Best 510 Thread Batteries

Here are the best 510 threaded vape batteries for cartridges.

Best 510 thread batteries for vaping

Threading might not seem like the most exciting thing about a vape pen battery, but if you’re looking for a dab pen battery to use with other atomizers it’s a crucial thing to check. With some companies offering pens with unique threadings or with the tank built right into the battery, if you make the wrong purchase you might not be able to use the pen in the way you want. But there are tons of excellent options for 510 threaded battery out there, with plenty of additional features and even ones that support dry herb in addition to the usual concentrates.

Best 510 Thread Batteries for Cartridges

Here are some of the best 510 thready batteries for cartridges on the market today.

7 – Vessel Vista

510 thread vape battery

The Vessel Vista costs $49.

The Vista is a sleek, compact vape pen with a modern design and still enough flexibility to work with basically any 510 thread cartridge or atomizer out there. The Vista has a basic pen design, with a cylindrical battery section and a single button for operation, as well as a little sleeve around the top for your cartridge or atomizer. The design is simple but effective, with a simple drop-in design for your cartridges and a bare body aside from the “Vessel” logo. The battery is a little small, at 320 mAh, but if you only have a few sessions a day it will be more than enough for your purposes. It also has three LEDs above the fire button to show your remaining battery and your power setting.

There are four voltage options on the Vista dab pen battery, with 2.4, 2.8, 3.2 and 3.6 V available. This doesn’t go as high as many other vape pens, but the vapor production is still good with most cartridges and the lower output keeps things flavorful throughout your draw. It comes with a magnetic charging port and cable, and the drop-in connection system makes it about as easy to use as possible with a cart battery. There are more affordable options out there, but the Vista strikes a good balance between affordability and performance.

6 – KandyPens Special K

Kandypens 510 thread battery

The Special K from KandyPens is available for $99.95.

KandyPens’ Special K looks way more like an actual pen than pretty much any 510 thread vape pen you could name, with a straight-sided cylindrical body and even a little pocket clip at the top. The battery has a 650 mAh capacity and the threading is just above the gold band containing the fire button, with 1 ml oil tank attached to the top, and the cap (with the pen-like clip) covering the well-designed mouthpiece. It comes with a carrying case too, which is a great addition if you’ll be vaping out of the house a lot.

The Special K has three different voltage settings on board, which you cycle through with the central button: 3.2 V (red LED), 3.7 V (green) and 4.2 V (blue). The pen responds quickly and performs consistently throughout a charge, working much better than many of the standard offerings on the market today. The included tank is only really good for thinner oils, but with the 510 thread battery you can use basically any cartridge you want alongside the pen.

5 – Yocan Evolve 3 in 1 Vaporizer

510 thread battery for wax, oil concentrates, and dry herb

The Yocan Evolve 3 in 1 Vaporizer costs $69.99.

If you’re looking for a 510 thread battery that comes with everything you need to vape waxy and oily concentrates or even dry herb, the Yocan Evolve 3 in 1 Vaporizer is one of the best options on the market today. The device looks basically like any other vape pen, but it uses two different atomizers (included with the kit) so it can vaporize a wide range of materials. It has a 650 mAh battery, which is great for concentrate vaping but doesn’t approach the level of most dedicated dry herb devices.

The performance with dry herb is impressive, though, with the Evolve-D atomizer featuring dual disc-like coils to ensure good contact with your herb and efficient vaporization. The Evolve-C atomizer has both a quartz rod atomizer and a refillable tank attachment, which make it perfect for both oily and waxy concentrates. Despite all this functionality, you control the vape pen battery with just a single button. And of course the 510 threading means you can use it with the vast majority of atomizers and tanks on the market.

4 – Ccell Silo

Slim 510 thread battery

The Ccell Silo is available for $24.99.

The Ccell Silo is a 510 thread battery that takes more design cues from vape mods than traditional pens, but the result is a compact but powerful battery that works with most concentrate atomizers and tanks on the market. It has an aluminum body with curved corners that make it more comfortable to hold, and the connection for your cartridge inside the body. Even though it has the form of a box mod, it’s just 63 mm tall and around 29 mm wide, with a 500 mAh battery inside that can easily get you through a day of use.

The Silo is an especially good vape pen battery if you’re new to vaping or are looking for something simple. It’s draw-activated so you just need to take a puff when you want to vape, and it has a magnetic connection system for the cartridges too, so all you have to do is fill your concentrate, attach the cartridge and start vaping. The kit comes with two 510 adapters so it works with any 510 thread cartridge in basically the same way. It doesn’t offer a choice of power setting, but the performance is excellent and it’s very affordable.

3 – PuffCo Plus

Puffco 510 thread vape pen

You can pick up the PuffCo Plus battery for $58.50 with the full kit available for $89.95.

The PuffCo Plus is one of the most popular 510 thread batteries out there, and the battery is a big part of the reason for that. It has 510 threading, so you can use it with basically any cartridge you want, and has a 520 mAh capacity which should last most people through a whole day of use. If you go for the full kit, you get a compatible cartridge that includes a combination mouthpiece and loading tool, but the performance is consistent across different atomizers. The full kit also includes a charger, which you’ll otherwise have to pick up separately.

The PuffCo Plus battery offers three different temperature settings, just described as low (blue), medium (green) and high (white), which gives you plenty of control over your experience. It also offers the option of session mode, which gives you 12 seconds of continuous output if you press the fire button twice in quick succession. Of course, you can also just hold the button for on-demand vaping, and this works especially well with thinner oils.

2 – Flip Ultra

510 thread battery for cartridges

The Flip Ultra costs $54.95.

The Flip Ultra is a box mod turned key fob type device, with a rectangular shape and a rugged design that balances portability and power. The battery is 650 mAh, which is great for a dab pen battery and enough for one or two days of use. You get a ceramic cell cartridge when you pick it up, but of course it’s compatible with any 510 threaded cartridges you already have. The “Flip” name comes from the fact it has a hinge around the cartridge connection so you can hide it in the body of the device and flip it back out when you want to use it.

The Flip Ultra beats many of the 510 thread batteries on this list in terms of settings, offering a free choice of voltages between 2.7 to 4.8 V. Although a few well-spaced options can do the job well, putting you in control like this really takes it to the next level. It has a display screen to support this, which also has a puff counter and a basic battery life display so you’ll know when you need to recharge. Combined with the reasonable price, it’s a solid option and works well with a wide range of concentrates.

1 – PCKT Two

510 thread battery with cartridge

The PCKT Two costs $69.95.

The PCKT Two is another 510 thread battery that has the look of a portable vaporizer or a box mod, but packs a long-lasting battery and plenty of features. The device takes beginners into account with single-button operation and a magnetic connection (and 510 adapter) for the cartridges. You can also use it as a draw-activated or button activated device depending on your preferences. It’s minimalist in terms of design, with just a button and a small logo on the body, which is available in a range of colors. The battery has a 660 mAh capacity, which will last up to a couple of days depending on how much you vape.

You can use any cartridges with it (regardless of whether the airflow comes from the top or bottom), but the connection is recessed right into the body of the device so the maximum diameter is 11.5 mm. The PCKT Two also has a few power settings available, which are just called low (blue), medium (yellow) and high (red), and cover enough ground for most vapers’ needs. The LED lights also show your remaining battery level, and there’s a micro USB charging port on the base.

510 Thread Batteries User Guide

If you’re new to using a cart battery or a vape pen battery, you might have some questions about how they work, what you need to do and more. The terminology can also get pretty confusing, whether they’re talking about features or even terms like 510 itself aren’t always clear in meaning. However, once you get the basics down, you’ll be able to navigate the options and get something perfect for your needs.

What is a 510 Thread Battery?

A 510 thread battery is any vape pen battery that uses the 510 connector type, which was originally created for nicotine e-cigarettes. The main reason it’s useful is because it’s the most universal connection type, so if you have a 510 thread vape pen, it works with most atomizers and cartridges on the market. If a battery uses a different connector, it’s more likely that you’ll have to use their cartridges or specially-purchased ones to use it. Nowadays, 510 threads are mainly used for vape pens and more “mod”-like batteries that work in the same way, but not for portable vaporizers such as the Pax.

The term 510 is assumed to refer to the 5mm length of the connector, with 10 threads in total (five on the male part and 5 on the female part), however this is disputed. As with many vaping terms, it caught on in the early days of forum discussions and just stuck, despite being a little confusing and unclear.

What are the Different Types of Battery Threading?

Although 510 threading is considerably more common today than any of the alternatives, it isn’t the only type of battery threading that’s in use today and especially hasn’t been the only one throughout the history of vaping. Here is a brief run-down of the different types of vape pen battery threading you might find or have found in the past:

  • 510 threading: The most common type of vape battery threading, explained in more detail above, with different sub-types described below.
  • 601 threading: This is much less common and has been all-but phased out now. However, there are some old devices which used 610 threading. In short, this is a slightly thicker connection with fewer threads, although unfortunately it doesn’t appear to follow the naming pattern people assume for 510.
  • KR808D threading: Many “cigalike” e-cig devices used KR808D threading back when they were the most popular way to vape. This is quite different from standard 501 threading in that the male part is on the battery and the female part is on the cartridge. It’s unlikely you’ll find an oil cart battery using this, but for a time there were at least as common as 510 thread vape pen batteries.
  • 901 threading: This is basically the same as KR808 threading, except the airflow holes are placed in a different position, so while they may be compatible you will struggle with airflow in some cases.

Types of 510 Thread Battery Connection

Although you’ll be able to connect and use most 510 thread cartridges and atomizers with any 510 threaded vape pen, there are some types within the classification that are worth learning about.

  1. Standard 510 connections: The ordinary 510 connection is just the central section of the connector, usually recessed into the top of a pen or battery but sometimes just sticking out. In most cases, this is the best type of device to get because they’re very flexible.
  2. eGo-style connections: The eGo-style connections are basically the standard connection type except not recessed into the body of vape and with an outer set of threads at the bottom. This extra set connects to the outside of an eGo-style tank, so the 510 connection in the middle still transfers the power but the outer ones keep the tank in place. These are more common on older or simpler vape pens, especially nicotine ones.
  3. Magnetic 510 connections: Some manufacturers want to offer the benefits of a magnetic connection system but with the high compatibility of a 510 thread vape pen. In these cases, they basically use full magnetic connections for their proprietary atomizer or tank, but include adapters for use with true 510 connectors. These are basically as good as the standard ones, but it makes it easier to switch cartridges.
  4. Key fob style: Some 510 connections are basically like standard 510s, except are hidden either in the body of the device (like on the Flip Ultra) or are made so they can pop up on demand. This doesn’t really change much but it’s good if you want to be stealthy.

What Can You Vape with a 510 Thread Battery?

User vaping a 510 thread battery

Most 510 thread battery sections are designed to work with concentrates, whether waxy ones or oily ones. This depends on the specific atomizer you use more so than the specific vape pen, if the connection is 510 it will likely support either.

With these materials, you can vape whatever your atomizer supports. For instance, you might have a tank-like 510 thread cartridge that you use for oils (whether pre-filled or refillable), or an atomizer with quartz rod coils for thicker concentrates.

It’s much rarer to find a 510 battery pen that can vape dry herb, although there are options (like the Yocan Evolve 3 in 1) that do work well. The challenge is that they usually need a more consistent, oven-like heating, whereas a simple pen usually just sends power to the cartridge or atomizer as-needed.

Are All 510 Thread Batteries Compatible?

Most 510 thread batteries are compatible with any 510 thread cartridge, although not always. The common threading exists precisely to allow for cross-compatibility, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that they are generally mutually compatible. There could be issues for two major reasons, though.

Firstly, some eGo-threaded batteries and cartridges specifically support the eGo-style 510, with no support for the more widespread type (and the same for cartridges), but this isn’t common anymore. Secondly, although the threading may fit, you still have to make sure that your battery can support the coil – if the coil resistance is too low, the high current flow may cause a problem, while if it’s too high you won’t get much vapor.

A 510 Thread Battery or a Full Kit?

If you’re looking for a vape pen battery with 510 threading, most of the products you find on a general search will be full kits. This makes sense because most people looking for a vape pen won’t already have an atomizer or tank ready to use, or at least wouldn’t mind picking up another one. If you really do just want the battery, then there are plenty of options and you can definitely find something affordable and high-performance.

But don’t completely discount getting a kit. Even if you don’t absolutely need another atomizer, if you choose a widely-recommended dab pen battery, it will probably have a great atomizer too. While you’ll spend a little more on the whole kit, the battery is usually the most expensive part of the kit anyway, so it won’t cost tons more to get the whole thing. Plus, your existing one won’t last forever, so if you can afford it, a full kit does have its advantages.

Common 510 Thread Battery Features

Any good wax pen battery will offer some additional features beyond just the basic “press to vape” functionality. You don’t need more than the basics, but at least some extra flexibility will help you get the most out of your concentrate.

  • Variable voltage/power settings: The most important extra feature for a 510 thread battery is being able to operate at a range of powers. If you’re using a range of atomizers and different materials, they won’t all shine at the same power levels, and people’s preferences differ. Most vape pens give you a few different pre-designated settings, and this is usually enough, but there are devices with more options or even a free choice of voltage.
  • Pre-heating: Some thicker oil and wax vape pens offer a pre-heating function, which basically warms the material a little bit prior to your puff to get the best performance. These tend to taste better at lower settings, so you can’t just crank it up and get a perfect vape.
  • Session mode: Some 510 thread battery devices have the option to start a short “session” rather than just pressing and holding the button to heat on demand. This isn’t hugely important as a feature but it’s a nice extra for some people.
  • User interfaces: Most vape pens have a simple one-button interface, with something like three quick presses changing your setting and one long press starting the vaping process. If it’s paired with an LED light to show you the current setting (and possibly your remaining battery) this is more than enough. However, some devices also have full display screens to make everything clearer.

All About Battery Life – What is mAh?

One of the main things companies compete over is the battery life of their 510 thread vape pen devices. This isn’t as big a problem as it is with nicotine vaping devices, because generally you’ll use it far less if you’re vaping concentrates. However, it’s still an important thing to understand before you choose a 510 thread battery.

The main thing you need to understand is the “mAh” rating given to a battery. This means milli-Amp-hours, so it measures how much current the battery can deliver for how long. A battery with 1000 mAh would be able to deliver 1000 mA of current for 1 hour, or 500 mA for 2 hours, 100 mA for 10 hours and so on.

However, in practice you just need to know one thing: more mAh means a longer battery life. This is a bit of a simplification, because it depends on the amount of current you pull and many other factors, but it’s a useful rule for interpreting specs.

As a broad rule, around 300 – 400 mAh will last most concentrate vapers through a day of use. However, the best way to get a feel for it is to think about the batteries you’ve used before and how long they lasted you, because things like puff length, power setting and more can play a big role.

How Long Does a 510 Thread Battery Last?

After the above discussion, it should be clear that the length of time a 510 battery lasts depends on its mAh rating rather than the threading. So a 510 threaded battery with 1,200 mAh will last roughly twice as long as a 600 mAh battery with the same threading, all else being equal. In short, the threading isn’t the relevant thing to focus on here.

That said, on average, the best 510 threaded battery with a capacity of around 400 mAh will last you through a day of use with concentrates. However, even in this case you’ll probably need to recharge the next day. Charging usually takes less than 2 hours but again this can vary a lot.

How to Use a 510 Thread Battery

Attaching cartridge to 510 thread battery

A 510 threaded battery basically just exists to send power to your atomizer, but if you’re new to concentrate vaping, it’s worth learning about the basics. Of course, you’ll need a vape tank or atomizer as well as your battery, but if you have that, here’s what you do:

  • Attach the atomizer or tank to your battery. This usually just means screwing the connectors together, but if you have an adapter, you’ll need to attach it first.
  • Fill your atomizer or tank. You’ll need to add your material to the atomizer or tank before vaping. If you have a tank, you drip your oil into the reservoir, usually by unscrewing the top or the base first. If you’re using thicker extract, you should get a tool and apply some concentrate directly the coils on the inside of the atomizer.
  • Ensure the power is on. Usually you’ll have to press the fire button five times in quick succession to switch on the battery. You can try long-pressing the button or taking a drag if it might already be switched on or doesn’t respond. If you get nothing it might need charging.
  • Choose your power setting. If your device has multiple power settings, you usually need to press the button two to three times to cycle through the available options. If it has dedicated buttons for adjusting the setting, use those instead. It’s better to start at lower settings and make your way up until it performs like you want.
  • Start vaping. Simply press and hold the fire button to start vaping.

Is There an Age Restriction for Buying 510 Thread Batteries?

Although they’re technically just batteries, the authorities aren’t stupid, and so they have age-restricted vape batteries. This means that you can only buy them if you’re over 18 in Europe and many other countries, or if you’re under 21 in the US.

Where to Buy a 510 Battery? Can I Get it From the Gas Station?

You can basically buy a 510 cartridge battery from anyone who sells vaping equipment, including specialist vape stores and even gas stations, as well as online stores. The problem with gas stations is that the selection usually isn’t great, but if you’re in a rush and there’s a station nearby, you can easily find something to keep you going. In short, anywhere that sells vape essentially has to stock 510 vape batteries.


A high quality 510 thread battery is the dependable powerhouse that keeps you vaping every day. It’s where the current that powers your coils comes from, and it stores all the charge you need to ensure it’s ready to go when you need it. Choosing an atomizer or cartridge is important, sure, but if you have a sucky battery, your atomizer will never save it. The good news is that there are tons of options, whether you want a full kit or not, and whether you care about all the fancy features or just want a simple workhorse, you’ll be able to find something great.