South Beach Smoke Cartridges Review

E-cigs are really about the nicotine, but the experience as a whole is pretty much dependent on the flavors. Even with a fantastic battery life, plumes and plumes of vapor from a single puff and plenty of nicotine, you wouldn't vape something that tasted like the inside of a garbage truck. South Beach Smoke is widely ranked amongst the leading e-cigarette manufacturers, but finding out about the flavors is always a wise move before you make a purchase. There are ten options in total from the South Beach Range, and they’re all reviewed here. As a bonus, the cartridges are also cross-compatible with the EverSmoke cartridges.



Tobacco Blue


Tobacco Blue is South Beach’s attempt to capture the smooth and light taste of American tobacco. It’s intended for ex-smokers who like the taste of Parliaments, Benson and Hedges and Kents, and the aim has been accomplished pretty well. The overall taste is definitely smooth, with the slightly sweet edge that often comes through in e-cigarette tobacco flavors. This all combines to make a very enjoyable tobacco cartridge, although the generic flavor makes it difficult to associate with a particular brand.


Tobacco Gold


This is the Turkish tobacco flavored cartridge from South Beach Smoke, and it aims to replicate the flavor of brands like Camel. Whilst there is definitely a Camel-like edge to the flavor, the entire thing comes off slightly musty and unusual-tasting. Although I’m not a huge fan of Turkish tobacco, after getting accustomed to the taste I ended up working through an entire cartridge.


Tobacco Classic


This tobacco cartridge is a close second place to the Tobacco Blue if you’re looking for the authentic cigarette taste. It’s intended for fans of cigarettes like Marlboros, Winstos and Lucky Strikes, and the cartridge definitely bears the imprint of these illustrious brands. It’s got a slight sweetness and is smooth on the draw, and as a result it is quite similar to the Blue. The slight differences are noticeable, but in practice you’d pretty much use them interchangeably.




South Beach Smoke describes the Menthol cartridge as a “cool and refreshing blast of flavor,” and the choice of the word “blast” is particularly accurate. It’s icy cold and about as subtle as knocking on somebody’s door with a sledge hammer. Once you get over the intensity of the taste you can vape it for a little while, but it seems so powerfully cooling that you might as well be sitting with an ice cube in your mouth. One for die-hard menthol smokers, but a little too much intensity for most.




Vanilla is rapidly becoming one of the core flavors for most e-cigs, so there is a lot of competition in this field. The South Beach version is impressive when you first start vaping it, but the already subtle vanilla flavor isn't as robust and noticeable as with other brands (Green Smoke do a punchy vanilla, for example). You get the authentic taste, but after you've become accustomed to the flavor it becomes barely noticeable. It’s better if you switch for a cigarette’s worth of puffs and then leave it for a while.




South Beach Smoke’s Cherry cartridge is a home run from the very first puff. The sweet, fruity aroma hits you straight away, with enough intensity to make your mouth water but not so overpowering as to make you feel like you’re consuming pure vaporized sugar. This one is definitely in the running for the best flavor of the entire range – you can happily vape it all day.




Vaping chocolate-flavored nicotine is virtually a synonym for luxury. South Beach’s attempt at draping their customers in Hershey-scented milk chocolate nicotine is pretty successful, but it’s held back again by being a little too subtle. If they managed to pack the intensity of flavor you find in the tobacco cartridges into their Chocolate, it would have been amongst the best in the range. As it is, you enjoy vaping the cartridge, but you almost find yourself puffing harder in a vain attempt to get more of the flavor.




The Peppermint cartridge is the acceptable face of menthol in the South Beach flavor range. It’s much more subtle than the Menthol cartridge, but still has enough of a cooling punch to satisfy an ex menthol cigarette smoker. There is the sweet undertone you’d expect from peppermint, and is genuinely mouth-watering to vape.


Piña Colada


This is one of the more exotic flavors South Beach has on offer, and it aims to capture the essence of the classic drink. As a cartridge, it boasts a sort of creamy sweetness, but it doesn't really evoke memories of sipping a pineapple-infused cartridge on a windswept beach. There is a hint of the Piña Colada taste, but on the whole it comes off as a little generic and is hard to really associate with the drink.




The Peach cartridge seems initially promising, but as you first screw it in and give it a try the problem is evident. Like some of the other sweet flavors from the range, the flavor is almost impossibly subtle. You can pick up the peach flavor, but it’s virtually buried at the bottom of an odorless, tasteless sea of empty vapor. This is probably the worst cartridge South Beach offer, sadly.


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