The Cloud Company Review

The Cloud Company E-Juice
Bottom Line
The Cloud Company sees the Suicide Bunny team putting out five more fantastic juices, similar to the originals in flavor but with more VG to better suit cloud-chasers and the PG sensitive. It’s ideal for drippers, and definitely one to try for lovers of sweet, creamy and fruity flavors.
Throat Hit
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Five dessert and fruity flavors
High VG ratio – perfect for PG sensitive vapers and cloud chasers
Every juice is enjoyable, and some are excellent
Five nicotine levels: 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml
Great design
Glass bottles and child-proof dripper tops
Fans of Suicide Bunny and sweet, creamy flavors will love them
$22 for 30 ml – a little too expensive
Two flavors are very similar to Suicide Bunny juices
The Cloud Company

It turns out, producing yet another line of delicious flavors really wasn’t all that difficult for Pip and the Suicide Bunny team after all. Admittedly, some of the best juices from the Cloud Company tread similar ground – Arise and Billow in particular – but the result is still a brilliant line-up of juice that it’s really hard not to like.

For PG sensitive or VG-loving vapers, the Cloud Company is definitely a brand to check out, and if you’re already a Suicide Bunny fan, it’s very much a natural continuation of what made the first line so great. As with any “premium” juices, you’ll pay a bit more for the privilege of trying them, but these are definitely worth the extra dollars.

The Cloud Company Review - Vape Juice Review

For a mixer, creating a legendary line of juices like Suicide Bunny must be both incredibly gratifying and unspeakably daunting. The problem is: after hitting the nail on the head and producing a set of universally-loved flavors, how do you follow it up? Should you try to recapture what you did right the first time around, or push in new – and possibly better – directions?

For Pip – creator of Suicide Bunny – the King’s Crown juices were the direct follow-up to the original line, being something of a departure from the original formula but still keeping hold of what made them great. But she didn’t stop there.

The Cloud Company is her third collection of premium e-juice, boasting a high-VG blend that’s perfect for cloud-chasers. The juices aim to bring the excellent flavor that Suicide Bunny is known for into a more viscous, cloudier line of juice. The question is: does it fall down flat, or can it compete with the Suicide Bunny juices? At the same price – $22 for a 30 ml bottle – they’ve got to do something special to be worth the money.

We’ve put the complete line-up of juices to the test in our Cloud Company review to find out.

Packaging and Design

Cloud Company E-Juice Bottles

The Cloud Company juices follow in the proud footsteps of Suicide Bunny when it comes to aesthetics. Each flavor has its own cartoonish, angelic character on the label, which have the same, edgy, tattooed look as the characters on the Suicide Bunny juices, with the more vibrant backgrounds being the main thing that really sets them apart in terms of visual style. The look is still excellent, overall – they’re mini works of art.

From a functional perspective, the bottles do everything you need them to. They all come in glass, with a high-quality child-proof cap on each along with a dripper top. The name of the juice is clearly printed to the right of the main image and the nicotine level is displayed below it, and there’s the standard “keep away from kids and pets” warning on the side (although a more straight-laced, serious one than for Suicide Bunny).

So the juices from the Cloud Company do everything you want them to in this department – there are no complaints at all!

Mixing Options

The juices from the Cloud Company are available in five nicotine levels: 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml, offering plenty of choice for vapers and an 18 mg/ml option that will satisfy most just-switching smokers too. The 3 mg/ml option is a great addition for drippers and long-term vapers, and a good match for the cloud-chasing focus of the line. The only thing that’s missing is a 24 mg/ml option for heavier smokers, but most just-switching heavy smokers won’t be opting for premium, high-VG juice, so this isn’t an issue in practice.

The PG/VG ratio is fixed, and as the name suggests, it’s strongly weighted towards the VG end of the spectrum. The juice is billed as “Max VG,” and elsewhere it’s stated to be around 90 % VG. In short, you’re getting very little PG, so it’s perfect for anyone with a sensitivity or who just prefers high-VG juice. The juice is viscous, so you’ll need an atomizer with good wicking, and the throat hit is so smooth it’s pretty much non-existent (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). And yes, you can put out some serious clouds.

The Cloud Company Flavors

Cloud Company Review - Best Flavors


Billow – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: Billow is billed as coconut crème cake covered in sweet, salted caramel, taking big cues from the sort of creamy, dessert flavors that made Suicide Bunny so popular. The result is right in line with the description, with a soft, cake-like flavor at the start that swells into a darker, sweeter caramel flavor as you continue your draw. It’s reminiscent of the O.B. at the beginning of your puff – with the coconut being the only, subtle difference – and then the salted caramel adds some extra sweetness that brings Billow into its own. Every element is excellently replicated.

Overall: This is a delicious juice, with everything I loved about the O.B. topped off with some well-captured salted caramel. The bulk of the flavor is light and creamy enough to make it a great candidate for an all-day vape, and the sweetness is at just the right level to keep you coming back for more without getting sickly when you vape it for a long time. It’s one of my favorite options from the Cloud Company, and one you should definitely pick up a bottle of if you place an order.

Revel – Rating 3.5/5

Accuracy: This is described as a flavor-morphing e-juice, with sweet cereal, fresh berries and cream coming through on one puff, but notes of berries and citrus coming through with the next. The flavor is definitely complex, with a Froot Loops like taste in the nose, closely followed by a sharp, citrusy edge as you exhale. The “flavor-morphing” does seem like an accurate description, though, with the creamier elements coming to the forefront on some puffs and the Froot Loops-like cereal taste taking on more of a straight-up berry flavor on occasion.

Overall: This juice is pretty tasty, but it’s one you have to get accustomed to before you really start to enjoy it. The cereal, berry and cream elements work together really well, producing a sweet yet fruity base for the juice that it’s hard not to like. The juice is a little let down by the citrusy element, though, which overrides the core flavor and changes the profile of the juice in a way that might not be to everyone’s tastes. It’s still good, but it gives the whole thing a much sharper taste, taking any all-day vape potential with it and accentuating the faint chemical-y notes from the berries.

Sky – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This is described as a sweet, tangy lemon cookie e-liquid, with a generous helping of sweet cream to soften out the edges of the flavor. The result definitely ticks all of the boxes, with a soft hit of lemon striking you straight away, sharp and clean in flavor, but well rounded out by the creamy sweetness that backs the whole thing up. The cookie elements are detectable in the background throughout your draw, and particularly coming through on the exhale. Every component is well-captured here, from the realistic lemon right through to the sweet undertones of cookie.

Overall: For lovers of citrusy vapes, Sky is an absolute knockout. The citrus doesn’t strike as strongly as with Revel, though, and while it comes through clearly, this makes the juice a lot better for vapers like me who aren’t usually big fans of sharp, citrusy juices. The sweet cream may be a fairly subdued flavor component, but it balances out the lemon excellently, allowing the cookie to peak through the mix and turn this juice into something pretty special. If you love lemon cookies, Sky definitely isn’t one to miss.

Arise – Rating 5/5

Accuracy: This is a high VG version of the legendary Mother’s Milk, boasting a similar flavor but with some subtle changes. The flavor genuinely does follow in the footsteps of its well-loved relative, with strawberry taking the center stage in the flavor but floating in on a bed of creamy, custardy goodness. You can pick up some differences in the taste, but they really are subtle – the strawberry seems a touch less prominent and the custard notes more pronounced. For the most part, though, it’s just like vaping Mother’s Milk.

Overall: The verdict on this one is simple: it’s awesome. If you’ve tried Mother’s Milk and you want it in higher VG, Arise is for you. If you haven’t tried the original, you’ll still love it. The slight changes don’t really improve things, and although it’s not quite as mouth-wateringly delicious for me personally, both are so tasty it barely makes a difference. The mellower nature of the flavor could make it a better all day vape if you found Mother’s Milk a bit too rich, but if you like the sweetness you’ll probably prefer the original.

Kumo – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This is a mixed fruit and sweet tangy yogurt combination, finishing with notes of a creamy fruit smoothie. “Mixed” fruit is a bit of a hard target to miss, but a general mélange of fruitiness is definitely the central flavor throughout your draw from Kumo, with some strawberry poking through the mix but other fruits hard to pick out. The fruitiness is definitely mellow, softened by the creamy yogurt and smoothie elements to the flavor, which become more noticeable as you reach the end of your draw. Although the mixture of yogurt and fruit has a smoothie-like taste to it anyway, you can pick up some stronger, clearer notes of smoothie on the exhale.

Overall: Kumo is a great e-liquid: it has just the right amount of fruitiness to remain delicious and is perfectly cushioned by the creamier notes to the flavor. This makes it an ideal all-day vape for lovers of fruity juices, and one it’s very easy to keep coming back to. The only real downside is the generic nature of the fruitiness, but that’s really not a big problem in practice – it tastes delicious, and that matters a lot more than hitting on a pre-defined blend of a few specific fruits. Overall, this is a stand-out option from the Cloud Company, and definitely one to pick up if you place an order.

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