International Vapor Group Encourages Smokers To Quit on No Smoking Day

Stop Smoking Day
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Tomorrow marks the launch of  the British Heart Foundation's new “No Smoking Day” campaign dubbed “Swap Fags for Swag”. Aimed at encouraging smokers to quit by divulging the health and financial benefits of doing so, No Smoking Day typically draws over 750,000 participants.


International Vapor Group (IVG), manufacturer of South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke, is using this as an opportunity to introduce participants to ecigarettes. This year's No Smoking Day is all about showcasing the benefits smokers attain from quitting their expensive and unhealthy habit. For those not willing to completely abstain from nicotine, ecigarettes are a still highly beneficial option. IVG has made it clear that smokers switching to their ecigarette brands will still save a nice chunk of change as well as reap the health benefits associated from quitting smoking.


Each brand's website is equipped with a calculator that tallies up the savings directly associated with switching from traditional to electronic cigarettes. For example, a pack-a-day smoker will spend about $2,200 on cigarettes every year, assuming they don't buy cartons. By making the switch to an IVG brand, the smoker will instead spend around $600/year, a savings of $1,600! But what about the taste? International Vapor Group ecigs are currently available in 3 different tobaccos, a menthol, peppermint and 5 other flavors.


Electronic cigarettes make up one the fastest growing industries, with 1 in 5 smokers having tried an ecig in 2011. Recent studies have proved ecigarettes to be far less toxic than “cancer sticks”, further increasing their popularity among smokers either trying to quit or simply cut down on their tobacco spending. IVG has taken a big step in the right direction by giving smokers not just one, but three options to pick from when making the switch to ecigs.
To participate in Wednesday's “No Smoking Day”, visit the website as well as check out our 15 reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes.


Have you quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes?


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