Logic Electronic Cigarette Review

By John Madden Posted July 31, 2013

In the rapidly evolving world of electronic cigarettes, many disposables are being hung out to dry in favor of much larger and longer lasting rechargeable batteries. An e-cig that only lasts a few hours just isn’t going to cut it in a market that is not only based on selling a safer product, but also one that provides much more value than the alternative it is challenging. Today, we are bringing you a review of Logic Electronic Cigarettes’ Power Series rechargeable, two-piece and One Pack disposables. New Jersey based Logic has been in business for three years now and claims to be leader in disposable electronic cigarettes.

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  • Longer lasting disposables
  • Small size
  • Good throat hit


  • Only offer tobacco and menthol cartridges and disposables
  • Tobacco flavor has a bland, diet cola taste
  • No Vegetable Glycerin is used in e-cigs
  • Pricey individual disposables
  • No large kits offered

Bottom Line

Logic may be one of the most widely available electronic cigarette brands in the c-store market. However, quality seems to take a large hit in their quest for quantity. Your local gas station should have far better options to choose from.
Price: $10.95

Logic Electronic Cigarette Review

Packaging and Design


The disposable Logic electronic cigarettes are packaged in that impenetrable plastic bubble casing nestled inside a 2 by 5 cardboard backing whereas the Power Series is sold in a slightly larger version to hold an extra cartridge and USB charger. Luckily, the backing is perforated allowing for easy entry without scissors or paper cuts.


The Logic One is a one-piece disposable e-cig about the size of a traditional cigarette and is available in “Platinum” 24mg and “Black Label” 18mg nicotine concentrate in both tobacco and menthol flavors.


Logic ONE Disposable E-Cigarette



Both the Power Series and regular disposable are two-piece models with a battery and detachable cartridge and come in black for 24 and 18mg nicotine concentrates and white for 14 and .1mg. Yes, the “Logic Zero” does contain up to 0.1% nicotine in the e-juice. Together, the battery and cartridge for both the disposable and Power Series are about 5 inches long. The tips on three models, like most e-cigs, glow blue when the cartridge is puffed on as they are automatic powered.


Logic Power Series Starter Kit


Flavor and Vapor


According to Logic Ecig’s CEO, Eli Alelov, “fruit flavored e-cigarettes don’t appeal to smokers” and instead attract young people who don’t smoke. Therefore, unfortunate as it may be, Logic e-cigs are only offered in two flavors: tobacco and menthol. Ironically, the tobacco flavor doesn't taste at all like a real cigarette. Upon inhalation, it has a somewhat bland, slightly sweet taste reminiscent of a flat diet cola drink. In what seems like a trend among brands who manufacture disposable e-cigs, the menthol is much better and offers a more realistic smoking feel. As for the vapor, you get a decent throat hit, especially with the menthol cartridge. According to the Logic website, they don’t use vegetable glycerin as an ingredient in their e-cigs. Therefore, you won’t be exhaling massive clouds like some juices allow for. You will, however, still get a good amount of vapor to satisfy your aesthetic desires.


Battery Life


If there is one advantage Logic has over its competitors, it is in the battery life of their disposables. Other brands we've reviewed like NJOY and Blu clocked out at around 100 puffs. Although not quite the advertised 400 puffs, Logic’s larger battery size will still last you about twice as long as its biggest competitors.


Logic Disposable E-Cig Battery



We got a solid day’s worth of vaping from just one of their Platinum disposable batteries. The smaller One Pack battery also holds quite the charge for it’s size and will last around 150-200 puffs. As for the rechargeable, Logic’s 300mAh Power Series battery will get you through the day without having to plug in. Unfortunately, we weren't able to recharge the disposable battery with the provided USB charger of the Power Series, even though both batteries are nearly identical in appearance.


With the unimpressive flavor, just-passable vapor production and the limitations of disposable devices for long-term vaping, Logic's e-cigs have a lot of downsides. If you're serious about switching to vaping, rechargeable devices are a must, but Logic's Power Series is lackluster at best. There are much better rechargable devices if you shop around, including the JUUL by Pax, which is among the simplest e-cigs we've reviewed and is easily the most satisfying beginner-friendly option. It uses “pods,” which are just like cartridges except you don't have to screw them in, and each uses nicotine salts (like cigarettes do, but unlike most e-cigs) to ensure your vaping experience is as satisfying as possible. If you aren't sure about what Logic has to offer, but still want something that's both satisfying and simple, check out our JUUL review to see what it can do!

Editor Rating

Packaging & Design3/5





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Locic makes a pretty decent rechargeable e-cig in their Power Series line. The battery lasts all day and can be recharged while you sleep. Their cartridges are a bit larger than most, outlasting a single battery charge while staying true to the 400 puff claim.  Logic claims to be the leader in disposable electronic cigarettes. In terms of battery life, they might be just that. However, their lack of flavor options and bland tobacco taste make their e-cigarettes no better than any other brand. Yet with most disposable e-cigs running around $10/unit, Logic just might have the best value.

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    1.4 out of 5 stars
    1. Greg

      Total Ripoff

      The cartridges leak, they crack , most of all they are too expensive..
      Twenty -one dollars for three cartridges? That's crazy!
      The smaller cigs are even worse. They are very inconsistent.
      Some barely function.
    2. Greg

      Class action law suit

      Time for class action lawsuit
      I too have tried to contact the office numerous times . $$$$$$$$$$
      As fast as they can make it . Perhaps they already put money away for the lawsuits?
    3. Michael Macchio

      The 2.0 and up are TERRIBLE and don't last! Bring back the 1.8 that lasted!

      I've been smoking Logic for the past 3 years, and it's a great alternative to regular tobacco chemical cigarettes. HOWEVER, over the past couple to months the new cartridges (2.0) in the 3-pack are simply a waste of money! They taste great for the first 10 to 20 drags then they start to taste like a metal pipe with a horrible after taste, and on top of that they don't last even a 1/3 as long as the others did. WHAT HAPPEND PEOPLE??? For the price of a three pack of the new cartridges, I'm getting less than one of the old ones. WHY? I am very disappointed in your decision to change, and I will not buy your product until you change back to the way it was before.
    4. Lb


      Just bought a two piece logic e-cig it's outstanding the taste is great just having two pieces to put together and the charging is so simple now if there were some discounts that would be great
    5. Diana

      Save your money

      I have been smoking these for over 2 years but I'm done. Since they switched from 1.8 to 20 (whatever the reason) I have bought at least 10 packages and maybe 3 of them were decent (shame on me that I continued to buy them) I had this problem about a year ago (though not to this extreme) but then they got better again Save your money and try another brand they just got my last 22 dollars
    6. Joel

      These logics suck

      I hope they go away as my wife don't stop smoking them and it's not good for her....
    7. Anonymous

      Not even a day

      Pos, a pack of smokes 5$ last me 2 days, this thing one day for 10$ and the push button ones are 40$ for a week.
    8. Zack

      Quality Casual Smoking Device

      Ex-smoker who tried N-joy but was just disgusted with the product. Either bought dead single uses, they leaked at the mouthpiece numbing your lips. After going back to smoking I tried a kanger tech unit which was overly burdensome but got me to completely quit. After being too lazy to refill and eventually cracking my unit I stopped all together. Came back for the casual smoke when drinkin or hangin with my ol' smoking buddies. Only problem was when I went to charge it for the first time, after I'd say a month of on and off weekly uses, I couldn't get it to charge. Seems like I over-threaded the ports so I now have to barely screw the cartridges in for the unit to smoke. Took me a lot of searching for little help online so I'd advise to not over-thread and if you do, under-threading the cartridges may help. The first sign was when I went to recharge and it was green light, then red, then green when fully threaded on the charger. Under-threading allowed it to charge and then it fixed the drags as well.
    9. Richard V.

      Logic's Customer Service

      Good Afternoon,

      I spoke to a customer service rep today from Logic, the reason why most of you are having this experience from the capsules is the way you are taking off the silicone from the tip of the capsules. Apparently, the capsules are hand-made products and there are wires at the tip. So if you are rotating the silicone off of the Pro capsules then you are TANGLING the wires together causing the product not to work.

      I strongly recommend speaking with customer service as they are great to deal with and explaining how the product works best. I have been a loyal customer of theirs for over 4 years, they have always been very consistent with giving out great information on the use of the product.

      the phone number I called was 1.844.552.9623 top of the line customer service. They won't keep on the phone like must companies, they give you a straight answer and help you with the product. if you have an issue they offer 100% guarantee of the product. Which by the way guys, barely any company offers this!

      They will also send you a pre-paid shipping label to send the products back to their Princeton office.

      Good Vaping to all!
    10. Stephen

      Quality of Capsuls

      Too many of the refills fail to work. I'm looking for a new e-cig. Not wasting my money on this defective product.
    11. miguel otero

      Logic brand..

      I have been smoking Logic's for over two years and i smoke cause Newport were giving me emphysema and so i had tried logic two years prier to me quitting real cigarettes but i have always enjoyed the smoothness of the menthol flavor and i don't feel the complications of real cigarettes like i use to smoking Logic's but these new cartridges you just put out seem to not last as long as my black label one's just my opinion ...
    12. Harry McCaffrey

      Logic pro battery will no longer recharge after 2 weeks. Company will not back their product.

      After 2 weeks logic pro battery would no longer recharge. Spoke to logic customer service and send back defective battery. They would neither repair or replace. Lost money on the supply of cartridges I had purchased. Will not buy again.
    13. Janet E Jones

      Third Ecig I've tried

      I've been smoking for 50 years and have been told I've got to quit. I have tried two other brands of ecigarettes but decided on the logic because of the smoothness of the smoke. Others were cheaper but the you get what you pay for. I needed something close to what I was smoking and in my opinion I think logic comes close. I have one with me at all times and a fully charged one in my pocketbook as you never know when you're going to need it, also a fully charged one at home in case one dies. Over all I'm very pleased even thought I read the reviews
    14. Cameron

      Inconsistent product

      Like many of the people posting here, I've been using logic for a long time and the quality of the product has dropped dramatically. They have now dropped a 5 pack refill to a 3 pack refill but same cost. If you were lucky you might be able to get 2 of the carriages out of 5 to work properly just imagine your chances with the 3 pack. They do this on purpose to make you buy faster and more often. They seem to think it's the customer's responsibility to return duds. How crazy are they? The company needs new management because with how shitty they've become, they won't last for long when their loyal customer base runs dry.
    15. J


      I guess I was slow about finding out about the Logic Pro failures. While expensive, they helped me step away from cigarettes in 2015. I too found many to be defective. As I purchased from a store, they would not take back or return cost, on the bad ones.
      Logic has a web site and telephone number. You are never able to speak with a human and no calls are returned.
      The packaging has now changed from 5 to 3 but the price decreased only a small amount. In other words you get less--pay more and one out of the three does not function.....
      I think this company needs a good slap with a law suit! Imagine the ability to make a wonderful product that is a greater option by far and ruining it the way they have....shame on them
    16. molly

      Apparently its all about making money! This brand has helped many people stop smoking cigarettes. Why change a good thing? Its the MONEY! I will be switching to a new brand. Ive been using this for almost 2 years. The cartridges dont last as long and the price went up! All set with logic!
    17. Kelly Nardi

      The cartridges aren't working!

      Sorry to say, but I too will be switching to another brand. I've been lucky to get 2 out of the 5 cartridges work properly.
    18. Brooke

      Declined in quality

      These have saved me from smoking real cigs for over a year and yes, they started going down in quality. I had to start buying more. Instead of one 5 package refill, I got 2. But, now I want to quit them altogether because my lungs hurt, I have chest pains and I can't breath. Funny, I never had this issue when I smoked real cigs but I do now since these have "changed". I considered smoking real cigs again, but if I came this far, why go back? Plus, these e-cigs have trashed my lungs something terrible :-(
    19. bloodyicecream

      50% do not work

      I switched from normal cigarettes to e-cigs about a year and a half ago. At that point, I lived in the UES, where Blue, Logic, and Vuse were all widely available in nearby 7-11s. Blues were simply too weak for someone used to smoking cigarettes, but I found both Vuse and Logic to be quite strong and generally good, with a slight preference toward Vuse. But at that point, generally all three brands overwhelmingly worked.

      Since then, I moved to Brooklyn, where only Blues and Logics have been widely available. Again, Blues are too weak, so I'm basically stuck with Logics if I don't want to literally go into Manhattan for an e-cig. And that was fine until about six months ago, when suddenly literally 50% of the Logics I bought either failed to work immediately or ceased working after about three hits.

      Initially I thought maybe it was an issue with the nearby bodegas keeping too old of e-cigs or something, but since then I've seen thousands of other people from across the country complaining about the same thing - many of them, like me, saying they have at this point spent hundreds of dollars on completely or quickly non-functioning Logic e-cigs.

      And because Logic only offers refunds on e-cigs that were both purchased only from their online store (never met anyone who buys e-cigs this way) AND haven't been opened (how do you know it doesn't work prior to opening it?), your ability to get refunds depends entirely on the level of sympathy of your local bodega.

      At this point, my advice is to never buy Logics if at all possible (because there is no alternative for me in this neighborhood, I've sadly switched back to normal cigarettes with the intention of switching to gum eventually... end game is to quit nicotine altogether).

      But if you have no alternative because of lack of other brands available locally, my advice is to keep EVERY receipt because I can only imagine there is going to be a very successful class action lawsuit against Logic at some point in the near future.
    20. JoeD

      Quality of the product has GREATLY declined

      been using these for over 3 years and in the beginning they were reliable both battery and cartridge.
      but past few months both the batteries and the cartridges have not been reliable. Done with these.