E-Cigs Come in Various Shapes and Sizes; Analogues Are Always Bulky

This article is part 17 of the Top 20 Rebuttals to Win an E-Cigarette Debate


Let’s get it out there. Some e-cigs look like robot penises. This fact leads many smokers to declare flatly that e-cigs are too bulky, too much to carry around and too awkward to ever serve as a replacement for the carcinogen-laden alternative. Thankfully for any vapers locked in a debate on the topic, this critique is based on a faulty premise: that all e-cigs are the same. It’s like giving up on touch-screen technology altogether because you can’t fit an iPad into your pocket.


Tesla E-Cig Mod


Explain how the chunky, phallic mods and APVs (advanced personal vaporizers) are just one type of e-cig, designed for the best performance and battery-life at the expense of the cigarette-like size. The fact that these are becoming more popular might be pretty confusing to smokers, who often operate under the assumption that e-cigs are just a replication of smoking. They started out for that purpose, yes, but they’ve quickly blossomed into various forms and styles, evolving with the needs of vapers and offering more and more with every step forwards.


Reassure them that mods are the biggest e-cigs there are, designed purely for people willing to sacrifice perfect sensatory emulation for a better vape. There are also middle-ground eGo styles of e-cig, which aren't as bulky as the mods but also come with better batteries than the smaller options.


eGo-T E-Cig Battery


If size is really a major concern, along with the wide range of pen-sized options out there, there are also some which are much closer in size to an actual cigarette (such as the Njoy King).


Njoy King E-Cig


The key point is that size matters when it comes to batteries, so if they’re really only interested in the cigarette-like size, tell them to consider options with a portable charging case (such as the Blu eCigs) and at least one spare battery.


The other question which immediately springs to mind when a smoker complains that e-cigs are too bulky is: in comparison to what? A packet of cigarettes? Cigarettes come in awkward boxes which undoubtedly stand out whenever you have them in your pants or shirt pocket. The boxes get crushed, and you can’t keep cigarettes loose in a purse or pocket without them tearing or being otherwise ruined in the “harsh” environment. Then you also need a lighter – which takes up even more space in your pocket.


Pack of Marlboro Cigarettes


Compare that to an e-cig. A single pen-sized e-cig and a few spare cartridges take up hardly any space at all, and you don’t need to take anything else with you. The portable charging cases available – which re-charge your e-cig on the go and store two batteries, along with several cartridges – are generally the same size of a pack of cigarettes. No matter how you look at it, e-cigs are clearly much less bulky (and less fragile) than traditional cigarettes. Even the supposedly bulky mods comfortably slip into your pants pocket – surely making them about as comfortable to take around as a pack of ciggies and a lighter!