The Poldiac by MMVapors Mod Review

In the mechanical mod world, conductivity plays a huge role in the performance of each device. Silver has a conductivity rating of 105% with brass coming in at only 28 percent. With that in mind, MMVapors decided to silver plate the brass contacts of their Poldiac mech mods, making them quite possibly the most conductive mod on the market. But do silver plated contacts really make that much of a difference?

Poldiac Mod
Bottom Line
The Poldiac is one of the most elegantly designed mechanical mods on the market. It may not have the unicorn appeal of a Nemesis or Caravela, but this European work horse can be fully customized, creating one of the most unique and hard hitting mods money can buy.
Build Quality
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Extremely well built and designed
Silver plated contacts retain nearly all battery voltage
Multiple configuration options for customization
Magnetic side-mounted button
One of the more pricey mods at $230 shipped
Might be a bit heavy in weight for some
Poldiac Mod

When I bought the Poldiac four months ago, it had a been a very difficult mod to come by. But since then, the folks at Metal Madness have been pumping plenty of these beauties out. As of the time of this review, most of the models and sizes are available for purchase through 

Be prepared to shell out some cash, though. The retail on these are 150 € or about $200 USD with another 19 € for shipping to the United States for a total of about $226. Still, in comparison to other high end mods, that price is relatively competitive, especially considering you are receiving silver plated brass contacts. So if you can afford it, I would highly recommend ordering one. These things will not disappoint and are definitely in my top 3 most coveted mods along with the Caravela and Nemesis.

The electronic cigarette market is very similar to that of automobiles. There are economical devices that do just enough to get the job done and others that just fail to deliver. Likewise, there are e-cig mods loaded with all the bells and whistles, like the Poldiac, that give the user a customized vaping experience.

You'll find most of the high-end, luxury mods turned collectors' items in the mechanical or “mech” segment. Many have now been “cloned”, but the originals can be exquisite pieces of craftsmanship. Sometimes you just can't beat fine steel and brass work coupled with one-of-a-kind laser engraving. Throw in some silver contacts or gold plated accents and you have yourself the Bugatti of electronic cigarettes.

Though I haven't tried one yet, my Bugatti, or unicorn mod would have to be a Caravela. Due to its limited run of only 999 units ever created, the “Vela” is probably the most sought after and hardest to find mod on the market. Not is it one of the nicest looking mods out there, but it's also one of the hardest hitting with around a 0.1 volt drop on a 1.0 ohm atomizer.

Arguably the next best option for me was the Poldiac by Metal Madness Vapors out of Greece. A friend of mine and owner of  The Vapor Train e-liquid let me try his UMA edition and I was thoroughly impressed. After browsing the MMVapors website for a bit, I had fallen in love with the stunning appearance of both the Poldiac Cloud Wizard and Aname editions. After waiting for a couple weeks for the next production run, I ordered a CW Poldiac with 18650 and 18350 tubes.

Poldiac Mods

Packaging and Design

MMVapors ships the Poldiac rather quick. It took less than a week to arrive from Greece to my mailbox in California. Inside a padded envelope were two wooden blocks, one housing an assembled Poldiac and the other the spare 18350 tubes I had also ordered. This was truly one of the best packaging methods I've seen in the vaping business.

You just really can't beat the design of the Poldiac. Top to bottom, this thing is an absolutely gorgeous work of art. There are currently nine different preset brass and stainless steel combinations of the Poldiac along with a BTO option for even greater customization. The Cloud Wizard edition has polished stainless steel bottom and top caps, button and battery tube with satin stainless steel “pants” and slotted “shirt”.

The bottom caps are all engraved with the serial number, Poldiac logo and a neat Greek-looking border around the base and have slots for battery ventilation that match up nicely with the top cap and button housing. A silver plated spring fits snugly into the bottom cap to hold various 18650, 18500 or 18350 batteries.

Poldiac Mod Bottom Cap

From there is a polished stainless steel battery tube that is covered by the Poldiac's “pants” when assembled. The only part that shows is a ring at the bottom which adds a nice accent to the mod. MMVapors includes a satin stainless steel pant with the Cloud Wizard, essentially an interchangeable tube for a customized look that can be switched out for a polished or brass version.

The entire button housing is polished stainless steel with a slotted ring at the base, polished button with what appears to be the word “silk” engraved into it. Like the pants for the battery tube, the CW Poldiac has a slotted satin shirt that fits over the button housing and doubles as a lock for the button itself. Metal Madness also offers classic shirts without slots, however I think the slotted version adds an elegant touch.

Finally, the top caps all have the Poldiac's signature slots running along the outer edges, and in the case of the Cloud Wizard, polished. It is fitted with a 510 connector to handle nearly any rebuildable atomizer of your choosing. Fully assembled, the Poldiac is one of the most visually stunning mechanical mods ever made.

Build Quality

In addition to its really, really ridiculously good looks, the Poldiac has phenomenal build quality. Even without a battery, it's a pretty heavy chunk of metal. But it is an extremely solid device.

The spring in the bottom will lock most batteries in place with little to no rattle. Each tube, cap and button housing has relatively fine threading that locks into place with no squeaks. I can't find one thing to gripe about here, other than its weight. But that is a good thing in this case!


As I've already stated, each Poldiac can be further customized for a variety of different schemes. Want stainless steel pants with a brass shirt? No problem, just order whatever it is you need from the Poldiac spare parts section of the MMVapors website.

The button, or switch, is where most of the Poldiac's functionality comes into play. It's a magnetic side-firing switch, meaning there is no spring involved. A set of magnets create the resistance needed during the press and release of the button during use, all but eliminating misfires. And finally, the shirt can be twisted around to lock a partially pressed button in place to prevent accidental firing.


This just may be the hardest hitting mechanical mod that money can buy. The silver plated brass contacts offer 105% conductivity, just ahead of copper. As a result, there is very little voltage lost under load on the Poldiac.

The only downside is that because the button is side mounted, there is a larger than normal gap between the tip of the battery and the 510 connector of whatever atomizer is used with it. This might prevent the mod from reaching its full conductivity potential. Either way, the Poldiac is still a very hard hitter and one of the most comfortable mods to use.

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