UK Ecig Store Enhanced VG E-Juice Review

High VG E-Liquid
Bottom Line
UK Ecig Store’s Enhanced VG range offers higher-VG versions of their most popular flavors, and includes some very enjoyable juices. They aren’t the best flavors on the market – and some miss the mark – but there are some excellent fruity options and a couple of stand-out menthols in the line-up.
Throat Hit
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16 flavors to choose from
60% VG blends offer improved vapor production and a smooth throat hit
Some great fruity and menthol juices in the line-up, especially Pomegranate Pleasure
Four nicotine levels: 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml
Glass bottles with dripper tops included
Good price: £5.99/$8.60 for a 10 ml bottle
A nice line-up for dedicated vapers
International shipping available
Some flavors are disappointing – Blueberry in particular
A higher percentage of VG would have been better for VG-loving vapers
UK Ecig Store

The Enhanced VG range from UK Ecig Store offers improved, higher-VG versions of some of the juices from their line-up, and the result is exactly what you’d be hoping for if you’re a fan of their flavors. The execution on some is a little off, but the majority of the juices are well-executed and definitely worth a vape. They aren’t the best flavors on the market, but if you’re looking for some dripping-friendly, cloud-producing fruity juices for a reasonable price, the Enhanced VG range offers plenty of enjoyable options.

Enhanced VG E-Liquid Review

Higher VG juices are widely loved by cloud chasers and anyone looking for a smooth throat hit, and they’re becoming increasingly popular among vapers overall. Many of the older companies in the industry started when higher-PG juice was the norm, but the trend towards higher VG is leading a lot of these companies to make changes.

UK Ecig Store has been in operation since 2012, and like many older companies, they offer a huge range of juice at a more “traditional” 70/30 PG/VG ratio. However, in response to many vapers’ changing preferences, they’ve released an Enhanced VG range, which tips the balance to 40/60 for some of their most popular flavors. This offers a VG-heavy vape that still packs a bit of throat hit and isn’t so viscous it’ll make efficient wicking an issue.

This decision keeps them on trend in the industry, but is the execution good enough to keep longer-term vapers buying from them? Should vapers sensitive to PG or just looking for higher-VG juice try them out? We’ve tasted a selection of their juices for our UK Ecig Store Enhanced VG review to find out.

Packaging and Design

UK E-Cig Store VG E-Liquids Bottles

The juices come in 10 or 30 ml glass bottles, with a child-proof dripper top attached and a fairly unassuming design. The juices have transparent labels, with the name of the liquid in a font unique to the specific flavor, but other than that they’re pretty understated and professional. The logo for the store is on each at the top, and the core information is printed on the side, including a clear display of the nicotine level and all of the usual warnings.

The caps and bottles work nicely, with the child-proofing being good enough to slow down a kid but opening smoothly when you know what you’re doing. The dripper tips on the 10 ml bottles I received are a little thin, which means you have to refill it a few times to top up a tank, but it’s not too big of an issue, and the size is ideal for dripping.

UK E-Cig Store Juice Bottles

The 10 ml bottles cost £5.99 (about $8.60) and the 30 ml ones cost £12.99 ($18.75), making the price quite good for high-quality juices.   Overall, they do well on this front – nothing spectacular but everything you want from your juices.

Mixing Options

It goes without saying that the Enhanced VG range is high in VG, and you don’t get a choice of ratio. However, anybody looking for higher-PG juices can try out their normal line, which has the same selection of flavors (and more).

If you’re really into high-VG e-juices, 60 % probably won’t be high enough, but if you’re just a normal vaper looking for better performance, this is great. The throat hit is present but really mild, and the vapor production is excellent – you get satisfying, thick clouds with a capable atomizer. The juice isn’t too viscous, so you’re unlikely to have a problem on any modern tanks or clearomizers.

For nicotine level, there are four choices in total: 0, 3, 6 or 12 mg/ml (0, 0.3, 0.6 or 1.2 %). Ordinarily, I’d criticize companies for not offering an 18 mg/ml option, but UK Ecig Store offers that and 24 mg/ml on their usual line. The Enhanced VG juices are really made for longer-term vapers, so this selection is perfect with that in mind. The addition of the 3 mg/ml option is great for drippers too, or anyone close to being nicotine-free.

UK Ecig Store Enhanced VG Flavors

Enhanced VG E-Juice Flavours

American Red – Rating 3.5/5

Accuracy: This is a classic tobacco-flavored juice, taking cues from Marlboro Red in the name and (assumedly) the intended flavor. Accuracy is always a bit of an issue with tobacco-flavored juices, and it must be said that the same is true with this juice. The flavor does have a definite tobacco element to it thanks to a deep, earthy note throughout your draw, but the authenticity isn’t really there – the higher-VG gives it a slight sweetness that detracts from the intention a little.

Overall: The other thing about tobacco-flavored e-juices, though, is that tobacco isn’t really that tasty. So here the accuracy is definitely lacking, but the overall effect is still pretty pleasant. The sweeter tones soften the tobacco elements out, and it’s actually not a badly executed tobacco in comparison to many of the options on the market outside of NETs like Black Note e-liquid. It isn’t one to get too excited about –and tobacco-lovers could do better in terms of authenticity – but it’s still definitely enjoyable overall.

Purple Rain – Rating 4/5

Accuracy: This is a blackcurrant e-liquid with a Prince-inspired name and the aim of being “refreshing.” The blackcurrant definitely comes through, but it’s accompanied by a citrusy edge that seems to have a touch of menthol – or at least the cooling aspect of a good menthol. The blackcurrant seems to fade into the background a little as a result, but it does take center-stage towards the start of your draw and through the nose.

Overall: This is another option from UK Ecig Store that doesn’t quite do what you’d expect on the accuracy front, but it’s still enjoyable. The combination here works pretty well, giving a unique, bright flavor with undercurrents of sweetness yet maintaining a bit of a bite. It wouldn’t be an all day vape for me, but it’s definitely a pleasantly sharp fruity juice I’d keep in my rotation.

Green Gorilla – Rating 4/5

Accuracy: This is an interesting blend of apple, grape and menthol, offering a fruity but still minty juice that mixes sweet with sour. The juice delivers on its promises, with the mixture of apple and grape hitting you right away, with each fruit maintaining its individual character but blending together nicely. The menthol backs the whole thing up, being most prominent at the back of your throat and through the nose, adding a pleasant cooling hit to the overall taste.

Overall: This is another great juice from the Enhanced VG range, with just the right amount of fruit to keep the flavor interesting but not so much that you can’t vape it for too long. The menthol really pulls the whole thing together, and makes it a very good choice for vapers looking for a unique menthol flavor. It’s a potential all-day vape, and definitely one to try for lovers of fruity juices or menthols.

Blueberry – Rating 2/5

Accuracy: This is a self-explanatory flavor, and the taste of the intended fruit does come through. However, the overriding taste you get from this juice is a bit perfume-y and chemical – the blueberry is there, but it’s very much lost in the background as a result. The perfume-like taste does a passable job of capturing the fruit, but it reminds you more of a synthetic sweet than the real deal.

Overall: The perfume-y elements really spoil this juice for me. It’s really close to being enjoyable, and would undoubtedly be mellowed out by a longer, cap-off steep, but as it comes there’s too much of the overriding chemical taste for it to be enjoyable. There are better blueberry juices out there. If you’re looking for a sweet, not-quite-right candy-like taste you might like it (and according to UK Ecig Store’s site, it’s one of their more popular juices), but it’s not for me.

Raspberry – Rating 4/5

Accuracy: This is another simply-named fruity juice from UK Ecig Store, and the flavor is just what you’re expecting. The fruitiness here is much better captured than with the Blueberry, with the intended flavor coming through wonderfully and the flavor having a mouth-watering authenticity to it. It strikes the balance between sweetness and sourness perfectly, with the sweetness forming the bulk of the taste but just a touch of sourness coming through on the nose.

Overall: This is a very enjoyable fruity juice, and a must-vape for anybody who loves raspberries. The flavor doesn’t do anything special – it’s just a straight-up fruity vape – but it shows the value in a no-nonsense, well-executed fruity juice. It’s a potential all-day vape thanks to the authenticity and the balance of sweet and sour, and another solid offering from the Enhanced VG range.

Blue Cola – Rating 3.5/5

Accuracy: This is billed as a cola flavor, with the “blue” part of the name being something of a mystery based on the description. The cola flavor definitely comes through well, but it’s not a Coca Cola or Pepsi taste – it’s more like one of those generic, store-brand colas. As a result, it has a cheap cola flavor, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it really does bring the core character of the taste to the forefront. The flavor doesn’t really give any clues as to why they added “blue” into the name, though.

Overall: This is an interesting flavor, and definitely enjoyable for any cola-loving vapers. It’s actually the first cola-flavored juice I’ve tried, so I can’t offer any comparison to other juices, but it’s just what you’d expect from the description. It would have undoubtedly been more enjoyable if it had moved away from the generic cola flavor and piggy-backed off the taste of a more premium brand, though. As it stands it reminds me a bit too much of the acute disappointment when you opt for a cut-price cola to save some money and then realize what you’ve done when you take that first sip.

Pomegranate Pleasure – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This is described as a pomegranate juice with some subtle menthol to take it away from the standard fruity fare. The two elements definitely come through, but the menthol is much more prominent in the mix than you’d expect. The pomegranate is well-captured, and is more easily detectable at the start of your draw, with the menthol swelling throughout and becoming a substantial icy blast by the time you’re ready to exhale.

Overall: The flavor combination might seem a little unusual, but the blend works wonderfully. The realistic pomegranate is what really makes the juice delicious, but it mixes so well with the menthol elements that the whole experience is very enjoyable indeed. The menthol itself just reaches the right level of minty-ness by the end of your draw, and opens up a new dimension to the flavor. It’s probably not an all-day vape for me, but it’s my favorite of the bunch from the Enhanced VG range.

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