The Rise of Subscription Boxes

E-Juice and Vape Hardware Subscription Boxes

Online businesses are booming. Advancements in technology and the ever growing availability of social media continue to shift our focus towards online shopping. This led to the birth of the subscription service model that has exploded in recent years. Within four years, there are subscription service boxes out there for almost every individual. I’ve seen subscription boxes for food, clothing, personal hygiene, and even boxes for pets. One of the main reasons subscription boxes have rose in popularity is because of the convenience they provide. Subscription services have become so popular that traffic for subscription box websites have grown 800% over the past four years.

The subscription service model has exploded over the past few years and really shines as a convenient way to stay involved within any niche industry. Monthly subscription boxes provide consumers with a consistent supply of new products. In our case, vapers get to pay a fraction of retail price for a new supply of e-juice every month. While most vape subscriptions only send out e-liquid, we provide subscription plans that targets e-juice lovers and hardware lovers. This is why we created Vapebox.

Why vapers need an e-liquid subscription?

A vaper is always looking to discover his/her new favorite e-juice. Where does one start amongst the thousands of brands and flavors of e-juice? Vaping has grown exponentially since it’s early days, and since then there are a lot of new e-juice brands coming out with new flavors all the time! This can be overwhelming for people trying to keep up with the latest e-juices and hardware. This is where vape subscription services come in. A subscription takes the hassle out of your search and turns it into an easier shopping experience. A subscription service like Vapebox gives the consumer an experience of discovery in a fun and exciting way.  By answering a few questions about vaping preferences, we know what to give our subscribers, and we reinforce it by providing them with high quality products offered at a low price compared to retail value.

enthusiast vapebox

Vapebox is a vape juice subscription to consider

With Vapebox, our subscribers have the pleasure of experiencing a box full of surprises every month. This makes unboxing extra fun because our customers don’t know exactly what they are receiving until they actually unbox their Vapebox. Although our boxes are surprises, we carefully consider our subscribers individual flavor profiles. So each thing picked for our subscribers box is well thought of and not picked at random.

Subscription service like ours are ideal for people who want to discover new products, but don’t want to make a dent in their bank account. It’s also ideal for people who either don’t live near a vape shop, or don’t feel comfortable visiting one. At Vapebox we ensure that you never get the same e-juice or product twice, our subscribers will always be receiving new products every month. Our customer service team ensures that every question asked is answered, and every issue brought up to us is resolved. We want anyone new to vaping to feel comfortable enough to ask our team any questions in regards to vaping, we will help them every step of the way and find a plan that fits them best. Take a look at the infographic below for a side by side comparison.

vape subscription service infographic
Vape Juice Subscription Infographic
e-liquid subscription service infographic

Subscription boxes vs Online purchasing e-juice

Every vaper has different needs/wants when it comes to purchasing vape supplies. We broke down some pros and cons of subscription services to help you decide if a vaping subscription is right for you, compared to the pros and cons of purchasing e-juice and/or hardware directly.

Pros of subscriptions:

Save Money

With subscription services, you can get a great deal of e-juices for at a lower price point. With a Vapebox subscription, our Enthusiast subscribers not only save on e-juice, but also on hardware too.

Discover new favorites

At Vapebox, you’ll never get the same e-juices twice because we work with different e-liquid companies every month. This gives vapers a chance to discover new e-liquid brands and flavors they wouldn't have bought on their own, but end up loving.


Vape subscription companies make it easier for consumers to receive monthly shipments of vape supplies without having to shop around. At Vapebox, Subscribers can have multiple subscriptions if needed or can skip months just in case they have too much e-juices or hardware and need a break from vaping.

Customer service

Customer service is a subscription companies top priority. With subscription services, customers are subscribed for months at a time. A good customer support team is able to build relationships and learn more about customers throughout the subscription lifespan. We know exactly what our customers want and it makes their future subscription experience much pleasurable and easier with every month.

Cons of subscriptions:

Getting juice you don’t enjoy

Vape subscription services pick the products based on your flavor profile. This  means you won’t know what you receive until it delivers. Every once in a while you may receive and e-juice or piece of hardware you may not like. For customers using a subscription, I recommend adjusting your palate preferences.

Not good for emergencies

Vaping began to help smokers quit cigarettes, so heavy smokers rely on vaping to avoid smoking cigarettes. That means, running out of e-juice is crucial. If you are a subscription box user and run out of juice before your next shipment, you will need to find additional juice elsewhere.

Pros of online shopping:

Buy what you need

Customers who know what they want can directly purchase what they are looking for. Whether it’s a favorite e-juice or a specific pack of replacement coils, buying online is straightforward.

Price matching

Since you know exactly what you are looking for, you can shop around for the best price for any given item, granted they are sold by multiple vendors.

Cons of online shopping:

Expensive to try multiple products

Vapers love to try new hardware and e-juice, but when you’re just online shopping you don’t know exactly if you’re going to like it. Since most e-juices now are 60ml+, it is a big commitment to try a flavor. If you do not like it, the rest of the juice is given away or thrown away.

Overall, it depends on what the vaper needs/wants. Vape subscription services are convenient, and can save you a lot of money on e-juice and hardware. Online shopping or shopping at your local vape store is better for vapers who know exactly what they want, and don’t really want to discover new products. A vape subscription is good for the vaper who wants to discover new favorites because it lets you try a bundle of e-juices each month at a heavily discounted price.

How does a vaping subscription work?

Most vaping subscriptions work in a similar fashion. A customer begins by filling out a flavor profile and tells the company about their specific preferences. These include what types of flavors to send, what type of flavors not to send, nicotine preference, hardware preference, etc. The subscription company will take this list and begin to put a box together based on the preferences. A curated box is delivered to the customer’s doorstep a few days later and the fun begins.

Receiving a box is only half the fun. Next, it’s time to try out everything. Most subscriptions will always ask for reviews of each item received. Enjoy the juices you receive and look forward to the next incoming shipment!

Pro tip: After every shipment, contact your company’s customer support team and talk about any juices you do not absolutely love. This is the best way for the company to review each juice you receive. A great company will improve your palate with you over the phone to help narrow down exactly what you like after every shipment.

Vapebox subscription plans

Vapebox has a plan for everyone’s vaping needs. We have three different plans that feature e-juices, and even one with hardware for all those hardware lovers!

Their first plan is the Sampler, which features at least 60 ml of e-liquid. Subscribers fill out their customized flavor palate and vaping profile so every month they get 3+ bottles totaling 60ml with juices that fit their profile. The Sampler plan is great for anyone who doesn’t want to overload on e-juice, but wants to sample some every month


The second plan is the Juice Lovers, it features at least 90ml of e-liquid. With the subscribers customized flavor palate, their Vapebox is filled with 4+ bottles of e-juice totaling 90ml with juice that fits their profile. As the name says it, this plan is perfect for any juice lovers. For the low price of $32, a subscriber receives a box filled with at least 90ml of e-juice completely tailored to their preferences.

The third plan, and our most popular one, is the Enthusiast. The Enthusiast features at least 90ml of e-juice, plus 1-2 pieces of hardware and/or vape accessories, all for $60 a month! A wide range of hardware is featured every month. The hardware varies from RDA, RTA’s, tanks, regulated, and mechanical mods. Accessories range from replacement coils for tanks, wire for building, tool kits, tweezers, batteries, drip tips, etc. Each Enthusiast box is completely tailored to the subscribers customized flavor palate and vaping profile. This plan is perfect for an enthusiast vaper who loves hardware just as much as trying new e-juices.

Our three plans are perfect for any vape lover, but we also go the extra mile for our subscribers. Our warehouse team makes sure every box is put together neatly and beautifully. Each month subscribers receive a personalized menu which details the products they received for the month, and it even breaks down the retail cost of the box so subscribers can see how much they save. After a subscriber receives a box they are able to review the items they received. Subscribers receive VPBX Points for each review, those points can be redeemed in the Vapebox store. On top of receiving store credit for reviewing items, the Vapebox curation team uses those reviews to further improve the subscribers future boxes.

Vapebox curation

What sets Vapebox apart from other vape subscriptions is our curation process. Each subscriber fills out a flavor preferences and vaping profile. This process allows our Vapebox curation team to accurately tailor our subscribers box completely to their preferences.

We ask our subscribers a series of questions related to vaping so we can get a good understanding of what our subscribers need. Our first question is, “Are you a beginner?”, knowing this information is important for our curation team so they know what hardware is appropriate for their box (this pertains only to Enthusiast subscribers). Then the subscriber must select at least 3 flavors they prefer, the categories are: candy, fruits, cereal, coffee, bakery, custards, creams, tea, menthol, and yogurt. We suggest selecting at least 3 flavors so our Vapebox curation team can have an easier time curating boxes. Since we are a discovery service, we work with different e-liquid companies every month. This means, we don’t overstock on e-juice, so one month we may not have tea or menthol flavors available so selecting other options allows us to curate your box easily. Now that the subscriber selected flavors they like, they are able to select flavors they dislike. This makes the curation process more detailed, so if a subscriber selected fruit, but doesn’t like grape flavors, they can add grape to their dislikes. After selecting dislikes, the subscriber chooses their nicotine preferences, we offer 0mg, 3mg, 6mg+.

VapeBox E-Juice Subscription Service

The next two questions are specifically for our Enthusiast subscribers, what devices you use and what mods you prefer. Every month we feature a handful of products varying from rebuildable atomizer, rebuildable tank atomizers, sub-ohm tanks, regulated mods, and mechanical mods. Our curation team selects the hardware based on the user's preferences and what is in stock. So if a subscriber only has tanks and regulated mods selected, then we would ship them out either a tank or a regulated mod. The last question is, whether the subscriber is willing to discover new products or not. If a subscriber has selected yes then that allows us to add a high rated e-juice that is not selected in their preferred flavors. Our curation team will only do this if no other e-juices fit their palate preferences.

All of these questions allow our Vapebox curation team to curate a box completely tailored to our subscribers preferences. Our warehouse is stocked every month with various products and e-juices to ensure our subscribers get exactly what they need every month.

Guest Author Bio:

Vapebox, founded in 2013, was created as a discovery based subscription service. Consumers often told us that their shops only carried a handful of popular/local brands. Our goal was to connect vapers with the best juices in the entire country. For example, a popular California juice brand may of never reached New York. Because we are an online business, we have customers and vendors from all over the world. We found success in bringing everyone together into one community, regardless of location. Aside from e-juice, we wanted to provide customers with more than just e-liquid. For hardware enthusiasts, we created plans that offer mods, rdas, and tanks in every box depending on user preferences. After all is said and done, Vapebox was created with the purpose of sending customers curated boxes of e-juice and hardware every month. Our mission is to make shopping for vape supplies convenient, affordable, and fun for vapers across the world.