Njoy King Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted August 8, 2013

Njoy is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and was first established in 2006. The company made their name with rechargeable cigarettes, but they’ve since reduced their options (with only the “Express” rechargeable kit on offer) in favor of the new Njoy King. It’s disposable, meaning it’s at an immediate disadvantage in terms of price, but the company’s deal with Horizon Media has seen them continue their marketing efforts, recruiting Courtney Love for a somewhat formulaic marketing webisode in support of it.

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  • Cigarette-like appearance with paper feel and soft cartridge
  • Easy automatic design – works just like a tobacco cig
  • Well-executed flavors
  • High nicotine levels, great for heavy smokers
  • Good vapor production


  • Only two flavors available
  • Disappointing battery life
  • Expensive in comparison to rechargeable models

Bottom Line

The disposable Njoy King performs extremely well on the surface. The design is exceptionally cigarette-like, the flavors are great and the nicotine levels are enough for heavy ex-smokers. However, for serious vapers the battery life is poor and disposable e-cigs just aren't affordable enough to use long-term.
Price: $7.99

Njoy King Disposable E-Cig Review

Njoy’s TV ad for the disposable King brand sparked controversy for several reasons. It’s been over 40 years since an advertisement aired in the US extolled the virtues of anything resembling smoking, and the Njoy King definitely does that. The advertisement opens with ethereal, out of focus close-ups of a hand caressing the speckled butt and paper-like exterior of the e-cig, playing on the taboo of advertising cigarettes like a child who’s just learned a new curse word. The groomed face of a handsome young man appears, taking a drag on the e-cig and blowing crisp white vapor into the camera. It definitely grabs your attention.


This might be a useful tool for convincing smokers that vaping is a genuine alternative to smoking, but it does nothing to rank Njoy against the other options on the market. For vapers, much more justification is required to pay around $8 for a single disposable, so we've tested both the Traditional and Menthol Kings out.


Packaging and Design


The packaging of the Njoy King is like the plastic love-child of a Zippo lighter and a pack of cigarettes. It’s slim – easily slipping into a pocket – and pretty durable for a thin plastic container; you won’t break it unless you fall directly onto it or take to it with a hammer. The packaging is very similar in design to a pack of cigarettes, with a simple diagonal stripe running across the front, colored according to the flavor and strength you choose. The lid flicks open with a satisfying click, much like a Zippo. Inside, there’s a short leaflet explaining the basics of the e-cig and the small tip poking out invitingly.


Njoy King Disposable Electronic Cigarette


Njoy Kings are disposable, automatic e-cigs, so there is no assembly required whatsoever (for the rechargeable Njoy e-cigs, read our review here). The first thing you’ll notice is how much like a tobacco cigarette it looks. The size and weight are pretty much perfect, and the extra features take the authentic appearance to the next level. Yes, there’s the speckled beige cartridge and the paper-like rings on the battery, but they've gone to pains to make it actually feel like a cigarette. Stroke the battery and you could swear you’re touching paper, and squeeze the cartridge between your lips and it will morph under the pressure, just like a cigarette butt. These additions make the Njoy King more like the tobacco version than any other e-cig we've tried. When you inhale, the plastic, ashen tip lights up red-amber, but the light is further down into the body of the battery. This creates a realistic effect, like the ember is glowing underneath a short tube of expended ash – very cool.


Nicotine Levels


The Njoy King is only available in two nicotine levels, but both pack a serious punch. With Gold (3.5 percent) and Bold (4.0 percent) options available, the heaviest smokers will be happy with the nicotine content. However, this leaves very few options open to anybody looking to reduce their consumption – the Njoy King is for people who still want to “enjoy” the nicotine. In contrast, the majority of e-cig manufacturers offer a maximum of 18mg (1.8 percent) nicotine in their cartridges.


Flavors and Vapor


The comparatively small battery may sound alarm bells in the heads of experienced vapers, but the little unit doesn't let you down when it comes to vapor production. The volume of vapor you get is impressive, serving as an effective sensory replication of smoking. The high nicotine levels contribute to the Njoy King’s realistic and pleasing throat-hit, and afterwards you’ll puff out a cloud of vapor you’ll be more than satisfied with.


Njoy King Flavors Review


Although you only have two flavor choices, Menthol and Traditional (tobacco), they are both excellently executed. The Traditional is arguably one of the best tobacco replications you can find, being one of the few which instantly evoked memories of tobacco cigarettes when I took a puff. The Menthol dampens down this basic flavor a little, but adds a realistic twinge of mint that does a similarly excellent job of capturing the true flavor of a menthol cigarette. The only criticism in this department is the very limited range of flavors, but this evidently works with their cigarette-like aesthetic.




This is one of the most important elements for a disposable e-cigarette because once the battery has been depleted you need to buy another. Njoy claims that the King is equivalent to around 40 cigarettes, but this claim can only really be justified if you think in terms of nicotine. In practice, the battery lasts considerably less time than you’d expect, since you won’t exactly be satisfied if you equate a few puffs to a “cigarette.”


Njoy King Review of Battery


In realistic terms, the battery-life is good enough for around 20 cigarettes’ worth of vaping. You’ll get a lot of nicotine, but the disposable won’t last a heavy vaper much over a day. It performs well – heating up quickly even without priming puffs – but doesn't go the distance. This isn't much of an issue compared to other disposables, but since this is a flagship brand it should offer more than the average.


This leaves new vapers looking for a simple-but-satisfying vape in a difficult spot. The King ticks a lot of boxes, but just isn't a sustainable option for long-term vaping. There are other devices that hit on all the same positive-points but improve where the King lacks, though. The JUUL from Pax is really, really easy to use and compact, but it's a rechargable device that genuinely offers everything you need to stay smoke-free long-term. With high-nicotine liquids (50 mg/ml) like the Kings, using nicotine salts to make it even more satisfying, five flavors to choose from and a cool, futuristic design, it's a great alternative to the NJOY King. Check out our review of JUUL to find out more!


Manufacturing and Warranty


The manufacturing quality of the Njoy King is instantly evident, with a responsive battery and a sleek appearance, but it isn't perfect. One of the two Njoy Kings tested ran out considerably more quickly than the other, indicating some inadequacies in the process, even if it was an isolated incident. There’s a one-year warranty to protect you against any defects in your e-cig, though. This is unlikely to be needed, however, since it’s a disposable e-cig you’ll have finished in a day or two. Plus, if you’re unsatisfied, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.


Editor Rating

Packaging & Design5/5





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Njoy King Review: Overall

The Njoy King is nearly the ultimate disposable e-cigarette. Whilst it wipes the floor with the majority of disposables, it still falls down in many of the expected ways. The nicotine levels partially make up for it, but in practice you’d spend a comparable amount on Njoy Kings as you would on tobacco cigarettes. The high nicotine levels, cigarette-like flavor, good throat hit and thick vapor production make it a good option for the heaviest smokers, but if you’re serious about vaping there’s no substitute for a rechargeable.

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    1. Sheryl

      Njoy Daily

      Try the Njoy daily in the blue box. Bought one at the casino and it lasted four days and I was puffing on it hard. Taste like a real cigarette. Liked them so much I ordered a few online at njoy.com and shared with my friends. BE Careful they are supposed to be a step to quitting however because of the taste and flavor they can be addictive.
    2. Alan P.

      Menthol King 5 pack

      The battery does not last long at all. Very disappointed! How long should one last?
    3. Debra

      Did not last. DEAD!!

      I purchased NOJY disposable single pack from Walgreen's.
      It lasted about as long as 3-4 single cigarettes would have lasted. Not even half a day & started blinking & no smoke.
      I was very disappointed because at $5.75 it was 50 cents more then the L&M cigarettes I would have bought.
      So I assumed it would have last as long as a lack of cigarettes, but it didn't.
      I would not recommend or purchase again.
    4. Jennifer Biggs

      Do not waste your money! This is definitely not worth even one star.

      Tobacco store had me open it there to make sure it worked (that should have been my clue). It lasted for about a half hour before it started blinking (dead) and no smoke.
    5. Lance Kim

      Maybe Not

      I tried the njoy disposables but they weren’t for me. Didn’t last and the flavor wasn’t satisfying. My new favorite thing is the Joy Flavor Space Pen (www.joyflavors.com) – I got this vape for my birthday, and I haven’t put it down. Very easy to use, and I love being able to switch flavors whenever I want. I think this pen really adds to the juice flavor. Thick, milky clouds every time.
    6. T.M.Papsdorf


      I bought this for my 5 hour car ride.. It’s not turning red.. Not inhaling.. Just dead.. I’m thoroughly disgusted right now
    7. Thomas

      Cheap, short lived, bad taste

      I picked it up on a whim. Not pleased at all. I actually tossed it out. It was the worst e-cig I’ve ever tried. The MArkTen was about the same price so I got one later. much better with a similar design
    8. Ethan

      want my money back

      bought the 2 pack one it only did 25 puffs before it died very dipleased
    9. Adam

      Purchased one today. Taste was good, but it lasted no longer than half a day. I didn’t use it heavily, just a puff once in a while and was surprised it ran out so quickly. Also, it feels really cheap and tacky and had a sort of cardboard feel to it. I will be going back to 10 motive disposables as they are roughly the same price and of a better quality.
    10. Michael Shankey

      I bought a 10 pack from Cosco for $27. After being told by an employee that he had spoken to a Rep. From NJOY and was told that each e-cig would last like 2packs of regular cigs. NO WAY. Mine lasted about 3 days, for the entire 10 count package. I will never buy NJOY again.
    11. corleen walters

      I have been using the Njoy for 13 months. Completely quit smoking real cigs for 13 months. I have asked 3 Drs. to do a study on these. My skin is broke out on face, and skin burns. I burn around the mouth, and nose itches on inside. they are very expensive, and like the rest of the folks said, most of them are of them are duds when you buy them… they are very addictive, and now trying to get off them. Don’t start these! I would like someone from Njoy manufacturing to contact me!
    12. lynn

      I just tried them for the first time yesterday got one liked is so went back in the store and got two more drove off ablaut one hour later it was dead already got my next one out and about thirty min. later that one went dead now on my last one it lasted about two hours. west of money will never buy them again.
    13. Jay Dee

      I tried the e-cigarette after it being recomended by a friend. It must have had it for a week before it stopped working. I have tried to get a a replacement from the manufacturer and they have promised me on three ocassions that they would send a replacment out but still nothing. I recommend you don’t even bother with this brand waste of money and time. Say NO TO EJOY. PS only used it for a maximum of 10 times.
    14. Hugh

      They are expensive and today I bought another broken one. Fluid leeks from e-cig and several have been completely empty when first opening package. I’m tired of wasting money on this crap that doesn’t work and I can’t get refund from store. Buyer Beware!
    15. Joanie

      First, I’m so happy they went back to the original flavor and filter design. The “longer lasting” ones they put out for awhile were the exact opposite: only a couple of good hits and the rest was air.
      While I love the return of the new design, I agree with other reviewers that they certainly don’t last as long as 2 packs of regular cigarettes, and they’re expensive. Also, for that price, I expect no defective ones but I tend to get 1 in every few packs I buy. Just completely dead from the get-go. They’d have 5 stars from me if they could drop the price and work out a faster, easier way to replace defective ones.
    16. Jennifer S.

      I found these over a year ago and was very impressed with the taste but mostly the intense throat feel, sensation. They were the best and I never would have purchased another brand but they recently completely overhauled their ecigs. This “new and improved” formula is just awful. The taste is odd at best and even if you get one that has a decent flavor, it only lasts a very short time. The battery may have a decent life but the flavor disappears so quickly that I never find out. I came across some of the older, original njoys at a Walgreens and bought all they had but they are gone now and I am on the hunt for a new ecig.
    17. J. Parsons

      Best e-cig IF you get a good one

      A good fresh Njoy King Gold is the closest thing possible to smoking a real cigarette … maybe even better. It dangles lightly from your lips like a real cig, draws easy, has fresh mild taste, plenty of vapor, and good nicotine kick. (Stay away from the 4 mg Bold unless you want to experience atrial fibrillation.)
      Yes there are the problems: they’re expensive, especially since quality control is poor. At least 1 in 10, maybe more, are defective: low battery, low fluid, even completely dead. Customer service does the best they can to replace problems, but they’ve got to get their manufacturiing process improved. I’ve also found the taste goes bad if they’ve been sitting on the shelf too long … picks up a harsher, ashy aftertaste. My recommendation is to buy only from the website (never had a freshness problem buying direct), and buy plenty because you will get one or two bad or stale ones that you’ll want to exchange.
      But with all that said, for me, a hit from a good fresh sweet Njoy makes all the problems seem insignificant.
      If you’re looking to puff clouds of candy or fruit flavored vapor from a metal tube with weird lights, look somewhere else. But if you’re looking for the pure pleasure of a good tobacco cigarette without the stink and the cancer, Njoy is King.
    18. Bill

      poor battery

      The first few drags were good but after that it got weak. It was supposed to equal 1pack but did not even come close. Way to expensive for what you get. I will keep looking
    19. nancie

      WRONG BRAND..sorry

      whoops.. that review was for White Smoke.. same type flip top zippo box… NJOY was pretty strong, liked the menthol, good hit. Is too expensive for only one.
    20. nancie

      Good and Bad

      Hated the MENTHOL..powdery taste. LOVED the ZERO MENTHOL flavor..very, very cool and quite a hit. Really liked the COFFEE flavor too. Great in a pinch while charging other batteries but is expensive.