Celebrities and E-Cigarettes

By Ashley Posted February 17, 2013

With the rise in the popularity of the e-cigarette, more and more celebrities are making the switch from the carcinogen-laden alternative. Celebrities using e-cigs might not seem like a big deal, any public figure taking up the safer alternative essentially popularizes it, showing the world that you can still enjoy nicotine without subjecting yourself to a chemical onslaught. The truth is that e-cigarettes are gaining popularity because they’re a much safer way of getting a nicotine fix, and each candid snap of a celebrity enjoying one serves as proof that they really do work. Here are some of the most prominent celebrity e-cigarette users:


Johnny Depp

Johnnt Depp Vaping E-CigarettesThe e-cigarette’s big screen debut came in the film The Tourist, starring Johnny Depp. He’s “vaping” (using an e-cigarette) on a train in the scene where he meets co-star Angelina Jolie’s character, serving as a giant, neon advertisement for the fact that you can use e-cigs pretty much anywhere you like. Depp has also been spotted using one off-camera too, making a potential celebrity convert.


Katherine Heigl


Best known for her role in Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Izzie Stevens, Katherine Heigl has also starred in films such as Knocked Up alongside Seth Rogan. During an appearance on the Tonight Show with David Letterman, she used one and commented that “You feel like you’re smoking but you’re blowing out water vapor, so you’re not harming anyone around you and you’re not harming yourself.”


Leonardo DiCaprio

 Leonardo Di Caprio

The star of Titanic and Inception is another celebrity who’s decided to reap the health benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes. He was spotted using one while riding a bike in New York, and has also been seen using one in LA since, making him a definite celebrity convert.







Charlie Sheen


Legendary hell-raiser Charlie Sheen is a full-blown e-cig user, having released his own brand, NicoSheen. Most well known for his role in sitcom Two and a Half Men, Sheen’s decision to partner up and produce an e-cig arguably makes him the foremost celebrity user.







Ronnie Wood


Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood shares his band’s reputation for excess. The fact that he’s been seen using an electronic cigarette shows that they can be a replacement for tobacco for even the most extreme of characters. A rock star using an e-cigarette shows they aren’t just a novelty, and adds to their air of style.







Lindsay Lohan


Another celebrity known for her excesses is Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan, and she too has made the switch to e-cigarettes. The advice reportedly came from her father, who was worried about the damage she was doing to herself with tobacco. She finally made the change after he sent her a package full of e-cigs to try out.










Celebrities are using e-cigarettes for the same reason smokers all over the world are. They significantly reduce the harm you do to yourself whilst still giving you the nicotine you need and simulating the experience of smoking. Keep an eye on the news, because more and more public figures are sure to make the switch in the near future.


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