Vapor2 Trinity Review

The Trinity aims to offer the performance of a top-end mod in a compact, almost cute package. But is the little box mod have enough to offer to satisfy just-switching smokers? Our Vapor2 Trinity review tests the mod to find out.

V2 Trinity Mod Review
Bottom Line
The Vapor2 Trinity is a great option for your first mod or something to use out of the house. Although it can’t compete with the market-leaders when it comes to power output and battery life, it offers a solid set of features and great performance in a portable, user-friendly package.
Build Quality
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Compact mod
In-built 1,200 mAh battery
Supports temperature control vaping
Variable wattage from 5 to 40 W
Easy to use
Great design
Sub ohm tank included
Comfortable and portable
Excellent performance
Maximum wattage is too low for some
Small tank – just 2 ml
Can’t vape while charging
Limited battery life

Is it worth picking up?

The Vapor2 Trinity vaporizer by V2 Cigs is a stand-out option for new vapers looking for great performance or longer-term vapers looking for a portable mod.

The 40 W maximum power, limited battery life and the small tank might limit it’s usefulness for cloud-chasers and vapers looking for the very best experience, but if you’re not too keen on big clouds and you value portability, it’s still a great device.

In short, if you’re looking for something small, simple, packed with features and dependable, it’s one of the best options on the market, despite the slightly high price.

Full review

V2 Trinity Review - Box Mod Review

Mods are widely regarded as the most satisfying way to vape, but they have a habit of being bulky and pretty complicated. For a newer vaper, carrying a device that’s bigger than a pack of cigarettes with labyrinthine menu systems isn’t exactly appealing. For the just-switching smoker who’s still looking for excellent performance, something like the V2 Cigs Vapor2 Trinity Vaporizer is exactly what they want. It has the features and the hard-hitting performance you expect from a mod, but it’s impressively compact and keeps things as simple as possible. Priced at $69.95 for the kit, it’s definitely more expensive than the standard beginner offerings, though. We’ve tested the device for our Vapor2 Trinity review to find out if it’s worth the money, and what it has to offer newer vapers.

What You Get

Vapor2 Trinity Review - What You Get

The Vapor2 Trinity kit comes in a small, standard-style white box. There’s a picture of the mod and tank on the front and a listing of the contents on the back. Inside, your mod, tank and a spare coil sit in three sections cut out of a block of foam. To the right is a box with the USB charging cable for the mod, and there’s also a manual inside. This is a good set of gear, and offers everything you need to start vaping apart from some e-juice.

Vapor2 Trinity Review – Design

V2 Trinity Mod Design



The first thing you’ll notice about the Vapor2 Trinity mod is it’s size. It’s about 2 and 1/4 inches tall (without the tank), and 1 and 3/8 inches wide, making it very compact and easy to fit in your hand. It has a curved back edge, a flattened face bearing a small display screen and a rectangular fire button, and two adjustment buttons on the sloped top side just in front of the tank. The body is solid blue (also available in black), with a rubbery, soft-touch coating, and the only branding is the “Vapor2” logo at the bottom of one of the larger faces. The metallic tank matches it nicely, with the brand and the device’s name engraved around the base, but other than that a fairly generic look.

On the whole, the Trinity looks fantastic; it’s a simple, stylish, no-nonsense mod design.

The Front Panel

Most of the action on the Trinity happens on the mod’s front panel. The screen itself has a simple layout, with your main setting displayed on the right, your coil’s resistance and the voltage to the left of it, and a vertical battery icon right at the left edge to let you know how much battery you have remaining. The fire button above it is soft to the touch, with rounded corners and a symbol that looks like a cross between a flame and two wisps of vapor. Above this, the “+” and “–” buttons are used to adjust your main setting. Finally, below the display screen is a micro USB port for recharging.

There are no real complaints here. I might have preferred the adjustment buttons below the display screen and the USB port on the side, but it’s still user-friendly enough as it stands now.

510 Connection

V2 Trinity Mod 510 Connection

The Trinity has a 510 atomizer connection as standard. This means it’s compatible with the vast majority of atomizers on the market, so you can pick up a sub ohm tank or other atomizer and use it in place of the included tank.

The Tank – Basic Structure

Vapor2 Trinity Tank Review

The Trinity tank is a big part of the package, and anybody familiar with sub ohm tanks will be right at home with its layout. The coils screw into the base section of the tank, which you remove by simply unscrewing the top section. There’s a chimney leading from the coil up to the mouthpiece, and it has a wide-bore drip tip as standard. It only holds 2 ml of juice, though. This is the maximum capacity allowed on sale in the EU, but means you’ll have to fill up quite regularly.

The Tank – Top-Filling Design

The tank is top-filling, which makes filling up about as easy as it gets. Unscrewing the mouthpiece section reveals the central chimney and two curved openings for you to fill up into. All you have to do is avoid the central chimney and you’ll refill without issues.

The Tank – Liquid Flow Control

V2 Trinity Tank Liquid Flow Control

The coil on the Trinity tank is surrounded by a metal casing, which has four holes drilled out towards the bottom. Gently twisting the top section of the tank either blocks off these holes or opens them up. If you’re carrying the device around and don’t want any juice to flood into your atomizer, you simply close these holes off. In use, you’ll probably want them completely open so you have a ready supply of e-juice, but you can part-open them if you prefer or have a high-PG e-juice.

The Tank – Airflow Control

The airflow control ring on the Trinity tank works like it does on most devices. There are two large slots on the airflow control ring at the base of the device, and you can turn the outer ring to open or close these slots as much as you like. There are protruding bits of metal at the left end of each slot, which means the ring only turns as far as it needs to. The air slots open up wide enough for direct-to-lung vaping, but also can be closed down to a pair of small enough openings to support mouth-to-lung vaping (which is inhaling in the same way you inhale smoke).


The V2 Cigs Vapor2 Trinity vaporizer has a basic design, but it’s one that’s pretty hard to fault. They’ve managed to get everything you need onto the device despite the very compact size.

Vapor2 Trinity Vaporizer Review: The Features

V2 Trinity Mod Features


Variable Wattage

The most basic feature on the Trinity is the ability to adjust the wattage going to your coil. You can set the wattage anywhere from 5 to 40 W. If you compare this with most other mods on the market, it’s safe to say this is a very limited range of power settings. It’s adjusted in 1 W increments, which is absolutely fine for me, but 0.5 ohm increments would have been a better choice with such a limited range.

If you’re just switching from smoking, or if you’re a vaper like me who isn’t too concerned about having huge clouds, then this is absolutely fine. However, for cloud-chasers, people using rebuildable atomizers or things like Clapton coils that take some time to heat up, the maximum wattage here is a little too low.

You can use VW mode on the Trinity with any atomizer with a resistance of 0.1 ohm all the way up to 3 ohms.

Bypass Mode

If you want performance more like a mechanical mod, the Trinity offers the option of working in “bypass” mode. This means the device sends you battery’s voltage to your coil, which can effectively increase the maximum wattage from the device if your coil’s resistance is low enough. However, for most purposes, VW mode is the better, more consistent way to vape with the Trinity.

Temperature Control Mode

The Trinity also features a pretty solid TC mode, which supports vaping with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils. You can set your maximum temperature at anything from 200 to 600 °F (or 100 to 300 °C), and it works with any coils between 0.1 and 1.2 ohms in resistance. The device remembers your wattage setting from VW mode and carries this over to TC mode, but if you want to adjust it from TC mode, press “fire” and “+” together and hold it for a couple of seconds. The device also lets you “lock in” your room temperature resistance reading to ensure you get consistent performance in TC mode.

Menu System

The menu system on the Trinity is thankfully quite simple. Pressing and holding “+” and the fire button together takes you to the menu, which has three options: Work Mode Setting, Hands Mode Setting and Exit Menu. The first lets you change between VW, bypass and TC mode, the second lets you flip the screen and the last is self-explanatory. You scroll through the menus with the adjustment buttons, and press the fire button to advance to the next menu. So to change from VW mode to TC mode for a nickel coil, you simply hold the “+” and fire buttons down, select Work Mode Setting, and then scroll to the “Ni Temperature Mode” setting and hit fire.

Navigating any menu might not be ideal for a just-switching smoker, but this really is easy to use, and you’ll be right at home with it in no time.

Safety Features

As with every regulated mod, the Trinity comes with plenty of safety features to protect you in the unlikely event something goes wrong. It has a 10 second cutoff to protect you if you accidentally hit the fire button when the mod is in your pocket or a bag, and protection against the device overheating. It also features low voltage, high current and short circuit protection.

Vapor2 Trinity Review: In Use

V2 Trinity Starter Kit Review - In Use


Performance: VW Mode

The Vapor2 Trinity vape mod performs excellently in VW mode. When you hit the fire button, the device responds immediately and works just as you’d hope. Combined with the Trinity tank, you get great vapor production with both the 0.8 ohm and 1.2 ohm coils included with the kit. Although you might run into issues at higher power settings with high-VG juices, as long as you aren’t vaping an 80 % VG e-juice you can get great performance throughout the recommended 15 to 40 W range of the coils.

The device performs just as well with other atomizers, as you’d expect. When you change coils or atomizers, the device will prompt you to confirm that you’ve attached a new coil, then you can vape away as usual.

Performance: TC Mode

The TC mode on the Trinity also works really well. The low maximum wattage on the device means that it approaches your chosen temperature fairly gradually, and does a good job of offering consistent performance even when the temperature is being maintained. Since the Trinity doesn’t come with TC coils, you’ll have to use another atomizer to try the mode out, but if you have one it will work just as well as you’d expect.

Ease of Use

V2 Trinity Mod - Top Filling Tank

For newer vapers, ease of use is a big issue for any device. The good news with the Trinity and it’s tank is that it’s well set up for newer vapers. The top-filling tank is really easy to refill, and changing coils is a simple process too. After removing the base from the tank, you simply unscrew the old coil and put a new one in its place. If you close off the liquid flow, it’s easy to get access to the coil even with a full tank of e-juice.

As for the menu, if you haven’t used a mod before, there will be a bit of a learning curve. But once you get the hang of the system – which really won’t take long – you’ll be absolutely fine doing everything you need to.

Comfort and Portability

One of the big selling-points for the Trinity is its compact design, which makes it a solid option for portability. The device is easy to slip into a pocket or bag, even with a tank attached, and it fits comfortably in your hand. The curved back edge really helps with comfort, and when you throw in the soft-touch coating, it makes it a really pleasant device to hold and use.

Battery Life and Recharging

The only downside to having a small mod is the battery life. The Vapor2 Trinity has a 1,200 mAh battery, which is a pretty good offering for a small device. However, this still represents a bit of a limitation, especially if you’re vaping at high power settings. While it will comfortably get you through a day at work, you’ll probably have drained the battery before you go to bed.

Recharging is as easy as plugging in a USB cable. The device displays a battery icon on the main screen, and it has a “filling” animation to confirm that it’s charging. The solid, non-flashing part of the battery icon gets bigger as you approach a full charge. Although charging is quite quick, the only downside is that you can’t vape while you charge. This is a big limitation for a beginner-friendly device, and it means you might have to pick up another device unless you want to go without nicotine for a couple of hours.

Leaking and Other Issues

So the Trinity is a pretty solid device on the basis of everything we’ve covered, but are there other issues?

In general, the Trinity manages to avoid many of the minor annoyances that plague many mods. For example, the tank doesn’t leak much at all. In fact, the only time it’s leaked on me is when I was screwing the top section back onto the base of the tank, with the tank full. As I tightened the top down, the liquid flow control opened up and caused a slight leak around the top of the base section. This was really minor, though, and is more to do with the liquid flow control being too easy to adjust than an inherent issue with leaking.

Other than that, I had no issues with the Trinity in use.

Build Quality

Vapor2 Trinity Mod Review - Manufacturing Quality

The Trinity mod and its tank are both built really well. The mod is small, but can cope with minor drops and knocks without issues. The tank has a bit of an issue with the liquid flow control being too easy to adjust, but the top cap fits really snugly and screws on securely, and everything else seems really solidly put together.