Wismec Reuleaux RX75 Review

Our Wismec Reuleaux RX75 review takes a look at the 75 W, TC-equipped single-battery mod: it may look cool, but does it perform well enough to be worth picking up?

Bottom Line
The RX75 kit is a fantastic choice for vapers looking for a capable single-battery mod. With plenty of power for most vapers’ tastes, a full-featured TC mode and a very comfortable, user-friendly design, it’s an outstanding mod. For $54.95, it’s a great deal that’s well worth snapping up.
Build Quality
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Up to 75W of power, with a mech mod “bypass” mode
TC vaping with nickel, stainless steel and titanium
Adjustable TCR functionality
Comes with the Amor Mini, a top-filling, 2 ml capacity sub ohm tank
Excellent minimalist design
Clear OLED display screen
Simple menu system
Firing bar makes the RX75 really comfortable to use
Great deal for $54.95
The lock switch on the firing bar is a bit stiff
The design limits you to using 22 mm diameter atomizers
The top cap on the Amor Mini can be hard to remove
Wismec Reuleaux RX75

Is it worth buying?

The Wismec Reuleaux RX75 is a great single-battery mod. It’s packed with all the features you could really want, has a fantastic design, is easy to use and performs like a beast.

For $55, it’s a pretty affordable mod and definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a single-battery device. The 75W power limit might not be enough for hardcore cloud-chasers, but for most vapers’ needs this is more than enough power. With the excellent Amor Mini thrown in, the kit makes a great choice for your first mod, and offers excellent performance right out of the box. This one comes highly recommended.

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Wismec Reuleaux RX75 Kit Review

Wismec is one of the companies making waves in the vaping industry over the past year, with some excellent devices hitting the market like the Presa, the Bambino, the Theorem and the Reuleaux series of mods, including the RX200S and the RX2/3. Now they’ve hit the market with the latest incarnation of the Reuleaux mods, the RX75, boasting high-power vaping, a unique design and temperature control as standard. But with so many temperature-control equipped box mods on the market these days, can the new Reuleaux RX75 really offer enough to make a name for itself? Is it worth the $54.95 price tag? Our Wismec Reuleaux RX75 review puts the device to the test to find out.

What You Get

Reuleaux RX75 Review - Unboxing

The Reuleaux comes in a sleek black box, with a sketched outline of the device on the front, logos around the sides and some information about what’s inside on the back. The mod and Amor Mini tank sit in a velvet-lined foam block on the upper level, and underneath is a box containing a spare coil, a USB cable, a clear front panel for the device and some instruction booklets. You also get a spare clear drip tip in the upper level. This is a good selection of gear, especially considering the $55 price tag. All you need to start vaping is a high-drain battery and some e-juice.

The Design

Reuleaux RX75 - The Design



The Wismec Reuleaux RX75 vape mod looks really cool. Because of the whole design concept for the mod, the outside is very much bare. The outer case of the device is black, with a taller section at the back to make room for the battery and the tank at a slightly lower level on the front side. The body has distinctive sections at the front and back end, where panels open up to reveal the adjustment buttons and the battery slot.

The outer edges of the panels are fringed with white, producing two clear stripes running down the body of the device that both take sharp turns off to the side near the top of the device. It’s pretty striking, and the only branding is on the base of the tank and a barely-visible logo on the side of the mod, so the overall impact is fantastic.

Front Panel

RX75 Display Screen

Underneath the front panel, the e-cig mod has a nice big display screen, two adjustment buttons and a small magnet to keep the panel closed (which you’d be forgiven for mistaking for a fire button). This is all backed by white, but you can also get the device with red, tiffany blue or black as a secondary color.

Display Screen

The screen is OLED, and is very well-presented and spacious. Your main setting (wattage or temperature) is at the top, with smaller sections below for the voltage or wattage you’re operating at, the resistance of your coil, a puff counter and the current you’re drawing. There’s also a battery icon underneath so you can get an idea of your remaining charge level.

Battery Slot

Reuleaux Battery Slot and Firing Bar

The back of the device is occupied by the battery, and this is accessed using a magnetically-closing panel. The polarity is clearly indicated on the inside, and your battery fits in snugly between the top and the sturdy contact point at the bottom.

Firing Bar and Lock Switch

The battery section of the Wismec Reuleaux RX75 vape mod also doubles as a fire button (really a firing bar) for the device. All you have to do is give the back a little squeeze and the mod fires. The mechanism works really well; you can pick up the device without worrying too much about accidentally activating it, but it’s easy to fire when you want to. There is a risk of accidental firing, though, so there’s a lock switch at the top you can activate when you’re carrying the device around or not using it for a while. The button is a little stiff but you can move it easily enough with your thumbnail.

The Amor Mini Tank

Wismec Reuleaux RX75 Review - Amor Mini Tank

The Amor Mini is paired with the Wismec Reuleaux RX75 in the kit, and it has a pretty standard layout. The coil screws into the base, and the top cap can be removed for refilling. The base also has an airflow control ring, but the slots are hidden behind a front panel, which bears the Wismec logo but otherwise keeps the minimalist, bare look like most of the device. The covered slots mean you can’t easily see your current setting, but it does stop turning when you hit the minimum and maximum.

The top cap is quite thin, and the base doesn’t take up too much space either, so the majority of the tank is occupied by the glass tank tube. Inside you can see the chimney and coil stretching up from the base to the mouthpiece, with two oval ports for wicking at the bottom of the outer metallic chimney. The tank is topped off with a wide-bore drip tip, which has a standard 510 connection and can be easily replaced.

The Design – Overall

The Wismec Reuleaux RX75 vape mod looks great, thanks to a minimalist approach to design, very little branding and a generally cool design concept. Hiding the adjustment buttons under a panel might make them slightly harder to access, but it gives the mod a distinctive, no-nonsense visual style.

Reuleaux RX75 Features

Variable Wattage and Bypass Mode

The main feature of the RX75 mod is the same as for most mods: variable wattage (VW) vaping. Using the two adjustment buttons, you can set the power output for the RX75 anywhere from 1 to 75 W. Holding the button down increases the scrolling speed so it’s easy to make big adjustments to your setting. This is a pretty feature for a modern box mod, but it does everything you want it to.

In addition to the simple VW operation, you can set the device in “bypass” mode to just use the raw voltage of the battery. This gives the device mechanical-mod-like operation, which increases the power output beyond the VW range if your resistance is low enough. For instance, on the 0.2 ohm coils included with the kit, you can go up to around 88 W using bypass mode on a fully charged battery.

Temperature Control Mode and Adjustable TCR

Reuleaux RX75 Review - Temperature Control

The other major feature on most modern box mods is temperature control (TC), and the RX75 is well-equipped in this department. It offers TC vaping with stainless steel, nickel and titanium coils, with a temperature range of 200 to 600 °F (or 100 to 315 °C). You can also adjust the ramp up wattage between 1 and 75 W too, which makes it much easier to get exactly the sort of performance you’re looking for.

The Wismec Reuleaux RX75 also offers three adjustable TCR settings. This allows you to tailor the response of TC mode to suit your preferences, your build or your specific wire type (more on this here). You can set up the three TCR modes (M1 to M3) by holding the fire button and the right adjustment button with the device switched off. This allows you to set the TCR anywhere from 1 to 1000, with the values representing the true TCR multiplied by 100,000.

Really, this is all you could want from a TC mode. You can get it set up to perfectly suit your preferences with very minimal fuss.

Stealth Mode

Holding down the fire button and the left adjustment button puts the RX75 into stealth mode. This prevents the screen from lighting up when you press the fire button. With the standard opaque front panel, this feature is basically useless, but it’s a handy addition if you’re using the alternative translucent front panel.

Power Off and Lock Features

The Wismec Reuleaux RX75 also allows you to turn off the power and lock the keys to prevent accidental activation or adjustment when you’re carrying it around. Pressing and holding the two adjustment buttons together locks them, and doing the same again unlocks them. Thanks to the front panel, though, this is of limited use. Turning the device off requires five quick presses of the fire button, and this is an alternative to using the lock switch to prevent accidental firing. However, the switch is really the best way to stay safe when carrying the device around. Although it’s unlikely, you could switch the device on in your pocket if it isn’t locked.

Safety Features

The RX75 also comes with all of the safety features you expect from any regulated mod. This includes protection against short circuits (or resistance below the 0.1 ohm limit for VW or the 0.05 ohm limit for TC mode), protection against high internal temperatures, weak and low battery protection, and a 10-second cut-off to protect against accidental firing.

Wismec Reuleaux RX75 Review – In Use

Wismec Reuleaux RX75 Review - Performance

The feature-set and design of the RX75 give the device a good starting point, but the most important things to consider are how the device performs and what it’s like to use on a day-to-day basis.

Performance – Wattage Mode

In wattage mode, the performance from the RX75 vape mod is excellent. The device is very responsive, giving a hard-hitting vape with the Amor Mini or any other atomizer you attach. The vapor production and flavor depend very much on your setup and chosen wattage, but the Amor Mini offers ample vapor production and vibrant flavor across a wide range of settings. With the included 0.2 ohm coils, the performance is great right up to the maximum setting of 75 W. However, the flavor does diminish with some juices towards the upper end.

Performance – TC Mode

The wide range of options the RX75 offers for TC vaping makes the performance in TC mode hard to fault. With the room temperature resistance locked in and the ramp-up wattage set to your liking, you’ll be very happy with the performance. As the temperature approaches your limit, the output tails off, but the change is quite smooth, so you don’t get that sharp, stop-start type vaping experience you get with some TC devices.

The vapor production is pretty good in TC mode, too. It’s hard to approach the cloudiness of VW mode vaping with the temperature limitation, but you still get a satisfying amount of vapor with every puff. Overall, TC mode works just like you want it to on the RX75.

The Menu System: Changing Modes and Other Setting Adjustments

The menu system on the RX75 works really well. You press the fire button three times in quick succession to enter the menu, and this sets the top element of the home screen (your mode) flashing. You use the right adjustment button to change the current setting, or you can scroll to another setting using the left button. So to switch from VW to TC mode, you press the fire button three times, wait for the top element of the display to flash, and then press the right adjustment button until it displays the mode you want. Pressing the fire button again confirms the setting.

In VW mode, there isn’t too much you can adjust: you can change the bottom-left display element to show the puff count, time or the temperature of the internal circuit board, but nothing else. In TC mode, you use the same basic system to adjust the ramp up wattage or to lock the resistance (at room temperature) to ensure consistent performance.

The Amor Mini: Changing Coils and Filling Up

The Amor Mini works like most sub ohm tanks, so most vapers will be right at home with the simple tasks of changing coils and refilling. The top-filling design makes refilling really easy. All you have to do is unscrew the top cap and then fill up, making sure to avoid getting juice down the center tube. The only challenge is unscrewing the top cap, which is a little difficult because it’s so thin, but you can do it if you use the indented circular pattern for grip. Getting the cap back on is a bit fiddly too.

Changing coils is as easy as it ever is. You invert the tank and unscrew the base to get access to the coil. Then you simply unscrew the old coil and put the new one in its place. As always, you prime the coil, fill up the tank and then wait 5 to 10 minutes before you start vaping.

Comfort and Portability

The curved edges of the Wismec Reuleaux RX75, combined with the general box mod layout, make it a very comfortable device to hold. This only gets better thanks to the firing bar being used instead of a button, because you just have to give the device a bit of a squeeze when you want to vape. Whether you prefer to hold the device so the firing bar sits in the nook of your palm between your fingers and your thumb or so your fingers rest on it, firing is a comfortable process and quickly becomes second-nature.

For portability, the RX75 mod couldn’t be much better. It’s a single-battery device, so it’s about as small as a mod can get, and the decision to set the 510 connection a little lower down keeps everything compact even with the tank attached. The device easily slips into a pocket or a bag, making it a good option for a device to use out of the house.

Does the Front Panel Get Annoying?

Wismec Reuleaux RX75 - Adjusting Settings

The decision to hide the adjustment buttons and display screen behind a panel might seem like a bad idea. Why hide the adjustment buttons and the useful information about your setup behind a panel? Wouldn’t you be opening it to change your setting and check your battery life all the time?

Thankfully, the panel doesn’t really cause much of an issue. After you’ve dialed in the right setting for your juice and coil, you don’t really need the adjustment buttons, and this brings a mechanical mod-like simplicity to the experience.

When you’re actually dialing in your setting, you may have to flip it open and closed a little more, but all this requires is getting your fingernail in behind the edge of the panel and flipping it out. I tend to leave it open while I find the right setting, but opening and closing it between each adjustment really isn’t so bad. And if you want to see your settings and battery life at a glance, you can always switch to the translucent front panel.

Does the Amor Mini Leak?

The Amor Mini is pretty resistant to leaking thanks to the design of the adjustable airflow ring. Juice would have to come up and over the outer ring to leak, and in my testing this never happened. There was a small amount of build up around the 510 connection after extensive use, but no noticeable leaks while I vaped.

In Use – Overall

The Wismec Reuleaux RX75 is a solid performer, easy to use, comfortable and portable. The design elements do a good job of making it user-friendly while keeping a minimalist appearance and not compromising on features.

Build Quality

Wismec has done a great job putting together the RX75. The device has a sturdy build, and despite the front panel in particular being at risk of getting bent or otherwise broken in use, it’s securely screwed in and won’t get damaged unless you’re very careless. Everything on the device is solid and reliable, but maybe the locking switch is a little too stiff.