The 2014 Vote For the Best Rebuildable Atomizers

By John Madden Posted April 22, 2014

best rebuildable atomizers

Many vapers will tell you that vapor performance is not actually based in the mod you’re using, but in the atomizer you use. And more specifically, the type of wrap and the way it’s wicked can have a huge impact on flavor and vapor production. Some atomizers seem to work much better than others. Whether it be the size of their build area, number of posts they have, shape of their air holes, material used, etc., rebuildable atomizers can and do make a great impact on the satisfaction received from vaping. We want to know what you guys prefer to use the most. Here is a list of some of our favorites, along with a few others we’ve seen mentioned time and time again. Please take a minute to vote for your favorite RBA or if you can’t decide on one, we’ll let you pick up to three of your go-to atties.



Also vote for:


  • Tiberius

    What does “Other” Mean? My Other mean Flash E Vapor V2

  • Jim Shorrock

    That must mean that 57 Rose owners have voted so far.

  • Qorax

    I have added the following in ‘other’, but don’t see it thru. Pls ‘add’ them as well:
    ~Sophia, by Leo
    ~Gus Estia
    ~GP Heron

    • Hassan

      And the QE for the best mod 😉

  • rick

    Kayfun lite… No extra crap, just smooth vaping

  • Francesco H

    how bout kayfun 3.1

  • xx3

    “D-Eagle” Rba should be added !

  • wayne

    how bout the aqua

    • icebreaker89

      Aqua sucks

  • MadeInMachines

    Tried To Add: Erlkönigin

  • icebreaker89

    Hows about big buddah or plume veil for fuck sake

  • jay

    Plume viel is pretty good. Kraken is coo too. Atty is not bad either. Tobh , magma , and prometheus are also good. It all depends on what style you like.

  • Jason Bartholomew

    The Mutation X v2 is not on here? I see plenty that should be here and are not