the flavors of the e-liquid (also known as e-juice) being ‘smoked’ or even the strength of the nicotine in it. All you have to do is refill it with the nicotine solutions that suit your preference. Be sure to check with the manufacturer before combining your e-liquids.
  3. Many people have started creating their own e-liquids because they're not entirely satisfied with the flavors available in the market. In this case, refillable cartridges can not only save you more money but also allow you to create the e-liquid that best suits your preference.


Disadvantages of Refillable E-Cigarette Cartridges


  1. Even though it takes only a minute to refill the nicotine solution in the blank cartridges, many people have become used to throwing away their disposable cartomizers after use. While this is certainly very wasteful, it is undeniably more convenient.
  2. Since not many local retail stores carry e-liquid, you're forced to buy them online. There is nothing worse than running out of e-liquid and having to wait a week or more for your next order to arrive. So it's important to make sure you're never left without your e-liquid for too long.


As you can see, the advantages of using refillable electronic cigarettes outweigh the disadvantages. So it's only a matter of personal preference. But if you're just starting out with e-cigarettes, we recommend the regular cartomizers (disposable cartomizers) as they  more convenient to use.


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