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Lee Johnson is a freelance writer and vaping enthusiast from the UK. A cigarette smoker since 2006, he kicked the habit in 2012 after receiving his first e-cig. He’s a strong believer in harm reduction, vehemently supporting vapers’ freedom to enjoy them both in public and in private. After landing his first writing job in 2005, he’s been published on numerous websites and print magazines, and is also currently studying for a degree in physics. He joined the EcigaretteReviewed team in 2013.

Latest Posts

Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum Review

Posted March 24, 2020

Our Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum review takes an in-depth look at the compact but feature-packed mod. Can it compete with the larger Drag 2 and some of the other excellent compact mods on the market?

Smok A-Priv Review

Posted March 8, 2020

Our Smok A-Priv review puts another affordable dual-battery vape mod from Smok to the test: does it offer more than the many similar devices on the market, or is it only worth considering if you’re on a tight budget?

Study Finds Raising Taxes on Vaping Increases Smoking

Posted February 29, 2020

A new study has found that for every e-cig pod not purchased as a result of raising taxes on vaping, 6.2 additional packs of cigarettes will be sold on average.

Real-World Study: Regular Vapers Are Much More Likely to Have Quit Smoking

Posted February 20, 2020

A new study looks at data from over 13,000 smokers and former smokers in the EU, finding that daily vapers are much more likely than non-vapers to have quit smoking in the past five years.

Smok D-Barrel Review

Posted February 14, 2020
Smok D Barrel Mod

Our Smok D-Barrel review takes a look at the affordable dual-battery device from Smok. The $30 price-tag makes it a tempting option, but can you do better for your money?

Voopoo Drag 2 Review

Posted January 21, 2020
Voopoo Drag 2

Our Voopoo Drag 2 review takes a detailed look at what one of the industry-leading mods can do. Is it really as good as people say, or are there better options out there if you’re looking for the very best?

New Year, New You? A Guide for Switching to Vaping in 2020

Posted January 1, 2020
Quit Smoking This January

Vaping makes quitting smoking easier, but it still isn’t exactly easy. To maximize your chances of switching, you’ll need to learn the basics about vaping and how to set yourself up for success.

New Study Debunks Stanton Glantz’s Claim That Vaping Makes Quitting Harder

Posted December 31, 2019
E-Cigs Reduce Quitting Myth

A meta-analysis from Stanton Glantz made the claim that vaping while still smoking actually reduces your odds of quitting, but new data from the UK shows that this isn’t true at all.

Study: Is There Carbon Monoxide in E-Cig Vapor?

Posted December 9, 2019

A new study claims to have found carbon monoxide in e-cigarette vapor, and the news media is sounding the alarm: but is it a genuine concern? With echoes of the formaldehyde story from years ago, the answer is a resounding “no.”

Smok RPM 40 Review

Posted November 13, 2019

Our Smok RPM 40 review puts the mod-style pod vape to the test. Does it manage to offer the best of both worlds, or would you be better off picking one or the other?