Top 20 Rebuttals to Win an E-Cigarette Debate

By John Madden Posted September 25, 2013

Top 20 Rebuttals E-Cigarette Debate


Do you have friends or family members who constantly nag you about your electronic cigarette use? Or maybe you’re like us and have read countless articles that ignorantly bash e-cigs with either no solid support to their arguments or blatant misinterpretation of research.


Whatever the case may be, we all have to understand that this is a relatively new market for devices that mimic the actions produced by a product that is known to cause cancer and a plethora of respiratory illnesses. There is bound to be some initial backlash while we wait for the government to take a side. And even they are prone to jumping the gun with statements like “Electronic cigarettes lead to smoking.”


That said, here are some rebuttals to that and 19 more commonly heard anti-ecig arguments; 15 from the anti-smoking crowd as well as five from reluctant smokers.


From the Anti-Smoking Crowd:



#1. Electronic Cigarettes Are a Public Health Hazard


This is the main selling point on most government proposed bills that would regulate the usage of e-cigs and classify them as tobacco products. Some studies have found there to be trace amounts of nitrosamines in electronic cigarette cartridges. The levels found were comparable to that of a nicotine patch and 14,000 times lower than in a tobacco cigarette. No studies have yet to find any toxic nitrosamines in the vapor produced by an e-cig.


In all reality it is nearly impossible to avoid nitrosamines as they are produced during the consumption of many vegetables. In terms of second-hand vaping, a Clearstream-AIR study found that e-cigarettes do not produce detectable amounts of toxic substances in the air of an enclosed space and that it would be more harmful to breath air in a large city than in a room with someone who is vaping.


Dr. Michael Siegel comments on electronic cigarettes are a public health hazardDr. Michael Siegel, Boston University School of Public Health – The Rest of the Story:


Actually, the evidence suggests that electronic cigarettes have had a profound positive impact on the public’s health. Analyses of cigarette sales has suggested that because of smokers switching to electronic cigarettes, the sale of tobacco cigarettes is substantially down. This translates into an improvement in the public’s health: fewer deaths and diseases. That’s hardly a “public health hazard.”


Gregory Conley, Legislative director of CASAAGregory Conley, CASAA’s Legislative Director – Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA):


The argument for not banning the use of electronic cigarettes is that there’s no evidence that it is a hazard to others. Indeed, there’s a volume of evidence showing that the levels of chemicals released in e-cigarette vapor are nontoxic under various toxicological standards.


REBUTTAL: Electronic Cigarettes Are Not a Public Health Hazard



#2. You Are Still Smoking!


Because our e-cigs produce clouds of vapor that appear similar to cigarette smoke, some bystanders won’t realize the difference and subjectively assume we are smoking. However, are people smoking when they exhale on a cold day and their breath turns to water vapor? That is essentially what happens when we are using electronic cigarettes. The only difference is that the vapor is produced from a liquid mixture and at much higher temperature and therefore appears as a smokey cloud-like substance when inhaled and exhaled at any temperature found in Earth’s atmosphere.


Dr. Murray Laugesen, New Zealand's experienced researcherDr. Murray Laugesen, New Zealand’s Most Experienced Researcher on Smoking Policy and Cigarettes – Health New Zealand


At first glance, yes e-cigarette users inhale vapor, not smoke. With smoking, you have to light up. With vaping, you aren’t lighting anything, and there is no smell of smoke. Cigarettes burn, e-cigarettes just create vapor with each puff.


REBUTTAL: Vaping is Not the Same As Smoking



#3. You’re Inhaling Dangerous Metallic Particles


A study published in April found there to be trace particles of metals in the vapor from one brand of electronic cigarette. Yes, those metals have been known to cause respiratory complications. But while the levels found may have been equal to or higher than those found in cigarette smoke, they were far within USP standards for maximum allowable daily exposure to metals from inhalation medicines and comparable to those of FDA approved nicotine inhalers.


Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, electronic cigarette researcherDr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, Cardiology Researcher – Ecigarette Research Advocates Group:


Indeed, researchers found several particles in nanometer size, that are able to penetrate deep into the lungs. The numbers they report show that e-cigarette produces 880 times less particles compared to conventional cigarettes.


REBUTTAL: Metallic Particles Found in E-Cigs Are Below USP Limits



#4. Electronic Cigarette Flavors Are Targeted at Minors


Many e-liquids are made to taste sweet like fruits, deserts and popular beverages. So it’s not surprising that anti-smoking activists are now claiming that e-cigs target teens or are a threat to minors. However, electronic cigarettes are not cheap. While they will save a smoker thousands of dollars in the long run, their entry cost is anywhere from $30 and $150 and require additional purchases for refills and replacement parts. A $5 pack of smokes is much more easily attainable to minors. As for the fruity flavors, well, adults enjoy those just as much as children and they simply make e-cigarettes more appealing to smokers than the tobacco variety. In reality, since there is no combustion of paper or tobacco leaf, it is very difficult for e-cigs to actually mimic the bitter taste of a cigarette.


David Dorn, vaper and commentator at VapourTrails.tvDavid Dorn, Vaper and Commentator on Vaping –


For many it could be disastrous – they’ve moved away from “ciggie” flavours onto any one of dozens, in some cases, or, in many cases, they switch flavours during the day to suit their moods… This, apparently, is to get away from their taste buds becoming used to one flavour, so that every change makes it a “fresh” experience and helps them avoid going back to fags. It’s not something that bothers me, particularly, but I do know that for a very large proportion of folks, it’s a vital part of the e-cig experience. Without it, going back to cigs isn’t too much of a stretch.


Harold P. Wimmer, CEO of American Lung AssociationHarold P. Wimmer, National President and CEO of the American Lung Association:


The American Lung Association is very concerned that e-cigarettes–with flavors like cotton candy and bubble gum–are being marketed to kids, which could result in a lifelong addiction to nicotine.


Paul Bergen, former researcher at the public health sciences, university of albertaPaul Bergen, Former Research Associate at the Public Health Sciences, University of Alberta – Tobacco Harm Reduction:


If you start with any of the flavourings and out of interest try a regular cigarette it will seem harsh and horrid in comparison. To take that point one step further, to remove or outlaw flavourings in e-cigarettes (or smokeless tobacco) would make migration more likely.


Phil Busardo, Taste Your JuicePhil Busardo, Reviewer and Vaper – TasteYourJuice:


Let me preface my comments by saying electronic cigarettes should be used by adults only.  I am 100% behind any ban to prohibit the sale of electronic cigarette products to minors.


Although it’s hard to believe, adults like flavors too. Apparently some of our taste buds survive as we grow older. If we’re going to say that flavors are targeting minors and will lead to smoking, we will need to take a good hard look at other products that are doing the SAME THING, yet go unmentioned. A prime example would be the rash of flavored alcoholic beverages. From a popular Vodka company we have the following flavors: Mango Passion Fruit, Raspberry Pomegranate, Raspberry Lemon, Cinn-Sugar Twist, Wild Honey, Fluffed Marshmallow and Iced Cake. If the flavors in electronic cigarette liquids are targeting minors and will lead to smoking, then these flavors are clearly doing the same and will lead to alcoholism.


REBUTTAL: Electronic Cigarette Flavors Are Not Targeted at Minors



#5. There is Antifreeze in the Juice You Are Smoking


Most of us are well-versed with the 2009 FDA study that found trace levels (1%) of diethylene glycol, a toxic ingredient in anti-freeze, in 1 out of 18 cartridges from just two brands of electronic cigarettes. Not one study since then has found the chemical in any cartridges or liquids, suggesting that the device in question may have been contaminated. While cigarette smoke contain thousands of chemicals, we know what goes into e-cigarettes. The four ingredients used in the majority of e-liquids are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, GRAS flavoring and nicotine. Propylene glycol is also a component of antifreeze but only to make it less toxic if swallowed.


Kristin Noll-Marsh, vice president of CASAAKristin Noll-Marsh, Vice President of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA):


No testing, including that done by the FDA, has ever found anything close to a harmful amount of diethylene glycol in e-cigarette liquid. The amount found in just one cartridge was so insignificant that it would not have even been worth mentioning unless the FDA wished to scare consumers from using electronic cigarettes. The use of the word “antifreeze” was clearly meant to make it sound more scary and dangerous than it really is. I rate this lie to be A Toxic Shocker.


Azim ChowdhuryAzim Chowdhury, Attorney – Keller and Heckman:


First, FDA itself notes that this was merely a preliminary analysis and that “due to the variability among products, this analysis should not be used to draw conclusions about what substances are or are not present in particular electronic cigarettes or brands of electronic cigarettes.” Of course, that hasn’t stopped those against e-cigs from citing this report as evidence of how dangerous e-cigs are. FDA also failed to note that the trace levels of tobacco specific nitrosamines found were merely fractions of what is found in cigarette smoke and actually on par with levels of such impurities found in FDA-approved NRT products.


REBUTTAL: E-Liquid Does Not Contain Toxic Anti-freeze



#6. E-Cigs Are Just Gateways to Smoking the Real Thing


Electronic cigarettes are not intended to be used by non-smokers. They were designed and marketed as safer alternative for smokers looking for a healthier form of nicotine delivery. Furthermore, cigarette smoke tastes awful compared to the sweet vapor of e-cigs, a deterrent for anyone attempting to make a reverse switch.


Steve K Author of Steve K's Vaping WorldSteve K, Editor – Steve K’s Vaping World:


The notion that electronic cigarettes could be some sort of “gateway” to smoking seems downright impossible to me. e-Cigarettes are so popular because they provide a superior experience to smoking itself, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many smokers that made the switch. Why would anyone intentionally go from a method of nicotine consumption with lower harm, more options and better available flavors to a product that tastes terrible, smells, is a known killer and is increasingly shunned by society? The only way the gateway scenario can exist in reality is if prohibitionists are able to ban or sufficiently neuter e-cigarettes to the point where current vapers are forced back to smoking due to lack of a viable alternative.


Dr. Carl Phillips is the scientific director of CASAADr. Carl V. Phillips, Scientific Director of CASAA and Former Professor of Public Health – Anti-THR Lies and Tobacco Harm Reduction:


Of course, the biggest lie is the “gateway” lie.  You know that when prohibitionists start making claims about a gateway that they have given up on pretending that a behavior is a problem in itself.  So they have to make up some reason for prohibiting it, so they claim that it leads to something that is a problem.  There is never any evidence to support those claims, about anything, as far as I have ever observed. 


Azim ChowdhuryAzim Chowdhury, Attorney – Keller and Heckman:


Some will point to a recent CDC study which claims that e-cig usage among teenagers has doubled over the last year. But, a careful reading shows that it wasn’t regular “usage” that spiked among teens, but rather the number who had ever tried a single puff in their lives. For a novel product like e-cigs, this is not a very unexpected result. There is no real data that supports the notion that kids are getting hooked on e-cigs and then transitioning to smoking cigarettes.


REBUTTAL: E-Cigarettes Are Not Gateways to Tobacco Smoking



#7. You Don’t Know What You’re Inhaling


We do know the ingredients used in the majority of e-cigarette juice. Furthermore, recent studies have analyzed vapor content of electronic cigarettes and found volatile organic compounds at levels far below safety limits for exposure.


Katherine Devlin, president of ECITAKatherine Devlin, President of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA):


The components of electronic cigarettes are at least as well understood as the chemicals that are generated by smoking, or indeed traffic fumes, if not more so. Crucially, the chemicals produced by electronic cigarettes are orders of magnitude less toxic than both tobacco smoking and traffic.


Cynthia Hallett, director of Americans for Nonsmokers RightsCynthia Hallett, Executive Director of the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights:


They raise significant health concerns for us. We don’t know what is in the vapor mist, we don’t know what else is in the contents of that electronic cigarette.


REBUTTAL: Typical Vapor Content of an Electronic Cigarette



#8. Those Batteries Are Ticking Time Bombs Waiting to Explode


We’ve all read the story about the Florida man who’s electronic cigarette exploded in his mouth, shattering some teeth and taking a chunk out of his tongue. What is little known is that the e-cig he was using was a homemade device involving stacked batteries. Stacking batteries is not recommended for electronic cigarette use. If you are considering creating your own mod, check out Battery University or E-Cigarette Forum to brush up on your safety skills.


Nick Green, GrimmGreenNick “GrimmGreen” Green, Vaper and Reviewer – GrimmGreen:


People need to remember that ALL batteries have the potential to be dangerous. Back in 2006 Dell laptop batteries were failing left and right. Some simple research, freely available on the internet can make all the difference. Don’t overcharge, don’t over dis-charge and don’t ask more from your batteries than they can handle. Pay that little bit extra and get some high quality batteries, cheap batteries just simply aren’t worth it.


REBUTTAL: Inherent Dangers of Lithium Batteries in E-Cigs



#9. Nicotine is Poisonous and Causes Cancer


Contrary to popular belief, nicotine is not the cancer-causing agent in cigarettes. A two year study on lab mice found there to be no harmful effects of nicotine when given in its pure form by inhalation. If nicotine were the culprit in cigarettes, we’re pretty sure the FDA would never have approved any NRT gums, patches or inhalers. It is still poisonous when ingested in large quantities so make sure your e-liquids are used properly and kept out of reach of children.


Chris Price, from E-Cigarette PoliticsChris Price, Former ECCA UK Secretary – E-Cigarette Politics:


On this scale, the effects of nicotine are about invisible. Even when consumed in properly-made smokeless tobacco, as in Sweden, it’s virtually impossible to identify harm at population level statistically.


Azim Chowdhury, attorney at Keller and Heckman LLPAzim Chowdhury, Attorney – Keller and Heckman:


The FDA has determined that there are no significant safety concerns with respect to long-term/recreational nicotine use. More specifically, the Agency recently published a Notice of Findings in the Federal Register indicating that the long-term use of the nicotine-containing NRT products was safe and does not appear to have significant potential for abuse or dependence.


In 2007, Dr. David Sweanor of the University of Ottawa, published an article in the International Journal of Drug Policy called, “Tobacco harm reduction: How rational public policy could transform a pandemic,” where he noted that “nicotine, at the dosage levels smokers seek, is a relatively innocuous drug commonly delivered by a highly harmful device, cigarette smoke.” The article goes on to note that compared to tobacco smoke, nicotine itself is benign: “A fatal dose of nicotine would require roughly 60 mg for an average person, but, as with a fatal dose of caffeine, such quantity is far more than is sought or attained by consumers (Fagerstrom, 2005).”


REBUTTAL: Top 10 Studies on Nicotine You Need to Know About



#10. E-Cigs Still Cause Second-hand Smoking


As already stated, electronic cigarettes do not produce detectable amounts of toxins into the air. Furthermore, they do not emit second-hand nicotine as the amount of it in the vapor they deliver to the user is far less than in conventional tobacco smoke. Any amount exhaled would be so minute that it would not have an effect on bystanders, as the vapor dissipates within seconds as opposed to minutes for smoke.


Dr. Igor Burstyn, professor at Drexel University of Public healthDr. Igor Burstyn, Associate Professor – Drexel University School of Public Health:


Even when compared to workplace standards for involuntary exposures, and using several conservative assumptions, the exposures from using e-cigarettes fall well below the threshold for concern for compounds with known toxicity. That is, even ignoring the benefits of e-cigarette use and the fact that the exposure is actively chosen, and even comparing to the levels that are considered unacceptable to people who are not benefiting from the exposure and do not want it, the exposures would not generate concern or call for remedial action.


REBUTTAL: Electronic Cigarettes Do Not Cause Second-hand Smoking



#11. You’re Just Substituting One Addiction For Another


We won’t deny the fact that smoking tobacco cigarettes is a highly addictive habit. When a smoker switches to electronic cigarettes, they are still most likely consuming nicotine, to an extent. However, most of us gradually reduce our intake by using cartridges or e-liquids with lower concentrations of the drug and eventually become nicotine free. A recently published PLOS One study found that 73 percent of participants who stopped smoking using e-cigs also quit vaping by the end of the 52 week trial period. Some of us have quit vaping and smoking altogether while those who continue to vape have turned into a hobby. And hey, some smokers simply don’t want to quit nicotine; they just want to “smoke” in a way that drastically reduces the harm done to their bodies. Electronic cigarettes provide a means for adult cigarette smokers to transition to a less harmful form of recreational nicotine delivery.


Scott Ballin, tobacco and public health expertScott Ballin, Tobacco and Public Health Expert – Tobacco at a Crossroads:


It isn’t the nicotine that causes the harm, but rather how the nicotine is delivered. Smoking is the biggest killer by far. Almost all noncombustible products including smokeless tobacco products and e-cigarettes are 90-percent-plus lower in risk. Nicotine is like caffeine in some ways. If we were to smoke the coffee bean, we’d have thousands of chemicals produced in the smoke. But the risks disappear when used in a noncombustible form. Tobacco, as a plant, could be made into a tea that would allow people to get their nicotine without the risks. E-cigarettes, lozenges, etc., are all non-combustible products that are significantly lower in risk. 


Kevin Burke from Ecig AdvancedKevin Burke, Editor – Ecig Advanced:


Vapers always hear this kind of thing and in a way it suggests we should feel bad for using nicotine in any form. The reality is that while many people do completely stop using nicotine with e-cigarettes, some don’t. This isn’t because they’re just an ‘addict’, feverishly searching for their next fix, it’s because they truly enjoy it. Much in the same way a coffee lover enjoys that first cup or a foodie searches out specific cuisine, sometimes the things we love come with health risks. Fortunately, the nicotine in e-cigarettes is not what made our former habit so risky and truthfully, deadly. So we have a bunch of people who used to love smoking enough to let it kill them. Now, they’ve found something they love even more that is far less harmful in vaping. If that sounds like someone just trading off addictions, then you’re not paying attention. 


REBUTTAL: E-Cigs Reduce Harm; Beating Addiction is the User’s Choice



#12. Going Cold Turkey is the Most Effective Way to Quit


Just because you quit cold turkey doesn’t mean anyone can do it. It also doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible to a relapse. Different smokers have different levels of addiction and most who want to quit have tried going cold turkey or reducing the amount of cigarettes they smoke. Statistically speaking, only 3.5% of smokers who try going cold turkey end up actually quitting. Because e-cigarettes are so new to the market, we don’t have any reliable quit rates for them yet. We can still estimate their quit smoking rate to be somewhere around 30-50% based on small preliminary surveys.


REBUTTAL: Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey Has a Very Low Success Rate



#13. E-Cigarettes Contain Dangerous Nitrosamines


When it comes to anti-smoking groups criticizing e-cigs for containing nitrosamines, it could be the same cynical mechanism operating, or they could genuinely misunderstand the risks. Perhaps nobody has ever told them that the quantities are nearly undetectable, or perhaps people have and they were just too dim to understand the obvious lack of risk. Either way, if somebody still insists that the nitrosamines in e-cigarettes are something to worry about after becoming aware of the facts in this article, they are either idiots or people who just plain hate anything that looks like smoking. There is no question that, when compared to the thousands of chemicals in cigarette smoke, the e-cigarette is the far less harmful option for smokers.


James Dunworth from the Ashtray Blog and E Cigarette DirectJames Dunworth, E-Cig Advocate and Co-Founder of E Cigarette Direct – Ashtray Blog:


This really is a non-issue. The FDA only found nitrosamines in eliquid at a maximum level of 8.2 billionth of a gram, which is at the same level as those found in FDA approved nicotine inhalers, and 14,000 times lower than those found in Marlborough cigarettes. Even then, these nitrosamines were only found in eliquid, not in the vapour. When an independent lab Analyze looked at the vapour of the electronic cigarette, they only found one, non-carcogenic nitrosamine. More importantly, the FDA tests failed to find ANY of the other 56 tobacco smoker carcinogens in the eliquid. For more information on nitrosamines, see this post.


REBUTTAL: Do You Need to Worry About the Nitrosamines in E-Cigarettes?



#14. E-Cigs Can Cause Lung Damage


A study published last September found that use of an electronic cigarette for 10 minutes increased airway resistance in smokers without COPD or asthma. However, a temporary increase in airway resistance does not equate to lung damage nor does it cause a reduction in blood-oxygen levels. Things like humidity, cold air and exercise can also cause elevated airway obstruction yet aren’t known to actually damage lungs.


Dr Gilbert Ross from ACSHDr. Gilbert Ross, Medical and Executive Director – American Council on Science and Health (ACSH):


The components of e-cigarette vapor, of any significance, are water vapor with nicotine (usually), glycerine/vegetable flavoring, and propylene glycol (GRAS as per the FDA). A recent study by Prof. Igor Burstyn of Drexel Univ. School of Public Health showed the incredibly remote chance of e-cig vapor contributing to long-term health effects.  See the study here


…..and read the discussion from CASAA, a harm reduction advocacy group, here as well.


I’m not sure what else I can add. None of the above-mentioned vapor components have been shown to cause harm in experimental or epidemiological studies. Nicotine particularly has never been found to cause any long-term health effects; it does NOT cause cancer, COPD or asthma. 


REBUTTAL: E-Cigs Not Found to Cause Lung Damage



#15. E-Cigs Aren’t FDA Approved and Therefore Aren’t Safe


The FDA has yet to approve electronic cigarettes because they “have not been fully studied.” Our evidence would suggest otherwise. Nothing is 100% safe but e-cigs are exponentially safer than tobacco cigarettes and have the potential to save millions of lives.


John Manzione, editor at Spinfuel blogJohn Manzione, Editor – Spinfuel Magazine


Electronic cigarettes have proven, time and time again, that there IS an effective tool to drive down the numbers of early deaths, heart disease, lung cancer, and other maladies caused by the direct use of tobacco. Everyone, and I mean everyone, should be encouraging the use of ‘e-cigarettes’ for smokers, the anti-smoking crowd most of all. There has been more than enough scientific studies that show e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. At this junction in time, why isn’t that enough?


Lou Ritter, President of AEMSALou Ritter, President of the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA):


While “There are no regulations or verifications” (or other to that effect), There IS Self-Regulation and AEMSA is doing it well. We now have 19 announced General (manufacturing) Members representing approximately 25 labs (hard to keep count as they keep opening new ones). Not all are yet inspected and Certified as several are recent additions. AEMSA Standards are the only Standards in the industry. They represent one delineation of cGMPs and we have highly credentialed Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) contributing to the ongoing process of monitoring and refining – all science based. Our SMEs include: Kurt Kistler Ph.D. Chemistry professor, long time vaper and safety advocate (former “Expert” from ECF’s former “Ask the Experts” subforum (now titled “Ask the veterans”, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos – Cardiologist and researcher (AEMSA Welcomes Newest Subject Matter Expert (SME) Member: Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos), and Matt Melvin Ph.D: AEMSA and ENTHALPY ANALYTICAL now working together (AEMSA offers easy and affordable access to Certified testing services to members).


Our Standards demand the highest (verifiable per batch) quality nicotine and diluents with very specific limitations for purity and, more importantly, impurities. Accuracy of content is also monitored and verified at both working levels (for measuring adjustments) and final product. Mixing lab requirements are also extensive as are packaging and labeling (with traceable batch numbers), childproof caps and tamper evidence and more. AEMSA Standards also require a level of transparency.


We are preparing a post delineating our first year progress (launched Oct. 8, 2012) and it is impressive.  We have been before the FDA three times (twice in private “Listening Sessions”), invited to  present before the Tobacco Merchants Association (TMA) Annual Conference and meeting where CTP/FDA Director Mitch Zeller was the keynote speaker: AEMSA Presents on Self-Regulation at TMA Conference 2013 Presentation. And we have more speaking engagements (all invitations) already on the calendar. As a registered 501(c)(6), we have stringent operating rules, etc. within which we must function. As we are approaching year 2, we have Board elections and more on the immediate horizon. And, if all the above is not enough, we may be the first and only Professional Trade Association founded, formation facilitated and led by Consumer Volunteers. The association still has zero payroll (but we are growing at such a rate that this may have to change).


REBUTTAL: Unapproved Does Not Equal Unsafe



From Current Smokers:



#16. Those Things Don’t Even Work


Some smokers may have once tried an e-cig they picked up at their local gas station or convenience store and were disappointed in its performance. Not all electronic cigarettes are created equal, however, and some of the more mass produced variety may not be suitable to heavy smokers. Make sure you let them know they can purchase cartridges or liquid in stronger nicotine concentrations and in a plethora of flavors to satisfy their palate. If you live close to a brick & mortar vapor shop, bring them along on your next visit or point them to online forums to find a quality starter kit.


Riccardo PolosaProfessor Riccardo Polosa, Full Professor of Internal Medicine of the University of Catania – Italy:


In ECLAT 14% of regular users of ecigs containing nicotine abstained from smoking conventional cigarettes and a further 23% reduced their use substantially (more than 50% from baseline). Data speak for themself and as the philosopher Pascal said: “there is enough light for those who desire to see”. Therefore, this product has the potential of helping many smokers quit.


If we consider that by inclusion criteria smokers were not interested in quitting, that the model under investigation was underperforming, and that participants did not receive any form of smoking cessation counseling, the above success rates are impressive. Thus for (some) smokers, satisfaction from e-cigarette use was good enough to compensate for their need of own brand cigarette. Indeed the replacement of the ritual of smoking gestures and cigarette handling, the opportunity to use the product in public places and to reduce bad smell, as well as the perception of an improved general sense of wellbeing might have been the cause for the substantial success rates.


In ECLAT, only 26.9% of those who switched to e-cigs resulting in complete smoking abstinence were still using the product by the end of the observational period (week-52). Thus, 73.1% of regular e-cig users ended up quitting vaping as well. Probably, the fact that participants were not supplied with the product beyond the 12-week intervention phase of the study and that its commercial availability during the extension phase was poor has produced an unexpected effect. Many regular vapers confronted with the situation of not being supplied with (or able to acquire) the product, rather than relapsing in tobacco smoking realized to be strong enough to free themselves also from the behavioral component of smoking that was being reproduced by vaping the product under investigation, that in this regard was not very “addictive” and in fact was instrumental to beating participants smoking addiction/behavior. It seems as if the E-cig could have stimulated a subconscious progression through the stages of change (from pre-contemplation to contemplation to determination to action i.e. quitting).


Gregory Conley CASAA's Legislative directorGregory Conley, CASAA’s Legislative Director – Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA):


I was thankfully never a heavy smoker — perhaps not even heavy enough to be truly addicted — but the urge to smoke was still so strong that I rarely if ever went more than 24 hours without one (or ten). I initially failed to quit with e-cigarettes in 2008 because I could barely feel the vapor when I inhaled. A year or two later, having read that the technology had progressed, I gave it another try and I’ve yet to look back. Undoubtedly the largest contributing factors were the mimicking of the hand-to-mouth motion, the ability to feel the vapor in my throat, and the availability of flavors, but I can’t understate the importance of the positive comments that I would (and still do) receive from nonsmokers.


REBUTTAL: E-Cigs Have Been Repeatedly Proven to Work



#17. E-Cigs Are Too Bulky


Electronic cigarettes are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. Larger personal vaporizers are becoming more commonplace and smokers might find their size a bit odd. However, a pack of cigarettes is pretty bulky in itself and no doubt stands out in a pants or shirt pocket. If size is an issue, there are plenty of quality electronic cigarettes that aren’t much bigger than the real thing and don’t require a cardboard box to be protected from the elements of one’s pocket or handbag.


REBUTTAL: E-Cigs Come in Various Shapes and Sizes; Analogues Are Always Bulky



#18. They Are Just a Fad


Because the popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown faster than the fall of oxygen bars into obscurity, their concept may seem like fad to many smokers. However, e-cigs have been in the marketplace since 2007 and sales have grown every year with no signs of slowing down. Tobacco giants like Reynolds and Lorillard have even jumped at the opportunity to get their share of the pie. The fact that millions of smokers have improved their health by switching from conventional cigarettes shows that e-cigs do work and aren’t a marketing gimmick.


Oliver Kershaw Smokey Joe, founder of E-Cigarette-ForumOliver Kershaw (SmokeyJoe), Founder of ECF – E-Cigarette Forum:


When I started ECF in December 2007 it was because I’d bought an e-cigarette from China and thought it was pretty rubbish. Of course, that’s not the whole story: what I really thought was “this is a pretty interesting product, but it’s poorly engineered. Once that’s sorted, we’ll have something amazing on our hands”. ECF has since become something of a test board for engineers, enthusiasts, DIYers and entrepreneurs to try their ideas out with a receptive community who give near instant feedback. In this way, I think ECF (and, other communities) have been really important in the further improvement of the products.


And what improvements we’ve seen! Starting with the Screwdriver, and the more commercially made Ego type devices, we’ve seen more or less constant developments for the last 4 years. And, more importantly, the number of users has grown and grown, and won’t stop any time soon. Some analysts suggest there will be more than $1bn in e-cig sales this year, and possibly double next year. I think that if another, revolutionary step in the development story happens, we could see 4 or 5 times the number of users within a year.


Does any of this sound like a fad? No, of course not. It might have seen faddish three or four years ago, but thanks to the entrepreneurs and early adopters it’s anything but.


REBUTTAL: E-Cigs Are Here to Stay



#19. That Looks Like Too Much of a Hassle to Deal With


To an inexperienced vaper, some of the more advanced personal vaporizers may seem like chore to maintain. But there’s an e-cigarette for every type of smoker. Some are only two-piece devices with replaceable pre-filled cartridges that screw together in seconds. Make sure to let this type of person know that you felt the same way when you first started but have since opted for a more customized experience.


REBUTTAL: E-Cigs Don’t Have to Be Complicated – And They Never Really Are!



#20. I’m Going to Get Cancer Either Way


Again, nicotine is not the cancer causing agent in cigarettes! And even if it was, e-cigarettes would still be healthier than smoking as they eliminate nearly all of the carcinogenic chemicals that cause respiratory issues. By switching to electronic cigarettes, smokers will substantially reduce the harm done to their lungs. A smoker will have a far less chance of getting cancer if they make the switch to e-cigs.


REBUTTAL: E-Cigs Do Not Cause Cancer



What Else You Can Do


Hopefully, we can come to a common ground with our local governments and agree upon terms that will please the majority. While the vapor produced by e-cigs has so far been proven far safer than tobacco smoke, it might be rude to sit in a crowded restaurant puffing thick clouds that travel onto a neighboring table. There shouldn’t be a problem with any outdoor use as the vapor will dissipate a lot faster. But use some vaping etiquette and courtesy when in crowded indoor places and please don’t give vapers a bad name. If you would like to sound off in your local community to protect your vaping rights, visit the CASAA website.


We would like to thank all those in the industry who helped contribute to this article. Electronic cigarettes face a constant battle with the FDA, CDC and media over lies and misinterpretations and your involvement further helps bring out the truth.

  • RJ

    This is by far one of the most informing vaping articles I’ve seen.

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    This is awesome, going to like this on FB.

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    Every Vapor should have this Bookmarked and at a thumb click away to put text to what we are going to say to anyone who say “those things are…” or you can not do that here…

  • Factual information available on E-cigarettes in a dialoge that is easy to understand.

    • I would like to tell my little smoking tale. I started smoking on a summer break when I was twelve, with the neighbor kids. My Father and Mother smoked, both in the beyond now, at 73 my Mom passed from Emphysemia, Diabetes, and Heart Disease. I am 60 years young. Four yrs. ago I was wheezing and any time I caught a cold it turned into bronchitis. The MD, would order X Rays, that’s how bad my lungs sounded, I guess. Okay, when I first saw an electronic cigarette, it was an NJoy, not ready to believe so I grabbed the brochure. Now, travel back in time with me, in 1978, I was 24 years old. I had already smoked 12 years, though, I quit once for 1.5 yrs and resumed smoking. I had a really bad virus or cold, and I was really sick, still I went to work in San Francisco’s Financial district.. On my 20 min. break, I saw sales people with what looked popcorn caddy’s, you would see at a baseball game, they were handing out free cigarette samples. I remember just sitting there and wishing in thought that someone would make a cigarette that doesn’t harm you. E-cigarettes are the answer to my prayers. I have always been athletic and active. 3.5 yrs. ago, I started noticing a decline in my health and even though, I had rowed a boat daily and taken 45min. aerobic walks too. Aging and smoking were catching up with me. I had a Dr. warn me that he might have to tell me I had COPD or Emphysemia, if I didn’t quit smoking.
      So in 2010, I finally bought the NJoy and for 3.5 yrs, I have vaped. Within a month of vaping I began to realize my sense of taste and smell were returning, i started to hate the taste of real cigarettes and the smell. I had tried to quit a number of times, Chantix, patches, and gum and cold turkey. I am emotionally attached to smoking and even if it doesn’t sound like something I should be proud of, I think it’s true for a lot of smokers. By the third month, I was only smoking 4 or 5 cigarettes a day, before e-cigarettes I smoked 1.5 pks. a day. About 8 months of that and I really didn’t like the few cigarettes anymore, I couldn’t even stand other people’s smokes. I became brave enough to stop buying cigarettes. I have almost smoke free for 3..5 yrs. I lay down at night and don’t cough up phlegm, wheeze myself to sleep and I am so grateful. My clothes and belongings are not smelling like smoke. My car windows aren’t covered with brown yuck. My fingers don’t smell. I love flavors in my e-liquid, because anything that would taste or smell like a real cigarette is gag to me now. Flavors are a reward I feel for me because I stopped smoking. I would like to change the words to a song… a parody of sorts…” …I can breathe clearly now the smoke has gone. All of the bad feelings have disappeared…. here is the miracle I had been praying for, it’s an E-vape kind of day..” Corny oh well… but I am not targeting children. My two grown Sons chose for themselves to NOT SMOKE! They listened to their teachers and the kids they grew up with in a rural community, most of them did too. I was a kid that smoked and I became a responsible adult, with a smoking habit. Now approaching senior status, I am still responsible and vape instead. Thanks to all of you besides me that have shared your stories. Now I can be a real tough biddy though, and get pretty nasty when angered. Don’t tell me that how it looks is more important that the health issues!

  • Darla McGahan

    nice job, factual and to the point. People can learn from this.

  • Nick

    E-cigs aren’t harmless. You’re still consuming nicotine, which is a deadly and highly addictive drug. Without any long-term studies, you can’t jump to the conclusion that they are a safe alternative.

    • Bill Arnold

      Did you actually read the article??? I refer you to #9 on the list and everything below it. Nicotine is not a cancer causing chemical. Although it is addictive so what. It is not harmful and does not alter my state of mind like other addictive drugs. So what is the big deal? We know at least as much about what is in e-cig liquids as we know about traditional cigs and e-cigs are conclusively less harmful than tobacco cigs. What is it that you cannot wrap your mind around that e-cigs are LESS harmful by an magnitude of at least 10. E-cigs allow users to inhale nicotine (not cancer causing and 25 years of studies prove no long term health effects from nicotine) with water (safe plain old water) and an additive to make the vapor (Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin) and FDA approved flavorings. This eliminates the 4000+ other chemicals that a smoker inhales when smoking a traditional cig. Holy Mackerel my 10 year old daughter understands this, how can you not?

      • Nick

        Most of the studies listed for #9 are one-sided, aiming to promote e-cigs. Nicotine is a toxic chemical. “Nicotine affects the nervous system and the heart. Exposure to relatively small amounts can rapidly be fatal.” did you read this?

        Of course it alters your mind, and brain receptors. You could only be assuming that e-cigs are less harmful, no conclusive, long-term study has proven that. Do you know the long-term effects of inhaling nicotine mixed with bunch of other chemicals? Of course not!

        • C. Crosby

          Yes, actually we do know the cause of consuming nicotine mixed with other chemicals. Thousands of people dying a year from all of the chemicals that are within an actual cigarette. Vapor cigarettes are a slightly safer alternative. They contain a small portion of all the bad mixes of chemicals smokers inhale.
          E-Cigs haven’t been proven over a 20 year study or given high praise by all because they are a miracle replacement for smokes. However, cigarettes have been studied for far longer and have been proven to be fatal after using for a long period. E-cigs have shown a major decrease in the health effects of smokers to date and at least offer a chance to be healthier and still cope with an addiction.
          The effects you listed describe a few hundred things on the market today from caffeine to taurine and even some otc pain relievers like ibuprofen. E-cigs haven’t had a long lasting lifetime like coffee, pop, or tobacco but, everything has to have a start somewhere.

          • stfu_dipshits

            Wow, you alarmist non-smoking assholes are fucking ignorant.

        • Patti Glaspy

          Nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine. I don’t have to assume that e-cigs are less harmful – I know. The increased lung capacity, no more shortness of breath, better skin color, just to name a few, are all signs that they are much better than a traditional cigarette. If you can’t kick the nicotine habit, vaping is the best way to continue it.

        • smokehead

          Wow. That is a deeply alarmist and unscientific website. Just goes to show anyone can register a .gov domain. “Exposure to relatively small amounts can rapidly be fatal”. Again. Wow! They just say that with no further clarification or explanation? We’d better stop eating tomatoes and a number of other common foods which contain nicotine – because hey, nicotine can be rapidly fatal in small amounts! Clearly there is not a single scientific mind behind that website. Toxicity is in the dosage, not the substance itself, and yet they proclaim nicotine to be a toxic chemical. Imagine if they took the same misleading and alarmist approach in characterising other substances such as caffeine and alcohol.

          Honestly, if we think nicotine – at the dosage vapers take – is a serious problem then we need to be consistent and attack caffeine and alcohol for the same reasons.

          Your concerns are very much in line with the current crop of Eurocrats who are desperate to get e-cigs banned. Unregulated is tantamount to illegal in their eyes. A lack of research, despite anecdotal evidence of users who all report better health, means we should ban it just in case?

        • Bill Arnold

          Well to each his own. What do you care if my health is affected either way? Since there are no detectable amounts of nicotine or any other carcenagenic substance in the exhaled vapor for you to complain about why does it matter to you? If you don’t use e-cigs, it really does not matter now does it? Again please refer to the Drexler Univ Studies of chemical tests on the vapor itself.
          Prohibitionaist gonna hate I guess. Oh and alters brain chemestry is not the same as intoxication, that is why nobody has suggested that smoking or vaping while driving or operating heavy machinery would be an issue. But some apparently are going to bash smokers and vapers over the head with the boogie man that is called ‘addiction’. Come on man; this is the old saw argument.
          I enjoyed smoking cigs, but knew it was affecting my heath, so I found a heathier alternative and have no ill effects after 2 years of regular use. My personal physician can attaest to this, my lung capacity has increased as well as blood preasure being better and cardio vasuclar curculation, not to mention blood O2. But I know, I know, vaping looks like soemthing you hate so “it must be banned, becasue I know better what is good for you”. But again haters gonna hate no matter what you tell them.
          You want to stand up for something that matters go after heroin, cocaine and crack users, now thats and addiction that kills. Better yet move to Az as I just read there is a possible breakout of use of Krokodil (the drug that eats junkies). You want to talk about toxic substances, how about this stuff, with gasoline, red phosphorus, turpintine and some other nasty stuff. Again all known very toxic substances at any level.
          Sorry Nick but the news is old, well tried and tested (long term studies and all) on the toxicity of nicotine. In small does it is no more harmful that caffeine. So I suppose you’ll want to ban coffee, tea and chocolate next???

        • Sandra

          Nick, long-term studies haven’t been conducted – true. But you know what would happen if I (as a heavy smoker) had to wait that long to fully understand the effects of ecigarettes? I would probably end up in the hospital or even worse, dead! What I do know in the short-term is that these things have improved my health, have helped me wean off a deadly and nasty addition, and given me hope for a better future.

          You can point to any studies you like but unless you can prove electronic cigarettes are worse than tobacco, I’ll remain a happy vaper.

      • I like your story Bill thank you for sharing it. 🙂

    • mndan

      They did not say “a safe” alternative, they said “a safer” alternative. Even the tobacco prohibitionists will agree to that based on the most damning of studies.
      Some are consuming nicotine, many such as my self use a e-cig that is nicotine free.
      Nicotine is not a carcinogen, is non-cancer causing, and has the same basic effect on the human body as caffeine which is also additive. What study are you referring to that classifies it as a “deadly” drug?

    • Todrick

      Someone clearly didn’t read this article… or the links that back it up.

    • rick

      Nick, you’re not too smart, are you.

  • Very informative – great research! Hopefully this will help educate the vaping community… as well as anyone reading all the negative news stories…

  • rick

    I love ecigs…

  • I’ll be posting a piece sometime next week on potential FDA regulations. What do you guys think the FDA is going to do with e-cigs? What should they do?

    • Winston

      I am not sure what they are going to do, but what they should do is to make it illegal to be sold to minors and that’s it. Leave the rest of us willing adult vapors free to get healthy and free of tobacco.

      • I agree as I think AEMSA does a fine enough job as it is. However, I don’t think it’s going to go over that easy. I’m pretty sure they’ll want money from our industry in the form of taxes.

        • That is probably true. Unfortunately this is ONLY about money!

          • Yeah did you see Kristin’s post about Wisconsin wanting to tax 85% to vendors?!!! Maybe 8.5% would be fine but 85% is beyond insane!

        • They are taxed already in an appropriate amount. For what?

          • Well they shouldn’t be taxed anymore than what a county sales tax calls for but I can just see a lot of complaints over lost tax revenue from declining cigarette sales.

    • MissDona

      It’s true that FDA is getting increasingly wary of products that come from defective production processes. One way will be to start regulating ecigs the way they regulate dietary supplement manufacturing that is, to strictly follow Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) in the entire production process. E-cigs and e-liquids manufacturing can be controlled by a similar set of GMP regulations.

      Also, when firms are not keeping proper Master Manufacturing Records (MMR) or Master Batch Records (MBR) they are issued warning letters to standardize the process. Ecig companies can learn from them and keep appropriate documentation of the steps used for the manufacturing process.

  • Sebastian St. George

    Well researched article ~ it will be interesting to see what regulations will or will not out come out.

  • sstevel1

    It’s very funny and ironic the hatred all of a sudden against smokers and vapers.. They’re was a woman at a bus stop that told me I couldn’t smoke there, meanwhile a bus was idling right behind her bench, blasting diesel fumes all over her. No complaints there?

  • Amy

    When I switched to a major brand of cigarettes to one that was made from pure tobacco, I had full withdraw symptoms. When I switched from the pure tobacco brand to e-cigs, I had no withdraw symptoms. People need to realize that when they go from a major cigarette brand to an e-cig, they will have a disappointing experience at first because they are going thru withdraw. It’s all the other nasty chemicals in cigarettes that addict you. Nicotine only withdraw is easy to do, and I smoked for 40 years.

    • rick

      When you switch to ecigs, you get NO withdraw at all. As long as you use the correct amount of nicotine in them.

      • jeffdude

        Right! you don’t get any withdraw when switching. Just make sure nic. strength and pg/vg ratio (for throat-hit) is at the right amount.

    • brettjv

      Excellent point. Anyone who thinks that the ONLY thing in Marlboro’s (or similar mainstream analogs) that’s ‘addictive’ is the nicotine … is misguided. To the people who switch straight-away to e-cigs w/o looking back or any signs of w/d’s … GOOD FOR YOU, that’s awesome! Myself, I had to wean off of analogs over 2 weeks to avoid w/d’s … and that was vaping quality 24mg/ml juice, after a 15-cig/day habit that went on for … many years. TRUTH: there are MORE DRUGS in real cigs than just nicotine folks. EXPECT a weaning period if you want to be ‘comfortable’ … to get off all the OTHER crap besides the nicotine. If you find you don’t need that time … AWESOME … but I’d say ‘hope for the best, plan for the worst’ if I was advising anyone. Good news is, I’m a bit of a wimp for w/d’s and I dropped analogs within 2 weeks, going down in smoking/up in vaping gradually each day, and this resulted in NO issue putting cigs down for good on day 14. That’s after a LONG cig addiction. I’m at about 20 months Analog free, and I couldn’t be happier about this choice. Down to 12mg/ml day now, vaping around 2-2.5ml/day. Going to switch to 6mg/ml juice here shortly.

  • Angie

    Electronic cigarettes needs to be regulated more strictly. I’m not a smoker so I don’t really know whether they are effective/useful or not. But I have been seeing a lot of kids in my school puffing on these things. I even saw one of my teenage boys using one last week, he said he got them from a gas station. As a mother of two boys, it concerns me that kids are able to buy these so easily. What is also concerning is that the FDA has not approved these products and information about their side effects and safety are a big question. I’m not completely against electronic cigarettes because I do understand some folks benefit from them; but more regulations are needed.

    • My guess is you would care even more, if in that’s child’s, in forty years, he would leave behind a grieving family from lung disease, caused from having people like you make e-cigarettes unavailable, and they ended up smoking. Not that there is anything wrong with SMOKING?

    • I’m all for banning sales to minors, as is the majority of our community. I don’t feel, however, that there is any reason to fear they will provide a gateway to tobacco smoking among today’s youth.

    • rick

      I’m seeing a lot of people under 18 smoking real cigarettes. These kids should be encouraged to switch to ecigs instead.

    • Heather Baker

      I am a vaper and I even agree that there should be an age limit imposed for buying them. I first got mine and my nine year old picked it up one morning… he got into some big trouble, to say the least. I informed him that it was not appropriate for a child to use them and he’s pretty much left it alone, but I am a little relieved it wasn’t a real cigarette instead.

  • Cyndi Miller

    Nick, everyone has tried to explain to you but you’re not seeming to listen. I have been vaping for two years and my mind is the same as it always was and e cigs have not altered my brain chemistry at all. I believe I would be the best expert on myself, not you, or anyone else. My mind has only felt “altered after reading your posts. I’m thinking you just may like to argue.

  • Cyndi Miller

    Unfortunately, it’s easy for kids to get real cigarettes now days. I would rather see them using the safer e cig if they’re going to do it anyway. The one’s at the gas station run out of vapor fairly quickly, which is good when under aged kids are buying them. Not to sound uncaring but, a parent’s job is to educate their children on these things as well as all things that concern the parent. That’s all we can do. My children are all grown now and I never smoked a cigarette or an e cig in front of them.(I didn’t smoke at all then) ..and, they all started smoking. All but 2 have stopped smoking (I have 5). One smokes an e cig instead now and his constant coughing has stopped because the water vapor cleared the gunk out of his lungs from the real cigs and healed them. . I never wanted them to start smoking in the first place but, their friends, no matter how wonderful their parents were, still provoked them to smoke and got the cigarettes for them. They never smoked in front of me of course, but kids find ways. I do agree however, that e cigs should only be for adults. But we can’t allow the government to make the decisions for us adults when it comes to e cigarettes. They should be regulating things that are much more hazardous to one’s health…like real cigarettes and alcohol. Unfortunately, kids can get alcohol pretty easy too. Yes, there are a lot of dangers out there for kids these days, but I hardly think e cigs are in the top 10 or even, the top 20.

  • Cyndi Miller

    Also, most full time vapers, start cutting down on the amount of nicotine they order in their e liquids eventually. Many only vape 6 mg…and, when they smoked cigarettes (real)..they were getting somewhere between 24 and 18 mg. So, we do try and cut down on the nicotine too. It’s just easier to lower the nic levels on e cigs than analog cigs.

  • Joe

    If you ban flavored ecigarettes because of the hypothetical situation that kids might be attracted to them then I guess they will be banning whip cream flavored vodka to. But, what I really don’t understand is the online sales ban because kids might be able to order them without ID. To my knowledge the only way to buy products online is with a credit card and I thought you had to be 18 to have one of those so I think it would be much easier for a child to find a clerk willing to sell to them or just steal the product if they actually wanted them that bad.

    • Duhg

      Go to a store and buy a Vanilla Visa or Mastercard. Don’t have to be 18. Open a bank account with a visa/Mastercard Debit card for your chequing account.
      Lie about your age when ordering. Who is to know.

  • Cyndi Miller

    Wow, very informative! Thank you for these links John Maddon!! 🙂

  • Alison Doyle

    That’s a great video and I encourage everyone to watch and share it.

  • Cheryl Erland

    As a former (25+ year) heavy smoker who has now been happily vaping for almost a year, I am delighted by e cigs. People love to hate smokers, it seems, whether they are actually smoking or not; just the appearance is apparently offensive. I”m so tired of listening to the vapid arguments against vaping. I don’t need years of studies by organizations (probably paid off by big corporations anyway) to tell me that my health has dramatically improved. I made the switch all at once and went through about a week of hell as the poisons slowly left my body. Nicotine has never been the problem. So am I an addict? Yes, I suppose I am. But then again, I don’t partake of caffeine in any form and you won’t find me attacking coffee drinkers as they grope for that first cup in the morning. Find me someone with no addictions and I’ll suppose you’ve found a saint.

    • Heather Baker

      I think you’re the first person I’ve heard from that had withdrawals… the only hell I went through for the first week was realizing that I didn’t have the pack and lighter anymore, and my nicotene source was in my hand and not in my pocket, I didn’t have much more than the excessive coughing from my lungs clearing.

      • Cheryl Erland

        From the look of your photo, I’d guess you are quite a bit younger than I am (55) so the difference is probably explained by the lower levels of poison accumulated in your body. I have spoken with others closer to me in age who describe a similar experience if they quit at once as I did and not gradually. I can say it was worth it. I hadn’t thought about it until you mentioned this, but I didn’t go through a missing of the pack and the lighter which, when I stop now and consider it, is surprising!

        • Rick

          I smoked for 30 years and quit on the first Vape with ecigs. Not a drop of withdrawal.

          • Cheryl Erland

            Well, you’re quite fortunate, then.

          • Rick

            Maybe your ecigs didn’t have enough nicotine when you first quit???

          • Cheryl Erland

            I started with 24 mg. I expect the difference between us may be a combination of the years smoked (I realize I said 25+; closer to accurate is 40) and the amount smoked (I was a heavy smoker) together with variables that differ between individuals but are difficult to ascertain. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter as it was several months ago and has long since ended.

          • castello

            I didn’t want the pressure to quit so I was still smoking for about 8 months but vaping more and smoking less. No more in over a year now! Part of it was getting away from cartos and finding the right juice.

    • Christy

      Forms of withdrawal can be different for everyone. It sounds like your week of hell wasn’t withdrawal but just coughing up phlem constantly and all the nasty stuff? I’ve had that issue several times. The psychological withdrawals, however, are a little different. It sounds like the second person that posted, Heather, was going through this, in which they were dealing with the change of the actual behavior that was a huge part of their smoking before. For me, I have trouble using candy or a patch or anything because a big part of the relaxation of smoking was having it in mt mouth and inhaling. And having it in my hand, just doing something. That was all psychological. That’s the hardest part of quitting.

      • Cheryl Erland

        Actually, the week of hell didn’t involve coughing. It was all about nausea, dizziness and just an all over feeling of “lousy”. I haven’t been addicted to anything else but it wouldn’t surprise me if what I went through wasn’t, in some ways, similar to stopping….narcotics or cocaine or whatever. It was a year ago now so I can’t describe it in detail but it was either withdrawal from the cigarettes, or some strange and wildly coincidental (in terms of timing) illness; the likes of which I’ve not experienced before or since. It was most certainly worth it though. One week of misery for a future without cigarettes? You bet!

  • Ken Anderson

    Strangely, I saw no mention of the FDA approved nicotine candy that is out for sale these days…. lots of tasty flavors there, and the advertising is VERY attractive to kids. I smoked for 30 years, and did 5 years of research before buying my first Personal Vaporizer. I stopped smoking the same day it came in, and QUIT officially 3 days later when I tried a smoke and hated it!

    • rick

      I too was a 30 year smoker and quit after my first vape, Marlboro reds. I researched for a few months about ecigs before buying my first. I never tried smoking again. I can’t stand the smell from smokers now. I’m almost 3 years vaping and I’ve never felt better.

  • Julie

    This is a great primer to have – there are a few misconceptions out there, and it helps to have info ready to give to pple curious enough to ask – which they always do. I work in a hospital, so I look forward to the moments I get to show off….. I do ask before I sit on a bench and vape at breaktime. None have ever said NO. By and large, I find pple very easygoing about it, if not completely interested. I’ve even demonstrated it for some nurses who were curious about the size of it – one nurse had a very small black ecig – and I showed her a real vape cloud and her eyes got big and she smiled…. anyway, thanks for this…..

  • Ronald Touchet

    A few more points to add.

    About the effective debate. We have had a study that demonstrated effectiveness equal or a little better than the patch. However the one thing that makes vaping so effective is hard to mimic in a lab environment. All the variables or device, delivery system and flavor. Also how fast flavor preference can change.

    I started vaping close to my smoke’s taste and it worked pretty good, however I still smoked. I did not totally eliminate smoking till I moved into new flavors and went from cartos to tanks. The very fact that we can make vaping our own and that no two vapers are alike is one of the things that help us all succeed.

    These are also reason why flavor is important. What adult wants burnt garbage flavor when they can have chocolate, or fruit?

    I think too close to smokes is actually quite a bad flavor limitation. Vaping nicotine absorption and smoking nicotine absorption act very differently. We don’t put up with that taste for nothing. If we are stuck with that taste and a slower absorption rate, then there will be a drop in effectiveness.

    Think of it like fruit punch flavored water, sure it’s close to water, but not as good as real fruit punch. Eventually you’re going to want some real fruit punch.

    • rick

      I would say that ecigs blow away the patch. And anything else. I tried everything except that pill that made my stepmother more of a bitch than normal. I was hoping for some suicide effect with her for my fathers sake… LoL. Ecigs were the only way for me and I love that I can now breath, taste and smell better. Also after switching to ecigs, one week in and my night time wheezing had completely disappeared.

      My only issue with ecigs was a bad cough that I developed a month or so into vaping. I was told by my Doctor that it was most likely due to my lungs healing. Not a bad issue after all. It only lasted about a week.

      • I got the same thing but mostly in my sinuses for some reason. Lasted about a week. Breathing better now than I have in years though!

        • twitch

          that probably had something to do with the tar in your lungs breaking apart and coming out would be my guess… not a doctor or anything just speculating…

      • twitch

        i had a cough when i 1st started vaping about a week or so it was gone i have been vaping for a solid 3 months now.

  • Rosie Starr

    If people don’t know the “ingredients” in the e-liquid, then they can make their own! There are plenty of tutorials on how to do it. Meanwhile, cigarettes have over 4,000 additives. Isn’t anyone concerned about something with that many ingredients as opposed to 3 ingredients????

  • Stevo

    After 40 years of smoking and trying to quit via patches, gum, hypnosis, acupuncture and cold turkey the E-cig has done the trick. It’s been 4 months since I lit a cig! Took about a month to totally wean myself from tobacco.

    I’m more productive @ work now that I’m not hanging out at the ash tray. My lady friend sure appreciates the changes and has no complaints of the E-cig even while I vape as we watch TV together or take a drive. I vaped in the airport and my last plane flight. I just did it without trying to draw attention and no one ever said a word.

    A big plus I never heard of from giving up cigs is my feet no longer smell like death warmed-over. This alone is reason enough not to light another cig.

    For those on the fence about switching to E-cigs, do it! You can spend between $50-$100 for a good kit and approx. $30 a week for new fluid and a fresh tank. Money wise you’ll be a little ahead but health wise you’ll be WAY ahead, in no time. I can breath again!!!

    Great article with plenty of facts to back it up!

    • Doc Idu

      Where ya getting the nutty high juice prices?? I go through like $4 of juice a week, like 30ml…and i vape a whole lot..

      • There are e-liquids out there that $1/mL or even more. I’ve bought a few of them and while more expensive, they are far better than any cheap juice I have ever tried.

        • Ricks

          Taste is subjective. A lot of people like the cheaper stuff more. Just because it costs more does not make it taste better also. I like the stuff that’s in the middle of cheap and expensive. I wish I liked the cheap ones tho. I go through around 15-20 10ml bottles a month.

          • I think it also depends on what kind of atomizer you are using. Cheaper e-liquids tend to taste just fine with a cartomizer but might be too overpowering to drip. Conversely, I wouldn’t put something like Castle Long Reserve in a carto tank.

  • Christy

    I find it kind of weird how many people have opinions that then say, “well I don’t smoke but…” You can’t ever fully understand what the smoking addiction is like without having experienced it, so you’re not going to understand the dramatic change in how good a person feels when switching. And how can anyone judge a person using nicotine if they EVER use caffiene, alcohol, food, etc.?? They do the exact same thing!! I just don’t understand. How is there even an argument against e-cigs??

    • You’re right, but most of the arguments are brought up by the Antz who are funded by deep pockets of big pharma. For them, profits come first, not consumer’s safety. The general public is misguided because all they hear in the news is negative comments about e-cigs. Unless they do some serious research, they will continue their lives thinking e-cigs are all the bad things the Antz claim they are.

      • rick

        They do the same with obama… They portray him as a good president when he really SUCKS?

  • Pharaoh

    I would like to see a study comparing 0% nicotine to city polution!

    • Well the Clearstream-Air study used 11mg/ml(1.1%) nicotine e-liquid and concluded that “it could be more unhealthy to breathe air in big cities compared to staying in the same room with someone who is vaping.”

  • Jason Tatarewitz

    I have smoked and used snuff for 23 years, when I couldn’t smoke I chewed, I have been vaping since Feb. 2013. It was the best choice I have ever made. I quit chewing as soon as I started vaping and smoked 1 pack during the transition. I was vaping for about 2 months, I bummed a cigarette and it tasted so bad and nasty, I haven’t smoked since or even had an urge. My friends ask if I want a cigarette and I tell them I would rather vape. I have to vape in the smoking section at work and it is nasty. I can’t stand the smell and hate to be around it. My wife smoked and quit and would complain about the smell and now after vaping for 10 months I know what she was talking about. The smell makes me sick, even smelling it on somebody who just smoked one is nasty. And that used to be me. Vaping isn’t a lifestyle it is a way of life. It is a hobby and I love it. I feel so much better. I can breathe better, no more smokers hack, no more chest colds. Vaping has changed my life and my health for the better. I love the different e-liquids, the delivery systems, I just plainly enjoy vaping. At work there is more and more people vaping and I have turned on a few friends to it who have started vaping too. My skin, my teeth and my health is so much better, since I quit smoking and started vaping. To ban or regulate vaping would be a crime. The benefits out weight the harmfulness without a doubt. Vape on for life my fellow vapers.

    • The smell of cigarette smoke is the worst part after switching. I also tried a couple puffs of a Marlboro Light a few months after switching and was pretty bad. But when someone sat next to me right after smoking a cigarette, I had to get up and go outside for some fresh air.

      And since quitting I have way more endurance and better lung capacity. I didn’t even need to take a break for 30 minutes straight at the gym earlier. It’s crazy!

      PS. I read your last sentence in Dimitri’s voice.

  • Doug E

    Considering buildings have ventilation systems, and some with capacity for tobacco smokers, would e-cigs be almost without concern?

    • twitch

      the best thing to do in the public places is the respectful thing and not do it i was at buffalo wild wings for the ufc fights saturday night for about 6 hours and went outside to vape… but while in the bathroom i did get a few drags in the stall… lol

  • twitch

    i have been vaping for a solid 3 months nowand not had a cig for almost 2 only because my battery died and my other was at home on charge and i had some in the glovebox of my truck i lit up and instantly threw it out tasted so nasty that when i got home i through those away.

  • Blair

    i started smoking cigarettes over 10 years ago, and i discovered e cigs through a friend of mine who started selling pens, and juices to local stores. Then a local florida company started up (check them out) and their juices are delicious, and have helped me convert my mother, a smoker of 40 years, my uncle, and several of my friends. I believe vaping will save many lives in the end if the fda doesn’t ruin it for everyone.

  • FXR

    “Health risks” are nothing more than a measure of emotional distress. A theoretic quantity driven by promotions and half truth technologies by paid lobby efforts. In and of itself stress is a significant health hazard, beyond just a risk [perception].

    So what is produced by the Public Health Movement, illegitimately driving the public’s fears of tobacco smoke, produces a true hazard, that stands alone and by extension an abominable act, that does harm, far beyond it’s capacity to do any level of good.

    Promoting e-cigs by the same methods will have a downside, that can and should be avoided.

  • Fr. Jack Kearney

    As a professor of pharmacology and addiction studies it is clear to me that there is no such thing as addiction to vaping. While nicotine produces dependency (like caffeine), addiction only occurs if there are negative consequences. Unless I find myself robbing Starbucks or vape stores I can easily say I am “dependent”—but not “addicted”—to coffee and ecigs.

    • rick

      Well said…

    • Jack Smythe

      Your clarification is appreciated.

    • Art Wanderlei

      Thanks, now I have a visual of somebody robbing a Starbucks, saying “Leave all of the money in the register! Gimme a venti mocha latte with whipped cream!

  • upena1

    After 49 years of smoking analog cigarettes, I have been vaping for 6 months and have no desire to go back to analogs.

  • coleen

    As of June 7/2013 I’m proud to say I have not picked up nor have the desire to smoke since being introduce to vaping. I smoked a pack a day for over 30 years.

    • Janette

      Congrats! That’s quiet an accomplishment after 30 yrs of smoking. Have you noticed any improvements to your health/lifestyle yet?

    • rick

      I’m just over 3 years vaping. Quit my 30 year Marlboro 2 pack a day on my first vape. Never looked back.

  • keith stammers

    With so much evidence pointing to the efficacy of electronic cigarettes, and the popularity amongst those who once smoked tobacco, it poses the question, “why is there any resistance at all, to this ground breaking, game changing technology?” This might have something to do with the massive, highly profitable and worldwide business that has grown up around tobacco harm reduction, treating tobacco smoking related illness and of course government taxes on tobacco. and charities etc , a business that if it achieved the aim of zero tobacco smokers would cease to exist overnight. There are huge, rich and powerful groups who’d like to see things stay just as they are, and see the electronic cigarette as their redundancy notice.

    • Yeah, it seems all the hate propaganda against e-cigs is to either protect tobacco taxes, pharma NRT sales, or create a reason to tax e-liquid like cigarettes. Money is a huge motivator, unfortunately.

  • Martin St-Pierre

    What frightens people is ignorance, once they got it explained, they are much more open to the idea of vaping and it’s much less toxic than analogics (real cigs). Quality control and traceability should not be an option for manufacturers, but an obligation, so people are reassured about the seriousness of the industry. This is still so new, but i am convinced , all the main actors of the industry will sort it out positively for the well being of the crowd.

  • Christy

    I was not a smoker of cigarettes but I do enjoy my Hookah then I was introduced to vapor pens. (hookah in my pocket) I vape. my e-juice has no nicotine. I enjoy the flavor and the relaxing feeling.

  • MyGunsMyRightsNotYours

    Yeah, this just confirms my opinion that too many people think they have the right to make decisions for me without my consent. If I smoke or if I vape, I don’t need a bunch of self-righteous nut jobs ranting on about it. Seriously, get a life of your own for once, and maybe I won’t feel the need to smoke or vape.

  • Michel

    I tried e-cigs just to see if I could vape instead of smoke from time to time. I am 57 and have smoked a pack a day since I was 17.
    The fact is that I have not touched an analog cigarette after taking my first vape. I have not even been tempted to smoke, no craving whatsoever.
    Over the years I had tried to quit several times: cold turkey, gums, patches, you name it. Every time, the cravings would start about a day after quitting and it would get worse over time. I never quit for long.
    This time, I have no fear of returning to smoking, as I enjoy vaping a lot more.
    The keys for me to enjoy vaping were: the flavor (I like fruity flavors), the inhalation sensation and the production of a fair amount of vapor. Removing any of those factors would make vaping a lot less appealing

  • matthew

    Does vaping cause pneumonia? I was curious because it’s water vapor in the lungs.

    • Kia

      Pneumonia is only caused by viruses and bacteria which find their way into the lungs, usually after someone’s had the ‘flu or a even a cold. Mentioning colds, have you never heard of people holding their heads over a bowl of steaming hot water with a towel covering their head so that breathing in the vapour from the steam opens the airways?

  • Wendell Strait

    Just one question did an E-Cig company write this article if so I wouldn’t trust it. I haven’t seen any study’s done on E-Cigs by anyone. Not saying that they are bad just curious. I know several smokers that have quit using them but now they can’t stop vaping or they say they would go back to smoking. Doesn’t seem logical to me. I can’t stand smell of a regular cigarette never have been able to and don’t even like to touch them LOL. But I have been around people vaping and don’t mind but some actual study’s would be nice.

    • Jason Burgess

      did you read the article at all? even skim it? did you see the numerous links to STUDIES and reports. you can google and find many studies. don’t even have to google it, just scroll up! inform yourself before making statements and making yourself look like a moron.

  • Luis de la Orden

    I would cut everything that is not a study; everything else from industry insiders, vaping advocates, attorneys and vapers just brings the whole thing down to the level of a religious pamphlet.

    One would hope that this new industry didn’t resort to the tactics the tobacco industry used in their 50’s marketing but it just shows how much commitment to the truth the vaping industry has and I tell you what is going to happen because of that: the tobacco industry will wise up and manufacture e-liquid and vaping hardware that will be easy to use and deliver all that one needs to feel safe and people will buy it because despite all the carcinogens I get from a cigarette, I know they follow standards something I am never sure when I drop e-liquid into my Nautilus.

    Now that you have been warned, let’s see in which parts this so called marketing leaflet betrays itself badly:

    Argument #4 deviates from the heart of the matter, packaging of many e-liquids are quite explicit in showing sweets, fruit and chocolate. Packaging should be plain and contain no graphical imagery that suggest they can be drunk if the e-liquid contains nicotine.

    Argument #5 about the antifreeze finding covers a buttock to leave the other exposed. When will you as an industry start to self-regulate and create a seal of quality we can trust? It feels a bit like a lottery out there, isn’t it?

    Argument #6 about e-cigs as a gateway to smoking, right so now we are saying that indeed we are getting people hooked to nicotine consumption because vaping offers a better and more pleasurable experience than smoking because of the so many flavours available. Oops, I believe that kind of debunks your argument #4.

    Argument #7 about not knowing what one is inhaling feels like talking to a drunkard, yes we know what the conventional ingredients are but since you have not organised yourselves nor self-regulate far enough to create a standard, it goes back to the point that vapers still don’t know whether the quality of these ingredients is set to any level at all.

    Argument #14, 15 and 16 don’t address the fact that there is no standard in place and any John Doe can open an e-liquid factory in a shed use unchecked substances and sell their product over the back of the web. Create the standard and enforce self-regulation.

    Argument #17 about e-cigs being bulky. No, seriously? Are we so desperate to get a neat list of 20 arguments to the point of pretending that we don’t understand what is meant by bulkiness (and weight) here? Can’t we be a bit sincere to ourselves and recognise that in technological terms vaping hardware is the equivalent of an 80’s cell phone and when the tobacco industry finally takes over and takes us all to the 21st century we will be holding devices in which the battery will be the smallest part of the whole thing, e-liquid can be fed straight into the tank without having to open anything and coils can be changed without disassembling the whole thing?

    Argument #19, too much of a hassle argument. Guys most of you are people who sell or benefit from the sale of vaping products and you know the only reason you can’t provide easy information on simple stuff such as which 18650 batteries are compatible with a mod is because you don’t know anything about them, you work on trial and error and are totally dependent on what the manufacturers tell you. You don’t follow standards.

    Once you sort the weak arguments, develop (and enforce) an industry wide standard and take into consideration the safety of children amongst other things, would you mind also going over the stuff you don’t even comment such as the implications of inhaling dry-smoke, the safety of materials in coils, the use of silica wick and nickel wires in rebuildable coils and other things that so far are not covered at all?

    • TheOtakuX

      When it comes to number 6, I’m not sure on that. While fluids purchased in stores may have less options, I wouldn’t know, I get fluid online with no nicotine in it. I started vaping as a way to eat less unhealthy snacks & drink less soda. It gives me the flavor and the hand-to-mouth activity without the need to ingest so much sugar. But I’ve never been a smoker, and with the nicotine-free fluids, there’s no reason to assume I’d start smoking.