Best Drip Tips for Vaping

Drip tips are a big part of vaping, but something it’s easy to take for granted. That is, until you get a crappy one. Finding the best drip tips will improve the performance from your vape tank, as well as adding some visual flair to your vaping setup and ensuring great heat-resistance.


These days, wide bore drip tips dominate the industry, and some include extra features like a secondary airflow control. Since they’re all pretty affordable, getting the best drip tips is a really simple way to improve your vaping experience. Here are our picks for the top vape drip tips in the industry.


Top 10 Best Drip Tips


10 – Glass Art Drip Tip


Glass Drip Tips - 510 Drip Tip


Glass drip tips offer fantastic heat resistance and are a great choice if you’re looking to get the best flavor from your e-liquid. The Glass Art Drip Tip takes a spot among the top drip tips for offering both of these benefits in addition to looking really cool, with a swirling, flowery design and a couple of color choices available. It’s a wide bore drip tip, but the smaller connection means it fits any tank designed for a 510 drip tip without the need for an adapter. You can pick up the drip tip for $4.99.


9 – Wood Drip Tip


Wood Drip Tips - High Quality Drip Tips


Wood drip tips offer great heat resistance and also have minimal impact on your flavor, but the biggest reason for choosing one is the stylish look they add to your setup. The Wood Drip Tip for sale at DirectVapor has a natural wood-grain exterior with a stainless steel 510 connection so it will work with the vast majority of tanks on the market. It’s available as both a wide bore drip tip and a standard-width 510 drip tip, and comes in cherry wood, dark wood or oak. It costs $3.99, which is an excellent price for one of the top-rated drip tips on the market.


 8 – Still Chuck Innovations Acrylic Drip Tip


Still Chuck Innovations - Drip Tips for Vapes


Acrylic drip tips aren’t often considered among the best vape drip tips, but they still perform excellently and offer good heat resistance too. The options from Still Chuck Innovations are really cool drip tips when it comes to appearance, with each featuring a unique, multi-colored look and coming in a wide variety of styles. You can pick up tips designed for the Cleito, the Tobeco Super Tank (both the Mini and the 25 mm version), a friction-fit 510 drip tip, and three different styles for 810 devices. The drip tips cost $11.99.


7 – Vaponaute Teflon Drip Tips


Vaponaute Teflon Drip Tips - Best Drip Tips


Vaponaute is an awesome French e-juice company, but they also have some great options for anybody looking for a Teflon drip tip. Teflon is a really heat-resistant material, which makes it great for high-wattage vaping, and it also has a smooth and silky mouthfeel when you’re vaping. Vaponaute’s entry on this list comes in the form of several drip tips (identified by number), all of which are 510 drip tips that work with most atomizers on the market. Some of the options currently available are numbers 18 and 20 (€10 / $12) and 17 and 19 (€12 / $14.50), which vary in length and diameter, but are all white.


6 – VaporFi Teflon Drip Tip


VaporFi Teflon Vape Tips


This entry onto our list is another Teflon option. The VaporFi Teflon drip tip offers the same heat-resistance and pleasant mouthfeel of the Vaponaute options, but being a bit more affordable and coming in either black, white, grey, red, blue or green. They’re uniformly cylindrical in shape, which is a bit less exciting but makes them a good fit for pretty much any tank on the market. It’s a 510 drip tip with a narrow bore, which puts it among the top drip tips for flavor-chasing vapers. They cost $8.99 each.


5 – Tophus Marble Drip Tip


Stone Drip Tips


The Tophus Marble Drip Tip features a stainless steel connection and a stone exterior, making it excellent for heat-resistance, but the look of the drip tip is a big part of the reason it’s among the top drip tips in the industry. It’s a 510 drip tip with a wide bore, which makes it a great choice for any vapers looking for clouds. It comes in a choice of five colors – black, white, pink salmon, turquoise and rose red – and all have a cool cracked effect design. The stone drip tips cost $5.99 each.


4 – Modish Metal Works Drip Tips


Modish Metal Works - Best Drip Tips


Modish Metal Works has a pretty extensive range of stainless steel drip tips, and every single type is also available as a heat-resistant Delrin drip tip too. The stainless steel drip tips are beautifully machined, and even though they do conduct heat, for most vaping purposes they get the job done well. The 510 drip tip connections mean that they’re all suitable for the majority of tanks on the market, and most of the options are wide bore, making them great options for anybody looking for a cloud chaser drip tip. As well as Delrin and stainless steel, most of the tips are available in brass, titanium and copper. The prices vary from $20 to $25 depending on the material. You can pick them up here.


3 – Carbon Fiber Drip Tip


Carbon Fiber Drip Tips - E-Cig Drip Tips


A unique entry onto this list is the Carbon Fiber drip tip, which is a wide bore option with a cool design available with stainless steel, brass, copper and graphite accents on the top and around the 510 connection. The high quality drip tips have a great look thanks to the carbon fiber bodies, with a textured, woven-like appearance on the main body and one of the four colors around the tip. The tips are half an inch in diameter and 7/8 inches tall, and if you’re looking for a high quality drip tip for clouds, they’re some of the best options around. They cost $4.99 each.


2 – Airflow Drip Tip


Airflow Drip Tips - Cloud Chaser Drip Tip


The Airflow Drip Tip makes this list thanks to the airflow control built into the units and its mixture between a Delrin drip tip and a metallic construction. There are two small airflow holes on opposite sides of the drip tip, with a knurled ring around it so you can open up or close off the airflow holes to your liking. This makes it a great option as a cloud chaser drip tip, and the Delrin base construction makes it a solid option when it comes to heat-resistance too. As well as Delrin, it’s a part aluminum drip tip and has stainless steel components too. The 510 drip tip costs $4.99.


1 – Honeycomb Drip Tip


Honeycomb - Best Drip Tip for Clouds


Taking the top spot in our list of the best drip tips is the cloud-friendly Honeycomb Drip Tip. As the name suggests, this has a honeycomb-like appearance, with an array of holes in the body that offer plenty of airflow, in addition to the wide bore drip tip size. It’s a Delrin drip tip at the base, which protects against the heat generated by high-wattage vaping, and it mixes stainless steel and aluminum for the rest of the body. It’s the best drip tip for clouds, and for a price of $5.99 it’s a fantastic deal for one of the top drip tips in the industry.



Vape Drip Tips 101


Finding the best quality drip tips to support your vaping experience is the most important thing, but you might be looking for some information on the basics of drip tips before you make your purchase. Although e-cig drip tips are a fairly basic bit of gear, there is more to consider than you might imagine. Here are the basics you should know before choosing your drip tip.


What is a Drip Tip?


What is a Drip Tip


A vape drip tip is another term for the mouthpiece you use to inhale from your e-cigarette. The term might seem a little strange, but it comes from the fact that the original e-cig drip tips were intended to guide e-liquid down towards your coil, so it was literally a tip (i.e. a mouthpiece) that you drip through. The name drip tip stuck, even though the function was quickly reduced to just being a mouthpiece to inhale through.


If you want a more explicit answer to “what is a drip tip?” it can be simply described as a small tube that slots into the top cap of your atomizer or tank. They tend to stick in place by friction alone, with an O-ring around the base that helps it stay in place. In some cases, they screw in using threading, but this is much less common than push-fit designs.


The sizes can also vary, with a 510 drip tip being the most used size, but bigger tips are available too, particularly 810 sizes. Some RDAs in particular have uniquely sized big drip tips, but most will include a 510 adapter so you can use other drip tips if you prefer.


A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Drip Tip


There are many different types of drip tips on the market, and the best way to characterize them is by the materials they use. Here is a run-down of the most common ones:




Delrin Drip Tip


A Delrin drip tip is a common heat-resistant type of drip tip, and is a brand name of polyoxymethylene (POM). It’s a thermoplastic, so it’s both fairly affordable and resistant to the high heat that often accompanies sub ohm, high-wattage vaping. Many of the options in our list are Delrin, or are at least available in Delrin versions. A Teflon drip tip is really similar in terms of characteristics, but has a silkier, smoother mouth-feel than Delrin. Ultem is another thermoplastic, that again offers similar benefits to Delrin and Teflon.




Glass Mod Drip Tips


Glass drip tips offer a great balance between heat resistance and cool designs, and have no impact on the flavor of your e-juice. Most glass drip tips are a little more expensive than those made from other materials, but they’re preferred by many flavor-chasing vapers and there are many unique shapes, sizes and designs to choose from.




Wood Drip Tips for Vapes


Wood drip tips aren’t as common as some of the other options, but wood offers impressive heat resistance and has a naturally cool look that works well with many tanks. You need to make sure they’re finished properly to avoid warping of the wood, but provided it’s well-made, wood drip tips are an excellent choice for most purposes.




Metal Drip Tips - E-Cig Drip Tips


There are many types of metal options for e-cig drip tips, including stainless steel drip tips, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium and even other materials such as gold drip tips. Stainless steel is the most common option, and it’s often found on cheap drip tips. Of course, metals generally conduct heat which means they aren’t ideal for high wattage chain vaping, but for most purposes they do the job really well. They aren’t the absolute best option when it comes to flavor – some vapers report an impact on the taste of your juice – but if you’re looking for good drip tips that don’t cost too much, they’re a fantastic option. Of course, if you want to go with something much more high quality, a titanium drip tip or gold drip tips are worth considering.




Stone Vape Drip Tips - Different Types of Drip Tips


Stone drip tips aren’t as common as some of the other varieties on our drip tips list, but their heat-resistance and the lack of an impact on the flavor of your juice make them a fantastic choice for discerning vapers. The designs are also often really aesthetically-pleasing, especially with a marble drip tip. You’ll pay a little bit more for stone drip tips on average, but if you’re looking for high quality drip tips, they’re definitely worth considering.




Hybrid Drip Tips for Vaping


Finally, a hybrid drip tip is a combination of two or more drip tip materials. For example, some of the options on our drip tips list use a Delrin drip tip base but incorporate metals into the tube or the outer sections. Depending on the specific combinations used, this can give you the best of both worlds. For example, a Delrin or other heat resistant base will make the drip tip suitable for higher-wattage vaping, even if the rest of the tip is made from another material.


How to Use a Drip Tip


If you’re wondering how to use a drip tip, the truth is you’ll probably be able to use it without any instruction at all. The drip tip is attached to the opening in the top of the tank or atomizer, and you usually insert them by simply pushing it in place, and remove it by pulling it out. Then all you have to do is place your mouth to the tip and inhale to vape. That’s it. If e-cig drip tips still worked like they used to (to guide e-juice down to your coil) there would be more to it, but as it stands they’re probably the easiest part of your setup to use.


How to Choose the Best Drip Tips for Vaping


With so many options out there for drip tips, how do you find the best-performing drip tips for your needs? If you’re wondering how to choose the right drip tips for vaping, the best thing to do is think about what you’re looking for from your vaping experience. The simplest way to distinguish between the different options are by thinking about what makes a good cloud chaser drip tip and what makes a drip tip better for flavor-chasing. There aren’t many drip tip reviews you can check out, but you’ll generally get a good result if you follow these basic guidelines.


Drip Tips for Cloud-Chasing


Wide Bore Drip Tip with Airflow Control


A good cloud chaser drip tip is mainly determined by its width and airflow. A wide bore drip tip is one with a wider opening, and this generally improves the airflow, which in turn means it will produce more vapor. This same theory can be taken even further, since some of the best-rated drip tips have airflow control built-in, such as the Airflow Drip Tip and the Honeycomb option on the list above. A final thing to consider is heat resistance, because higher wattage vaping produces bigger clouds and leads to more heat. Using the advice from the different types of drip tip section above, stone, glass, Delrin, Teflon, Ultem and wood drip tips make the best drip tip for clouds.


Drip Tips for Flavor


Drip Tips for Flavor


If you’re looking for great drip tips when it comes to getting the best flavor from your e-cig, it’s quite straightforward to find a good option. Unlike the drip tips for cloud chasing, a small bore drip tip will generally produce better flavor than a wide bore one. You can look for a super long drip tip too, because most of these are quite narrow and also look really cool. Using a heat-resistant material is still beneficial, but it isn’t as important because you’re less likely to be pushing the wattage really high. Really, you can find cheap drip tips that will do the job really well for flavor, but it’s still worth investing a little more to get something made from high-quality materials.




Finding the best-quality drip tips isn’t as important as finding the best mod or the best sub ohm tanks, but it’s still an important part of vaping that you shouldn’t completely overlook. There are plenty of great drip tip options, from glass drip tips to stone drip tips to plastic drip tips, and you don’t have to spend much to find high quality drip tips. There’s no need to stick with the vape pen drip tips that come with your device with so many excellent options available.