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Lee Johnson is a freelance writer and vaping enthusiast from the UK. A cigarette smoker since 2006, he kicked the habit in 2012 after receiving his first e-cig. He’s a strong believer in harm reduction, vehemently supporting vapers’ freedom to enjoy them both in public and in private. After landing his first writing job in 2005, he’s been published on numerous websites and print magazines, and is also currently studying for a degree in physics. He joined the EcigaretteReviewed team in 2013.

Latest Posts

Grenco Science G Pen Review

Posted January 16, 2019

Our Grenco Science G Pen review takes a look at the entry-level concentrate vaporizer from the well-known brand: it’s good, but is it $50 good?

Vaping is Much Safer Than Smoking, So Why Don’t People Know It?

Posted January 12, 2019
Vaping Risk Perceptions Study

Two recent studies from the US and UK continue to track the problem of the public misunderstanding of the relative risks of vaping and smoking. Science says vaping is much safer than smoking, but people – especially in the US – don’t know it. So what’s the problem?

Innokin BigBox Atlas Review

Posted January 6, 2019
BigBox Atlas Box Mod Review

Our Innokin BigBox Atlas review gives you an in-depth look at the unique-looking dual-battery box mod from Innokin. So does the performance live up to the impressive appearance?

Stanton’s Spin: Does a New Study Show That Vapers Might as Well Smoke?

Posted January 5, 2019

A new study compares vapers to smokers in terms of their exposure to toxic chemicals. Stanton Glantz claims the study shows that most vapers “might as well smoke,” but is it true?

Vape Loyalty Programs, Auto-Ships and Memberships: What’s the Best Way to Save Money?

Posted December 30, 2018
Vaping Loyalty Programs

If you do a lot of shopping through the same vape store, you can take advantage of reward programs, auto-ship deals and membership-based arrangements to save some extra cash. But how good are the deals, and what are the pros and cons of each type?

Halo Short Fill E-Liquid Review

Posted December 27, 2018

Our Halo Short-Fill E-Liquid review gives the four TPD-friendly short-fill juices from the well-respected brand to the test. With one tobacco, one menthol, one fruit and one dessert option, they cover all the important bases, but are they worth picking up?

Should You Vape Vitamins? Here Are the Facts

Posted December 24, 2018
Is Vaping B12 Safe

Many companies have cropped up in recent years touting the benefits of vaping vitamins, but is it really a good idea? Will it work? Is it safe? Here’s what you need to know.

Innokin Proton Review

Posted December 18, 2018
Innokin Proton Plex 235 W Review

Our Innokin Proton review takes a look at the 235 W, dual-battery box mod. It’s packed with features, boasting a new style of coil and a stylish color display, but is it worth picking up?

How to Refill Vape Pods: The Juul, Cync, MyBlu and Gusto

Posted December 4, 2018
Can You Refill Vape Pods

Many pods are designed to be single-use, but if you want to save money, they can often be “hacked” and refilled with any e-juice of your choosing. Here’s how you can put any juice in the pods for the Juul, the Cync from VapeForward, the MyBlu and the Aspire Gusto.

Gloop E-Liquid Review

Posted November 18, 2018
Gloop Short Fill E-Liquid Review

Our Gloop e-liquid review taste-tests the four dessert and beverage flavors in their EU-friendly “short-fill” format. Are they worth picking up or is it all style over substance?