Top 10 Electronic Cigarette Tips

Learning the best electronic cigarette tips helps you get the most out of your vaping experience. Although it’s superficially similar to smoking, you get the most out of an e-cig if you use some different inhalation techniques and ensure you use the technology correctly. If you’re finding that you’re not getting enough vapor from your e-cig, if your battery life seems too low or if you’re having trouble with leaking cartridges, some basic tips can rectify the issue. There are also a couple of important tips for those new to the world of e-cigarettes which will help you save money and keep everything in working order.


10: Fully Charge Your Battery


e cigarette batteryThis might seem like a pretty basic e-cigarette tip, but the USB light on some chargers flickers uncomfortably between the “charging” and “finished” colors (usually red and green, respectively) and leaves you uncertain as to your level of charge. The amount of vapor you can get out of your battery depends on how much power is in it, so when you re-charge, make sure you do it all the way. Wait for the light to turn solid green, or if it keeps flickering leave the battery charging for the manufacturer’s recommended amount of time (usually around three hours).


9: Save Money with E-Liquid


Johnson Creek E-Liquid

Disposable cartridges afford significant savings over the tobacco alternative, but if you want to absolutely maximize your savings you should use e-liquid. A 30ml bottle will fill around 60 cartridges (depending on their size), and can be bought for around $20. With disposables, you get around 10 cartridges for roughly the same price. You can re-fill expired cartridges or buy special blank (and refillable) ones. Using it is easy: you simply drip the solution into the cartridge, coating the absorbent interior material with it to re-fill.


8: Prime the Atomizer


E Cigarette Cartomizer

The atomizer is a small heating coil which turns the liquid solution into the vapor that you inhale. It needs to warm up a little before it works at peak efficiency, so one of the best e-cigarette tips is to activate the battery prior to taking your main drag. On a manual battery, simply hold the button down for a couple of seconds before taking a puff. Take a couple of short, introductory puffs to prime the atomizer with an automatic battery.


7: Mix Your E-Liquids


One of the best electronic cigarette tips for users of e-liquid is to mix your varieties. This can be done to create a new flavor blend, or alternatively to combine propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in different quantities. Generally speaking, propylene glycol carries flavors better, but the vegetable variety is better for vapor production. Mixing them can help you match your cartridge’s performance to your preferences.


6: Don’t Store Your E-Cig with other Metals


Storing your e-cig in your pocket where it can come into contact with other metallic objects could potentially short out the battery and cause damage. The interaction with other metal objects can also cause the atomizer to be activated and potentially overheat in your pocket. The best tip for storing e-cigarettes is to get a carry case.


5: Take a Long, Slow Drag


One of the main differences between using an e-cigarette and using a tobacco cigarette is that sharp, strong puffs aren’t ideal when you’re vaping. Instead, you should take a slow, gentle and long drag; this activates the battery without causing undue pressure and risking flooding the atomizer. This electronic cigarette tip is particularly useful for beginners, and you’ll get used to the new method pretty quickly.


4: Start with Lower Nicotine


When you first get your e-cigarette, you’ll get all the child-like excitement you did when you unwrapped Christmas presents as a kid. You’ll want to use it a lot at first, and this can lead to excessive nicotine consumption. Starting with lower strength cartridges allows you to experiment without inhaling masses of nicotine, and also helps you find your ideal nicotine level.


3: Don’t Use the Atomizer “Dry”


You’ll notice a burnt, unpleasant taste when the cartridge you’re using is running low on e-liquid, and you shouldn’t continue to push the atomizer in this state. If your cartridge runs out of liquid, activating the atomizer can cause it to overheat. This essentially destroys it, so don’t take the chance!


2: Elevate Your Mouthpiece


This e-cigarette tip helps you avoid the issue of leaking cartridges. This is an unfortunate possibility with the vast majority of products, so elevating the mouthpiece gets gravity on your side. Taking longer, gentler puffs (as mentioned above) also helps to avoid this.


1: Don’t Overfill Your Cartridges


e-cigarette cartridge leakage

The interior of the cartridge is set up so that the “wick” (which is surrounded by the atomizer coil) draws e-liquid from the absorbent material as needed. However, if there is too much liquid, it can pool towards the bottom of the cartridge and restrict airflow. This reduces the volume of vapor you’ll get from it, so our top electronic cigarette tip is to be careful when you’re filling cartridges. You can get the excess liquid out by leaving it disconnected and stood on a tissue with the mouthpiece up. Blowing into the mouthpiece can also force excess liquid out of the other side.


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