White Cloud Fling Disposable E-Cigarette Review

For someone trying out electronic cigarettes for the first time, the cheaper, disposable versions seem like the way to go. They are a low risk introduction to vaping that may or may not leave a smoker hooked, never to return to conventional cigarettes. The problem is many brands fail in at least one important category, whether it be lack of flavor options, dull taste, or short battery life. Fortunately, one of our favorite manufacturers in White Cloud has made their entry into the disposable e-cig market. With the Fling Original, they don’t miss a beat, producing a quality product that hits well on nearly every aspect of vaping.

Bottom Line
If you are in the market for a cheap e-cig to try out, look no further and pick up a few Fling disposables. These are arguably the single-most most suitable introductory mini electronic cigarettes for new vapers.
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19 flavor options
Excellent, smokey tasting tobacco
Smooth draw and great vapor production
Long lasting battery
One of the best values on the market
Even lower bulk pricing options
Caps on mouthpiece pop out if filter is squeezed
White Cloud Cigarettes

About the only negative I have against the White Cloud Fling, other than a few of its flavors, is that it is made in China (as almost all e-cigs are). However, White Cloud does an excellent job of laying out all the ingredients used in their e-cig cartridges on their website. If you are a current smoker looking for a good tobacco alternative or an experienced vaper in the market for a cheap disposable, look no further than the Fling by White Cloud.

Packaging and Design

The Fling is a disposable e-cigarette and White Cloud Cigarettes has emphasized this by keeping packaging to a minimum. Each Fling is individually wrapped in a small blue mylar bag for convenient display and ease of entry. White Cloud's disposable is available in 19 flavors and each one has its own color label at the bottom of the wrapping. On the reverse side is some general information about e-cigs as well as instructions, ingredients, and a nicotine contents label.

There is also nothing flashy about the Fling's design. It resembles a 100 sized all white cigarette with a label at the top of the “filter” colored corresponding to its specific flavor. Each is also printed with nicotine strength, either light, full, extra or xxtra. One thing I noticed with tip: when it glows orange you can see the silhouette of the glue through the wrapping. Again, these are disposables meant for mass production and practicality and therefore don't require any fancy design features.


White Cloud's Fling stands apart from the growing crowd of disposable electronic cigarettes for a few reasons. The first of which is flavor selection. White Cloud offers the Fling in 19 different flavors ranging from multiple tobaccos, menthols, sweets and fruits. Some are really, really tasty and a few aren't so welcoming. Here is a sampling of their flavor line.


This is about as close to a real cigarette taste as you can get, without adding the taste of tar or burnt paper. Regular is a bold tobacco blend that has a smooth draw with a nice throat kick and smokey aftertaste.


I've found menthol cigarettes to be one of the easiest flavors to replicate and Fling is no exception. The menthol has a cool minty draw with a refreshing throat hit and actually tastes better than a Newport.


This has more of a candy strawberry than that of the actual fruit but it is still quite enjoyable. Throat hit wasn't as strong as the menthol or regular so it would be perfect for a smoker of light cigarettes looking to move away from the traditional taste.


The Fling Espresso has a somewhat sweet taste of coffee upon inhalation but an odd sulfury vibe on exhalation. It's still pretty smooth, however, and might be worthy of a try.

Vapor Production

White Cloud Flings provide a surprisingly large amount of vapor for disposable e-cigarettes. On just an easy two second draw I puffed plumes very similar to that of a conventional tobacco cigarette. Considering a mix of 80% propylene glycol is used in the e-liquid, this is a fantastic amount of vapor for any mini e-cig.

The draw was pretty airy as well, and doesn't require half a lung to activate the heating mechanism. Throat hit will vary depending on the nicotine strength selected but both the light (1.6%) and full (2.4%) were satisfying in that department.

Battery Life

White Cloud sells the Fling in two battery sizes, a mini with up to 200 puffs and the original with up to 400. I purchased the original size disposables and was more than pleased with battery life. Granted I was rotating between 5 flavors each but after over a week of testing, still haven't clocked one out yet! This leads me to believe that the manufacturer's stated info is pretty accurate when it comes to battery life.


Coming in at $5.95 for a single electronic cigarette, Fling is one of the cheapest disposables I've seen. And its value only skyrockets when purchased in a pack of 10, bringing the individual cost down to a measly $3! While some disposables are only really good for their convenience and portability, the White Cloud Fling could double as a primary device for new vapers due to its overall value.