Best Cheap Vape Tanks

Finding high quality but affordable vape tanks isn’t easy. The best cheap vape tanks strike the balance between great performance and affordability, but most lists of the best vape tanks don’t consider the price much at all. If you’re interested in starting vaping or improving your hardware, but don’t have a lot of money to spend, finding cheap vape tanks is the best approach. Thankfully, there are tons of great sub ohm tanks, RTAs and RDAs that don’t cost too much, and this list of the best cheap vape tanks gives you a run-down of our top recommendations.


Best Cheap Vape Tanks: Sub Ohm


Sub ohm tanks are what most vapers are looking for if you’re in the market for the affordable vape tanks. The low resistance coils (under 1 ohm by definition) ensure that both flavor and vapor production are excellent, but they work just like most beginner-level vape tanks. Here are our top 5 picks for affordable sub-ohm vape tanks.


5 – Kanger Pangu


Kanger Pangu - Best Cheap Vaporizer Tanks


Kanger is a huge name in the vaping industry, and the Pangu sub ohm tank makes this cheap vaporizer tanks list thanks to its convenient top-filling design and its compatibility with TC (temperature control) devices. The Pangu has a 3.5 ml e-juice capacity, with a glass tank section and a 22 mm diameter that means it fits comfortably on pretty much any mod on the market. The top-filling design means all you have to do to refill is unscrew the top cap and fill up into the space around the coil, and it also features liquid flow control so you can set it up to work well with a wide range of PG/VG ratio e-juices.


The Pangu comes with a 0.5 ohm stainless steel coil that works in both wattage and TC modes, and you also get a 1.5 ohm nichrome option which is perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping. The tank has dual airflow slots too, so you can adjust your draw to suit your preferences. The atomizer heads are really long, which improves airflow all-round and also makes them easier to replace.


The Pangu is one of the top affordable vape tanks on the market at an impressive price of $16.95 for the tank and two coils.


4 – Aspire Atlantis EVO


Atlantis EVO - Cheap Vape Tanks


The original Atlantis from Aspire kick-started the sub ohm tank trend, and the new Atlantis EVO makes this list because it continues in the proud tradition of the original for a very affordable price. It’s a top-filling device and it’s optimized for higher-VG juices, making it both easy to use and well-suited to most e-liquids on the market. It has a 4 ml capacity and a 22 mm diameter, so you won’t have to refill too often and it’ll fit snugly on pretty much any mod. There is also an alternative 2 ml tank section you can use if you don’t need a big tank.


The Atlantis EVO has a slot-style adjustable airflow, so you can tailor the performance to suit your preferences. The tank – like all of the options in this list – comes with sub ohm coils, one 0.4 ohm option (pre-installed) and one 0.5 ohm option. Both of these are Clapton coils, so the flavor is excellent from both and the vapor production is great too. It also features a leak-resistant design, so it does a good job of tackling one of the key downsides to many sub ohm tanks. For one of the top cheap vaporizer tanks on the market, it does a really good job overall.


You can pick up the Atlantis EVO for $18.95.


3 – GeekVape Eagle


GeekVape Eagle - Cheap Vape Tanks


GeekVape has an impressive selection of RTAs and RDAs, but their Eagle sub ohm tank makes this list thanks to its sizable tank capacity and the high-quality coils it comes with. The tank has a 6.2 ml capacity, with a slightly larger 25 mm diameter to accommodate the additional size. This is great if you go through a lot of e-juice each day, and it has a top-filling design so it’s easy to refill.


The coils are one of the main things that make the Eagle one of the top-rated vaporizer tanks on the market. All of them are hand-built, offering performance more like an RTA or RDA in a convenient sub ohm tank format. The two coils included with the tank are a staggered fused Clapton and a fused Clapton option, both of which do an excellent job when it comes to flavor and vapor. The tank also offers adjustable airflow, and a gold-plated 510 contact point.


The Eagle is a really solid sub ohm tank, and it’s price of $16.95 makes it a great choice for anybody in the market for cheap vape tanks.


2 – Eleaf iJust 2


iJust 2 Tank - Best Cheap Vape Tanks


Eleaf is well-known for putting out some of the best affordable vaping devices on the market, so it’s no surprise to find something from them on this list. The iJust 2 is a fairly straightforward sub ohm tank in terms of design, but it does a great job in terms of performance and packs a 5.5 ml tank capacity. The tank has a dual adjustable airflow system around the base, and although it doesn’t open up as wide as some other devices, it still offers plenty of control for most vapers’ needs.


The iJust 2 comes with one coil, which is less than some of the other cheap vape tanks on this list, but the 0.3 ohm dual vertical coil setup can put out impressive amounts of vapor and does a great job of capturing the flavor from your e-juice. It’s recommended for wattages between 30 and 80 W, and you can also pick up 0.5 ohm atomizer heads, as well as titanium and Ni200 options for TC vaping.


The iJust 2 is one of the best cheap vaporizer tanks for offering all this at a great price of just $14.95.


1 – Smok TFV8 X-Baby


Smok TFV8 X - Cheap Vaporizer Tanks


Smok’s TFV series of tanks is widely-recommended across the vaping community in general, but the TFV8 X-Baby in particular takes top-spot on our list for balancing this capability with a low price. It isn’t the cheapest vape tank on this list, but it’s user-friendly and comes with a great selection of coils as standard. The tank is 24.5 mm wide and has a 4 ml e-juice capacity, but the hinged top-filling system, simple construction and excellent performance puts it head and shoulders above much of the competition.


The TFV8 X-Baby offers more than most of the low-price vape tanks when it comes to coils, with a 0.4 ohm dual coil atomizer head installed (rated for 40 to 80 W), and a 0.25 ohm dual coil head included with the kit as standard. You can also add an RBA head if you want to use the device as a rebuildable tank. The performance from both coils is fantastic, but if you’re looking for huge clouds the lower-ohm option really steals the show. There’s also adjustable airflow to give you some control over your performance, as well as a wide Delrin drip tip to maximize airflow and offer some heat protection for your lips.


The TFV8 X-Baby costs $22.95, but even though it’s a little bit more than some of the devices above, it’s still a great deal for one of the best-quality cheap vape tanks in its class.



Best Cheap Vape Tanks: RTAs


RTAs are a little more hands-on than sub ohm tanks. However, the benefits they offer – especially if you’re looking for inexpensive tanks in a bid to save money – are massive. As well as picking up the tank itself for less, you’ll also be able to keep vaping for cheaper because picking up new wick and wire is much cheaper than buying pre-made coils. There are many excellent cheap vape tanks in this class, and here are five of our top picks.


5 – Movkin JC25 RTA


Movkin JC25 RTA - Best Cheap Vaporizer Tanks


The JC25 RTA from Movkin is intended as a companion to the Disguiser 150 W TC mod, but if you’re looking for one of the most affordable vape tanks that supports rebuilding, it’s worth considering on its own merits. The tank has a substantial 6 ml capacity, and has a 24.5 mm diameter that makes it a comfortable fit on most box mods. The tank has a top-filling design, and a sloped wide bore Delrin drip tip to offer good heat resistance while maximizing airflow. There are four slots for the adjustable airflow system around the base of the tank.


Like many of the cheap vape tanks in the RTA class, it features a two-post, Velocity-style build deck. There are two holes in each post, which makes it a great choice for multi-coil builds, and each post-hole is 2 mm in diameter so it can be comfortably used with most wire types. The airflow holes in the deck come up right underneath your coils, which offers a direct hit of air and maximizes both the flavor and vapor production you get from the tank. The result is an RTA that’s really easy to build on and offers fantastic performance every time.


The Movkin JC25 is a great tank largely due to its excellent price, on sale at $14.97, but even the standard $19.95 price is a great deal. It comes with a spare glass tank section and a screwdriver, as well as some spare parts.


4 – OBS Frost Wyrm RDTA


Frost Wyrm RDTA - Affordable Vape Tanks


The OBS Frost Wyrm RDTA is a little different from the rest of the options on this list. It’s a rebuildable tank, but the RDTA style puts the deck above the tank rather than being encased within it like most RTAs. This means it performs a bit more like an RDA than most RTAs, but it maintains the convenience of a tank system. The tank itself has a 3.3 ml capacity, and the device has a 25 mm diameter. The tank has a top airflow system to prevent leaking and a handy side-filling slot to make it really user-friendly.


The deck is a two-post, Velocity-style offering, with two holes in each post and a spacious deck for your builds. There are huge picking ports on either side of the posts, so you won’t have issues getting everything set up. It has a wide-bore POM drip tip (which is the generic name for Delrin), so there is plenty of heat-resistance for higher-wattage vaping. Unlike many cheap vape tanks in the RTA class, it comes with a couple of pre-wrapped Clapton coils too, so all you have to do to get started is attach them and wick the coils with the included Japanese organic cotton.


The Frost Wyrm costs $25.95, which is a good price that puts it comfortably up there with the top cheap vape tanks you can find on the market.


3 – Wotofo Sapor


Sapor RTA - Best Cheap Vape Tanks


The Sapor from Wotofo isn’t a particularly new RTA, but it’s affordable price and great performance earns it a spot among the best performing tanks you can pick up today. It has a quite a small 2 ml juice capacity, but it has a great design and it’s a comfortable building platform whether you’re experienced or new to rebuilding. It has a top-filling, top-airflow design, which gives it great leak-resistance and makes it a really easy device to use on a day-to-day basis.


The Sapor has the usual Velocity-style build deck, with two holes in each and four big ports for your wicks. Like all of the RTA options on this list, this makes it really easy to set up, and it has a PEEK insulator so it can stand up to high-temperature, high-wattage vaping. The performance is excellent, with the unique airflow system working to open up your draw but still providing impressive leak-resistance.


The Sapor is currently on sale for $24.95, but even at the standard price of $29.95 it’s still a solid option for anybody looking for cheap e-cig tanks.


2 – Wismec Cylin


Cylin RTA - Best Cheap Vape Tanks


The Cylin from Wismec features a unique design, a sizable build deck and a leak-resistant design that doesn’t compromise airflow, earning it a spot on this list. The Cylin has a 22 mm build deck below a 3.5 ml tank, with a liquid flow control ring so you can set up your device to suit thinner, PG-heavy mixes or thicker VG-based ones. The airflow control ring is unlike that on most tanks, with a circular section completely cut out around the bottom of the tank and two fins to channel air directly up to the coil through the deck’s posts.


The deck on the Cylin is set up for single-coil builds, and the tank comes with two notch coils that are ready to attach and vape with. Unlike most cheap vape tanks in the RTA class, this is another option that works more like an auto-dripper, but the bottom-deck design makes it more effective at wicking than other options like the Frost Wyrm. It’s a top-filling tank, and it comes with a wide-bore drip as standard. You can also replace the deck section with other RDAs such as the INDE DUO and the Indestructible.


The Cylin costs $25.95, and comes with two notch coils, two spare hex screws and a compatible screwdriver.


1 – Sigelei Moonshot


Moonshot RTA - Affordable Vape Tanks


Sigelei is mainly known for their mods, but the Moonshot takes the top spot on this list of the best cheap vape tanks in the RTA class thanks to a simple but effective design and the reasonable price. It isn’t the cheapest vape tank on the list, but for a balance between performance and price it does really well. The tank is only 3ml in capacity, but it has a top-filling design and leaves plenty of space for the deck thanks to the 24 mm diameter of the tank. It features a slot-style adjustable airflow system at the bottom of the tank.


The deck has a two-post design, and even though it’s not Velocity-like in its execution – with just one post-hole each – it’s still well set up for dual-coil builds. The post-holes have a 3 mm diameter, so can comfortably hold two wire-ends each, even for thicker wire types. There are four nice big wicking channels set up perfectly for dual-coil builds, and the airflow holes open up directly underneath your coils. This gives the tank excellent performance, and despite a slightly higher price, the design is a big part of why this is one of the best affordable vape tanks you can pick up today.


The Moonshot costs $26.97, and comes with a spare glass tank section, O-rings, screws and tools.



Best Cheap Vape Tanks: RDAs


Finally, although they aren’t technically vape tanks – because they aren’t tanks by the conventional definition – rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) are another important group of e-cig atomizers. Like RTAs, they maximize the amount of money you can save by cutting the cost of replacing your coil and wick, but add a bit of complexity through the need to make your own coils. So here are our picks for the most popular vaporizer tanks for vapers on a budget in this class:


5 – Blitz Enterprises Hatty


Blitz Enterprises Hatty - Best Cheap Vaporizer Tanks


The Hatty RDA from Blitz Enterprises opens up this section of our list, offering a great building platform, with a user-friendly layout and a well-designed airflow system. The name of the Hatty matches the top-hat like Delrin drip tip on the device, which widens out towards the top and offers great airflow. This is supported by the dual airflow system on the Hatty, with two sets of inlet holes around the base of the RDA that open up beneath your coils, and a secondary set cut into the top cap to boost the airflow. The result is a pleasantly airy draw that makes the RDA really effective for vapor production in particular.


The deck on the Hatty is a Velocity-style offering, with two posts on the deck with two 3 mm post-holes in each one. This makes it perfect for dual or multi-coil builds, and it can comfortably support larger wire types, so no matter what you’re building with, it’ll be well-suited to the Hatty. The juice well is nice and big, and it has an adjustable copper pin to ensure good connectivity to your mod. All put together, this makes the Hatty a really capable device, well-deserving of a spot among the top cheap RDAs on the market.


The Hatty is available for $24.95, and comes with some spare screws and O-rings.


4 – Wotofo Troll V2


Troll V2 - Affordable Vape Tanks


The Troll is a legendary RDA, and the second version makes this list of the cheap RDA tanks for maintaining its cloud-friendly design while keeping the price pretty low. The Troll V2 has two possible airflow layouts, with one horizontal layout and one diagonal option, adjustable by turning the inner sleeve of the top cap. It has a wide-bore drip tip too, so there’s plenty of airflow and it’s still a fantastic building platform for cloud-chasing vapers.


Like many of the RDAs on this list, the Troll V2 offers a Velocity-style build deck, with two circular 2.7 mm diameter holes in each to support multi-coil builds. The juice well has been extended to 10 mm, so you don’t have to drip too frequently, and it also has a PEEK insulator, so the whole setup stands up to high wattages really well. In short, it’s an excellent performer, easy to build on and well-equipped to deal with whatever you throw at it.


The Troll V2 costs $24.95, and comes with three samples of Comp Wire in addition to the RDA and an instruction manual. If you’re in the market for cheap vape tanks, this is a great deal for rebuilders.


3 – GeekVape Tsunami


Tsunami RDA - Cheap Vaporizer Tanks


GeekVape’s Tsunami packs a ton of benefits into an affordable package, and earns a respectable third place spot on this list. The RDA has a uniform appearance, with two oval-shaped airflow slots around the bottom of the device, which feed through into the deck and direct airflow to the underside of your coils. It also has a wide-bore drip tip, with one diagonal Delrin and one straight-sided Delrin option included as standard, as well as a thinner, stainless steel alternative. It offers excellent flavor and vapor, but also gives you plenty of options for tailoring its performance.


The deck has a two-post, Velocity-style design, and measures 22 mm wide. There’s a deep juice well, so you don’t have to drip too often, and the comfortably-sized deck makes rebuilding a pleasure. There are two rectangular post-holes in each, measuring 2.1 by 3 mm each, giving plenty of space to use Clapton wire or other complex wire types without being stuck for space. The 510 connection is gold-plated for conductivity, and there is a PEEK insulator so you won’t run into problems if you’re running at high wattages.


The price-tag of $26.95 puts it right in line with other options on this list, and it comes with the three drip tips, a 510 drip tip adapter, an allen key, spare screws, O-rings and the RDA itself.


2 – VaporFi Venom


Venom RDA - Best Cheap Vape Tanks


VaporFi has long being expanding its range of tanks and atomizers, and the Venom earns a spot on this list for offering fantastic performance and a user-friendly build deck. The Venom RDA looks fairly standard from the outside, with a uniform 22 mm diameter and a simple wide bore Delrin drip tip, but there’s a lot more to it than it may first appear. Firstly, it offers a dual airflow system, with two airflow slots around the bottom of the device that lead up to the deck and open up directly below your coils, and an extra set of side airflow holes to boost the cloud-chasing potential.


The deck on the Venom is Velocity-style, featuring two posts with two post holes in each, making it ideal for dual or multi-coil builds. The 22 mm deck diameter gives you plenty of room for even more ambitious builds, and your coils will sit comfortably above the airflow holes. It has a deep juice well, and a brass center screw for conductivity. With a dual coil build set up and the airflow holes all open, the vapor production from the Venom is hard to beat, and it alone puts it among the best inexpensive vaporizer tanks for clouds. As a bonus, the Venom changes color when you vape over 80 W, with the black top cap turning white and revealing a VaporFi logo.


The Venom RDA costs $29.99 new, putting it among the most expensive options on this cheap vape tanks list but still a great deal overall.


1 – Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF


Pulse 24 BF - Best Cheap Vaporizer Tanks


The Pulse from Vandy Vape is a unique RDA that keeps the price pretty low to earn it a spot on this list. The first point to note about the Pulse 24 BF is that it’s a bottom-feeding RDA, which means you can use it with squonk mods for a more convenient RDA vaping experience, but it also works perfectly well as a standard RDA. The bottom-feed hole feeds directly into the juice wells at either side of the deck, which are positioned so your wicks rest in them.


The deck itself is what really separates the Pulse 24 BF from the others on this list, with a post-less design. This means the four terminals for connecting your coils are directly in the deck of the RDA, with your coils standing up directly from the deck and screws around the outside edge for opening and closing them up. Building is still really easy with this type of setup; the only real difference is that you have to snip the legs of your coils down before connecting. The 24 mm diameter gives you plenty of space to work with too. The airflow on the Pulse 24 comes from the side of your coil, and has a downwards diagonal slant to protect against leaking.


The Pulse 24 BF costs $28.95, and comes with a handy T-shaped tool, two 810 drip tips (Delrin and Ultem), a 510 drip tip adapter and some spare parts.



How Much Vape Tanks Cost


If you’re in the market for the best quality and affordable vape tanks, it’s difficult to know how good a deal you’re getting if you don’t know how much vape tanks cost in usual circumstances. Affordable vape tanks vary in price according to the type of tank, but even though you may expect big-name brands to be more expensive, that isn’t always the case.


  • Sub ohm tanks tend to cost around $30. In some cases they can be much more expensive than this, and as the cheap vape tanks list above shows, you can also find them for notably cheaper too.
  • Rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) are a little more expensive on average, usually around $35 and up to $40 in many cases. Again, there are plenty of more expensive options – notably the Kayfun V5, which costs almost $120 – but many cheap vape tanks in this class too.
  • Rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) aren’t technically tanks, but ordinarily cost around as much as RTAs. The price here is really variable, though, with many higher-end devices costing $60 to $70 and some being much more affordable.


Best Place to Buy Inexpensive Vape Tanks Online


If you’re looking for the best place to buy budget vape tanks, there are plenty of stores that offer vape tanks for sale to meet your needs. In practice, most online vaping stores will include several options for affordable tanks, as well as higher-end, more expensive options too. Many of the affordable vape tanks in this post can be found at DirectVapor, who have a great selection of affordable vape tanks, but VaporDNA is another great store with many cheap vape tanks for sale. Finally, VaporFi has recently added many different brands to their store, and is another great place to check if you’re looking to buy cheap vape tanks.




If you’re looking for the best cheap vape tanks, you’re spoiled for choice whether you’re interested in RDAs, RTAs or sub ohm tanks. There are tons of excellent devices on the market, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get one that will do everything you’re looking for. If you’re serious about saving money, a rebuildable device is recommended because of the lower upkeep cost, but if you want minimum fuss, plenty of sub ohm tanks are available for cheap too. All you have to do is think about what you want and pick something suitable, whether one of the suggestions above or something else from an online vape store.