VaporFi E-Liquid Review

Bottom Line
For the budget vaper looking to stock up on some quality e-liquid, VaporFi has you covered. The ability to custom blend up to three flavors will help any vapor find what they're looking for.
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FDA-registered lab and mixing formulas
Made-to-inhale ingredients, diacetyl-free
Lot numbers printed on all bottles
Custom blended with up to three flavors
Six nicotine concentration options
Very reasonable pricing at $0.50/ml
No option to choose PG/VG ratio
High propylene glycol content at 70%
VaporFi E-Liquid

Is it worth buying?

With VaporFi e-liquid you're going to get a no-frills product that should hopefully comply with future FDA regulations. Safety regarding e-liquids is a hot topic in the media and VaporFi manufactures juice that not only isn't attractive to kids, but is about as child-proof as it gets. On top of all that, everything used in their e-liquid is FDA or GRAS approved and made in a registered lab ensuring it will be free from cross-contamination.

Fine print aside, their e-liquids can actually be pretty tasty. The option to mix your own blends is a big plus, as you can attempt to re-create some of your favorite juices for a fraction of the price. VaporFi e-liquid may not be premium on taste, but at 50 cents per milliliter, the value is tough to beat. I would recommend their juice to any newer vaper looking to find a quality cartridge or cartomizer refill and those who just want a cost-effective alternative.

Full review

VaporFi is a subsidiary of International Vapor Group, Inc. and manufacturer of both e-cigarettes and e-liquid. We've already reviewed their line of rechargeable e-cigs (read our VaporFi review here) so now it's time to review VaporFi e-liquid blends.

Unlike many juice companies, VaporFi gives customers the option of choosing their own e-liquid blends with up to three flavors. And that e-liquid is all made in an FDA-registered lab with specially “made-to-inhale” flavorings.


Child-safety is a hot topic in e-cig world right now and VaporFi is prepared to handle potential FDA regulations. All their e-liquids come in 30ml bottles that are sealed in plastic wrap and have child-resistant locking caps.

The labels are also very professional and unflashy, containing a bar code, ingredients list, nicotine content and nicotine warning. On the bottom of each bottle is a sticker printed with the flavorings used.

Mixing Options

The cool thing about VaporFi's e-liquids is customers are given the opportunity to choose their own flavor blends. Up to three flavors can be combined in each bottle using over 50 options. There are also six nicotine concentrations to choose from ranging from 0% all the way up to 3.6% so even the more hardcore smokers have an appealing option.

VaporFi E-Liquid mixing

However, VaporFi's liquids may be the best choice for cloud chasers and those who use dripping atomizers. There is no option to select your PG to VG ratio so vapers are left with the 70% PG, 30% VG standard VaporFi uses in all their e-liquids.

VaporFi E-Liquid Flavors

Strawberry + Cheesecake + Graham Cracker – Rating: 4/5

Taste: VaporFi's Cheesecake blend has a taste that almost resembles strawberry champagne. I'm definitely getting the taste of strawberry cheesecake, along with some graham cracker.

Overall: With this blend, I decided to attempt to recreate the authentic taste of a pastry many have grown to love. Not only does it have both strawberry and cheesecake flavoring but the mixologists at VaporFi threw in some graham cracker as well, to replicate the crust in the pie. The end result worked, but not how as I would have expected. The flavor resembles more of a strawberry champagne. It's a light flavor that vapes really well. I'm just not getting the authentic cheesecake taste. Still, it could very well be an all day vape.

Peach + Creme de la Creme – Rating: 5/5

Taste: This is a peaches ‘n cream style vape that puts extra emphasis on the cream. However, the peach still shines through in a more than subtle way.

Overall: This was easily my favorite of the four VaporFi liquids I tried. Peach is one of the better base flavors to use in an e-liquid and I generally enjoy most that use it. However, the creme de la creme really sticks out in this blend, and in a good way. It's almost like a peach milkshake, something you don't see very often but is surprisingly good!

Guava – Rating: 4.5/5

Taste: This tastes almost like a chewy guava candy.

Overall: Guava's are not something my diet is too familiar with but VaporFi's guava flavored e-liquid is incredibly tasty for being a single flavor. It has a tropical candy feel that isn't too strong nor too weak. It kind of reminds me of a Starburst candy.

American Red Tobacco – Rating: 4/5

Taste: VaporFi's American Red Tobacco juice tastes like a combination of cigarette and cigar tobacco.

Overall: Being VaporFi also sells devices that fall within the “cigalike” category, I felt it only fitting to review one of their tobacco blends. Their American Red Tobacco blend is relatively strong in taste, in comparison to what I've tried from competing brands. That's not to say it is bad, in fact it's actually good. I feel smokers just making the switch need something with a bold taste, whether it be a tobacco or any other flavor. American Red actually closely resembles the natural tobacco taste you would get from a cigarette, without all the additives.