Money Plays Role in Anti-Smoking Groups’ Call for E-Cigarette Ban

By Lindsay Fox Posted September 27, 2012

Pfizer Against E-CigarettesThough they have been against e-cigarettes and wanted them banned, eight organizations made a handsome profit of more than 2 million in 2011 and in early 2012 from Big Pharma's Pfizer based on totals issued by The Rest of the Story.


Financial reports revealed the anti-smoking organizations that called for removal of electronic cigarettes from the market received funds from Chantix, a product that helps consumers quit smoking. The Chantix industry will suffer great losses if the electronic cigarettes were to gain popularity. None of the anti-smoking groups have expressed the monetary interest when they speak of banning electronic cigarettes.


A few of the figures the groups received from Chantix were as follows:


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: $100,000
American Medical Association: $857,500
American Academy of Pediatrics: $720,800
American Lung Association: $190,250

Click here for a full list of financial contribution report published by Pfizer.


These figures reveal the interest the anti-smoking group have in Big Pharma is strong and it gives a motive behind their fight to keep them off the market. It likewise gives the reason why the groups are actively encouraging drug treatment though research indicates it has high rates of failure.


These are a few of the groups that are wanting electronic cigarettes taken off the market. Other groups include American Legacy Foundation, Action on Smoking and Health, American Cancer Society, and American Heart Association. All the groups filed an amicus brief that gives the FDA the right to ban the electronic cigarettes by classifying them with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic law. If the anti-smoking groups had gotten their way, some smokers would still be smoking due to lack of e-cigarettes help them quit.


It is no surprise that none of the organizations revealed a financial connection to Big Pharma. When groups are actively against measures that impact public health, you should be aware money could be the reason. These organizations are calling for the removal of products regardless if it is damaging to the public. Read the full article »


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