The 2014 Vote for the Best E-liquid Flavors

best ejuice flavors

Just as the market has been flooded with a wave of new e-liquid vendors, there are exponentially more flavors available. Some are amazing, all day vapes, while others… just aren't. If you're like me and have been vaping for a while now, you've probably been able to try a good handful or even trunk-full amount of flavors from a variety of vendors. I have some of my own favorites but I want to know what you guys think are the best flavors. So here is a list of some of the most popular and talked about flavors on the market. Please take a minute and vote for up to three of your favorites. When it appears there are some clear-cut winners, the list will be used to influence the editors' top 14 and the user poll will be kept¬†open indefinitely below it.

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