Best 18650 Batteries for Sub-Ohm Vaping

By Lindsay Fox Posted November 3, 2016

top 10 high drain batteries for sub ohm vaping


[UPDATE: We’ve published an update to this list, which corrects some errors in this version and offers a definitive list of the best 18650 batteries for vaping.]


Batteries are the driving force behind your vape mod, but they’re also a potential source of trouble if you’re demanding too much from them. When you’re using standard atomizer or tank, the reasonably high resistances mean that battery limitation aren’t much of a concern at all, but if you start building your own coils, particularly at sub-ohm (< 1 ohm) resistances, the continuous discharge rating of the battery becomes pretty important.


In most cases, you’ll be using an 18650 battery, and the usual 10 A rating will be more than adequate. Using ohm’s law (I = V/R, or amps = voltage/ohms), you can see that even for sub-ohm builds of 0.7 Ω, 4.2 V would lead to 6 amps of current, which is still within the capabilities of most large batteries.


However, if you start going any lower, you’ll be approaching your battery’s limits, which isn’t a wise move given that the maximum continuous discharge ratings can be somewhat exaggerated. That’s why it’s better to get a seriously capable battery if you’re venturing into very low resistances. There’s a useful guide on Kritikal Mass showing the safe operating resistances for various batteries, and similar info is also available elsewhere.


Here are 10 of the highest-amp draw 18650 batteries for serious, mech-mod toting, sub-ohming vapers:


10: AW IMR 18490 – 1100 mAh – 16.5 A


IMR batteries are lithium-manganese, which is a safer-chemistry option that prevents the more violent consequences (venting with flames or explosions) in the unlikely event that you do have problems with your battery. The AW IMR 18490 is the only non 18650 vape battery on the list, but if you’re using a mod that doesn’t take 18650s or allows you to use anything from an 18350 upwards, the 16.5 A rating on this makes it a pretty good option for low-ohm building. Plus, AW batteries have a very good reputation, usually coming highly recommended regardless of size.


AW IMR 18490 – 1100 mAh battery


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9: MNKE IMR 18650 – 1500 mAh – 20 A


These vape batteries are being discontinued, but are still available until suppliers exhaust their stocks, and the high maximum continuous amp-rating and solid performance of these batteries generally means they come highly recommended by vapers. They’re currently available at Avid Vaper and some other suppliers, but they don’t last quite as long as other options in tests at a continuous amp draw.


MNKE-IMR 18650 1500mAh battery


mnke vape battery for sale - LI-MN rechargeable battery


8: Samsung INR 18650-20R – 2000 mAh – 22 A


Samsung’s INR 18650-20R is a hybrid style vape battery (LiNiCoMnP chemistry), which basically combine the safer chemistry and extended capacity technologies to produce something that gives the best of both worlds. In this case, the 22 A maximum continuous discharge rating puts it well above most 18650s, and the capacity means it performs pretty well in terms of battery life too. At 10 amps (which is higher than is recommended), it lasts longer than the vast majority of 18650s available, but there are better options if you don’t draw quite so much current. There’s also now a newer version (the 25R) available too.


Samsung INR 18650-20R – 2000 mAh battery


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7: LG IMR 18650 HE2 – 2500 mAh – 20 A


It might not have the highest continuous discharge rate, but the LG IMR 2500 mAh stands out because of the excellent capacity. Although they’re listed as IMR, some refer to them them as ICR (lithium cobalt chemistry), but they’re actually hybrids, thus explaining the much greater capacity provided. There’s also some dispute about the maximum continuous discharge, with some retailers listing as high as 35 A. This is a pulse rating (and an exaggerated one at that), so it’s the continuous, 20 A rating that you really need to pay attention to. Still, you’re unlikely to run into issues with this unless you’re working with very low resistance indeed. This battery has been updated to the HE4, although this newer version has the same specs.


LG IMR 18650 HE2 – 2500 mAh


LG HE2 18650 vape battery


6: AW IMR 18650 – 1600 mAh – 24 A


AW IMRs vape batteries are widely recommended, and the 1600 mAh option is the highest maximum discharge rated one available, making it a favorite for vapers looking for a large amp draw over maximum capacity. There’s a AW IMR 2200mAh version, but the maximum amp-draw on this drops to 20 A. The larger capacity option lasts longer, but the comparative performance and lifespan of the 1600 mAh version does improve when tested at 5 or 10 A. It’s not the perfect battery if you’re considering maximum amp draw, but its quality and reputation for safety means it’s still recommended alongside some of the higher-drain options.


AW IMR 18650 – 1600 mAh


imr 18650 battery 3.7V


5: EH IMR 18650 NP – 1600 mAh – 30 A


Another safer chemistry option, but this time packing a 30 A maximum continuous discharge rating, meaning its right up there with the best amp-ratings you can find in an 18650 battery. The EH IMR 18650 NP is made by Sony, so you can rest assured you’re getting high quality (rather than a second-rate battery brand like TrustFire), and the capacity is a touch higher than many high amp-rated batteries, so it’ll stay above 3.7 V for longer than much of the competition. It’s a great option for mech mod users, and there’s also a 1500 mAh version that provides a respectable 22 A.


EH IMR 18650 NP – 1600 mAh battery


EH IMR 18650 battery 2000mah


4: Efest 18650 – 1600 mAh – 30 A 20 A


Efest is one of the most well-known vape battery brands among vapers, but they aren’t the most reliable when it comes to maximum amp limit ratings: this battery is advertised as 30 A, but it doesn’t perform well above 20 A. The 1600 mAh option is still the best for sub-ohming from the standard range of red batteries, but they also have some lower-drain options (2000 mAh IMR or 2250 hybrid) offering the more ordinary maximum of 10 A. Direct testing from Sun Vapers shows that it doesn’t do quite as well as Sony’s US18650VTC batteries, but it’s still a great battery overall.


Efest 18650 – 1600 mAh


efest 18650


3: Orbtronic 18650 SX30 – 2100 mAh – 30 A


The Orbtronic SX30 provides a great mixture of maximum amp-load and capacity, and the SX22 is also a good offering, at 22 A maximum and 2000 mAh capacity. Testing on Orbtronic batteries generally shows excellent capacity, as is expected from batteries using hybrid chemistry. Some other Orbtronic batteries are just repackaged Panasonics, but in any case you’re getting high-quality, Japanese-made, dependable batteries.


Orbtronic 18650 SX30 – 2100 mAh


18650 vaping battery


2: Efest 18650 Purple – 2500 mAh – 35 A  20 A


Pushing both the maximum amp-load and providing a notably high capacity, the new purple-coated options from Efest are IMR batteries (Li-Mn), with options advertised as 35 A and 30 A (2100 mAh) available. However, the stated amp ratings are actually maximum pulse discharge ratings (they’re both really 20 A maximum continuous discharge), but the increased capacity puts it a step ahead of the competition in terms of wiggle-room.


Efest 18650 Purple – 2500 mAh


18650 2500ma battery for sale


1: Sony US18650VTC5 – 2600 mAh – 30 A


The Sony US18650VTC 3, 4, or 5 all provide a maximum continuous discharge of 30 A, making them an ideal option for mech mod users who want to delve into super-low-ohm builds, but their capacities differ. The VTC5 battery has the longest lifespan, but the 2100 mAh of the VTC4 and the 1600 mAh rating of the VTC3 are still right up there with the competition. They use hybrid chemistry, so you get the protection from the safer chemistry with the added boost to the capacity that means you can vape for longer.


Sony US18650VCT – 2600 mAh


Sony 18650 battery




The 10 A limit is fine for most vapers, but if you want to pull more current for your sub-ohm builds, there are a wealth of 18650 battery options available. Opinions may differ on their performance, and on individual manufacturers’ products, but the 30 A limits widely available mean that you can get to a pretty low resistance and still be far from the maximum current draw. It’s best not to push it close to the limit (manufacturers generally quote idealized figures, so it’s not worth risking), but with such high limits it really isn’t necessary.


If you’re unsure about what you’re asking from your vape battery, all you need is Ohm’s law or a handy vaping power calculator – it’s better to double-check first than put too much stress on your battery in the everlasting quest for bigger clouds. Regardless, using a bigger, more capable battery is one of the best ways to stay safe when you’re sub-ohming, even if you’re highly unlikely to approach a limit.


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  • Bouncerman

    No 22650’s? 🙁

    • big dom

      get the panasonics for 26650 they are the best! avoid sony for 26650!! They are the worst! They make a hell of a 18650 with all the VTC’s but fell waaaay short on the 26650 for some reason.

  • T hank’s for giving me useful knowledge on


  • VapeShop

    Just thought I would point something out. The LG HE2 18650 2500mAh is an original product from LG. The Efest 18650 2500mAh 35A is not an original product – as Efest is known for re-wrapping competitors batteries with their logo. Finally, the reason retailers list the HE2 as having a 35A discharge is the same reason retailers list the Efest Purple 18650 as having a 35A discharge. If you haven’t caught on with where I’m going yet – the Efest 35A is an LG HE2 that has a purple wrapper on it.

  • VapeShop

    Bouncerman – There are only 3 real contenders for 26650 right now. The green Sony 26650vt is first. It’s at the bottom of the list iMO as it is only 2600mAh and while it is possible to see an amp draw of 50A – you will see a significant drop in the battery’s performance.

    The second and third battery are a dead heat IMO. The big orange MNKE 26650 and red Efest 26650. Their stats are identical – similar to the 18650 from LG and the purple Efest. Continuous discharge current is 20A but the Maximum Instantaneous Discharging Current or Pulse is 60A. The capacity of these two batteries is much better than the Sony as well @ 3500mAh.

    • big dom

      Actually bro you missed one huge player in the 26650 game, and that is Panasonic my friend! I’ve done voltage drops with all of the batteries mentioned above on the same build, and the Panasonics are the best! It is because they have the lowest internal resistance out of any battery on the market, 18650 included.

    • Morten “dradeel” Rolland

      (Your post is 6 months old, but still…) The now discontinued Sony 26650VT was discontinued for a reason. While it can do the job, it doesn’t do it very well. I’ve used it at 20-30A, and it stays cold and calm, yes, but tests show it to be extremely sub par at all ampere loads. It’s not a good battery at all. Only good thing about it is it’ll never blow up on you.

      MNKE and Efest would probably be better choices. Panasonic had a couple of amazing 26650s, but they seem to be all gone now. I have no idea how abundant they were 6 months ago, but if they were available, they probably should’ve trumped all the 26650s mentioned in your post.

  • Brett

    Crap review. As stated the LG and efest are the same battery, and the list does not include the vtc4, which out performs the vtc5 in literally every test. Amateur hour.

  • JC

    Whoever wrote this should do some better research on the orbtronics which are incidentally the same as VTC4’s (with regard to SX30). The link provided in this blog post is specific the original 10 amp orbtronics which are Panasonics. The SX20’s are Sanyo batteries. You’ve effectively decided that a purple Efest is better than a Sony VTC4 with some enhanced components. You’re crazy.

  • Robert Wood

    Imren for the win.. Dunno who did this but the chart is a bit off. Imren 18650s are 38amp (2600 MaH) and 40 amp (1600 MaH), they also have a 60amp continuous discharge 26650 (35 or 3600 MaH) , ordering the 26650 and already have the 40amps… Some other company has 40a out as well but I use imren all the way

    • cellardoor

      the 38 amp is the pulse rating my man they are 20 amp continuous

  • Robert Wood

    A few of us MD vapers are using them and will vouch, so anyone that calls imren rewrap or not what they are please be seated unless you have solid proof. Quite a few people around here try to say that because they aren’t sold at the local B&m s. You get better product searching abroad, as local just gets you screwed on your money and limits you to what the shop owners find

  • Katie M

    So i recently bought the sony batteries and they burnt the shit out of me, any one else have any similar problems?

    • ari

      What do you mean burnt the shit out of you ? As in it exploded or ?

      • xXxRxXx

        I think Katie M is replying her RDA/RBA got hot

  • Robby

    Like Vapeshop said, the 35A Efests are just rebranded LG 20A. I own one and it performs great, so I’m not going to unwrap to see. But knowing the specs help.
    Continuous discharge and pulse/peak discharge are two different things.
    the LG is 20A continuous with a pulse/peak up to 35. Meaning discharging under a certain amount of time allows more current. Efest took that peak and stuck it it on there claiming it as continuous. Which is a damn lie.
    The Sony VTC (not VCT) have a continuous of 30, pulse up to 60 or more(?). I heard Sony stopped making them, but I’m not certain. Although it makes sense why the VTC5 is near impossible to find.
    Be cautious of non-authentic batteries because obviously if the battery is misrepresented, things might get a little heated.
    Vape safe, and vape on.

    • xXxRxXx

      I have efest 35 amp and im down to 0.08 ohms. i bought 4 pulled the packaging of one and its not rebranded. the others could be but its not getting hot pulsed. so. ehh

      • Robert Wood

        No one mentions the huge amount of Sony batteries currently being rebranded. Jut because there are counterfeits doesn’t mean there aren’t legits. My point exactly bro, my efests I even preferred to the Sony line, personal preference I suppose but I always go from the power. I need a lot of kick to not want to smoke

  • kratos83

    the new mxjo 35a is a great battery, imo it out performs the vct5

    • CaliUSMC

      They are same specs as the purple efest.

      • Morten “dradeel” Rolland

        They are indeed re-wraps of the LG HE2!

        It seems a lot of people like to throw out all these “it performs better”-remarks, simply because they’ve been duped by writing on a worthless wrapper.

    • Samson Chou

      imo basen 40a is a great battery.

  • Craig Christ Little

    anyone tried graphene lol (so new spell checker trying to fix me)

  • Jepruteurs

    how about vamped batteries?

    • xXxRxXx

      they are about 20 amp continuous 40 “pulsed” while batteries are supposed to be double their amperage. so my e fest 35 amp pulse to 70 based off what i read i am down too 0.06 ohms and been their for five months not a single problem yet. but for gods sake buy a ohm checker.

      • Christian jackson

        The crappy one youre using is worthless at those resistances anyways….

      • cellardoor

        The efest 35amp are 20 amp continuous my man so be careful especially at .06 i hope you don’t blow your face off. Maybe try the vtc5s or the 30amp efest which are actually rewrapped vtc 4s which are 30 amp continous

    • Morten “dradeel” Rolland

      They’re re-wraps, and with unjustified specs at that! If you do not know the original cell in Vamped batteries, it’s recommended to stay away from them, since you may be running them at a much higher ampere load than what they can really handle.

  • Robert Wood

    When you sub ohm .0x-.1x you are pulsing the majority of your hit, therefore the pulse rating is very relevant. I was using the 40a one with short bat life anyway over the 38. Then went to 26650 with the 60a continuous imren and the 32/64 efests with efest pulling my favoritism slightly for the first half of the lifespan. Now onto lipo, which is unrivaled for mechanical. 504w box mods that last 3 days and charge in about 90 minutes ^_^ vape on

  • Duke Silver

    MXJO should definitely be on here…

    • Morten “dradeel” Rolland

      Not needed. They’re confirmed re-wraps. Most notably of the LG HE2 cell, which is already up there.

      • Donne Tao

        I totally agreed with you

  • Morten “dradeel” Rolland

    I think this post should have been edited in light of new and crucial information; Information I think was already available in June… In any case, there’s no reason to have both LG HE2 and Efest 35A on the list. The latter is a re-wrap of the former, which means that Efest 35A isn’t 35A continuous, but 35A pulse for a max of 75 seconds, just like the LG HE2. Enough, yes, but false advertisement nonetheless. Funny, when the LG HE2 batteries are said to have an “exaggerated 35 pulse rating”, hmm?

    Efest 1600 mAh 30A and EH 1600 mAh 30A are the same batteries. Efest and EH are like “sister companies”, and they both tend to re-wrap the exact same cells. Those specs should probably lead someone to suspect what the original cell is. I’m not so sure if the Sun Vapers was quite methodologically correct in their test there (they even say so). If they were, then Efest did something to mess that up, and either way, you’d be better off with the original cell. The story of Orbtronic is basically the same, although they’re usually Panasonic cells, but those specs on the SX30 look very familiar. In summation, there’s nothing wrong with these batteries – at least they’re not falsely advertising anything, but if you want a Sony battery, get the original battery instead of paying more for a fancy wrapper. For a top 10 list, I think only the original cells are worthy of mentioning, with perhaps a sublist of re-wraps for those who want to get their hands on the cell?

    But things do change. These days, there are only four 18650 batteries you really need to worry about: Sony VTC5, LG HE2, Samsung 20R and Samsung 25R. All others are either inferior or re-wraps with a markup in price. That said, I like the AW batteries on the list, and I agree that both of them deserve a place among any top 10 list of batteries. AW has come up with a new line of IMR batteries now though, but the AW IMR 18650 24A is probably still their best battery. I guess old doesn’t always mean outdated.

    • Vape John

      If i am not mistaken vaping is pulse discharge not continuous. I’m fairly new to vaping and this so correct me if I am wrong

      • Morten “dradeel” Rolland

        You’re technically not wrong. But there is, as with most things, a lot more to it than that: Batteries are normally rated in terms of continuous discharge and advertisement has been standardized according to this for years. This matters, because the continuous discharge rate says something about a battery’s heat production and at what level the battery may endure damage by usage (the continuous discharge rate is limited by the heat that the battery endures during a continuous discharge). This is vital information. If such information isn’t passed on to consumers, there is a high risk of misuse.

        Yes, we normally vape within pulse discharges, and as such, some may choose to make use of a battery’s pulse discharge rate, in order to get more out of their vaping habit… but then again, in order to do that, they need to know the battery down to the smallest detail. This is only for the most knowledgeable vaper, who know how to research a battery in and out.

        A good reason why you need to research a battery, if you wish to taker advantage of pulse discharges: A pulse discharge rate means nothing without knowing the length of time such a pulse can be endured by the battery. For instance, LG HE2 can endure 35 amps safely for 75 seconds, but for more than 75 seconds, the battery will heat up so much that the heat can permanently damage the battery, seriously lowering the battery’s life. It may even make it catastrophically fail, leading to venting and the possibility of an explosion. The obvious health risks here are quite serious, but the less obvious is the huge fire hazard that misuse leads to. This means that the claims by these battery rewrappers are nothing but false advertisement and unjustified specs, which is highly unethical. They’re lying.

        In addition, people may make mistakes. People may choose to build according to continuous discharge rates, in order to stay safer, because these ultra high drain batteries are what people use in their mech mods… Mech mods have very weak forms of inbuilt protection. They rely on the user having control of what is happening. But people make mistakes, and a mech mod can be left somewhere, automatically firing. That’s a continuous drain, and not a pulse drain. If people built according to a pulse drain, thinking it was a continuous drain, my above-mentioned example of a catastrophic failure would play out and disaster might strike.

        This is why it’s so critical to advertise batteries according to safe and confirmed continuous discharge rates, in order for vapers to stay safe. If companies falsely advertise their batteries and lie to vapers, only time will tell until tragedy hits one or several of us, and that’s no bueno. If that day comes, I seriously hope someone will take legal actions against these unjustified specifications.

        • sarge1231

          You sir seem to be one of the few who know what you are talking about. These battery lies are immoral at best. Dangerous at worst!

  • fred

    how low of a sub ohm coil should i use with my sony vtc5 18650 battery…was thinking about .1

    • SamanthaVapes

      4.2volts/.1ohms= 42amps. Sony’s are supposed to be safe up to 30 amps 3.7volts/30amps=.12ohms. That being said, I have run .08ohm builds on the VTC4 , VTC5, and 25R (3.7v/.08ohms= 46amps, more than double the continuous rating of the 25R but less than half their burst rating of 100amps). Nothing bad has happened yet. However, I always charge my batteries as soon as there is a noticable voltage drop, take 1-4 second hits, and let my mod cool down often to keep from adding any extra stress.

    • Aaron Bonney

      I use my igo zmax w at 0.0001 ohms on a great white shark death metal thunder cunt dna 99 mod I bought on ebay all day and night. Im hardcore tho. Oh and my mod is bigger than yours.

  • Mike

    What about imrens 18650 38 amp 2600mah batteries??

    • Morten “dradeel” Rolland

      They may or may not be good batteries, but one thing is certain: They’re not 38 amps. There exists no 18650 batteries with a confirmed continuous ampere discharge rate of more than 30 amps. None.

      Those Imren batteries most likely have a 20-25 amp rating, and also, they’re definitely rewraps, and I would suspect the original cell to already be up in the list. If I were to guess, it’s probably an LG cell.

      • Not Dumb

        You good sir are fucking dumb. Efest authentic “purples” are @ 35amps.

        • JamesVape

          yet when placed on a reader and charted out they only ever hit a max of 20Amps. none of the batteries on the market do what their wrappers say they do because they just cant. hell the sony VTC’s arent even from sony. these batteries we use were never meant for vaping. they were meant and made for much lower power drains and as such be aware of the risks. keep vaping and vape safe

          • VapeShop

            Anytime (within reason) you see any battery hit the market advertising that it is a 35A or 38A – you can rightfully assume that that number represents a Max discharge or Pulse. Like JamesVape mentioned – many of these batteries that advertise 35A are actually good for a continuous amp output of 20-25A. Here is the kicker, however. these batteries are used for more than just vaping. For example – Nitecore sells these batteries for usage in their flashlights. When you use a flashlight, often times that is where the “continuous” output comes from. You don’t strobe a flashlight. With Mech Mods – the usage you should be most concerned with is some variation of the higher max output because you’re firing your mech mod for 2-6 seconds at a time. There maybe a number of different opinions generated throughout this thread – the one common ground all of us have is to not suggest an IMR battery for subohm usage just because it has 35A slapped on the side. Make sure whatever battery you choose has been vetted. Look for the specs, tests, and verify the size of the load the battery was tested under before throwing into a Kamry K100 and firing a 22g dual parallel coil and blowing up your apartment.

          • Aaron Bonney

            Dude im laughing my ass off. Yes I agree, you cant expect over rated batteries to perform at the amp rating on the wrapper. Check the battery test info. Kidney puncher tests batteries and you can find that info on their website. Dont blow up your apartment for sure

          • Elliott Nunez

            or your face! It’ll give the Government ammo or rather more ammo to use against us.

      • servusdei

        Vamped 40 amp 18650 look it up

        • Morten “dradeel” Rolland

          Vamped 40 amp 18650 are 20 amp batteries. Look it up.

      • Donne Tao

        “imrens 18650 38 amp 2600mah batteries” MAX. discharge is 38amp; continous discharge is 26amp…it performs very excellent, not the rewraps one

  • Allen

    Why does my purple battery die so quick??

    • cl0udm4n

      cuz it sucks. so does this article. it’s BS. purple efest = lg he 2. MAX discharge @ 35 amps.

    • DJay

      I’m late on this….but efest isn’t know to perform very well…..I recommend a samsung 25r all day and all night

  • Donne Tao

    Now IMREN18650 2500mAh max.40amp purple one battery also very great! love it very much LOL.

    • Richard

      imren 2500mah 18650’s are actually just rewrapped lg he2’s with a 20amp rating.

      • Matt C (JDMster)

        I have IMREN yellow’s which are rated 3000mah and 35amp rating which is pulse, but I am not sure the continuous amperage? maybe 20amps? anyways so far these perform awesome and cant complain 🙂 are these re wrapped LG’s to?

  • Brendosmurph

    I personally love my 35 Amp (Black and red) Sibeile batteries. By far, the best batteries I’ve ever used. I usuaully vape at .2, and these batteries are perfect for .2 builds. Wattage seems to stay consistent and I’ve yet to notice much of a battery life drop. I definitely recommend them. Vape on Homies!

  • Jeremiah Donahue

    This list is obviously pretty dated. Maybe time for an update?

    • Samson Chou

      hi friend .have you ever know basen battery?

  • rabbidvapes

    So has anyone seen the Thor imr 18650 30 amp? And if so have you used them or have and intake on them?

  • Alen Đuderija

    wtf man cccc

  • Alex Chen

    Basen 40amp 2600mah with 30A continuous discharge current, the best cell for sub ohms mods in the market.

  • Joe Glascock

    They didn’t show the efest 38 amp 30 continuous and 60 pulse battery

  • knowledgeable information about batteries shows their capacity . Thanks for sharing.

  • All the information about these batteries are so valuable. These batteries are so powerful and safe to use.

  • Godson

    Does anybody know what’s the best batteries for my smok cube 2 mod the purple ones are no good

    • Jason

      Get the NXJO 18650 3000 mah 40amp. I run those in my iPV4S my IPV3li and my smok cube X and my segeli (spelt wrong I think) and they are amazing! They last for ever and get max output. Samsung are junk, efest are junk, imrens 3000mah 40amp are tits also…hope that helps…

      • Dymrip

        You’re a fucking idiot. To say Samsungs and eFests are junk and to believe a true 40 amp battery can even come close to 3000mAh…

        As I said…IDIOT!

        • Jason

          Ha ha ha wow little boy you have alot to learn about vaping, I own my own line of juice and co-partner in a COUPLE vape shops and I have people all day everyday coming in and complaining about the efest and samsung, (more so the samsung). so basically your claiming they don’t make 40amp 3000mah 18650 high drain batteries? WOW your even dumber then I am with spelling, do more research before you start claiming people are idiots ok mommas boy, imrens and NXJO batteries make a high drain 3000mah 40amp 18650 that run amazing and have a long lasting life as compared to the samsung 25r’s (the blue ones incase you to dumb to know what ones I am talking about) they don’t last for shit maybe if your lucky a full day and that’s with a dual batterie setup (depending on variable or none variable mod) but with the NXJO or imrens they’ll last 2 days almost 3 and that’s using the shit out of your mod. Also with all I said odviously depends on what type of mod you are using, watts, temp control, etc. Grow up, learn more about vaping, and stay off line if you don’t know what your talking about. Cool?
          Oh P.S. have a wonderful day and I won’t be replying to anymore comments added due to child’ish acting people….. oh hey like you 😉

          • Kingston Chris

            Jason I don’t know you or am I trying to make you sound ignorant..but if you understood how lithon ion batteries work fundamentally you would see that 3000 nah and 40amps simply can’t be with current technology..if they actually come close ti that they get rediculous hot abd have porential to EXPLODE in your face..they mught do 35 amps or closevto it fir a couole seconds..nit continious..a bunch of people have done test that orove this on all types of firums with the graphs to prove it!!!these are overrated claims in hopes that the average consumer, or even a mod seller like you will believe it and I guess they got you believing the hype, simply put if it were actually 40 amps it would be like 1000mah or 1200 at can’t have really high amps and really high mah..not in a 18650 style battery

          • Kingston Chris

            One more thing…i would rather have a battery with a true steady volt curve under whatever wattage and one that performs the best (samsung25r) than a lesser performing mxjo that have subpar chemistry, high drain etc.. get a charger and charge you batteries..or swap them out, lithon ion batteries take millions and millions of dollars to develop and manufacture let alone millions of dollars of equipment…i highly..and I mean I severely highly doubt that mxjo, carnival fest, e fest or whatever backyard rewrapped bullshit That There Manufacturing Next To Soy Sauce Packets Over There Are BEST For Your Mod Than The Tech Leader Samsung or LG..that’s why there b or c bin rewrapped batteries that the bought from one of these companies and hyped up the ratings…PERIOD!!

          • Elliott Nunez

            40 amp 3000 mah haha no such animal…

          • Chris Tibb Miller

            You Own a couple of vape shops and have no idea what you’re talking about unless you want to hurt people and then insult the previous person calling him dumb. Time to Make you eat those words. Cause its time to call you out. Heres FACT There is NO 18650 rated higher that 30 amps continuous discharge PERIOD You can NOT have high mah and high amp CDC. The chemistry does not exist even in the hybrids. Battery sag is all dependent on the resistance of the coil (Ω) then taking into account for the voltage drop of the device Example my Vapor Smith Knight Mech voltage drop lets see ( hopefully you can follow simple math) going to need a multi meter for this, you know what that is right ? Probably not since your to naive and arrogant and full of yourself to care. Here we go my LGHb2 Ive been using for a lil while today is reading 3.68v in which current ? DC yup so 3.68v one of my builds in plume veil RDA O.41Ω now were going to see exactly what voltage drop is. Meaning the mod has to be fired and the (+) (-) probes from multimeter are put on the corresponding posts while still on the same DCv setting and we fire the mod.reading is 3.41. so the battery was at 3.68v calculate the voltage drop, tell me where that went bud. Show your work Jason. On to Part 2. “Profits are secondary to the safety of your customers”
            That 40 amp rating is the pulse amperage not continuous. If you knew anything about ohms law you WOULD know what your saying Is 100% false and the fact you even claim to own vape shops is frightening, as you lack any knowledge and show nothing but a total lack of concern to even research batteries. You tell someone they dont know what their talking about I’m telling you the same as I assure you and anyone reading I am Right and Welcome any and all replies that can assure me my research Is correct or try and prove me wrong or add on to what Ive left out. Regulated devices and mech devices can make the same batteries at same voltages with same coil resistance on same atty differ in longevity significantly. So you were saying blah blah blah about battery longevity Oh you got 1 thing right TC and watts and mod (claps) should we go even further into the chemical make up of the batteries INR, ICR, IMR, NCR Nickel, Colbalt etc or should we go with how much authentic batteries weigh or looking at them alone the dot printing is a clue to authentic. Ahh another time chemistry is more interesting.

            Unlike most battery chemistries whose name defines the chemistry of the
            anode and cathode, the term “lithium-ion” refers to an ever growing
            class of cell chemistries that utilize different materials to host
            lithium-ions in the charged and discharged state of the cell. Most
            lithium-ion cells use graphite or hard carbon as the negative electrode
            host material (typically referred to as the anode), but the selection of
            the positive electrode material (typically referred to as the cathode)
            is much more varied. The following three-letter designations for
            lithium-ion cell denote what cathode material is used in the cell:

            ICR = LiCoO2 (also called LCO)

            IMR = LiMn2O4 (also called LMO)

            IFR = LiFePO4 (also called LFP)

            If you take away one thing from this thread, remember this: The term
            “IMR” simply indicates that LiMn2O4 is a major component of the cathode.
            It does not necessarily indicate that a cell has exceptional rate
            capability or improved safety characteristics, properties often
            incorrectly associated with cells with the IMR designation.

            Should I keep going ?

            CDC vs Pulse Charge you only calculate using the CDC of a battery and should only trust the authentic name brands I have the list of the 15 companies that make 18650s if those names do not appear on your 18650, they are rewraped and specs on wrap should NEVER be taken as the true rating as they are exaggerated

            You tell someone to do research and proceed to think your a hotshot and call people dumb ? WHOS THE FUCKING DUMB ONE NOW. JASON ? Mr vape shop owner ! post up your vapeshops so these people and anyone else doesn’t become a statistic on account of your ignorance.

            Yeah I know Im an asshole, But Id rather be an honest asshole than a fucking liar.

            Owner/President Tibbz Coils

          • Woody2016

            I have found out that AWT 3.7v 18650 3000mah 40a are rewraps as I found this out when I bought a lost vape triade dna 200 the AWT batterys would not work in it so I went out and bought LG 18650 batterys and it turnd on striaght away with no issues when I was trying the AWT batterys in it was saying check batterys and showing no battery symbol and the screen was very dull the LG batterys are working flawlessly

          • Woody2016

            I have been vaping for just around 1 year and was just blinded buy the scratch check code on the AWT 3.7v 18650 3000 mah 40a batterys and did not no about re wraps I just thought that they were genuine and not fakes as its verry misleading I am new to blogs and relatively new to vaping so any infomation on vaping is welcome I now own 2 DNA mods and a sigelei 213 and 4 mech mods 2 avid lyfe mods abel and a abel clone
            1 scndrel 1 point blank twin 18650 mod what would be a good cloud chasing build for the twin 18650 point blank mod the more I got in to mech mods and DNA mods I found this out are theys AWT batterys safe in a mech mod any information welcome

          • Erika-Michael Reynolds

            i was the same way as i am sure many vapers were i am just glad i learned about the rewrap inflated rating game before i got into mechs because they could cause some issues i only use sony vtc 4 and sony vtc5a in my mechs and lg he4 in my regulated

          • Erika-Michael Reynolds

            thank you i wasted a whole comment before i read your comment because you said what i did although you did me one better citing actual facts it kills me this guy owns a vape shop and actually believes there is a 40 amp 18650 3000 mah lmao what a tool

          • Kelsey Maitland

            Please tell me little boy that your joking? Have you actually tested these? Because someone has, and your DEAD wrong. Please quit your job

          • Erika-Michael Reynolds

            please tell me you don’t believe there is such thing as a 40 amp 18650 battery if so go to ECF battery mooch he does his own testing and he tells it like it is just because a company puts it’s own wrap on a battery and puts an exaggerated rating on it does not make it so bottom line is there is no 40 amp 18650 not possible so before you go telling people they don’t know what they’re talking about do some research that doesn’t mean looking at the wrap and taking it as truth .

      • Dymrip

        And yes you spelled Sigelei wrong. You also spelled spelt wrong as well. Again…IDIOT!

      • Kingston Chris

        In Independent tests..NOT manufacturer claims which in theory are biased..the Samsung 25r preforms better, has a truer high drain and has a better volt curve under watt mod usage..that’s a cut and dry fact..the songs have a higher continuous amp true, but if your using a regulated mod box it will only let you do 20amp continuous REGARDLESS plus the 25r out preformed the Sony vtc4 anyways..the lg’s or the Samsung 25r is the only best way to go..there internal chemistry is way more advanced. Plus the Samsungs are the only ones that are actually “under rated” they make the best yes high drain batteries as well..your welcome

    • Matt C (JDMster)

      For my Xcube 2 I am using IMREN yellows, which are performing flawlessly and Samsung 25R-5’s the green ones. I just picked up the Samsung and to be honest when I received them yesterday I was shocked to see them in green. I quickly did a google search to find out they are pretty much the same, and possibly a hair better. I believe they are the newer ones and possibly the blue ones are being discontinued? I could be wrong tho. I use sony vtc4 for my hybrid mech mod.

  • Nice post. This post shows variety of powerful batteries as your requirement.

  • keith pat

    What about a 900mah battery on a rda sub ohm tank work

  • David Swank

    I have s yellow battery in my hand that says Imr 18650 3.7v 2600MAH 40A high drain with what looks like AWT® Good for sub ohm?

    • Chris Tibb Miller


      • Aldrin Aligui

        What battery is good for low resistance build guys? My build is about .13 ohms.

        • Chris Tibb Miller

          LG HE4, LG HB2, Samsung25r for a build at that resistance

        • Erika-Michael Reynolds

          sony vtc 4 or vtc5a if its a mech

  • David Swank

    AWT 18650 IMR 3.7V Battery Flat Top – 2600mAh – 40A High Drain
    $ 8.95

    Size : 18.20mm x 65.05mm
    NominalVoltage : 3.70V
    Nominal Capacity : 2600mAh
    Charging Metod : CC/CV 4.20V
    Discharge Voltage : 2.50V (Average Cut Off)
    Charging Current CC : 1250mA
    Rapid Charging Current : 4000mA
    Continuous Discharge Current : 35A
    Max. Short Peak Discharge CC : 40A
    Weight : 60gr.max
    Colour : Yellow , BlackVersion : Flat Top

    Spec’s on that battery

    • Erika-Michael Reynolds

      BS there is no such thing as a 40 amp 18650 you put manufacturers specs up here as fact which is b.s.and could get someone hurt rewrap batteries please people do yourself a favor look at ECF forum battery mooch he is a vapor who has access to the equipment for actually testing these cells

  • Nice post all the information about sub ohm batteries are really so knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing this important information.

  • Phil Hann

    I think the Sony vtc 5 is the best batteries for sub ohm vaping I use it in my subox kit and the battery life is unbelievable compared to my efest battery and the price of 11 dollars you can’t beat if anyone knows of any other kind of batteries that are good for subox mods please let me know

    • Erika-Michael Reynolds

      When most people think of sub ohm vaping they are referring to mech mods in my regulated devices I go reputable ie LG Samsung Panasonic Sony but I go for high capacity high mah and nominal amps now with a mechanical mod I go high amp and nominal mah

  • Rob Turner

    All sony VTC’s are fake.I was told this by a AWT Sales manager in china.Check the AWT facebook page and e-mail her.

    • Chris Tibb Miller

      LIES and your going to believe a sales manager in China and you’re American of coarse their going to lie to you the lie to everyone. These are THE ONLY companies that make 18650 batteries

  • Rasean Blyden

    i have efest 25000 mAh high drain with 35A this blows your sony number 1 pick out of the water.

    • andre

      i have AWT IMR 3.7 V 3000 Mah 40 A. what are saying?

    • milica

      there are a few battery manufacturers, like a sony, panasonic, sanyo, lg, samsung. all other brands just wrap the batteries from the companies above.

    • Chris Tibb Miller

      Efest are rewraps man you seriously need to research beforehand there are currently only 15 manufacturers of 18650 batteries in the world. The startup capital to start a battery line is in the $10’s of millions, Which most companies cannot afford and that does not include Research and development. Your Efest’s you claim to be better than VTC’s in reality are (2) bin (3)bin sub par VTC batteries that did not pass quality control and standards of SEDC the subsidiarity company of Sony. (1) bin batteries are the ones that get the Sony name. Furthermore There is NO #1 battery there is only a best battery for your application.

      • Erika-Michael Reynolds

        You should educate Kelsey i sure as fuck haven’t been able to she just says I’m a liar lmao

    • Erika-Michael Reynolds

      Probably 10 to 20a batteries is what you got there and underneath that purple load of shite on the wrap is usually the truth about the cells origin do yourself a favor and when you can’t charge one of them any more unwrap and see it’s a Samsung or LG

      • Kelsey Maitland

        Yeah you have no idea what your talking about, please refrain from posting bad info like that

        • Erika-Michael Reynolds

          Unwrap those purple liars and you will see who doesn’t know what they are talking about come on really I’ve peeled and rewrapped enough batreries to know which ones are full of shit and i stand by my statement they sure as hell aren’t 35 amp 17-20 at beste e-featare all rewrap

  • joeyw007

    I use LG HE4 batteries and they rock. I vape for days at 75 to 90 watts or 470 degrees TC. The biggest deal is proper cycling and charging of any battery. You can’t cut a corner at all. You can have the best out there but if you don’t cycle and charge them correctly you are destroying their output and lifespan. Run them til the mod says check battery. Then slow charge them, like 375ma, to FULL capacity. I use a Nitecore D4. The first 10 cycles are the most important in training your batteries. I don’t care who says what, even Li Ion and LiPo cells have a funny way of degrading rather than retaining cycle memory. These cells can even achieve 3000+ charging cycles when used, allowed to cool to ambient temp and then charged fully. Even cells that have had bad training and charging regiments can be brought back to very good status. So long as the abuse hasn’t gone on too long.

  • MarreDesCons

    The VTC5 is 20Amps.

  • Elliott Nunez

    HAHA some one who knows nothing about vaping? Do you mean me? Check that ink again…they retired those 40 amp 3000 mah because there is no such animal…AND people that know about vaping were calling them on it..There are ALOT of false claims when it comes to batteries…I may not know all there is to know about vaping but I do know the physics of batteries..

  • Woody2016

    Is awt 18650 3000mah 40a rewraps

    • Erika-Michael Reynolds


    • Erika-Michael Reynolds

      Yeah it’s rewrap and if you Google ecf forum battery mooch he goes into great detail about the testing of batteries check it out

  • Paul
  • Kelly Tedder

    guys come on, regardless of what battery your using. its all about what your using them for. yes sub ohs low resistance non mechanical multi battery vaping, for sure you don’t want some shit battery. because it will perform for shit. vaping will be extremely under powered. feeling the power drop each hit like your letting the air from a balloon. not to mention terrible charging cycles and lifespan goes like a candle melting down till its gone. but still no more dangerous from a explosion aspect, then the best of the best battery….. infect id almost have a old shit battery explode because it would pry be nearly worn out anyways… mechanical mods are just dangerous as far as risk in general.. and people don’t understand its pretty much similar to a bomb that was armed, had a bell attached to it that was the detonator and you just carry that around everywhere you go like your wallet….. you can’t be careless with it. doesn’t matter if there a button lock . key lock etc…. anything moves, or completes the circuit and its charging for explosion. and gets extremely hot in the process….. plastic mod something will pry melt before the cell gives or melt a wire and may be okay;. bul full metal housing. no meltinhg and, plus the hole pipe bomb dealy… IT SHOULD BE COMMON SENSE IF NOT LAW. ANY LOAD IN GENERAL, ESPECIALLY A HANDHELD ONE to use special non conducting battery tray or be plastic….if its a metal mod., especially gold, copper, steel, or metal that is specifically a conductor, to be illegal…. unless the inside of the housing has a perm fused safety sleeve, and capped on botch ends, … so no contacts , buttons, adjustable screws or anything else the can cause a bomb to go off sold and end up ruining the lives of innocent people who don’t know any better…. wow with that. all battery should have internal cicruit protection and safety features. the niteeye18650s for my 4000 lm flashlight are protected …. but they are way longer then non protected one can hurt themselves because they don’t know better, all the electronic mods that monitor power draW And regulate the output and offer protection to your coil are amazing. and make thing safer,,, but still if anything gets between your battery. like a wire , screw, etc., it can still short your batttery and blow your ass up . my point is cheap battery, re wrap etc, no diiference danger wise. , if im using my battery to power a tiny ass little flashlight i keep in my glove box. the 4 dollar one is fine. not gonna be any better then a 40 .. high quality one. ( ps sorry i had a bad day and a friend of mine was injured by a battery explosion, he was at work…. wasn’t even his. his daryl ass co worker trying to get on that mech box mod bang wagon when that shit first came around.and i know you guys aren’t even discussing differenecs in safety and ohms law…. your talking performace … so with that, in my opinion . any of the decent made, wrapped and quality battery. are good. it just depends what your device, usage… if you need tons of power all at once ;….for your cloud comp selfie video. , or sneaking off with your james bond hide a vape brcaise yyour gf still thinkgs you quit cigs cold turkey but need it to last a few days. using single battery, dual, parelle. , build, coils, headlamp , or 1v headlight; or 40 amp cordless chainsaw., or want a cheap battery for the 10$ vape you got because your getting loose tonight and are just tired of waking up hungover, not even knowing where you are,,, knowing you lost a 200 mod/. the 4th one this year . and your gonna be smart next time, ……………….. none of it matter, and theres no point in thinking it does, spending tons of time discussing it. or telling your buddy on food stamps to throw his battery away and unlkess he spends more money he is doomed… theres anything wrong with re wraps, or not even mentioning mxjo or even testying them , giving honest results or straying from everything else , for fear of getting banned from narnia ….. almost all of the batterys these days and may have a use for somebody is some piece of equptment,,,,, technology and alectronics are getting more and more advamce, common and will have a place in our future. i trip out…. a few years ago never heard of a 18650, now, have about 50 of them. many different ones, in my flashlights, vapes, tools,. electronics, weapons, rc cars, hoverboards, robots, bikes, cars, planes, trains,. blow up doll pumps. fleshlights etc . ….. some i treasure and baby, some ibuy knowing its about to drop a few hiundred feet. and be done,. only need it to work for 5 min. and its done ,,, it can be a june bug wrapped inside a used chapstick container…. ….as long as it works, 5 star rating…. (but thats irrelevant in this forum and I hope no one reads this. ) sorry guys trying to entertain myself by ranting gibberish to not fall asleep before i get off work,…. i appreciate your article, some insight on what to buy for my next mod, need to catch up theres some wild stuff out ,, seems like in the last 6 months vaping has gone from a getting there to wow,…..

  • hey i have just bought a kanger nebox and i am wondering whether to use Avatar Li-Ion 18650 Battery for my battery what do you guys think???