Why Restaurants and Bars Should Promote E-Cigarettes

By Lindsay Fox Posted March 11, 2013

E-Cigarettes in Bars
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The days when you could smoke tobacco in bars are coming to an end. As more and more states opt for smoke-free laws which affect restaurants and bars, you will see people lighting up inside less and less. One of the biggest benefits of e-cigarettes is that since they don’t create smoke – they produce vapor – they are not subject to “No Smoking” rules of any description. However, businesses are free to choose if they allow e-cigarettes in their establishments, so the future of indoor nicotine consumption is still uncertain. So far, however, businesses that have embraced the technology have benefited from it, and there are several reasons why.


Don’t Put off Customers


Imagine you’re a smoker considering a trip out to a bar in the winter. If you enjoy the combination of a nice drink and some nicotine, you’re faced with standing outside in the bitterly cold weather for a significant portion of the evening. Would you really spend more money on your drinks for the privilege of standing outside every time you want a cigarette? It’s extremely doubtful. With e-cigarettes, you’re able to stay inside and enjoy the bar. As the owner of a restaurant or bar, there is no reason to ban e-cigarettes and wave goodbye to potential business.


They Aren’t Harmful to Bystanders


The vapor given off by an e-cigarette contains a handful of chemicals, compared to the thousands present in tobacco cigarettes. As a result, research has shown that there is little risk to bystanders from someone puffing on an e-cigarette. This is related to the trace quantities of chemicals in the exhaled vapor (which is largely water vapor) and the fact that the “side-stream” you get from the tip of a cigarette doesn’t happen with an e-cig. The smell is also completely inoffensive (if anything, it’s actually nice), so all of the other customers won’t be affected.


Customers Stay Longer


Without all of the trips outside to puff away on cigarettes, customers stick around for longer and buy more drinks. It’s been studied by the owner of a club, who concluded that customers who used e-cigs bought 1.4 extra drinks compared to if they’d have been going outside to smoke. Alcohol and nicotine do often go hand in hand, so separating them unnecessarily by banning e-cigs doesn’t make sense for any bar.


Make Money by Selling Them


If you’re running a bar, having some disposable e-cigarettes available for sale will entice smokers into buying. If they don’t want to go outside, if their friends don’t smoke or if they’re curious about the technology they may pick one up. You’ll make a profit on each sale, and then – according to the previous statistics – you’ll also sell them one or more extra drinks.


Everyone is Welcome


Banning e-cigarettes in restaurants or bars sends out a bad message. With no potential damage to bystanders, the only reason you would do so is because you don’t like the aesthetic appearance or even the idea of anything like smoking. Essentially, you’re turning people away without having a good reason to do so. Allowing e-cigarettes sends a clear message: as long as you’re not harming anybody else, you’re more than welcome in this establishment. We know which one we’d choose.


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  • ThisGuysThumbs

    I wholeheartedly disagree. As a former smoker, I can smell the disgusting oder that comes from the use or these things. The e-cigs may give off only vapor but the exhale of the smoker is still giving off the poison in the smoke. I can actually get a smokers high from hanging out with a group of e-smokers. As well, the lure of the e-cig is offensive to my enforcement of a no smoke ban in my bar. Step outside for a minute. Before I quit, it was a nice break to step outside and smoke, and I met lots of people. Now that I’m a non-smoker, I thank myself for quitting every time I see someone smoke. It really is a disgusting habit, and e-cigs are every bit as fowl – chickens and otherwise.

    • Eric

      Drinking alcohole is an disgusting habit too, i quit that one years ago

  • Most people enjoy the odor that comes from the use of e-cigs. It’s very similar to the odor that comes from using hookahs. But, of course, that’s a personal opinion and I respect yours.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “poison”, because e-cigs only contain a handful of ingredients (read: https://ecigarettereviewed.com/whats-in-an-e-cigarette), most of which are essentially harmless (or at least less harmful than ingredients in cigarettes).

    As a bar owner, you have every right to enforce no-smoking or no-vaping bans. It’s probably best to keep your environment as smoke-free (vape-free) as possible 🙂