E-cig news roundup - November 2015
With more attacks on the evidence-based conclusion that vaping is around 95 % safer than smoking, bans on indoor vaping, absurdly high taxes proposed on e-liquid and Malaysia taking distinct turns towards anti-vaping extremism of the worst variety, it’s been a decidedly grim Week in Vaping. So – if you can stomach it – let’s dive in. Read More
Oklahoma Bill SB 802-ecigs
Oklahoma Senator Rob Johnson’s proposed bill to impose a small tax on e-cigs, formally ban their sale to minors and require any vendors to be licensed seems like a harmless and sensible piece of legislation on first reading about it. However, there is a darker vein lurking in the densely layered legalese and clunky phrases like “vapor products,” since the bill would also make it illegal to buy e-cigs online and for sellers in the state to buy their products from anybody other than Oklahoma-based distributor or wholesaler. Read More
With yet more bans on indoor vaping, anti-THR research, a litany of litigation, more “think of the children” nonsense designed to drum up support for restrictions on vaping and public health advocates starting to wonder how they should reconcile their evidence-free opposition to vaping with the growing body of evidence that it’s much safer than smoking, it’s the Week in Vaping. Read More
Vaping News and Studies Roundup
Researchers are spying on your tweets, a judge in New York has been smart enough to declare that vaping is not smoking, more evidence-based rationality emerges from the UK and journalists are given a much-needed dose of common sense on the (non) issue of “e-cigarette battery explosions” – it’s the Week in Vaping. Read More
With a pair of “think of the children!” studies, taxes, regulations, more vaping bans, a suicide tied to e-liquid and some great blog posts, it’s been a typically busy week for e-cigarettes. But keeping up isn’t easy, so we’ve collected the most important stories from the last seven days for your rundown of the Week in Vaping. Read More