Best High End Vape Mods

By Lindsay Fox Posted January 5, 2018

Best High End E-Cig Mods - Best Vape Mods


For smokers looking to switch to vaping, keeping the cost down is priority: getting a slightly lower-quality e-cig isn’t a big deal if the savings in comparison to smoking are maximized. But for converted vapers, the quality of the devices becomes more and more important, and spending a little more to get a high end vape mod seems more and more worthwhile. While cheaper mods will have their little flaws, won’t be made from the highest-quality materials and ultimately may be a little unreliable, high-end mods put quality and dependability above all else. But what are the best high end vape mods on the market?


Top 10 Best High End Vape Mods


We’ve conducted polls of vapers, asking thousands of our readers about their favorite VV/VW mods and mechanical mods, and we’ve used the results of these polls to put together this list.


We’ve split the list evenly between VV/VW and mechanical mods, and although it’s hard to define what makes a mod “high-end,” we’ve based the criteria on price, with anything over $100 classing as a high end vape mod for our purposes.


Finally, our mechanical mods poll got a lot more votes than our best VV/VW mods poll, so we’ve ranked these devices based on the percentages of the vote for their category they received.


So, with that in mind, here are the top 10 best high end ecig mods, as voted by vapers:


10 – ProVari by ProVape


ProVari Classic - Best High End Vape Mods


The ProVari by ProVape is a legendary device, having been first released in 2010 and setting a new standard when it comes to mods. It takes 10th place on this list of the best high end vape mods thanks to its performance on the best VV/VW mods poll, earning a respectable share of the vote even though most other devices now eclipse it when it comes to power capabilities and features.


The reason for this is simply the excellent build quality you get with the ProVari, and the unbeatable reliability of the device. The newer models have OLED screens, enabling you to easily check settings and also featuring scrolling onboard troubleshooting systems, and come with all of the safety features you’d expect from any VV/VW mod. Voltage is variable from 2.9 to 6 V, and there’s variable wattage from 3 to 15 W on the ProVari Classic and from 3 to 20 W on the P3.


The devices don’t come cheap, but you get what you pay for. You can pick up the Classic for $149.95 and the P3 for $199.95.


9 – Vapor Flask


Vapor Flask - Best Top-End Vape Mods for 2015


The Vapor Flask earned a substantial number of votes in our best VV/VW mods poll, but it was pushed out of the main list by lower-cost devices. However, it earns a spot as one of the top high end e-cig mods thanks to its curved, ergonomic design, the DNA 40 chip powering it and its solid construction. The device takes two 18650 batteries, and offers an output power of up to 40 W, which may fall short of many more modern devices, but is still more than enough for many vapers.


The Vapor Shark version of the Vapor Flask adds a couple of extra features – including faster “zip” charging and a rubberized finish – to improve on the basic model, but still features a top-mounted OLED display, a spring-loaded 510 connector, 6061 aluminum construction and a minimum resistance of 0.16 ohms.


Vapor Shark’s Vapor Flask costs $159.99. Unfortunately, many other vendors don’t have the device in stock.


8 – Vapor Shark rDNA 40


VaporShark rDNA 40 Box Mod - Best High End E-Cig Mods


Another DNA 40 mod makes this list of the best high-end vape mods in the form of the Vapor Shark rDNA 40. This is a box mod offering up to 40 W of power and temperature control with nickel coils – which, at the time of release, was a game-changer – and being generally a very high-quality device in terms of the build.


The mod features a large screen on the bottom edge, a gold-plated, spring-loaded 510 connection, the capability to charge wirelessly (or through the micro-USB port), and “zip” charging functionality (cutting the average charging time in half). It runs on a single 18650 battery, accessed through a magnetic battery door, and coming with a Brillpower “40A” 18650 as standard (although 40 A is a pulse rating, the continuous current limit is 15 A).


You can pick up the device direct from Vapor Shark for $130.


7 – Glas Ti by Glas Vapor


Glas Titanium Mod - Best High End Vape Mods


The Glas Ti is one of the most popular high end vape mods on the market, and “high end” is definitely the right word to use for this mech. With the titanium construction (hence the “Ti” in the name) being impressive enough on its own, everything about the device screams high quality: from the 24 carat gold plated magnet – offering a smooth, short throw – to the silver-rhodium plated internals and right through to the sapphire crystal button.


The Glas Ti also has many great features beyond the extravagant materials, including a self-adjusting plunger system for the top cap – to account for movement from both the battery and tank and making setup much easier – and a 180-degree locking ring. Everything has been precision machined, so everything works wonderfully smoothly and the device has an extremely low voltage drop.


The result is definitely one of the best high end vaping mods on the market, but the price is pretty high, at $375 from Glas Vapor.


6 – Nemesis by Atmomixani


Nemesis Mechanical Mod - Best High End E-Cig Mods
The Nemesis has long been one of the most popular mechanical mods on the market, and it makes the list of the best high end ecig mods because it picked up almost 5 percent of the total vote in our mechanical mods poll.


The mod comes in three tube sizes – 18350, 18500 and 18650 – each of which can accommodate a kick, and can be bought in stainless steel 99.9 percent copper or naval brass finishes. The Nemesis has silver-plated brass contacts, an adjustable and lockable bottom firing switch, an adjustable airflow control ring, an adjustable center pin and delrin insulators. The device has an undeniably high build quality, and also features an engraved switch and the iconic “angel of death” logo on the tube.


The mod comes with the 18350 tube, two extension tubes, a kick ring and a carrying pouch, currently available for between $144 and $155 depending on your chosen finish.


5 – Snow Wolf 200 W TC by Asmodus


Snow Wolf 200W TC - Best High End Box Mods


The Snow Wolf 200 W by Asmodus is another VV/VW mod making the list, with a huge power output of up to 200 W, temperature control functionality and an impressive glass front panel.


The device takes two 18650 batteries, with high-drain options being a necessity, and comes with the expected safety features, including short circuit, high voltage, overheating and low voltage protection. The device fires smoothly up to 150 W, but from 150 to 200 W pulse firing is activated, and will work with coils down to 0.05 ohms in resistance. It also has a gold-plated and spring-loaded 510 connection for fantastic connectivity. The temperature control functionality allows you to set the limit anywhere from 212 to 662 °F.


The Snow Wolf 200 W TC doesn’t come cheap, though, with the standard version costing $129.99, but being out of stock many places. There is a limited edition version available at Element Vape, priced at $109.95.


4 – REO Grand by REO’s Mods


REOs Mods REO Grand - Best High End Box Mod for 2015


The REO Grand is a mechanical box mod, making this list thanks to its solid build and it’s impressive performance on our best mech mods poll. The device is milled out of a single block of aluminum, producing a box mod that has the sort of sturdy construction you know you can depend on.


The main feature of the mod is that it can hold a 6 ml bottle of juice in its body, working alongside bottom-filling atomizers for a “squonker” vaping experience – kind of like dripping without the constant removing of the top cap and the actual dripping. The mod has an adjustable 510 connection, a magnetic door to cover the single 18650 battery, a heat-resistant plastic push-button for firing and copper, beryllium and gold-plated contacts.


The result is a beast of a mechanical mod, which has a blocky design but makes up for it with hard-hitting performance and plenty of colors to choose from. You can pick up the REO Grand for $151.


3 – VCM Competition Mod by Vaperz Cloud



Vaperz Cloud VCM Comp Mod - Best High End Mech Mod


The VCM Competition Mod only just made the cut as one of the best high end mods, with the price just being over the $100 cut-off but it receiving tons of votes in our mechanical mods poll.


The mod is a classic 18650 tube-style device, with a 23 mm diameter, hybrid (direct battery-to-atomizer) connection, copper construction, silver-plated copper contacts and PEEK adjuster to stop battery rattle. The VC Tech switch has a silver-plated copper beryllium conductor around the contact, to reduce voltage drop and improve performance.


The VCM Competition might not do anything too unique, but it’s a top-quality tube-mod well-loved by vapers for its excellent performance, and the price – $105 direct from Vaperz Cloud – is excellent for one of the best high end mods on the market.


2 – SX Mini M Class by Yihi


SX Mini M Class - Best High End Box Mods


The top-voted VV/VW device in our list is the SX Mini M Class from Yihi. It’s a compact box mod, with a unique, curved fire button for comfortable operation and an ergonomic design.


The mod has a zinc alloy body, with a stainless steel 510 connection and a brass, spring-loaded center pin. It runs on a single 18650 battery, which is accessed through a coin slot screw-point on the bottom of the device, and features all of the safety features that you expect from any VV/VW mod.


The SX Mini M Class features variable voltage between 1 and 9.5 V, variable wattage up to 60 W, and temperature control between 200 and 580 °F. The device will fire coils down to 0.15 ohms in wattage mode and down to 0.05 ohms in temperature control mode, making it perfectly suited to modern sub-ohm tanks and low-resistance builds.


As the best high end vape mod in the VV/VW class, the SX Mini can be a little hard to find in stock, currently out of stock at VaporDNA (for $209.99), but available at VapeNW for $199.99.


1 – Templario Mod by Pedro Miguel


Templario by Pedro Miguel - Best High End Mech Mod


The Templario Mod took around 14.5 percent of the vote in our best mechanical mods poll, and comfortable earns the spot of best high end vape mod for 2015.


The device is pretty much the definition of a high end vape mod. It’s beautifully designed, with a polished, brass body with an enamel shield design – featuring a ruby cross – on one side and a sword engraving on the opposite site. It also comes in a wooden case, and almost every piece of the device is engraved with a unique serial number.


The mod features a hybrid connection, a neodymium magnet for the button – which sits flush to the bottom of the device – and is available in 18350, 18500 and 18650 tube sizes. The mod has a smooth throw, an ultra-low voltage drop and fantastic manufacturing all-round, producing one of the most widely-loved high end vape mods on the market.


However, getting your hands on the device isn’t easy. It sells for between $250 and $300 when it’s available, but the best way to find out when it comes on sale is to like mod-maker Pedro Miguel’s Facebook page for the device.


Best High End Ecig Mods (As Recommended by ECR Staff)


So there are a lot of fantastic devices on our main list of the best high-end vape mods, but there are plenty more options out there for vapers looking for a top-quality mod. Although the list above is based on the votes from thousands of vapers – so it’s a fairly objective ranking – everyone has their own personal favorites, so we thought we’d share some of our staff’s picks for high-end devices to give you more excellent options to choose from.


10 – Prax2s Mod by Praxis VaporsPrax2s Mod - Best E-Cig Mod for 2015


The Prax2s is an 18650 mechanical mod featuring a unique auto-locking mechanism to maximize safety – you have to slide a small cover away from the button to fire, but in return you’re protected against accidental firing at all times. The mod has stainless steel construction and a 22 mm diameter to fit most atomizers flush, and has a hybrid connection to maximize conductivity. The Prax2s is pretty affordable for a high-end mechanical mod too, priced at $124.99.


9 – Sigelei 150 W TCSigelei 150 W TC Mod - Best High End Box Mod for 2015


This device technically doesn’t qualify for this list – since we said it had to be priced over $100 – but we’ve included it here because it’s an important reminder that not all of the high end mods have to be expensive. Offering temperature control alongside up to 150 W of power and having a unique design, the 150 W TC from Sigelei offers everything most vapers would want in a device. It’s powered by two 18650 batteries, has all of the expected safety features and useful extras like a real-time battery life readout and a spring-loaded 510 connection. The device costs $88.95.


8 – SMY SDNA 200 W TCSMY SDNA 200 W - Best High End Vape Mod


This is a DNA200 box mod, meaning it offers a huge 200 W of power and temperature control with both nickel and titanium coils, between 200 and 600 °F. It may be a little angular and boxy in design, but with a 4800 mAh in-built battery and such a substantial power output, it’s worth putting up with. The mod supports resistances down to 0.1 ohms in standard mode and 0.08 ohms in temperature control mode, and in combination with the spring-loaded 510 connection it’s perfectly-suited to driving sub-ohm tanks. The mod is available for $158.95.


7 – Rig Mod V2 by Vaping AMPVaping AMP Rig Mod V2 - Best E-Cig Mod for 2015


The Rig Mod V2 is an 18650 mechanical mod with a hybrid connection and top-notch build quality, boasting thick, solid walls and a huge 25 mm diameter. The firing button is copper – to ensure a minimal voltage drop – and sits flush to the bottom of the mod. The mod is available in five different finishes, and features the classic “rig” engraving on the body. It also has delrin insulators for heat resistance and positive battery ventilation. You can pick up the Rig Mod V2 for $129.99 (although it’s out of stock at time of writing).


6 – The Boss Mod 26650 by Cartel ModsCartel Mods - Boss Mod 26650 - Best High End Mechanical Mods


This is the only 26650 mod in this list, but don’t let it’s wider profile and the need for a bigger battery put you off. The mod is precision-machined out of brass, with silver-plated brass for the top and bottom firing pins and a stainless steel spring for the button. It looks immaculate, with an elegant design and coming in a purpose-built case, and every device is engraved with a unique serial number. It might be hard to find in stock, but when it is available it can be picked up for $270.


5 – Sleeve Mod by LimitlessSleeve Mod by Limitless - Best High End Mech Mod 2015


The Limitless Sleeve mod is an 18650 mechanical mod designed to allow you to change-up its appearance using several sleeves which fit over the body. The device is more than aesthetically-pleasing, though, offering a hybrid, direct atomizer-to-battery connection and a one-piece contact button for minimal voltage drop, and a four-point rail system to ensure consistent hits and a smooth throw. It’s quite affordable for a mechanical too, priced at $117.95 in brass or $152.95 in copper.


4 – Tuglyfe Box Mod by FlawlessTuglyfe by Flawless - Best High End Box Mods for 2015


The Tuglyfe is an unregulated box mod, offering mechanical mod-like performance in a sleek box adorned with the classic “tugboat” logo from the eponymous RDA and available in plenty of colors. The device runs on two high-drain 18650 batteries, and has MOSFET protection against extremely high currents, but the device still supports resistances down to 0.15 ohms. The Tuglyfe also has a brass, self-adjusting 510 connection, so the hard-hitting device works with basically any atomizer on the market. You can pick it up for $127.95.


3 – SMPL Mod by Epic Design StudiosSMPL Mod - Epic Design Studios - Best High End Vape Mod


The SMPL Mod has one core goal: simplicity. It’s a 22 mm diameter 18650 mechanical mod, with a unique no top cap and no bottom cap design and a hybrid connection. You unscrew the coin-slotted and recessed button to insert or remove the battery, and there’s no fiddling with adjustable pins necessary: simply insert your battery and vape. The device is machined out of a single block – available in stainless steel, copper and brass – and the only logo is on the button, so the mod looks extremely sleek. The Project Sub Ohm edition version costs $134.99 and also features a Radel Thermos switch to eliminate hot button issues.


2 – Tugboat V2 Mod by FlawlessTugboat Mech Mod by Flawless - Best High End Vape Mod for 2015


The makers of the Tugboat RDA’s most famous foray into mechanical mods is the Tugboat mod, an 18650 tube mod with a similar design to the Tuglyfe box, and perfectly suited to the namesake RDA (and even coming with a flush mounted cap for it). It’s one of our picks for this list, and features a hybrid connection, copper contacts, delrin insulators and a silver-plated spring. The device has fantastic conductivity, a unique and appealing look and exceptional performance. It’s available for $147.95.


1 – Vapor Shark DNA200DNA200 Box Mod - VaporShark - Best Vaping Box Mods for 2015


We’d rank the Vapor Shark DNA200 as the best high end vape mod on the market today, building on the success of the previous Vapor Shark box mods (like the rDNA 40 featured on the main list) but incorporating the new DNA 200 chip. This means the device can put out up to 200 W of power, and has temperature control functionality, as well as upgradable firmware.


The device is lighter than its predecessors, and comes with a 10 watt-hour battery with zip charging for a speedy recharge. The build quality is phenomenal, and it has tons of extra features – notably being compatible with Escribe to enable you to create specific profiles for maximum customizability of your vaping experience. The mod costs $199.99 from Vapor Shark and the same price at VaporDNA, although it’s out of stock at both places (at time of writing).




Although we’ve tried to list some of the best high end vape mods on the market – based both on our polls and our own personal picks – there is such a fantastic variety of devices available that we’ve undoubtedly missed many great options, and more are being released each week. However, our list should give you plenty of options, and we’ll be updating this post with a brief buying guide in the coming weeks, so check back soon for more on finding the right high-end device for your needs.