Origin Mod by UVO System Review

The UVO System Origin by Korean modder Footoon is a highly underrated mechanical mod due to it’s 21mm diameter and complex brass switch. However, the mod itself is extremely well manufactured and hits like a bullet train. The Origin mod currently is available in two finishes, stainless steel and brass, both brushed, and parts can be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire. So how does it stack up to other high end mechanical mods?

Origin Mod UVO System
Bottom Line
The UVO System Origin really does hit like a beast. Its adjustable firing button and minimalist design may turn some vapers away, but its extremely low voltage drop is sure to be a hit among cloud chasers.
Build Quality
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Sleek design
Comes with 18350, 18490 and 18650 tubes
Floating top pin
Brass contacts
Adjustable throw on firing button
21mm diameter slightly thinner than some RBAs
Adjustable switch may not suit all tastes
Locking ring is thin and difficult to grasp
Origin by UVO System

The UVO System Origin by Footoon definitely did not disappoint. This elegant piece of craftsmanship hits like a beast! I would place it right up there with the most sought after mods like the Chi, Nemesis and Caravella. Best of all, it wasn't too hard to find one available for purchase. The price tag is a little on the steeper side, at $230 MSRP, but it's well worth it. 

The Origin is currently available for purchase at select brick and mortar shops on the west coast of the US as well as a couple in Malaysia. Some shops offer online and/or phone purchase. This is an underrated mod, in my opinion, and I'm surprised it isn't already sold out at every one of its retail outlets!

The guys who brought us the Astro mod by Kato have just released their newest creation: the Origin mod by Footoon. Made in Korea, the country that produced the infamous Chi-You, the Origin is a complex mechanical work of art by up and coming modder Footoon. It's a 21-piece bottom firing mod with a unique and fully adjustable throw.

Origin Mod UVO Systems

The UVO System Origin has already drawn comparisons to both the Chi and Atmomixani Nemesis. Being from Origin County, CA, the self proclaimed vaping capital of the world, I was lucky enough to pick up one of these fine specimens from Vaporholic on release day. Over the past week I have put it to heavy use for this review and have to say that it's been everything I expected.

Packaging and Design

Footoon made two base versions of the Origin mod: one out of brass and the other in stainless steel, with options to mix and match parts for a customized look. I walked into the b&m knowing that brass mods tend to hit a bit harder considering their lower voltage drop. However, I also know how much maintenance many of them require in order to keep up their flashy finish.

Brass can and will tarnish after a few days of oxidation but can be restored using a polish like Brasso. Both the brass and stainless versions look immaculate and even better mixed. I especially like how the ss version looks when paired up with some brass parts for the top cap and firing button. After a few minutes of contemplation, I decided on the stainless steel Origin with serial #021, since the mod is 21mm in diameter and my favorite number, 22, was sold the day prior.

My stainless steel Origin was packaged in a clean teardrop-textured black box with the UVO System logo embossed on the top. The magnetic enclosure was further wrapped with a silver sticker printed with the logo. Inside was your typical velvet covered foam case holding the fully assembled mod. Also included was a card printed in pen ink with the mat version and serial number.

Origin Mod Review of Packaging

In terms of design, the origin has brushed stainless steel tubes in three sizes to accommodate 18350, 18490 and 18650 batteries. The 18350 tube is laser engraved with the serial number (021 in my case) on one side and a neat little Origin logo incorporating an alien inside a UFO-like orb.

The top cap is polished and has a recessed ring and eight craters surrounding the edges adding to the Origin's originality. Also polished is the base of the firing button and the button itself. This is truly a magnificent piece of work that rivals the design of the Poldiac, Nemesis and Caravella mods.


Top to bottom, the UVO System is a complex yet easy-to-use build. It is designed for AW IMR batteries, however just about any 18350, 18490, 18500 or 18650 sized battery will work with it, albeit with some small gaps. In 18490/18500 mode, the smallest tube is simply stacked on top of the 18350 tube. For 18650 batteries, the mid-sized tube replaces the smaller one, which I then like to wear as a ring on my right hand for on-the-fly battery switches.

The top cap has a floating brass center pin, allowing for different length 510 atomizer connectors to fit flush with the mod itself. What really sets the Origin apart from other mechs is its bottom firing button. By itself, the bottom fire button contains 11 parts. Most notably is a brass hourglass-shaped pin that allows for micro-adjustment of the throw to suit different user preferences.

Origin Mod Parts

The only negative I can find with the bottom button is the derlin ring, presumably used to increase/decrease the battery compartment size, is pretty much stuck in its housing. I've yet to find a way to loosen, let alone remove it without damaging the mod. This doesn't affect performance, however so it doesn't really bother me too much.

With a clockwise quarter turn of the hourglass, the brass bottom pin sits just above the derlin when fired, so it can come in contact with the negative end of the battery. Overall, the button is very comfortable and easy to use, even for pinky vapers. It's not too loose either, so you can stand the mod up without the firing pin coming in contact with the battery.

One caveat is that, because the Origin is a 21mm mod, many genesis style atomizers and a some newer 22mm dripping atomizers will hang a tad over the edges of the top cap. On the plus side, it looks great with 20mm atomizers like the Nimbus, Storm Rider and Bliss.


So how does the Origin really stack up? I think it's pretty safe to say that this thing hits like a freight train. In any of its three battery modes, I was pumping out clouds upon clouds of vapor with a basic dual coil 3/2 wrap of 28g kanthal wire on silica wick.

The Origin's voltage drop is on par with the best. Using an AW IMR 18650 2000mAh button-top battery with a 1.9 ohm single coil on an Ithaka rebuildable atomizer, the origin had a minuscule 0.18v drop! For comparison, the Astro by Kato had a .29v drop on the same setup.

I decided to bump things up a notch and built a couple quad coils, one each on an Igo-L and Chimbus rda. Each build was around 0.1 ohm and, while voltage drop significantly increased to the 1.18v range, the Origin had no problem pumping out well over 50 watts of power into the four coils, producing more vapor than I've ever puffed out of my lungs on any other mod.

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