Best Cheap Vape Mods Under $100

By Lindsay Fox Posted April 5, 2019

Best Vape Mods, Box Mods, Ecig Mods Under $100


Getting started with vaping can seem very expensive, and the cost may even put smokers off making the switch. With a pack of cigarettes costing less than $10, but e-cigarettes often running to $100 or more, is it even worth getting started with vaping? The core difference – and the reason the answer is a resounding yes – is that a pack of cigarettes lasts a day, but an electronic cigarette will last for a year or more: you can make huge savings by switching to vaping. However, if you want to minimize the cost of getting started with vaping – or if you want to get a new device without paying too much – looking at the best cheap vape mods under $100 gives you plenty of options.


As well as some great options under $50, you can get many high-quality and cheap vape mods for under $100, ranging from eGo-style options right through to variable voltage/variable wattage mods (VV/VW) with temperature control. We’ve compiled some of the most widely-loved options into a top 10 of the best cheap box mods, vape mods, vv/vw mods, and ecig mods for under $100.


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Top 10 Cheap Vape Mods & Ecig Mods Under $100


To produce this list of the best cheap vape mods under $100, we’ve used the results from our polls of the best VV/VW mods and the best starter kits, taking the highest-ranking e-cigarettes costing less than $100 to put together this list.


10 – Innokin iTaste MVP 3 Pro


iTaste MVP3 Pro - Best E-Cig Mod Under $100


The first and second editions of the MVP were pretty legendary e-cigarettes, but the MVP 3 Pro is the most capable iTaste box mod to date: offering up to 60 W of power and firing any coils 0.2 ohms in resistance or higher.


The device comes with an in-built battery, which has a huge capacity of 4500 mAh, which will easily last most vapers through two days of use without needing to be recharged. The MVP 3 Pro has plenty of other great features too, including an OLED screen, a stainless steel, spring-loaded 510 connection (with an eGo threading adapter included) and an output port you can use to charge other electronic devices if you’re in a tight spot.


The MVP 3 Pro is available for $54.95, enough to land it a spot as one of the best cheap ecig mods under $100, and making it a very appealing option for new vapers looking for something dependable and capable of working with the latest sub-ohm tanks.


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9 – Halo Triton Tank System


Halo Triton Kit - Best Vape Pens Under $100


This is one of the most beginner friendly e-cigarettes to make it onto this list of the best cheap e-cigarettes under $100, being voted into fifth place on our poll of the best e-cig starter kits. It’s a basic eGo-style e-cigarette, with 650 mAh or 400 mAh capacity batteries, and two Crystal Clear tanks included, along with a cone mouthpiece, USB charger and wall adapter. The operation is very simple – just fill the clearomizer with e-liquid and you’re ready to vape – so it’s an ideal option for a new vaper not wanting to dive right into mods and sub-ohm tanks.


The Triton Tank system is available for $49.95, and you also get a carry case to keep your device safe for when you’re out of the house.


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8 – Joyetech eGo One


eGo One Kit - Best Electronic Cigarette Under $100


Joyetech’s eGo One brings eGo-style devices up-to-date, by adding sub-ohm capability and a beefy battery but maintaining the beginner-friendly, fill-up-and-vape simplicity of eGo-style devices.


With a fatter battery – with both 2200 mAh and 1100 mAh devices available – they offer substantial battery life and both are capable of firing devices down to 0.5 ohms in resistance, as well as being compatible with most atomizers on the market thanks to its 510 connection. It has all of the expected protections – including low voltage and short circuit protection – and has an adjustable airflow control valve so you can tailor your draw to suit your preferences.


The eGo One comes in a kit with either a 1.8 ml or a 2.5 ml capacity tank, and each of these has two choices for atomizer heads – 0.5 ohm heads suitable for lung inhales and higher powers and 1 ohm heads better-suited to mouth-to-lung inhales. As well as a USB charger and wall adapter, both kits also come with metal and organic glass drip tips, and one each of the two atomizer heads.


The 2200 mAh eGo One kit costs $52.99 and the 1100 mAh kit costs $49.99.


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7 – Smok X-Cube II


X Cube II 160 W - Best Affordable Vape Mod


Smok’s X-Cube II is one of the most full-featured devices to make this list of the cheap box mods under $100, offering both a huge range of wattages – from 6 to 160 W – and temperature control functionality, as well as having a Bluetooth connection so you can make adjustments to settings using your cell phone.


The X-Cube II takes two high-drain 18650 batteries, held in place behind a dual magnetized door, to support it’s huge wattage output. The temperature control function operates over the usual range of 200 to 600 °F, allowing for fine control over your vaping experience. The X-Cube II is compatible with atomizers with resistances between 0.08 and 3 ohms, making it well-suited to sub-ohm devices and rebuildable atomizers.


The device has a fairly basic but sleek design, with a unique firing bar that stretches up the whole edge of the device and an OLED display screen located on the top edge, beside the 510 connection.


You can pick it up for $69.95.


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6 – VaporFi Rocket


VaporFi Rocket - Top Voted E-Cig Under $100


The VaporFi Rocket is an eGo-style device that boasts variable voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 V, and placed third in our poll of the best e-cig starter kits. It’s ideal for beginner vapers looking for simple operation combined with the performance of a higher-end VV/VW mod, and its price puts it in the running for the most popular electronic cigarette for under $100.


It comes with an in-built 1600 mAh capacity battery, it can get most vapers through a day of use on a full charge, and it charges via USB or with the included wall adapter. It’s compatible with any 510-threaded or eGo-threaded atomizers, but there’s a 2.5 ml capacity Kanger Aerotank-style tank included with it in the kit, which has adjustable airflow and comes with five spare 1.8 ohm coils.


If you’re looking to produce huge clouds paired with a sub-ohm tank or want the numerous bells and whistles you find on many devices, the Rocket might not be the best choice, but for beginners looking for a no-nonsense e-cigarette that’s easy-to-use, it’s a great device.


The Rocket comes in a kit with the tank, spare coils and charging cables for $89.99.


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5 – Pioneer4You iPV D2


Pioneer4You iPV D2 - Best E-Cigs for Under $100


Pioneer4You have several excellent devices in their iPV series, and two of them – the D2 and the iPV 3 Li V2 – earned enough votes in our best VV/VW vape mods poll to quality as one of the best cheap e-cig mod for under $100, but we’ve focused on the device with the most votes here to give you more options from other manufacturers.


The iPV D2 offers up to 75 W of power in standard operating mode, and will work with coils as low as 0.2 ohms in resistance. It has temperature control functionality, allowing you to set a maximum temperature for your coil of between 200 and 580 °F, and in this mode it will happily fire any titanium or nickel coil down to 0.05 ohms in resistance. It runs on a single 18650 battery (sold separately), but you have to get a high-drain option to be able to safely operate the device at low resistances and high wattages. You can charge the battery when it’s inside the device using the USB port.


The D2 has rounded edges and a design that sits comfortably into your hand during use, and it’s also impressively lightweight. The device is available for the excellent price of just $49.95, putting it well under $100 even with the cost of a couple of 18650 batteries added.


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4 – Eleaf iStick 50 W


Eleaf iStick 50 W - Best E-Cig Under $100


The 50 W version of the iStick is one of the ultimate affordable e-cig mod for 2017, and takes a well-deserved spot in the top five cheap vape mods list. Offering a huge 4400 mAh capacity battery and putting out up to 50 W of power to your atomizer, this device is not only an excellent option for new vapers, it also has enough to keep experienced vapers happy.


With a spring-loaded 510 connection, an OLED display screen and all of the safety features you expect from a regulated mod, the iStick 50 W has pretty much anything you could need, and will fire any coils down to 0.5 ohms in resistance, making it well-equipped to fire many of the sub-ohm tanks currently on the market.


The best thing is that all of this is available for just $39.95, making it easily one of the best deals in the industry today. Additionally, there are numerous versions of the iStick, and all of them offer similarly great features for under $100, including a 100 W and a 40 W temperature control version.


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3 – Joyetech eVic-VT Box Mod


Joyetech eVic VT - Best Vape Mods for Under $100


The eVic VT is a powerhouse box mod, offering up to 60 W of power, being equipped with temperature control (from 200 to 600 °F) and featuring an internal battery with a huge 5000 mAh capacity. The device placed highly in both our best VV/VW mods and best starter kit polls, and its price puts it in the running as one of the top cheap box mods.


The device has an appealing design, a clear OLED display screen so you can see your current settings, battery life and your atomizer’s resistance at a glance, and a dial on the upper edge to adjust your settings. The temperature control function works with nickel and titanium coils with resistances as low as 0.05 ohms, and the device also has VW mode which works with kanthal or any wire type, as long as the coil has a resistance over 0.15 ohms.


The eVic VT is available with the battery and chargers for just $59.95 and in a kit with a 4 ml capacity eGo One Mega tank and two temperature control compatible atomizer heads for $78.99.


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2 – Sigelei 150 W


Sigelei 150 W - Best Affordable E-Cig Mods

The Sigelei 150 W offers high power at a very low price, with the quality and affordability of the device earning it second place on our poll of the best VV/VW ecig mods and making it one of the most inexpensive vaporizer mods under $100.


It takes two high drain 18650 batteries – which must be purchased separately – but when you’ve got it powered up, it offers up to a huge 150 W of power, and takes any coils 0.1 ohms or higher in resistance. In combination with the spring-loaded copper 510 connection, this means the device will fire pretty much any atomizer you screw onto it, and is a great option for anybody hoping for huge clouds. Sigelei is also well-known for putting out quality devices, and the 150 W version is a mod you can depend on.


There is now a temperature control version of the Sigelei 150 W available, and this is also available for less than $100. If you’re not interested in getting a temperature control device, you can pick up the ordinary version for $89.95.


sigelei vape mod


1 – Kanger Subox Mini


Kanger Subox Kit - Best E-Cigarettes for Under $100 - 2015


The Kanger Subox Mini kit combines the Kbox Mini with the Subtank for a superior vaping experience, offering sub-ohm vaping at up to 50 W of power. The Subtank is a popular sub-ohm and rebuildable tank in its own right – offering a 4.5 ml capacity and a dual-slot airflow control system – but paired with the Kbox Mini it makes for an exceptional starter kit.


The Kbox Mini builds on what was good about the original Kbox but offers much more fine control over your wattage, includes must-have features like a display screen, and is smaller and more portable. It might not have as much power on offer as some of the other entries on this list, but it still offers more than enough for most vapers’ needs, with a wide wattage range adjustable in 0.1 W increments and supporting coils as low as 0.3 ohms in resistance.


The device takes a single 18650 battery, and comes with all the expected protections to ensue you stay safe while you’re vaping. You can recharge using the USB port on the device, making it a great option for vapers without a dedicated battery charger.


The Subox Mini kit is available for $68.95, earning it the coveted spot as the best box mod for under $100.


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Best Cheap Ecig Mods & Vape Mods Under $100 (As Recommended by ECR Staff)


If you’re looking for some more options for inexpensive e-cigs under $100, there are tons of options not covered by the list above – really, a substantial proportion of devices on the market cost less than $100. We’ve put together 10 additional recommendation from our staff here at ECR, to give you a sampling of some of the other cheap vape mods, ecig mods, and box mods under $100.


10 – Aspire CF Sub Ohm

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Mod - Best Affordable E-Cigs
Buy Aspire CF Sub Ohm


This device bridges the gap between mechanical-style mods and regulated devices, putting out the battery voltage without adjustment but still offering some of the protections you expect on regulated mods. The device includes an in-built 2000 mAh battery, which can put out up to 40 A of current and works with coils of 0.3 to 1 ohm of resistance. It was designed for sub-ohm tanks, but it can be used with most atomizers, and features a spring-loaded 510 connection. The mod costs $45.


9 – Joyetech eGrip OLED-CL

eGrip OLED CL - Best Electronic Cigarette Under $100
Buy eGrip OLED CL


This mod is pretty unique in that it combines the battery and atomizer into a single unit, offering a device that can put out up to 30 W of power, includes a 1500 mAh battery and holds 3.6 ml of juice. The improved OLED version of the eGrip boosts the power output compared to the original and includes an OLED screen, which tells you your current setting, the resistance of your coil and your remaining battery life at a glance. The updated eGrip costs $57.95. Read full Joyetech eGrip review.


8 – Innokin iTaste MVP 3 Pro

Innokin MVP 3 Pro - Best E-Cig Mods Under $100
Buy Innokin MVP 3 Pro


This device was included on the main list, but it’s a fantastic option and well-worth another mention as a recommendation of ours. The device boosts the maximum power to 60 W and includes a huge 4500 mAh battery, and combined with a minimum resistance of 0.2 ohms, this makes it well-suited to pretty much any setup you’re likely to put on it. It also has a spring-loaded 510 connection, remembers your last setting, and comes with all the expected protections. The mod costs $54.95.


7 – Apollo Reliant Plus

Apollo Reliant 60 W TC - Best Affordable E-Cig Mods
Buy Apollo Reliant Plus


The Reliant Plus mod is Apollo’s shot at a modern, high-power box mod, offering up to 60 W of power alongside temperature control from 200 to 600 °F, compatible with nickel, titanium and stainless steel. The mod requires a high-drain 18650 battery, but also includes USB pass through charging, so you can charge the battery on board and vape at the same time. The mod also includes “mechanical mode” and will fire coils down to 0.06 ohms. It’s just at the cusp of being too expensive for this list, though, priced at $99.99.


6 – Subox Nano 50 W

Subox Nano Kit - Vape Mod and Box Mod Under $100
Buy Subox Nano Kit


The Subox kit – the Kbox Mini coupled with a Subtank – took the top spot in our main list, but there is also the smaller, Nano version which features the Nano versions of both the Kbox and Subtank. The Kbox Nano offers up to 50 W of power and fires coils down to 0.3 ohms, working with sub-ohm tanks in combination with the 510 connection. The device includes all of the standard safety features, and runs on a single high-drain 18650 battery. The Subtank Nano has a capacity of 3 ml and includes both 0.5 and 1.5 ohm coils. The kit currently costs $59.95.


5 – Pioneer4You iPV Mini 2

iPV Mini V2 - Best E-Cig Under $100 for 2015
Buy iPV Mini V2


The iPV Mini 2 makes our recommendations for the top 10 cheap vaporizer mods under $100 thanks to its substantial power output of 75 W and its portability. The device includes a 510 connection with a floating center pin, fires coils down to 0.2 ohms in resistance and offers all of the safety features you expect from a VV/VW mod. The iPV Mini 2 runs on a single 18650 battery, and you can pick the device up for $69.99 (on sale at $54.99 at time of writing – October 2015 – but out of stock).


4 – Aspire Pegasus

Aspire Pegasus Box Mod - Box Mods Under $100
Buy Aspire Pegasus


The Pegasus from Aspire is a 70 W box mod that features temperature control from 200 to 600 °F with nickel and titanium coils. The device has a dial which is used to adjust settings, and features a floating 510 connection, an OLED display screen, and the standard collection of safety features. The mod runs on a single 18650 battery (sold separately), and will fire coils down to 0.2 ohms in resistance in wattage mode or 0.1 ohms in temperature control mode. The Pegasus is priced at $39.95.


3 – Tesla 200 W TC

Tesla 200 W TC Mod - Popular Vaping Mods Under $100
Buy Tesla 200W TC


With a huge maximum power output of 200 W – more than you’re likely to ever need – and temperature control from 200 to 600 °F, the Tesla 200 W TC is a very capable box mod. It requires two 18650 batteries to run, but will fire any coil down to 0.08 ohms, and has a brass-plated silver connection to boost conductivity. Most vapers might not approach 200 W during the course of normal vaping, but it offers more for the cloud-chasers than most devices on the market, and costs just $84.95.


2 – Pioneer4You iPV 4S

Pioneer4You iPV 4S - Top Vape Mods for Under $100
Buy Pioneer4You iPV 4S


The iPV 4S from Pioneer4You is a 120 W box mod that builds on the success of the iPV series by improving the design – rounding off the edges and slimming the device down in comparison to the V3, as well as adding a new grip – and offering temperature control from 212 to 572 °F with titanium and nickel coils. The device runs on two 18650 batteries (sold separately), and will fire coils down to 0.1 ohms of resistance (0.12 ohm minimum for temperature control). The iPV 4S costs $72.95.


1 – Sigelei 150 W TC

Sigelei 150 W TC - Best E-Cig Mods Under $100
Buy Sigelei 150W TC


The standard version of the Sigelei 150 W earned a spot on the main list, but the TC version offers all of the same benefits with the addition of temperature control. The design is slightly different from the original version – thanks to a raised section for the spring-loaded 510 connection – but aside from that, the core difference is temperature control from 212 to 572 °F. It still runs on a pair of 18650 batteries, has all the safety features and is pretty much the same size as the original. The 150 W TC costs $88.95.


Conclusion – We’re Spoilt for Choice


If you thought getting started with vaping was going to be expensive, this range of fantastic devices you can pick up for less than $100 shows that you can really get a lot for your money when it comes to vaping. While some of the mods under $100 might be a little too complex for smokers just considering making the switch, for converted vapers looking to upgrade to mods without spending too much, the huge number of low-price devices means you’re really spoilt for choice.