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For vapers sensitive to propylene glycol (PG) or who just prefer vegetable glycerin (VG) based mixes, finding the best VG e-juice is anything from a preference to an absolute necessity.


Although a 50/50 mix – or close to it – of the two base ingredients is the standard these days, VG-heavy blends are still a little difficult to find, and most e-liquids contain no more than 70 percent VG. However, there are plenty of fantastic e-liquids based wholly or primarily on VG, and we’ve compiled some of the best VG vape juice flavors on the market into this top 10, based on our polls of ordinary vapers.


Choosing the Best VG E-Juice – How We Made This List


We polled thousands of vapers on both the best individual e-liquids and the best e-liquid vendors, and this list is based on the results of those polls. For the first five entries on our best VG e-juice list, we’ve used the highest-rating individual VG e-liquids in our best e-juice poll, and the latter five are from the vendors rated highest in our best e-liquid vendors poll who offer high-VG juices – choosing their most popular flavor for this list.


The reason for splitting the list in this way is simple: we’re looking for the best individual VG e-liquid flavors in this list, but because some of the lower-placed individual VG-based juices had only a small number of votes, the differences in position are more likely to reflect chance variations in the number of votes received rather than a general preference among vapers. We’re giving the top-voted individual juices the higher positions because the focus of this list is on individual flavors, so these votes are more directly relevant than the ones for vendors overall.


Finally, we’re classing a VG vape juice as a juice with 80% or more of VG, including those which include high-VG as an option (without a restriction on nicotine level). This means there is PG in a lot of the juices on this list, but it’s only at very low levels.


So now you know where this list comes from and how we put it together, let’s get to the top 10 VG vape juice flavors.


The Top 10 VG E-Liquid Flavors


10 – Mech Milk by Mech Sauce


Mech Milk - Best VG E-Juice


This is the best-selling flavor from Mech Sauce, a strawberry milkshake blend that’s widely praised for its accuracy to the genuine article – and for just being straight-up delicious. All of the e-liquids from Mech Sauce come in a choice of PG/VG ratios, including 80 %, 90 % and max VG, making it a great option for the cloud-chasing VG-lovers and anybody sensitive to PG and putting it among the best VG vape juice flavors on the market.


The juices from Mech Sauce all come in six nicotine levels (from 0 to 18 mg/ml) and cost just $6.50 for a 30 ml bottle. If you’re looking for something other than strawberry milkshake, Captain Loopy is another of their most popular flavors – a replication of the milk left over after a bowl of fruit loops.


9 – #SinkingShip by Mitten Vapors


Sinking Ship - Best VG E-Juice


#SinkingShip is the best-selling e-liquid from Mitten Vapors: a complex blend of 13 different ingredients, including banana, chocolate and peanut butter on the inhale and a creamy, sweet taste on the exhale. It comes in either 50/50 or max VG, and Mitten Vapors was among the top-rated vendors in our poll, making this juice – and others from Mitten Vapors – a contender for the best VG e-juice. Not all of Mitten Vapors’ juices get rave reviews, but the response to SinkingShip has been overwhelmingly positive, although many don’t pick up the peanut butter elements.


The blend comes in a choice of six nicotine levels – from 0 to 18 mg/ml – and costs $7.99 for a 30 ml bottle. You can also add extra flavor shots if you want a more robust flavor.


8 – Two Cans by Casey Jones Mainline Reserve


Casey Jones Mainline Reserve - Two Cans - Best VG Vape Juice


This is a fruit loops flavored juice from Casey Jones Mainline Reserve – another of our top-rated vendors – with a 90 % VG mix putting this in the running for the best VG e-liquid. The juice is widely praised for its accuracy, capturing the flavor of the cereal impressively (along with a touch of milk) and still being enjoyable in its own right. Many vapers class this as an all-day-vape, and the reviews are full of cereal vape fans declaring it the best version they’ve ever tried.


The e-juice comes in five nicotine levels, ranging from 0 to 18 mg/ml, and a 30 ml bottle costs $11.99. Additionally, the other flavors from Casey Jones are primarily 80 % VG, and Pink Rabbit is 85 %.


7 – Muffcake by the Steam Factory


Steam Factory Muffcake - Best VG E-Juice


The Steam Factory’s Muffcake makes this list because it’s both the most popular flavor from a very well-loved mixer (who placed fourth in our best e-liquid vendors poll) and it’s the only blend that comes in max VG. The juice is a half-muffin, half-cupcake blend (like a bakery version of Frankenstein’s monster) with elements of lemon and fruity undertones bringing the flavor to life. It’s almost universally loved and is frequently called an all-day-vape.


The juice comes in the usual five nicotine levels (from 0 to 18 mg/ml), and you can pick up 30 ml bottles for $22.


6 – Rednek Toothache by Texas Rebel Juice


Rednek Toothache - Best VG Vape Juice


Texas Rebel Juice received a late surge of votes in our best e-juice vendors poll, and their wide range of PG/VG options – including 80% and max VG – put their juices in the running for the top VG e-liquids. Rednek Toothache is their most popular flavor: a blend of apple, vanilla, caramel and cinnamon, offering a multi-tonal dessert vape that many vapers class among their all-day-vapes. It’s described as reminding people of apple pies topped with vanilla ice cream or the caramel apples you get around Halloween time.


It’s available in a wide range of nicotine levels – with 11 options ranging from 0 to 24 mg/ml – and you can pick it up in bottles ranging from 10 ml to 240 ml, with a 30 ml bottle costing $12.99.


5 – Cinnamon Roll by Mt. Baker Vapor


Cinnamon Roll - Best VG E-Liquid for 2015


Cinnamon Roll is another entry on the best VG e-liquid list that meets the criteria thanks to an 80% and a max VG option being available when you place an order. It received many votes in our best e-liquids poll, with vapers loving Mt. Baker’s take on the classic flavor, blending cinnamon with frosting to produce a classic e-juice. The juice is normally well-liked without a steep too, but it’s one widely stated to improve as it ages, so it’s worth steeping if you want to get the most out of it.


The e-liquid is available in six nicotine levels – from 0 to 24 mg/ml – and in 15, 30 or 236 ml bottles, with a 30 ml bottle costing $6.49.


4 – Boba’s Bounty by Alien Visions


AVE Boba's Bounty - Best VG Juice


Boba’s Bounty is a pretty legendary flavor, known for its mysterious blend of flavors that nobody can quite agree on. The juice can be most basically described as a tobacco blend, but that doesn’t really do the complex, hard-to-pin-down nature of the flavor justice. As a no-PG blend, it’s one of the best VG vape juice flavors on the market, even if it’s often difficult to get your hands on a bottle of it. Alien Visions only use PG when it’s incorporated as part of the flavorings they use, so it never exceeds 10 % in any of their blends, but Boba’s Bounty is by far the most popular, receiving many votes in our best e-liquid flavors poll.


Sadly, at the time of writing, Boba’s Bounty will be off the shelves while the discrepancies in the discrepancies in the flavor are ironed out, but you can pick it up elsewhere in 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml of nicotine, with a 30 ml bottle costing $25.95.


3 – A Quiet Morning by Alice in Vapeland


A Quiet Morning - Best VG E-Liquids for 2015


Taking the third place spot as one of the top VG juice flavors on the market, a Quiet Morning by Alice in Vapeland is a unique green tea and passion fruit blend. It earned a respectable share of the vote on our best e-liquids poll and is available in a max VG blend on request. The flavor is widely-praised for its accuracy and the perfect balance of the fruity elements, leading to a pleasantly-sweet e-liquid that’s interesting and subtle enough to class as an all-day-vape.


The juice is available in six nicotine levels (from 0 to 18 mg/ml, with both 1 and 3 mg/ml), and you can pick up 15, 30 and 60 ml bottles in glass (as well as 18 ml in plastic), with a 30 ml bottle costing $17.50.


It’s also important to note that April Moon – an apricot and blueberry blend – would also have made the top 10 best VG e-liquids (in fourth place) based on the results to the best e-juice flavors poll, but it’s being included here to give an extra vendor a spot on the list.


2 – The Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder E-Liquid


Muffin Man - Best VG E-Juice Flavors


The Muffin Man is an 80% VG blend from One Hit Wonder e-liquids, taking just over 1% of the total vote in our best e-juice flavors poll and ranking as the second-best VG vape juice flavor. The juice is another apple and cinnamon blend: with a strong, sweet apple flavor on the inhale followed by the warming taste of cinnamon muffin – a lovely bakery-style blend with a fruity twist. The flavor is extremely well-received by vapers, many classing it as their favorite e-liquid of all time and several knocking the all-day-vape praise up a notch by classing it as an all-day-every-day-vape. To say it’s hyped would be an understatement, but it’s widely considered to live up to it.


The only downside is that this juice is only available in 180 ml bottles, which cost $64.99. There is also a limited selection of nicotine levels available, with only 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml options for sale.


1 – Smurf Cake by Vape Wild


Smurf Cake - Best VG E-Juice


Vape Wild was a runaway success in both our best e-liquid flavor and best e-liquid vendor polls, taking 9th place (at the time we counted up) on the best flavors for Smurf Cake and the top-spot among the vendors. Vape Wild offers a selection of five PG/VG ratios, including an 80 % VG option, earning them the title of best VG e-liquid for Smurf Cake, as voted by vapers. The blend is a mixture of blueberries and cheesecake, and it’s extremely well-received by vapers overall, often called both an all-day-vape and an all-time favorite.


The juice is available in eight nicotine levels between 0 and 24 mg/ml, and bottles ranging from 10 ml to 480 ml. One of the best things about Vape Wild is the prices, with the juice costing just $6.99 for a 30 ml bottle.


Best VG Vape Juice (As Recommended by ECR Staff)


The list above hits on some great juices, but with so many options available, it barely scratches the surface of the top VG juices on the market. Although these haven’t been chosen as objectively, here are our staff’s personal picks for the best VG vape juices on the market. We’ve included a couple of 70% VG options in here, but most are 80% or greater.


10 – Cran Ch’i by Halcyon VaporsHalcyon Vapors - Cran Ch'i - Best VG E-Liquid


This is a cranberry e-liquid with lychee accents, producing a unique and delicious fruity vape that strikes the ideal balance when it comes to sweetness, with the natural fruitiness of the flavor preventing it from becoming too sickly to vape all day. The flavor is still pretty robust, though, and the cranberry is impressively authentic. This option is still high VG – at 70% – but not as much as the other options on this list, so if you’re sensitive to PG it might not be ideal. Cran Ch’i costs $19.99 for a 30 ml bottle.


9 – Coconut Thai by Ripe Vapes Ripe Vapes Coconut Thai - Best VG E-Juice


This is a Thailand-inspired e-liquid, using Thai coconut (which they claim is the best in the world), lemongrass and Thai basil, producing a unique, creamy smooth and rich e-liquid. The coconut is the dominant flavor in the juice, but the notes of basil and lemongrass fill their role beautifully, adding their own distinct touches to the overall juice and making it more than just a coconut flavor. The juice is a max VG blend, and costs $21.95 for a 30 ml bottle.


8 – Bird Brains by CuttwoodBird Brains by Cuttwood - Best VG E-Liquid for 2015


This juice is a fruit loops flavor from Cuttwood, capturing the flavor of the cereal with impressive accuracy and throwing in touches of milk to add some smoothness and richness to the mix. If you’re a fan of cereal vapes – or you just like fruit loops – this is definitely one to try. Not everyone agrees on this juice – both in reviews and among us here at ECR – but most vapers love it. The juice is the only high-VG option from Cuttwood (at 80% VG), and costs $11.99 for a 16.5 ml bottle.


7 – Arise by the Cloud CompanyCloud Company - Arise - Best VG E-Juice


The Cloud Company is another juice line from Suicide Bunny, with a focus on putting out high-VG juices that cloud-chasers are looking for. Arise is the high-VG version of the legendary flavor Mother’s Milk, making it an instant favorite for all the same reasons (and one of our picks for the best VG vape juice flavors), but making it ideal for PG-sensitive vapers or anyone looking for max-VG juices. It’s very similar to the original, but a little smoother and milder. Arise costs $22 for a 30 ml bottle.


6 – Duchess by King’s CrestDuchess - Best Low PG E-Liquid


This juice is a blend of cream, custard and vanilla, offering a milk cake-inspired e-liquid that is almost unbeatably smooth, with a soft sweetness that keeps you coming back for me. This flavor won Best in Show at the Vape Summit in Houston, and it’s easy to see why: every element is well-captured, and they complement each other beautifully. This is a perfect juice for lovers of smooth, rich and creamy juices. It’s priced at $21.99 for a 30 ml bottle, and comes in 80% VG.


5 – Cloud Science Alpha by TeleosTeleos Cloud Science Alpha - Best VG E-Liquid


This is a beautiful strawberries and spun sugar flavor from Teleos, offering a smooth, sugary and fairly mild strawberry flavor that works perfectly as an all day vape and is one of our top picks for a high VG e-juice. The flavor is pretty sweet, but the spun sugar helps it maintain some subtlety of flavor, and the strawberry itself is both expertly captured and understated, making it ideal all day vape material. The result is a truly awesome juice, and it’s a max VG blend too. Cloud Science Alpha costs $22 for a 30 ml bottle.


4 – Moo Juice by Mount Baker VaporMount Baker Moo Juice - Best VG E-Liquid


Mt. Baker Vapor’s Moo Juice makes this list thanks to it being one of our favorite flavors here at ECR, but also because Mt. Baker offers a wide selection of PG/VG ratios, including an 80% and max VG option. The flavor is a classic strawberries and cream blend, pulled off expertly, with an ideal balance of flavors so both elements come through strongly. It’s strong enough for our tastes anyway, but you can get extra flavor shots if you want it to have more punch. The juice costs just $7.49 for a 30 ml bottle.


3 – Catch Ya Latte by VaporFi (Grand Reserve)Catch Ya Latte - Best VG E-Juice


This is a latte-inspired e-liquid, with espresso, hazelnut and brown butter caramel elements making it a wonderfully sweet, luscious coffee, designed with connoisseurs in mind. The focus on high-end coffee won this juice best coffee blend at the 2015 Vape Summit, and we’ve got to agree that it’s one of the best coffee flavors we’ve ever tried, boasting a robust, authentic flavor. The e-liquid is only available in 70 % VG, though, and costs $21.99 for a 30 ml bottle.


2 – Moon Sugar by Mr. Good VapeMoon Sugar by Mr. Good Vape - Best VG Vape Juice for 2015


Moon Sugar is a sugar cookie, butterscotch and graham cracker mix that manages to be even more delicious than it sounds. It’s another devilishly sweet juice that somehow works as an all-day-vape regardless, with the blend of flavors staying interesting enough to keep you wanting another puff. It’s a must for anybody who loves sugar cookies, but the elements of graham cracker are really what pull the whole thing together and mean I’d personally recommend it to any sweet-toothed vaper. It’s an 80% VG blend, and costs $11.99 for a 16.5 ml bottle.


1 – Churrios by the Milkman E-LiquidsChurrios by the Milkman - Best VG E-Juice 2015


This is one of our favorite e-liquid flavor altogether here at ECR, but the fact it’s a high-VG mix makes it the best VG vape juice flavor on the market for us. It’s a churros e-liquid, with the crisp, fried-donut-like treat coated with cinnamon sugar and draped in honey nut cereal milk, and it’s every bit as delicious as that description makes it sound. From the richness of the milk to the perfectly-captured cinnamon and the base of delicious churros, it’s a knockout juice from start to finish. Churrios costs $18 for a 30 ml bottle.




It goes without saying that these blends only scratch the surface of the wide variety of e-liquids on the market today, and it’s likely that many vapers’ pick for best VG e-juice didn’t make the list. Our aim in conducting the polls was to produce a set of objective “best of” lists rather than depending on personal preference, but if you think a fantastic VG e-juice has been missed off: let us – but most importantly, readers looking for more options – know in the comments! Additionally, if you’re looking for some other suggestions, our best vape juice flavors and best e-juice vendors lists have many other VG-heavy blends on the list, but most of these are just 70 % VG.