Halo E-Cig G6 Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted January 1, 2016

Halo Cigs is known for their e-liquids, but the G6 is their flagship e-cigarette. It isn’t bad, but it doesn’t manage to stand out in any particular area. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you chose the G6, but it’s definitely worth considering other options.

Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kit
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  • Anti-burn filler technology
  • American made smoke juice
  • E-liquid available in numerous flavors
  • Well-executed flavors
  • Mouthpiece design minimizes cartridge leaking
  • Great battery responsiveness


  • Vapor production not as good as other brands
  • Minor design issue with mouthpiece

Bottom Line

The Halo G6 offers decent battery life and vapor production in addition to a wide selection of e-liquids, but it isn't a game-changer. It’s a high-quality e-cig, but realistically everything Halo does well is executed much better by other brands. Overall, it’s good, but not great.
Price: $44.99

Halo G6 by Halo E-Cig

Standing out isn't easy in the world of e-cigs. New manufacturers sprout up by the week, pushing promising products and attesting to their quality at every opportunity. For those new to the world of vaping, this can make choosing an e-cig a pretty daunting process. Halo e-cig isn't amongst the biggest-hitters in the industry, but they pride themselves on their e-liquid, and their new Halo e-cig G6 line promises to improve upon their previous Element series. The Halo G6 Basic Starter Kit comes with two batteries, two blank cartridges, five pre-filled cartridges, USB charger and wall adapter, but is it worth the investment?


Packaging and Design


The Halo G6 is unusual for an electronic cigarette starter kit because it ditches the standard magnetically-closing box in favor of a cylindrical tin that seems like it should contain some industrial-strength hair gel. The cool blue, black and silver design gives an impression of superior quality, and it’s undoubtedly more portable than most starter kits. Inside, the two batteries and blank cartridges are wedged into a foam cylinder which you have to remove to get to the rest of the kit. The USB charger, manual and wall adapter are in the bottom of the tin, with the five filled cartridges nestled into the underside of the foam.


Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kit


You have nine options for the color of your e-cigarette, and they use a two-piece design. The Classic White option has cigarette-style faux rings, but the others have more of a matt sheen in creatively-named colors such as Midnight Blue, Demon Red and Electric Lime. The two pieces screw together comfortably, leaving only four thin air-flow holes in the cartridge-side of the silver band separating them. The tip of the battery glows a warm, cigarette-like amber, lighting up on inhalation as you’d expect.


The cartridges have a unique design, with the mouthpiece bearing a funnel-like crater in the center. This seems unusual at first, but the design effectively removes the common issue with leaking cartridges, so overall it’s a great idea. The mouthpiece can push down into the metallic cartridge a little too easily though, which makes it much less comfortable to vape until you fish it out with a paperclip.


Nicotine Levels


Halo e-cig offers four nicotine levels with the Halo G6, Low (6mg), Medium (12mg), High (18mg) and XHigh (24mg). This is the standard number of nicotine options, but they've opted for the higher content instead of going for the more common zero nicotine option. The fact that they include a stronger option for heavier nicotine consumers is great, but a nicotine-free cartridge would help those who've overcome their addiction but still want the smoking sensation.


Flavors and Vapor


Halo G6 flavor review - Halo e-cigThe vapor production from the Halo Cigs G6 is good, but it can’t really compete with the best performers in this area. You get enough to satisfy your sensory cravings, but it doesn't compare with a cigarette or the level of vapor you get with other e-cigarette brands like Green Smoke. You do get a throat hit, though, so it is a good replication of the smoking sensation in that sense. Still, if you want the most vapor you might have to look elsewhere.


The flavor profile of the Halo G6 is better if you use the blank cartridges and e-liquid. There are four tobacco options for the cartridges, Tribeca (smooth), Torque56 (unfiltered premium tobacco), Prime15 (premium tobacco) and Turkish Tobacco. Menthol Ice and HX3 are the two options for menthol smokers, and the cartridge selection is completed with Malibu and Belgian Cocoa.


In e-liquid, you can also get flavors like Shamrock (mint chocolate), Twisted Java (cappuccino) and the pirate-inspired Captain Jack tobacco. The Menthol Ice is an impressive menthol option, not too overpowering but still with a strong taste of menthol. The Malibu is excellently-executed; you get the coconut you’d expect but it’s still distinctly recognizable as being modeled on the drink. Overall, it’s very pleasant to vape.


Halo E-Cig Battery


Halo G6 battery review - Halo e-cigYou get a choice between manual and automatic Halo G6 batteries, and they last for around 200 to 250 puffs. This is enough for you to enjoy about as much nicotine as you’d get in a pack of cigarettes, so will last most users throughout their workday. Some longer battery options would have been good, because only the Standard and Mini sizes are available. The charger is the pen-drive style, and there’s a LED light which switches to blue when it’s finished. Charging is pretty quick, taking just over two hours to replenish after being fully drained.


Editor Rating

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The Halo G6 e-cig is a high-quality product, with decent vapor production and a wide-ranging, well-executed flavor selection. One of the biggest bonuses of the product is the fact that e-liquid is available in a variety of flavors. This is a great way to save even more money when you’re vaping, and it gives you the option of mixing your own unique flavor blends. There may be better options available elsewhere for battery life and vapor production, but the Halo G6 still has a lot to offer.

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    1. Meg Aurelio

      No menthol taste

      When I take a drag off my G6 menthol it tastes like old yucky over cooked something and only one battery worked
    2. Meg Aurelio

      No menthol taste

      When I take a drag off my G6 menthol it tastes like old yucky over cooked something and only one battery worked
    3. Bob

      I left V2 for Halo

      Just got my first shipment of Halo products and am very satisfied. I used V2 for over a year when I first started vaping and liked them. But the last two shipments I ordered from V2 took over 4 weeks to arrive and their product quality has suffered along with their horrible customer service. It’s Halo from now on for me.
    4. Paddy

      I just got my Halo G6 with a whole pile of e-juice and find it rather poor. The taste is not great at all and the pull and throat hit are very disappointing. Trying to return the product and have already placed my order for the king of them all – GreenSmoke. If you are ex smoker I would highly recommend starting with GreenSmoke and at least 1.8%
    5. Valerie

      I started using my G6 over a year ago, and still use it quite frequently. I moved onto the Halo Triton because I don’t have to charge it as often with the bigger battery, but still use my G6 when out in public or going incognito. I had tried quite a few other brands but was always let down by their products, delivery times or service. Luckily I have not had any issues with Halo yet and would definitely recommend them. Although I dabble with some other flavors now, Halo tobacco e-liquids are top notch as well.
    6. Gabe T.

      Everything one would expect from this new technology

      Well-rounded and indeed one of the most highly-rated products on the “e-cig” market. I have been using Njoy disposables for some time and found them to be sufficient but expensive. I would go through one in 10 hours of use and the vapor tends to me flavor-less and harsh. Halo e-cigs including the G6 deliver great, well-rounded performance because of the multiple batteries, refillable cartomizers and high-grade build quality. This product is a winner on this front and the only direction quality can go is up. How much nicotine can you possible handle to begin with? -Gabe
    7. Jeff

      Better than V2

      I started off with Blu and actually loved the taste of their menthol despite not tasting like menthols I used to smoke. The vapor output is good and provides a smooth clean feel which would not appeal if you crave that throat hit. Flavors are limited and you have to seek out a 3rd party retailer if you want to refill cartridges yourself. Battery life was abysmal, but the nifty charging case always providing a charged back up ready to go nullified that for me. A heavy smoker would burn through both batteries before a spare had a chance to recharge. Within a week after purchase the charging case would no longer take a charge or serve as a pass through charger. It was time to move onto a bigger better product and V2 was the heaviest pushed online as the best brand. Battery life easily triples what I got from Blu with comparable vapor output. The menthol has excellent throat hit with a flavor more resembling that of a real cig but has a chemical aftertaste. Despite V2 claimed quality control standards with e liquid batch report numbers you can take off your package to access the report online, I was still concerned over a made in China product I inhale into my lungs with no government oversight at this time. Next up was the all American made G6 and I couldn’t be happier. Since V2 and the G6 share the same threading I often use the V2 batteries in addition the G6 so I can have extra flavors handy. The battery performance is nearly identical. I am unable to distinguish a difference between battery life or vapor output and I have stood in front of a mirror out of curiosity and still could not tell a difference with a Menthol Ice Halo cartomizer attached to the G6 and V2′s menthol cartomizer attached to it. Halo put a little more thought into the fine details of their design offering settle differences from the V2 creating more a premium look and feel with a soft touch finish, a recessed button on the manual battery and a fading LED better replicating a drag off a real cigarette. Throat hit was similar, but Halo’s flavor was remarkably better without any chemical aftertaste. Cartomizers for V2 lasted long but the menthol effect and flavor quickly diminishes, whereas you get several more consistently flavored drags from the Halo cartomizer. The cartomizers mouthpiece design is actually awesome. Yes the end cap will push in if you rub your tongue on it but is not because of the shape. Halo uses a rubber end cap so you can remove it to refill the prefilled cartomizer to save some money. With V2 you have to buy their blanks to have that option rather than the plastic fixed endcap. The one advantage V2 has is offering better accessories like the classy looking cases and PCC whereas G6s are more of a generic lineup with their G6J logo thrown on it.
    8. Brandon

      I am fairly new to the E-Cig world and am trying to quit my 3 pack a week camel habit. I have tried the Blu ecigs and the Halo G6 is much better in terms of battery longevity flavor and vapor production. I ordered my kit with the Torque 56 cartomizers and am really enjoying the flavor and throat hit from them. I am now ordering the mini tank that can fit 1ml of e-juice and a few bottles of various juices. If you look at other review sites, you will see they are ranked much higher than on this site (#2 on ECCR). I was astonished not to see Halo in the top 10 on this site. The starter kit is very affordable at $45 and is made in the US.