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By Lindsay Fox Posted March 1, 2016

Vapor4Life’s older models, the Original and Classic Vapor Kings, are excellent e-cigs, but the new Titan has some issues. It’s still good, but the vapor production with the Regular length ones is pretty limited, so it’s better to stick with the veterans.

Vapor4Life Electronic Cigarette
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  • Extensive range of flavors
  • Seven nicotine options
  • Cool battery designs and soft feel on Titan battery
  • E-liquid available
  • Excellent vapor production on Classic and Original Vapor Kings
  • Well executed flavors


  • Pretty poor vapor production on the Titan
  • Some manufacturing issues with the Titan battery reviewed
  • USB charger only included on older starter kits

Bottom Line

Vapor4Life has taken a step in the wrong direction with their latest product. The Original and Classic Vapor Kings have fantastic vapor production, an extensive range of flavors and plenty of nicotine levels, whereas the new Vapor Titan adds a soft-touch battery design but falls well short on vapor.
Price: $49.95

Vapor4Life: Our Expert Review

Vapor4Life established their name with the Original and Classic Vapor Kings, and the Vapor Titan promises to build on the rich heritage, offering a new and improved battery alongside the quality expected from the brand. At least, that’s the theory. One thing that instantly stands out about Vapor4Life is the fact that the flavor profile is insurmountably extensive, with 90 flavor options to entice e-cig users everywhere. But can the product really deliver, or is it all vapor and mirrors?


The founder of Vapor4Life, Smilin’ Steve, is indeed a cheerful-looking chap. He recounts his life-long difficulties with smoking and trying to quit through traditional means. After hearing about e-cigarettes in 2008, he was converted to the reduced harm of the vaping lifestyle. He rallied against “shoddy” products on the market and decided to start his own brand, which is described on the website as a “family-run” company. There are bold claims of the “most color options, the longest battery life and the thickest vapor” on their webpage, so it appears to be a promising e-cig.


The Vapor Titan “Base Kit” comes with two batteries (in either automatic or manual), five cartomizers and a wall charger. You also get a carry case so you can take your e-cigs around with you safely. For the Original Vapor King and Classic Vapor King, the “Ultimate Starter Kits” offer two name-sake batteries, a USB-powered battery, five cartomizers, a carrying case, USB charger and a wall charger.


Packaging and Design


The Vapor Titan starter kit doesn't break the mold in terms of design. Branded with the coat of arms-like Vapor Titan logo and backed in clean white, green and blue tones, it instantly gives off a healthy, stylish air. The box opens with the standard magnetic closing clasps, and inside you’ll see the soft exterior of the carry case. Underneath the wall charger is packed into a block of foam, extremely unusual in that the e-cig screws directly into the wall charger, as opposed to a USB adapter. The charger looks pretty bland and is extremely blocky, a dense black or white cuboid with no flair whatsoever. The starter kits for the older brands share the same design, but also come with a USB charger, which is sturdily-constructed and black in color.


Vapor4Life Vapor Titan Starter Kit


The e-cig itself is pretty nicely designed. The exterior of the batteries is coated with a soft rubber, which makes it remarkably gentle to the touch. They also come in a wide-range of styles, so you’ll have plenty of choice for how your e-cig looks. The tip is a plastic faux-diamond, which a lot of vapers seem to like but looks a little pointlessly flashy for my tastes. It’s a two-piece design, and the cartomizers and battery attachments ordinarily slot together snugly. Sometimes you’ll thread the cartridge on at an angle and end up momentarily stuck, but it’s easily corrected by unscrewing it and trying again. In use there is some wheezing, and sizzles and pops are pretty common.


In contrast, the older models both have a more traditional, polished feel and ditch the crystalline tips. Instead, they have a black, plastic tip which lights amber up on inhalation or activation (for manuals). You still get the wheezing and the occasional hissing and popping you find on the Titan, but in a much more familiar style. Aesthetically, the Titan has many advantages (particularly the soft-touch feel), but the Classic and Original Vapor Kings get the job done in a more minimalist fashion. You can also have Stealth tips (which don’t light up) and XL batteries with Vapor4Life, which are both great options.


Vapor4Life Electronic Cigarette Classic Kit


Although a cigarette-like appearance may seem like a benefit, it really isn't needed for a great e-cig. The JUUL by Pax is the best example of why this is. Despite looking like a USB pen drive rather than a cigarette, the JUUL manages to be one of the most satisfying beginner-level e-cigs on the market. So if a non-traditional look might suit you, it's definitely worth considering your options. The JUUL is easy-to-use, comes in a range of awesome flavors and wipes the floor with most of the competition when it comes to satisfaction, vapor production and flavor. Check out our latest JUUL review to find out more.


Nicotine Levels


The emphasis on choice definitely paid off in this department. Most manufacturers offer four nicotine levels, but this looks measly in comparison to the seven on offer from Vapor4Life. You can choose between no nicotine, 4mg, 8mg, 11mg, 18mg, 24mg and a truly massive 36mg. This is great for both the heaviest smokers and those looking to reduce their intake of nicotine gradually. Vapor4Life is truly outstanding if you’re a particularly heavy smoker.


Flavors and Vapor


Here we start to come up against roadblocks. The Vapor Titan, which initially appeared to be so promising, falls down spectacularly in the vapor production department. Even after the standard few puffs to prime the atomizer (on automatic batteries) you don’t get anywhere near enough vapor. Users have complained about sucking “until you turn blue” to get enough vapor, and this experience is in line with my testing. It’s a little better on the manual batteries, but you’re still unlikely to be impressed. This wouldn't be a particular issue, but the claim of the “thickest vapor” isn't really true if you consider the Titan.


The Classic and Original Vapor Kings are better in this department, though. Where the Vapor Titan falls woefully behind the leaders in vapor production like Green Smoke and V2 Cigs, the older models pack a substantial amount of vapor. If vapor production is as important to you as it is to the majority of vapers, you should definitely go for the manual Classic or Original Vapor King starter kits. Then you’ll get a thick cloud of vapor and a definitive throat-hit to back up the nicotine content – with both offering a similar performance. Things also get better if you have the chunky Dial-A-Volt battery too, because it’s humongous and notably powerful.


As mentioned earlier, the flavor profile of Vapor4Life is extensive. The choices are limited with the starter kit, but in reality there are more than enough options. They’re generally well-executed, with the cinnamon (Cinna Blaze) being a particular favorite. There are plenty of tobacco options, which although well-executed seem to be a little same-y. For menthol-lovers, the Peppermint and Menthol options aren't overpowering but have enough of a kick. The Peppermint is a little lighter and sweeter, but both options are very nice to vape. There are plenty of coffee options too, like Cappuccino and Mocha, which are generally well-executed. On occasion the options let you down, like the Grape option, which has a synthetic edge to it that’s a little off-putting at first. Overall, though, the flavors are great, and the extensive choice makes things even better.




Since the first incarnation of this Vapor4life review, we've received additional Vapor Titan batteries for a re-assessment. Three of the four new options were XL size, with the remaining one being a Regular-length automatic. One important point – before we discuss the vapor production with these batteries – is that these are not an option when you buy a Starter Kit (even the Ultimate version), you have to purchase them separately (currently priced $24.95 – as of July 2013).


The bigger batteries do perform much better – in line with what you’d expect from a prestigious manufacturer. However, the vapor production on the Regular-sized automatics is still distinctly lacking. Accurately quantifying vapor production is exceptionally difficult, so to that end I devised a simple test. To reduce the variables, I inhaled for five seconds (without priming), and immediately blew the vapor through the tiny hole in a (separate) rubber mouthpiece as hard as I could, until the stream of vapor disappeared. The aim was to funnel the vapor through the tiny hole (to limit the amount it was possible to exhale per second) and always try to blow as hard as possible to create some consistency in my vaping style (an “average” puff or exhalation is ultimately an unreliable notion).


The results? Well, the testing confirms that the vapor production from the Vapor Titan is fairly lacking. On a full charge, both the previous batteries I received and the new one produced vapor for around 5 seconds, but when they’d run down this dropped to four (three with one of the potentially-defective previously-tested batteries). In comparison, the long automatic created 6 seconds worth of vapor (20 percent more), and the long manuals produced between 6 and 7 seconds’ worth (around 30 percent more than the Regulars on a full charge). As control groups, I also tested V2 Cigs’ standard battery and a regular Green Smoke battery in the same way, which scored 6 to 7 seconds and 6 seconds respectively.


Vapor4Life Larger Dial-a-Volt BatteriesIn other words – the vapor production on the larger batteries is line with some of the best in the industry, but the Regular ones (which are included with the kit) still fall short. Perhaps it isn't the worst vapor production you’ll find, but when the battery-saving mechanism kicks in as it drains, the performance really can be pretty poor. So, now the main issue has been addressed more objectively – back to the review!


As mentioned earlier, the flavor profile of Vapor4Life is extensive. The choices are limited with the starter kit, but in reality there are more than enough options. They’re generally well-executed, with the cinnamon (Cinna Blaze) being a particular favorite. There are plenty of tobacco options, which although well-executed seem to be a little same-y.


For menthol-lovers, the Peppermint and Menthol options aren't overpowering but have enough of a kick. The Peppermint is a little lighter and sweeter, but both options are very nice to vape. There are plenty of coffee options too, like Cappuccino and Mocha, which are generally well-executed. On occasion the options let you down, like the Grape option, which has a synthetic edge to it that’s a little off-putting at first. Overall, though, the flavors are great, and the extensive choice makes things even better.




The batteries are one of the primary improvements over the previous incarnation of the Vapor4Life e-cig, and it has to be admitted that they last for a while. A full charge is more than enough for a day’s worth of use, and the peak voltage is sustained for quite a while. You’ll notice the dip in vapor production when the batteries start to wear down though, which is a good battery-life extender but not great for vaping.


Vapor4Life Vapor Titan BatteryThere were some issues with the battery performance, though, with more malfunctioning than I’m accustomed to (with the automatic Titan batteries not responding on several occasions). For charging, the blocky wall adapter is pretty awkward in design, poking out from your outlet awkwardly at around 6-8 inches in total length.


Again, the older starter kits come out on top for the batteries. Although the Titan batteries might last longer, the dip in vapor production is hardly noticeable with the Classic and Original Vapor Kings until it’s very nearly time to recharge. Plus, the USB charger which comes with the more extensive kits removes the issues with charging you’ll get on the Titan. The charger has a little wire, which means you can rest your e-cig alongside your laptop rather than having it poke precariously out of the USB port.


Manufacturing and Warranty


The Vapor4Life electronic cigarettes bear the confidence-boosting “CE” mark and the RoHS logo, which confirms the manufacturing standards. However, with the aforementioned issues with the Vapor Titan battery seem to betray some sloppiness in the manufacturing process. With other users having reported issues with the batteries, they definitely don’t have the best construction you can find. In contrast, the older Vapor Kings still reign supreme, with no similar issues cropping up in my testing. All of the e-cigs hardly suffered from mouthpiece leakage at all, which is a huge bonus for users.


It’s worth mentioning that out of the five “Wowboy” cartridges I received, only two actually worked. The others seemed to confuse the battery into being active for too long but doing nothing to stimulate the atomizer. No other cartridges had this problem, but it’s still far from ideal.


The warranty is pretty robust but only lasts for 90 days. With the problems mentioned in the previous paragraph, it isn't ideal that they don’t offer to replace cartridges under the warranty. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee in case you aren't happy.


If you're looking for high quality beginner starter kits and personal vaporizers, this list of the top 10 vapor pens is worth checking out. And if you're looking for something more powerful, the best vape mods for clouds offers suggestions for hard-hitting ecig mods.


Editor Rating

Packaging & Design3/5





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The Vapor4Life Vapor Titan was initially very promising, but unfortunately fell down in some key areas. As a result of the disappointing vapor production and the apparently “shoddy” (and the website quote is purposeful) manufacturing let it down. The nicotine level options are great, the flavor profile is diverse and the design is eye-catching, but it doesn't make up for the other issues. This is even stranger when you consider the fact that the older models are actually much better, packing bigger vapor hits and none of the manufacturing problems found in the newer model. Overall, Vapor4Life failed to improve on the two older models with the Titan, so anybody interested in the brand should stick to the Classic or Original Vapor Kings. That way you get all the benefits of the brand without puffing until you turn blue in your quest for vapor!

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    3.2 out of 5 stars
    1. Katie Taylor

      Batteries and Cartomizers are Junk

      I wish I had researched this product before I invested $120 in their products. 2 of the 3 batteries I ordered failed to hold a charge. I ordered 5 different pre-filled flavor cartomizers and most were dried up and had absolutely no flavor. I was looking for an alternative to GreenSmoke whose products have deteriorated in the past year in my opinion. Even with GreenSmoke's reduction in quality they are still better than Vapor4Life.
    2. Tom

      Love the product, staff took the time to explain e...

      I have the Zeus dual mode and also the ecigar king that I interchange depending on my mood. The banana cinnamon flavor is awesome and I just recently purchased Cubana Blend 1.8%. As a frequent cigar smoker, I found this flavor amazing. I like it especially when I am unable to smoke a real cigar because of the cold Chicago winters. It completely satisfies my urge. Great product and thank you to the staff for allowing me to sample the flavors before I buy.
    3. Dennis

      I’ve read a lot of good things about this company’s products and I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. I purchased both carts and liquid in Peanut Butter Cup, Bananas Foster, and Licorice flavors. The liquids are good, but the carts stink on ice. They start out okay, but within minutes they dry up and get that funky burnt taste we’re probably all familiar with. To counter this I’ve had to fill every new, unused cartridge prior to use and each cart takes at least 20 drops of liquid before becoming sufficiently saturated (meaning they start out dry).
      On the other hand their liquids work nicely in Clearomizers and taste rather good. But, that doesn’t excuse the fact that their cartridges are bad.
    4. Marc

      they sell 2 adadaptors for 3$ a piece or so to make their threading industry compatible (2 adaptors ). People have said their juices are too epensive but you get 30mils. My local vape shops charge 10-bucks for 15 mils of an inferior quality. So I think v4lifes juice pricing is fair. I hate how the get you with s&h though. I live a 40 minute drive from them and my only 2&h option is 6.95 usps. I have NEVER had a bad experience with them and they are always the first internet company I send people to check out.
    5. Jenice

      They offer a variety of flavors – over 100! Obviously I have not tried all of them, but the ones I tried I became a huge fan of those. The drip tips offer a lot of exciting color combinations to choose from – not a huge benefit, but a nice to have option.
      The customer service team was also prompt in their reply when I tried replacing a product. My experience with the company so far is good.
    6. R.b.

      The ones that worked had great taste, but close to 25-35% of the cargo mixers did not work at all
    7. Bill

      Go for the Vapor Zeus Starter Kit!

      I was never able to quit smoking with e-cigarettes until I found the Vapor Zeus and Smilomizer. Love the throat hit that I get and the tons of smoke. They have really good tobacco and menthol flavors but my favorite is their blueberry flavor
    8. dale

      Price Up/Quality Down

      I have been a V4L customer for a long time. Over the last year or so, the quality has gone straight into the ground while the prices ironically climbed.
      I finally had enough of the nonsense and went elsewhere. (I won’t say where since I don’t want this to seem like a competitor knock) but if you research a bit, you’ll find much less expensive and far higher quality batt’s, juices, etc.
      So, if you’re tired of lost orders, out of stocks, carts that burn up in a day, juices that taste like cat pee and batteries that die out, search the internet. I am glad to be an EX V4L customer. Just wished I would have woke up sooner.
    9. Via, the Vocal Vaper

      I began vaping over two years ago. Like many inexperienced vapers, my first e-cig was purchased from my local filling station, and I was greatly disappointed! I then tried a “less than reputable” online retailer…but, thankfully, I did not give up! I have been a committed Vaper since finding Vapor4Life! My first purchases were the Diamond and then the Titan batteries and the prefilled cartos, and it didn’t take long to advance to filling my own cartos with V4L juices. I was very excited when the Zeus was introduced, and could hardly wait to try ths innovative battery! I was NOT disappointed! The Vapor4Life Zeus with the Smileomizer is one fantastic set-up! I purchased both the auto and the manual, but, surprisingly, I tend to use both as autos! (I also use both as “pass-thrus”, especially in the car)! My fear was that the Zeus, which vapes at 5 volts would be “too much” vapor, or worse, burn my juice and/or Smileomizer. Needless to say, I was wrong on all counts! The combination of the Zeus and Smileomizer provides a warm, lush, flavorful vape that is very satisfying! I am a “chain-Vaper”, and only the Zeus will last me all day, so I was impressed with the amount of time a charge lasts! I have only two complaints about the Zeus: the colors available when I purchased mine was Black and Cigar and that the mouthpiece is so large! But…in the two years I’ve been buying from V4L, I’ve found them to be VERY responsive to customers desires and needs…so, I was NOT surprised when it was offered in COLOR! Zeus is now available in pink, blue and green in addition to the original black and cigar! I wouldn’t doubt that they are working on offering a “whistle-tip” or some other innovative solution to overcome the size of the mouthpiece in the near future! Products like the Zeus is just one of he many reasons Vapor4Life earns my business! Additionally, exceptional customer service, a dedicated forum on their website, (as well as one on ECF), dependable products and super-fast shipping are what makes Vapor4Life a part of MY life! I highly recommend the Zeus, the Dial-a-Volt and the Titan batteries! Each offer the Vaper a solution to his vaping needs!
    10. Jessica

      I tried about 4 different companies before settling on V4L. The other brands I used before were cheaply made and didn’t last very long. I like Vapor 4 Life’s titan batteries because they come in pretty colors ( I have neon green and bright “magenta”). I keep one charging while I’m using the other one. The extra long batteries will usually last me 6 hours. I think you should try them because they worked for me.
    11. Mike Britt

      When you look at reviews for an E-cig company, I think you really need to take a look at the date of the review. I have shopped V4L for a couple years now, and what the brand is doing today is fantastic. The DAV’s and Zeus they are putting out are some of the best batts on the market. Their flavors, while not gourmet level, are still better than most standard juices sold online. By far, they have the best customer service of any ecig retailer i have purchased from. People like to complain about their 808 threading, but it works with their hardware, (I also find it easier to clean) As far a vapor production, these batts kick like a mule. This is a solid line for anyone looking to upgrade from disposables or overpriced gas station brands. Add in the customer service, and you realize these guys are at the top of a very short list of great companies to upgrade your gear with.
    12. Brian

      I love the small Automatic Dial-A-Volt that Vapor4Life offers. It comes in a nice blue color and vapes like a champ! You get way more vapor out of this battery than any other on the market
    13. Matt

      I chose V4L back in 2011 when I first started my journey into e-cigs. At the time they were one of the best. They were highly rated and had great prices. Their customer service was also pretty good. My original kit shipped with a funky battery and they sent a replacement right away, no questions asked.
      2013 – I’m getting back into e-cigs now and I thought I would replenish/replace some of my stuff. I had no reason at this point to go anywhere else so I ordered from V4L. I can agree with others when they say that they’ve gone downhill. Calling customer service got me someone that was not helpful at all, and they acted like they were doing me a favor for talking to me. I ordered 3 packs of carts, 2 of which had at least one bad one in it. Two packs of blank carts that have funky end caps. And they will try skating around it by telling you different fixes and such to improve them. Then I’m told, “If you find that you’re having an abnormal amount of bad carts, we can send replacements with your next order.” What’s an abnormal amount of bad product? None of them should be bad! And to only offer replacements with a next order is absurd. So I have to order more bad product to get them to replace the bad product that you’ve already sent me?
      If you want subpar service and subpar products, you can go with these guys and get some really good deals. They often have 35% off coupons available. And most of their starter kits ship free as far as I know. I’m not saying that everything they sell won’t work, but you get what you pay for. I’m just off to try someone else.
    14. Terie Dohrman

      Inconsistent Quality

      Maybe the Zeus is great, I don’t know, but I’ve used their Vapor King batteries for almost five years now and have had several of their Titan batteries. The first few years, V4L was over the top on quality products and great customer service, but over the last couple of years the quality of both product and service has gradually slipped precariously to the edge of terrible. You never know what you’ll get when you order. Batteries with a too tight draw, a too loose draw, or no draw at all. Cartomizers that sometimes work, sometimes don’t, and almost always have to have the post lifted with a push pin or paperclip to get it to make contact with the battery. Customer service gives you instructions on how to “fix” things, rather than offering to replace them. If I’d called customer service every time I had an unsatisfactory product, I’d have calledl them after receiving every order. In the last two years I’ve received over a dozen bad batteries and have gone through at least 200 bad cartomizers (which have no warranty) So, maybe the Zeus is terrific, but for those of us who want a simple screw-on cartomizer and inconspicuous battery without messing with refills and juice and cumbersome paraphernalia, there are better products out there.
    15. Shannon

      My search is over...

      I started the e-cig search in January that first weekend I purchased every disposable ecig the five smoke shops around me had. After spending close to $200 I ended my weekend angry and with a dog and child focusing on being in any room I was not in. I ended up sticking with the green smart living ecig. It was OK and well after a few weeks annoying and expensive. The carts were almost $15 for a five pack and then the batteries barely last. I found a generic replacement for the cartos that were OK but the satisfaction was not really there. I found that I was chain vaping like a psychopath. After a month I was done.
      Searching Google, I was honestly just waiting until 7am so I could get a pack of my Natural Spirits, I found ecig forum. There were people talking about this V4L brands so I decided to give them a go so instead about another GSL cart pack to hold me over. I initially bought two V4L Diamond autos they were cool reminded me of a normal cig. But after about two weeks the lasting power of the battery was annoying. So I upgraded to the Titan XL, and wow that was cool. However I really wanted to try the various juices from the most talked about vendors and when I was told they were less expensive I wanted to fill my carts my self. I bought some blank carts and that was fine but the work involved got to be to time consuming. So I find the DAV (Dial-a-Volt) which allows you to adjust the voltage which is good for because different juices taste optimal at different voltages. However the charge time of five to eight hours had me with three in small, medium and extra large and wanting just more convenience.
      Then I found the messiah, the V4L Zeus dual mode in cigar color. That baby is sexy, I mean I just feel sexier holding it. It is a 5V battery (for comparison the Diamond and Titan are both 4.2V and as it loses charge to 3.7V, Titan ). The Zeus produces a hot thick vapor, the vapor reminds me of a cigar smoker. The flavors are so potent. I bought the starter pack and it came with the smileo which is like a Godzilla carto but I just personally hate maintenance. I will say that the matching smileo makes for a gorgeous set up and that in itself will make people run out and buy them. I use my Zeus with the tanks (3.5, 6.0 ml) you just fill the tank, prime the carto (inside the tank) and go. Literally I can vape all day and not do any work, no refilling no running out (I work 11 hour days w. lunch). The Zeus can also be vaped while charging, just attach the usb into your computer, car, or wall outlet. What does that mean??? No waiting EVER!!! Plus it is suppose to take about 4 hours to charge however mine averages about an hour to hour and a half (if this is a malfunction I love it) vs any other battery I have had to charge six to twelve hours. Now they are making it in XL, which the automatic is already available all I am waiting for is the Dual mode in XL. Yes they have made a matching smileo in XL. The only thing I would like more is that they will open up the color palette. I have many V4L products and I like all of them, having a different vape for a different outfit is sweet to.
      Overall I really like V4L and I love the way they stand behind their products, plus if you sign up for promotions there are coupon codes which are available almost everyday. I really like all my V4L products, however I am in love with the V4L Zeus.
    16. Carol

      LOVE my Vapor Titan!

      I chose the Vapor Titan Automatic and have been totally happy with it!! I am new to vaping and the VTA makes the switch from analogs to e-cigs just a little bit easier. As I become more experienced (plan to fill my own carts) with vaping, I will probably move to the Vapor Zeus or Dial-A-Volt, but for now, I am completely satisfied with my choice. V4L has an awesome customer service staff, as well. I wasn’t rushed with my question(s) and the person helping me seemed genuinely interested in giving any/all the information I needed. I have to say, anyone new to e-cigs can’t go wrong starting with V4L. I got the coffee sampler (Cool Carts) and love all the flavors. I’m anxious to try more of V4L’s large selection of flavors!
    17. Kevin

      Their new products blow everyone else away

      Try the Vapor Zeus and you will never go back to anyone else. I’ve been vaping for 4 years. The vapor zeus hits harder, can become a passthrough, lasts forever, has a one year warranty, and looks cooler than any other bat on the market. Their wow flavors give bigger hits than any other juices I’ve tried, and their customer service is second to none. This rating is out of date. The titans are soooo two years ago.