VaporFi VOX Mini Review

The VaporFi VOX Mini 40 Watt mod is a really fantastic vaporizer, taking on the incredible features of the original VOX and minimizing them into a sleek, compact size. The result is an excellent device that performs very well, providing high power within a very slim body.

VaporFi Vox Mini 40 W
Bottom Line
The VOX Mini is a solid product. I’m really into the small box mod setup, as having a petite device has the benefit of going anywhere, fitting anywhere, and being really comfortable in the hand. The Vox Mini is a great all-around, all-the-time mod.
Build Quality
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Perfectly handy size that fits anywhere; from the smallest pocket to the smallest handbag.
Expertly engineered with a vented battery casing.
Fires from 7W up to 40W, making this a solid high-powered mod for great cloud blowing.
Atomizer resistance from 0.3 ohm to 3.0 ohm.
USB passthrough charging system.
Features an auto ohm resistance meter that configures ideal voltage.
Stainless steel body with contrast detailing for durable construction and high style.
Bright, clear OLED digital screen.
Smaller device size means less powerful battery/ shorter battery life.
40W is great, decent wattage handling, but more would not be a bad thing.
Price is a little on the higher side for this products similar to this one in the market.
VaporFi VOX Mini

Is it worth picking up?

Overall, if you want a decent level of wattage, A+ performance, the freedom to use the tank of your choice, and really nice handling out of a compact mod; this is a really great choice.

You get a well-designed, well-made mod that does everything you need it to, simply. High power, great performance, great mod. Price could be a bit lower, but the quality balances it out. All around this is the ideal compact mod, perfect for anyone looking for a great low maintenance, high vapor choice.

Full review

Vox Mini 40 W review

The VOX Mini from VaporFi is a really fantastic mod, taking on the incredible features of the original VOX and minimizing them into a compact size. The result is an excellent device that performs very well, providing high power within a very slim body.

What You Get

At $79.99 $29.99, you get a really well-built mod that handles any 510 connection tanks with ease and force. It’s higher in price than a lot of other 40W devices, but quality needs to be factored in, and in my opinion: you get what you pay for.

The power level is nothing short of awesome – 40W is great; when you get beyond 75-80W, to me, is not always necessary, especially if you want something compact. Big numbers do not necessarily mean bigger or better performance. Really nice range of atomizer resistance to choose from too; nothing out of the ordinary, just the basic necessities for precision from 0.3 to 3.0 ohm. The solid construction of this mod is excellent; ultimately durable.

The OLED screen is very precise – clear, concise. And for a smaller device that handles this well, it’s an awesome little rocket of a mod. The mod includes a built in 35A battery, and it comes with a USB charger. The tank is not included, though; like the majority of other mods out there.

Design and Compatibility

Vox Mini vv vw box mod

This mod was so well designed, and that is one of the most obvious points about it, right off the bat. The engineering was done to accommodate heavy usage, as the battery casing features custom venting. It fits the hand ideally, and being on the smaller side it’s not at all bulky or bothersome.

The VOX Mini does not get heavy when using it over a long period of time. It really is the ideal size for using when you are out and on the go. The sleek style takes into consideration the perfect proportions; very slim, even with a full size tank attached. This is a really big bonus because a small mod really needs to be small. It needs to fit easily into a pocket or small purse, without causing the user any trouble; accessibility is a really important factor when it comes to vaping!

The stainless steel body is great; exceptionally durable and does not feel rickety on any level. The spring-loaded 510 connection allows it to be used effortlessly with just about any commercially available tank, so whatever your preferences are, you can most likely hook it up.

Battery Life and Vapor Production

For a really small mod, the battery life is great. Yes, it could be better in some ways, but what we’re working with here is a single 35A battery, built in; not two 18650’s. Now, if we were, the power would be drastically increased, but the mod would have to be a lot larger to house them, and the weight of the device would be much heavier. It’s a slight compromise considering the benefits of the compact size of this mod. This battery contributes to the production of excellent clouds and supports the adjustable wattage really nicely.

As for vapor production, I can’t say I have any complaints at all. The ability to fire up to 40 watts, with a solid range of atomizer resistances allows for the perfect amount of control to get the vapor exactly where I want it. The clouds are great, and if you’re big on big vapor, this is a mod to consider. Petite device; mega power; really great vapor production.

In Use

VaporFi Vox Mini - 40 W box mod

In use, I’ve gotten a really nice experience. Definitely one of the better mods of this size that I’ve used for its output and abilities when being able to customize settings, in terms of power, and how well it takes to heavy use. I can use this mod without any hassles, anywhere. I’m all for USB pass through because charging while vaping is one of those features that basically should be universal. How do you live without that?

Manufacturing Quality

Now this is an aspect that I don’t think should ever be compromised on. Manufacturing plays such a role in how a product perform and how long it lasts, and I’m sure anyone who knows will tell you, VaporFi manufacturing quality is there 100%. Every part of this device is crafted right, and will do exactly what it needs to. You can go after cheaper items with lots of bells and whistles, but that won’t change the fact that the device will probably quit on you in a few weeks. VaporFi does not disappoint on manufacturing quality whatsoever and they back this up with a 90 unconditional warranty for the VOX Mini.

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