E-Cigs Don’t Have to Be Complicated – And They Never Really Are!

This article is part 19 of the Top 20 Rebuttals to Win an E-Cigarette Debate


This is another understandable concern from the smoker’s point of view, since many APVs look like you need a freaking degree in engineering to operate them at first glance.


Octopus Rebuildable Atomizer



When you’re used to pulling out a pre-rolled cigarette, applying some fire and tossing the butt away when you’re done, the idea of refilling tanks, charging batteries and switching atomizers can easily seem like an unholy amount of work. However, as we've covered earlier in this series, there are different e-cigs which suit different users, and getting this across makes it easy to allay the smoker’s fears.


Out of the numerous different types of e-cig, the least hassle is undoubtedly the disposable e-cigarettes. Point them towards the Njoy King, which looks (and feels) remarkably like a cigarette.


how enjoy king works



Like all disposables you simply take it out of the package and puff on the end just like you would a cigarette, except without the additional work of lighting it! When you’re done, you toss it away and get another, but each one will last around a day instead of one-twentieth of a day.


Although disposables are good for making the point that e-cigs don’t have to be as complicated as the higher-end APVs, if the smoker is interested in using e-cigs you should also point out how simple two-piece rechargeable models are.


Blu Cigs Two Piece E-Cig


Explain that the two pieces screw together – the “butt” with the nicotine and flavorings, and the battery for the power – and then you just toss the cartridge when it’s done. Aside from this, the only thing you have to do is screw the battery into a charger and stick it in your USB port; it’s still pretty darn simple.


Focus on these simpler options, but be sure to point out that you felt the same way when you first started. It’s natural to be a little overwhelmed when you come across a foreign piece of technology, but once you develop a bit of familiarity with it the uncertainties melt away. Like most vapers, you’re likely to have started on a cigarette-a-like model yourself, so share your experience and explain that once you became accustomed to it you opted for a more customizable version.


If you have an APV or eGo with you, walk them through the parts. Keep things simple – showing them that the replaceable atomizer is used to heat the liquid, the tank contains the liquid and the battery powers the entire setup. Everything just screws together. Explained in this way, it’s clear that even the complex-looking APVs are just the same as the cigarette-like models, except you have the option to replace the liquid and atomizer separately.


E-cigs come in myriad shapes and styles, so you get the choice of how much hassle you want to go through. You could also argue that the hassle of keeping track of lighters, staying stocked up on cigarettes, disposing of butts and having to stand outside whenever you want to enjoy nicotine actually outweighs the amount of effort required to maintain even a high-end APV.