VaporFi VAIO 75W Review

Our VaporFi VAIO 75W TC review puts the latest all-in-one box mod to the test: does the performance and functionality justify the $79.99 price tag?

VaporFi Vaio TC
Bottom Line
The VaporFi VAIO 75W TC is a solid all-in-one mod, but it struggles to compete in the competitive field. The performance is hard to fault, but some manufacturing issues, the price tag and problems with spit-back hold it back a little. It’s good, but definitely no eGrip 2.
Build Quality
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Up to 75W of power
TC mode supporting all major wire types
In-built (but also removable) 3.5 ml tank
Two TC-compatible coils included with the standard kit
Easy to use
Comfortable and portable design
510 adapter included
Clear display screen and simple menu system
Great performance all-round
Good choice for beginners looking for a capable vape mod
Occasional issues with spit-back
The magnetic battery door broke in use
VaporFi VAIO 75W

Is it worth picking up?

VaporFi’s VAIO 75W TC is a great all-in-one vape mod, but it does have limitations. The mod performs really well, and there are plenty of features to suit the needs of most vapers.

However, issues with spit-back, signs of poor quality control and the recent trend of VaporFi including features on their devices but not explaining how to use them in the manual leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Throw in the inflated price tag and the device really can’t compete with other all-in-one devices like the eGrip 2 or even the Aspire Plato.

It’s worth considering, because the VAIO really is a capable and well-executed device, but the best advice for newer vapers is to think carefully about your options before making a purchase.

Full review

VaporFi Vaio Box Mod Review

All-in-one devices are one of the best ways to get started with vaping. While most vape mods require you to pick up a tank separately, all-in-one devices have the tank literally built in to their bodies. This might make them a little bit bulky, but for a beginner, the benefits are huge. It turns the daunting prospect of setting up a mod and a tank into something you just fill up and start vaping with. As one of the biggest names in the vaping industry, it’s no surprise that VaporFi has hit the market with an all-in-one mod of their own, coming in the form of a TC-equipped, single-battery, 75W beast called the VAIO. But is it worth picking up? Can it compete with the eGrip 2? We’ve taken a look at the device for our VaporFi VAIO 75W TC review to find out.

What You Get

VaporFi Vaio 75W TC Review - Unboxing

The VaporFi VAIO box mod comes in a simple white box with all the usual adornments and a listing of what’s included on the back. You receive:

  • The mod.
  • Two coils – one pre-installed 0.25 ohm “notch” coil and one 0.5 ohm, both stainless steel.
  • An adapter for 510-threaded tanks.
  • USB charging cable.
  • Instruction manual.

All of this comes for the standard $79.99 price tag. If you want a battery, five extra 0.5 ohm coils and a custom-mixed bottle of vape juice, you can go for the VAIO 75W TC starter kit, which costs $125.99.

VaporFi VAIO 75W Review: The Design

Review of VaporFi Vaio 75 W TC Design


The VAIO 75W TC mod has a similar look to VaporFi’s other recent devices like the excellent Vox 80 TC, but the all-in-one style means there are some differences. Firstly, while the device is a similar size to the Vox 80W TC, the middle sections of the large faces bow out a little. Because of this – and despite the near-identical size – it has a bulkier, less streamlined appearance.

There’s a good reason for this, of course: the VAIO has a tank to fit into its body as well as a battery and all the internal circuitry. Both of the large faces feature a sharp-cornered oval window so you can see how much juice you have left in the tank, a must-have feature for an all-in-one mod. The mouthpiece and airflow control ring sit above it, looking a little like a compact RDA.

On the whole, the VAIO mod doesn’t have the same sleek, slimline look as the Vox 80 TC, but there are plenty of similarities, and it still looks great.

The Front Panel

Vaio 75W TC Display Screen

Most of the action on the mod happens on the front face. This is where the clear OLED display screen is, with a square fire button above it and two conjoined adjustment buttons below. The display itself is identical to VaporFi’s other recent devices, with your mode and main setting at the top, some key information on three rows below, and a battery level indicator towards the bottom.

All of this works fantastically; just as well as on the VaporFi Vex 150 TC mod and the Vox 80 TC, which makes sense since it’s basically identical. That isn’t really a complaint, though; if it isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it.

The Internal Tank

VaporFi Vaio All in One Vape Mod

The main thing that makes the VAIO an “all in one” mod is the fact that it has a 3.5 ml tank built right into the body. This is directly behind the front edge of the device, and can be accessed by unscrewing the airflow control ring and mouthpiece section. The coil attaches to the bottom of this section, so when you open it up it leaves a nice big cavity for you to fill up into.

Airflow Control and Mouthpiece

The airflow control and mouthpiece are both well-designed. The airflow control features two groups of five holes each, which can be closed off or opened up to suit your preferences. It looks round at a glance, but is actually made up of loads of tiny flat panels, which makes it really easy to grip. The mouthpiece itself is the standard 510 size, so if you don’t like the wide-bore one included, you can easily replace it.

The Battery Compartment

VaporFi Vaio Review - Mod Battery Slot

While many of VaporFi’s mods come with internal batteries, the VaporFi VAIO 75W TC requires one 18650 battery to run. The battery slot is accessed through the large panel on the right hand side of the display screen. The panel has a magnetic closing mechanism so it’s easy to access.

It might not be ideal for a brand new vaper, but the polarity of the battery is clearly marked on the inside of the slot, so you shouldn’t have any issues. Plus, once you’ve inserted the battery, you can always charge up using the included USB port so you don’t have to deal with it all again.

One big downside here is the lack of vent holes around the battery. The mod has software-based safety features, but generally it’s better to have something there for the (admittedly unlikely) worst-case scenario where you have a battery venting on you. (We have plenty of information on battery safety, and a list of high-quality batteries, if you’re unsure)


The VaporFi VAIO 75 watt temperature control box mod does a great job of getting everything you need into a compact and visually-appealing package. It might have a bit of a bulky look in comparison to other devices, but it definitely gets the job done.

VaporFi VAIO 75W TC Review – The Features

Vaio 75 W TC E-Cig Mod Review - VW Mode

Variable Wattage (VW) Mode

As on any regulated mod, the VaporFi VAIO 75W TC features variable wattage (VW) vaping. This gives you the option of setting the power at anything from a measly 1 W right up to a respectable 75W. While hardcore cloud-chasers might need something like the Vex 150 TC, for most vapers 75W is more than enough.

There’s also a bypass mode which you can use in combination with a low-ohm coil if you want to vape at higher wattages. The minimum allowable resistance on the mod is 0.15 ohm (for VW mode), so you can easily get over 80 W with a low enough build. However, if you’re approaching the minimum resistance, you need to make absolutely sure you have a battery that can cope with it.

Temperature Control (TC) Mode

The TC feature on the VAIO mod is as fully-equipped as most of VaporFi’s TC offerings, supporting all major TC wire types (nickel, titanium and stainless steel 316), as well as having an adjustable TCR mode. This means that you can make it work with pretty much any wire suitable for TC vaping that you have, including other grades of stainless steel.

VaporFi Vaio 75 W TC Review - TC Mode

The VAIO e-cig mod also lets you lock in your coil’s resistance at room temperature and set your ramp-up wattage. The TC only works because resistance varies with temperature, so locking yours in is essential. Changing the ramp-up wattage is another crucial feature, letting you tailor your TC experience to how you vape. For example, I personally vape at around 40 W, so if it was set to ramp up at 75W it’d be too hard-hitting for me, and I’d find the TC interfered with my ordinary draw style.

Overall, the TC on the VAIO vape mod is excellent.

The Menu System

Like with all VaporFi’s recent devices, the menu system on the VAIO is hard to fault. Three clicks of the fire button takes you into the menu, shown by your main setting starting to flash. Pressing the minus key cycles through the available options, and pressing the plus key changes the setting you have highlighted.

So for instance, to lock your resistance in temperature control mode, you press the fire button three times, use minus to cycle to the “Coil” line and then press plus to lock it in. Whatever you want to do, the basic process is the same, so you’ll pick it up in no time. This is just like most VaporFi devices these days, but great none-the-less.

Other Features: Stealth Mode, Tank LED, Key Lock and More

There are also a whole host of other features on the VAIO 75W TC, though they’re admittedly less useful than the main ones. Holding down both adjustment buttons locks the keys for when you’re carrying the device around but don’t want to turn it off. Holding the “fire” and minus button puts the device into stealth mode, and holding “fire” and the plus button brings up the option to change the LED color on the tank.

You can also have a puff counter and a cumulative timer on the main screen instead of the amp setting, if you like. And of course, the VAIO has all the safety features you’d expect from a regulated mod.

VaporFi VAIO Mod Review – In Use

VaporFi Vaio Review - Performance

Performance – VW Mode

The VAIO 75W temperature control mod performs really well in variable wattage mode. The included stainless steel coils work well in either mode, and for the 0.25 ohm notch coil in particular, the vapor production and flavor in VW mode is excellent. The 0.5 ohm option performs well throughout it’s recommended wattage range (15 to 30 W), and the 0.25 ohm notch coil works nicely throughout most of the wattage range (30 to 70 W). However, towards the higher wattages you’ll run into occasional problems with dry hits if you’re using higher-VG e-liquids.

If you want to use other atomizers with the VaporFi VAIO, the adapter works just as you’d hope. All you have to do is screw it in place and attach your tank in the usual way. The performance doesn’t notably suffer from having the extra connection between the power supply and your coil; it’s as great as ever.

Performance – TC Mode

The VAIO vape mod comes with temperature control coils, and the TC performance is as excellent as it should be. It’s responsive and hard-hitting, but drops off pleasantly smoothly when you hit your temperature limit. It also does a great job of sticking close to the maximum temperature if you continue your draw. With some other devices, you’ll notice sharp, staccato drop-offs in power that ruin the whole experience but that isn’t a problem here at all.

Ease of Use – Changing Coils and Refilling

For new vapers, getting to grips with mods can be a bit daunting, but the VAIO does a great job of making it easy. The all-in-one approach means all you have to do is unscrew the mouthpiece section to both open up the tank and access the coil.

The coil screws onto the underside of the mouthpiece, and it’s really easy to replace. If you’re attaching a new coil, just remember to “prime” the wick with some e-juice and let the tank sit for five to ten minutes before you start vaping.

Refilling is as easy as dripping juice into the big open tank. The only criticism of the system is that you have to account for putting the coil back in when you’re filling up. Other devices (like the eGrip 2) have maximum fill lines on them, so you can fill up without risking spilling when you re-attach the mouthpiece. You can estimate how much is needed, but a little marker would have been a welcome addition.

Removing the Tank and Cleaning the Mod

The tank built into the body of the VAIO can also be removed for cleaning purposes. First, you open the battery door to get access to the tank section, and unscrew your coil or you tank. Then you can use the window on the opposite side of the mod to push the tank through and take it out. This is useful if you want to clean the mod or the tank itself, but you’ll only really need to do this every so often.

Does the VAIO Leak? Is Spit-Back a Problem?

The VAIO is advertised as leak-free, and the good news is that for the most part this is true. With the internal tank tucked away in the middle of the mod, you won’t run into problems in normal use. However, when I removed the tank for cleaning, there was a small amount of build-up around the base. E-juice also seems to pool at the bottom of the mouthpiece, which can be a little annoying to have to clean regularly.

Another common issue is spit-back, where hot e-juice spits up the mouthpiece and hits your tongue or the inside of your mouth. For the most part, this isn’t an issue with the VAIO, but on one or two occasions I have had spit-back issues. Generally increasing the power a little and continuing to vape solves the problem, but if you do run into the issue it can be pretty unpleasant. A better-designed drip tip – with a honeycomb guard or a spiraled interior – would have completely removed this issue.

Portability and Comfort

The compact design of the VaporFi VAIO mod makes it a great choice for device to use when you’re out of the house. It’s easy to slip into a pocket or bag, and the ability to lock the keys and turn the device off ensures you stay safe.

In terms of comfort, the VAIO does really well. Despite the bulky appearance it confers, the shape of the device makes it a very comfortable fit in your hand. The only downside is that it’s a little heavy, but this isn’t too bad and you won’t notice it after a while.


All in all, the VAIO 75W box mod is a solid performer, and despite some minor issues, does a stand-up job as a day-to-day vaping companion.

Build Quality

VaporFi Vaio Vape Mod - Manufacturing Quality

VaporFi tends to be great when it comes to build quality, and the Vaio largely follows this trend. The device is robust, and most of the parts work just as you hope. I did run into one issue, though – the magnet in the battery door wasn’t held in place strongly enough. After opening and closing it a few times, the magnet in the door got stuck to the one on the body of the mod. You can stick it back in place with glue, but that isn’t really the point: it’s an issue you shouldn’t have to deal with.