Vapor Liq E-Liquid Review

Bottom Line
Vapor Liq may be a lesser-known juice company, but they’ve put out a selection of delicious sweet and fruity flavors for such an excellent price that they’re hard to pass up. Not every flavor is a knockout, but for $11.99 for 60 ml, it’s definitely a brand to try out.
Throat Hit
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10 fruit and sweet juices to choose from
Great prices – just $11.99 for two 30 ml bottles
Plenty of nicotine levels to choose from: 0, 1.5, 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml
30/70 PG/VG ratio offers excellent vapor production
Unicorn bottles
Some excellent flavors in the line up, such as Rum Punch and Dulce de Churro
Ideal for both longer-term and newer vapers
Can’t buy small bottles
Some flavors overly sweetened
Vapor Liq

Are they worth buying?

 Vapor Liq may have made its name by shipping out other brands’ juices, but with their line-up of unique and well-executed juices, it’s shown it has what it takes to compete in the industry.

The five sweet and fruity flavors I tried all had a lot going for them when it comes to flavor, with quality you’d expect from a premium juice brand. The good news is that Vapor Liq keeps the price low, at just $11.99 for 60 ml, making it a great mixer for vapers on a budget. Combine the great prices with the delicious flavors and the juices are pretty hard to pass up. Vapor Liq’s juice is definitely worth trying out.

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Vapor Liq E-Juice Flavors Review

Vapor Liq got its start in Los Angeles in 2014, putting out one of many e-juice subscription services designed to help you find new juices you love. The company has continued to evolve, though, and they’ve recently put together their very own line of e-juice. There are 10 flavors on offer, ranging from the churro, cinnamon and dulce de leche blend Dulce de Churro through to the strawberry, banana and milk Berry Blender, and all come in a 70 % VG mix perfect for cloud-chasing. Our Vapor Liq e-liquid review takes a look at five of the flavors to see if the e-juice is worth trying out.

Packaging and Design

Vapor Liq Review - Bottles

The juices from Vapor Liq come in long, thin squeezable plastic “Unicorn” bottles with child-proof caps. Some vapers may prefer glass, but these work well from a practical standpoint, especially if you’re dripping. You can be much more accurate holding the bottle like a pen than you can with the dripper tops you get on glass bottles.

The label design is pretty straightforward. They feature a black and white color scheme, “Vapor Liq” printed vertically on the front and the name of the flavor, the nicotine level and the bottle size below it. Above “Vapor Liq” is half of the brand’s lip-licking smiley logo, and the far left and right of the label show the ingredients and the expected set of warnings.

Mixing Options

Vapor Liq E-Liquid Review - Mixing Options

The juices from Vapor Liq all come in a 30/70 PG/VG ratio, offering a good mix for cloud-chasers, sub ohm tank users and drippers. Thanks to the high VG mix, Vapor Liq’s juices produce a substantial amount of vapor, have a generally smooth throat hit and are best enjoyed on higher-quality atomizers.

For nicotine, Vapor Liq offers 0, 1.5, 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml e-juices. This is a good selection of nicotine levels, with the additional options at the lower end of the spectrum making them especially good for longer-term vapers on their way to being nicotine-free. An 18 mg/ml nicotine strength may have been good for just-switching smokers with basic equipment, the high-VG nature of the juices makes them more tailored to vapers using more capable equipment anyway.

Vapor Liq E-Liquid Review – The Flavors

Vapor Liq E-Liquid Review - The Flavors

Sweet Medley – Rating 4/5

Accuracy: This is described as a “fruity mix of your favorite gummy flavors,” and offers a gummy bear flavor that aims to evoke some nostalgia. The juice has an overriding sweetness, that pushes it close to the point of being sickly-sweet without quite crossing the line. The most prominent flavor in the mix is melon, and the juice evokes memories of Melon Head by Mr. Good Vape. There is a suggestion of other fruits in the background of the mix, but they aren’t easy to pick out.

Overall: This juice is a solid offering from Vapor Liq, despite it being more like a sweet melon flavor than anything necessarily resembling gummy bears. The melon is well-produced and fairly realistic, and the added sweetness keeps you coming back for more. It might be a bit too intense to make a good all-day vape, but it’s still a tasty flavor non-the-less.

Dipped Apples – Rating 4/5

Accuracy: This is modeled after a caramel-dipped green apple lollipop, offering another sweet and fruity flavor that will tick boxes for a lot of vapers. The result is a delicious e-juice, with strong notes of a well-captured apple on the inhale and a dark, caramel sweetness backing the whole thing up. The apple is realistic enough to be identified as a green apple, which is a great point from an accuracy perspective. The caramel might not be as three-dimensional, but it definitely tastes authentic.

Overall: This is another enjoyable juice from Vapor Liq. The flavors are robust, well-replicated, nicely-balanced and complement each other well. The only issue is similar to the limitation of Sweet Medley. While the juice makes a fantastic option for a tank’s worth of vaping, it’s a touch too sweet to be a great all-day vape.

Wapple – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: As the name suggests, this is a mixture of watermelon and apple. The apple is the first thing you pick up from this liquid, with a soft, light character and just a little bit of bite. The watermelon blends with it very nicely, coming to prominence later in your draw and having that delicious, mouthwatering quality you get from a fresh watermelon.

Overall: This straight-up fruity juice is a welcome departure from the heavily sweetened first couple of juices. The sweetness here comes from the fruit, and is more natural-tasting than the candy-like offerings of Sweet Medley and Dipped Apple. The result is a much gentler, more welcoming flavor that lets you enjoy the realistic recreations of the fruit. The two also blend together beautifully, so much so that you almost think they were meant to be eaten together. Definitely one to pick up.

Dulce de Churro – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: The name tells you everything you need to know here: this is a mix of cinnamon-infused, sugary churros and dulce de leche ice cream. The flavor of the juice largely hits the nail on the head, with a donut-y churros taste hitting you straight away, quickly enveloped by the caramel-like taste from the dulce de leche. The cinnamon isn’t too powerful, but comes through on the nose as an overtone.

Overall: This is my favorite juice of the bunch from Vapor Liq. The churros and cinnamon are great, but the dulche de leche pulls the whole flavor in another direction. The sweetness is heavier and more dessert-like, and while this takes the focus away from the churros, it works out really well anyway. I would have personally preferred the cinnamon a little more prominent in the mix, but it’s still a really delicious juice.

Rum Punch – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This is a pina colada flavor, with rum, coconut, pineapple and a cherry garnish. The flavor here comes through really well. The balance between the pineapple and the coconut is particularly true to the taste of a pina colada, and the subtle notes of rum coming in over the top finish it off beautifully. The cherry starts to come through on the exhale and lingers as a very pleasant aftertaste.

Overall: Rum Punch is a great juice for the same key reasons as Wapple. It has a realistic fruity flavor at its core, giving an authentic, natural sweetness that it’s easy to keep coming back to. The rum is well-captured and adds a touch of complexity to the mix, and then the cherry provides the final flourish. This is a close second-favorite for me, but if you prefer fruits to desserts I’d recommend this most highly.