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MarkTen made quite an entrance to the vaping market back in 2014 by offering coupon codes to customers, which they could exchange for a free device or a discount on disposable cartridges. If you’ve missed that particular train, don’t worry – there are plenty of MarkTen promo codes here on ECR that you can use when getting your first cig-a-like from the company. Simply enter the coupon code on checkout and you will get a substantial discount on your Mark Ten purchases.


About MarkTen E-Vapor


Mark Ten disposable cigarettes and cartridges are manufactured by Nu Mark, which, in turn, is owned by Altria (parent company of Philip Morris and makers of Marlboro). In essence, MarkTen benefits from decades of Philip Morris experience in knowing exactly what smokers (and soon to be ex-smokers) are looking for in a product. By 2015, MarkTen was the 4th best-selling e-cigarette in the US and is now available in stores across the country (specialized shops, gas stations, and so on).


Mark 10 has built a stellar reputation by offering excellent customer service. You can reach out to them every day, even Saturdays and Sundays, with any questions you might have about their products. They also offer free ground shipping, 90-day money-back guarantee, as well as free returns.


MarkTen E-Cig Products


Today, MarkTen’s flagship e-cigarette is MarkTen XL, a vast improvement on the first iteration of their cig-a-like device named simply MarkTen. MarkTen XL has a bigger cartridge capacity, a more powerful battery, and a patented FourDraw technology. FourDraw means that every MarkTen XL cig-a-like has four holes at the tip of the device. Those holes offer a more consistent and pleasurable draw.


Mark10 also offers eight different flavor blends: Menthol, Smooth Menthol, Bold Menthol, Winter Mint, Classic, Bold Classic, Summer Fusion, and Smooth Cream. Each of the flavors has a specific nicotine strength and nicotine is measured by weight. For example, 3.5% NBW is an equivalent of one pack of cigarettes and is intended for use by heavy smokers.


It’s important to note that MarkTen cartridges should be used exclusively with Mark Ten batteries, and vice versa. They were designed to work together to provide the best vaping experience.


MarkTen & Recycling


MarkTen is committed to preserving the planet. The company knows that vape devices and cartridges pose a real danger to the environment and that’s why they have an efficient system in place that helps customers dispose of used products in the safest way possible. Simply use you MarkTen e-vapor cartridges and store them in a safe place. After you’ve collected a few, contact customer care and request the MarkTen ‘Recycling Kit’. You will be issued a prepaid envelope which you can use to send the cartridges back, where they will be disposed of in a secure way.


MarkTen batteries are also recyclable. Once yours has served its purpose, make sure to visit Call2Recycle and find the nearest collection site to dispose of it safely.


Use Your MarkTen Promo Code to Get a Discount


There’s a reason why MarkTen XL is the leading e-cigarette device in the United States. Compared to its biggest rival, Blu e-cigarette, MarkTen costs less and provides you with more value for your money. Make sure to use the ECR’s Mark Ten coupon code when purchasing to get a steep discount on your e-cigarettes and cartridges.