NJOY Convenience Vaping System Review

Our NJOY Convenience Vaping System review looks at NJOY’s ultimate offering for new vapers – is it the best way to quit smoking?

NJOY Convenience Vaping Review
Bottom Line
If you’re just making the switch from smoking, NJOY’s Convenience Vaping system is one of the best options around: it’s unbeatably simple without compromising on performance. Vaping with the pre-filled tanks long term would be too expensive, but as a gentle introduction to vaping it’s hard to beat.
Build Quality
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Great battery life – 1000 mAh
Exceptionally easy to use
Affordable start-up costs – $19.99 for the battery and one pre-filled tank
Five enjoyable flavors for pre-filled tanks
Excellent vapor production and overall performance
Simple but effective design
510/eGo threading – compatible with other clearomizers and tanks
Supports vaping during charging
Perfect for just-switching smokers
Pre-filled tanks are a little expensive: $5.99 for 3 ml
No options for nicotine level

Is it worth buying?

The NJOY Convenience Vaping System accomplishes what it sets out to, overall: it’s an undeniably simple way to start vaping, and it doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance.

The main downside is the price of maintaining a vaping habit using the pre-filled tanks, but since the device is compatible with standard clearomizers and even tanks, it’s easy to upgrade once you’ve given vaping a try. With the battery and tank available for $19.99 as a starter bundle, it’s easily one of the best ways to start vaping.

Full review

While Blu Cigs, Green Smoke and some other once-independent vaping companies have been bought out by tobacco companies, NJOY is one of the biggest independent manufacturers still around. Previously, their core product was the NJOY King disposable, which is probably the ultimate cigalike in terms of appearance, but it was severely lacking when it came to battery life. Plus, vaping with disposables is unnecessarily expensive. Thankfully, NJOY has made a lot of changes, and one of their newer products could easily be the best option on the market for smokers looking for a simple way to make the switch to vaping: the aptly-named Convenience Vaping System.

The NJOY Convenience Vaping System is an eGo-style device with some unique pre-filled clearomizers, which offer the benefits of standard clearomizer systems with the sort of simplicity you normally associate with a cartomizer-based system. So while they offer performance on par with higher-end setups, all you have to do is attach the cartomizer and vape away, tossing it in the trash when you’re done.

While picking up a 1000 mAh battery and a pre-filled tank costs just $19.99, subsequent (3 ml) tanks are priced at $5.99 each – although this gets cheaper the more you buy – so is it really a viable option for a new vaper? Is it worth the cash, or can you get something better? Does it perform like it should?

We’ve put the setup to the test in our NJOY Convenience Vaping review to find out.

What You Get

The Convenience Vaping System’s battery comes in a rectangular box, with a picture of the device on the front and ads for the pre-filled tanks on the side. Inside, the battery stands tall, slotted into two specifically designed spots in the two cardboard inner layers of the box and with the USB charger nestled between the layers too. The pre-filled tanks come in smaller, similar boxes, separated into two sections with your tank sitting below a perforated cover on one side, sealed in a foil packet for freshness. The offerings are fairly basic, but there’s everything you need and no cause for complaint.

Design and Compatibility

The core design of the battery is fairly straightforward, having the typical eGo-style design with a few nice additional touches. Visually, you get the standard black tube, a little longer than most to account for the increased battery capacity, but it has a soft rubber coating that makes it pleasant to hold and also less likely to slip out of your hand while you’re vaping. The button is circular and metallic, fringed by a circular LED light that illuminates when you press it and flashes multiple times when you switch on or off. There are two logos on the bottom of the battery, but they’re also black and visible only due to their slightly shiny coating, so they don’t spoil the overall look.

Njoy vaporizer battery

The pre-filled tanks have a unique look, with a metallic lower portion which bears the NJOY logo (again, subtly) and the name of the flavor inside, and a completely glass upper portion. The tank and mouthpiece form a single piece, with a glass central tube extending up the center. The mouthpiece section is a little smaller than most drip tips, but it works well with the overall look. The combination of the tank and the battery looks pretty good, with the black body of the battery accentuated with the metallic silver of the fire button, the bottom cap and the base of the atomizer, and the cool glass tank section topping it all off.

Njoy Prefilled E-Liquid Tank Atomizer

The bottom cap unscrews to reveal a micro-USB port, which is a nice bit of design that prevents the port from detracting from the sleek appearance. The cap tells you which way to unscrew it, too, and is labeled “USB” so you know what it is even in the absence of instructions.

As for compatibility, the battery has a 510/eGo threaded connection, so it will support most standard clearomizers and even 510-threaded tanks, provided they’re over the minimum resistance of 1 ohm (a beauty ring to cover the connection would also be useful to avoid ruining the look). The upshot is that even though the Convenience Vaping System is primarily intended for use with NJOY’s pre-filled cartridges, you can use it with other atomizers too.

Overall, the Convenience Vaping System does a great job in terms of design and compatibility – it maintains simplicity while still adding plenty of extra touches to improve the offering.

Battery Life and Features

The Convenience Vaping System is a basic, beginner-friendly device, and as such it’s very light when it comes to features. There’s no variable voltage option, and aside from being able to lock the device with five quick presses of the fire button, there really aren’t any features to discuss. This isn’t a big deal for a beginner-friendly device, though. You can vape while the battery is recharging, which is a great option for any new vapers who might not have a spare to use while theirs is charging.

The battery life is also pretty excellent. For an eGo-style device that operates at fairly low wattages (at least in comparison to some of the monstrous mods on the market), the 1000 mAh offered by NJOY’s Convenience Vaping System is really great, easily lasting you through a day of vaping, unless you’re chain-vaping throughout the day. The performance seems to remain consistent throughout the charge, too.

So it’s light on features, but the battery life and vape-while-charging functionality are excellent.

NJOY Convenience Vaping System Review – In Use

The core selling-point of the Convenience Vaping System is just that – convenience. So how does the pre-filled tank and battery combination work on a day-to-day basis?

The simplicity of the setup is hard to fault. The pre-filled tanks make vaping about as easy as it can get: you remove the rubber plugs from the top and bottom of the tank, screw it on to the battery and you’re ready to vape. When you’re done, there’s no hassle with refilling or changing coils: you just toss the old one away and put a new one in its place.

Steps for using the Njoy prefilled atomizer tank

The length of the battery does make it less than ideal for portability, but this should be balanced against the benefit of a longer-lasting device. You can still get the battery and tank combination into a large pocket or a bag, and the big bonus is that you can feel confident heading out of the house without a spare tucked away somewhere. It might have been a little better for portability if the battery was fatter and shorter, but as things stand the impact on portability is only minor anyway.

One thing is unquestionable: the batteries and pre-filled tanks perform excellently. I wasn’t expecting too much from such a basic setup, but the airflow is tight enough to support the mouth-to-lung hits smokers are accustomed to without jeopardizing vapor production or making you feel like you’re sucking milkshake through a straw. Just-switching smokers will be more than happy with the amount of vapor, and it’s satisfying even for long-term vapers like me.

Njoy Convenience Vaping Vaporizer Pen

The flavors are also pretty good. The pre-filled tanks are available in Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Blue and Black Berry, Peach Tea and Vanilla Bean, which is a smaller selection than you can get in NJOY e-juice, but plenty for an entry-level device like this. There’s only one nicotine level available in the pre-filled tanks – 15 mg/ml – which is suitable for just-switching smokers (though perhaps a little low) but some options would have been good.

Njoy prefilled cartridge flavors

In general, the flavors aren’t amazing – for example, the vanilla is a bit lacking in terms of punch, and the tobacco has a fairly generic flavor, despite being pleasantly sweet – but overall they’re tasty enough to be enjoyable. Crucially, the flavor is more than good enough to keep just-switching smokers happy, although when your tastebuds come back to life after vaping for a while, you’ll probably head off in search of some better flavors. NJOY Artist Collection is a good choice for that, though.

Overall, while the Convenience Vaping System doesn’t do anything outstanding in use, the performance is great overall, the flavors are good, the battery life is substantial and the vapor production is excellent for an entry-level device.

It's safe to say that the Convenience Vaping System has simplicity on its side, but what if you want something even easier to use? Although it means switching to a smaller battery, the JUUL by Pax is one of the best alternatives to NJOY's offering currently on the market. It uses disposable pods (which work like cartridges on cigalikes) filled with high-nicotine e-juice to keep the device both simple and satisfying. The choice to use nicotine salts (like you find in real tobacco) in the juice instead of the standard liquid nicotine is what sets it apart from the crowd in terms of satisfaction, and the vapor production and flavor are easily up there with the Convenience Vaping System. It's definitely worth considering, and you can find out more in our JUUL e-cig review.

Manufacturing Quality

Based on our testing for this NJOY Convenience Vaping review, the build quality is hard to fault – everything seems solidly put together and there were no issues whatsoever. The threading is well made too, both on the eGo/510 connection and the USB port at the bottom – you get the occasional issue with cross-threading on the tank connection because it’s a little loose-fitting, but it’s easily rectified by backing up a little before screwing it down again.