New Vape Wild E-Juice Review

Bottom Line
Vape Wild’s new e-juices offer exactly what their older ones did: a bunch of mouth-wateringly delicious flavors in your chosen PG/VG ratio and all sold for a very reasonable price. With so many excellent flavors on offer, you could completely stick to Vape Wild e-juices and still love every minute.
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Six new fruity, sweet flavors
Choice of three PG/VG ratios
Six nicotine levels between 0 and 12 mg/ml
Excellent flavors all-round, with especially well-captured fruits
Soylent Green is an especially delicious pistachio blend
Fantastic price of $6.99 for a 30 ml bottle
Something to suit most tastes in the line-up
Fewer nicotine and PG/VG options than previously

Are they worth buying?

Vape Wild is popular for good reason. Like the juices covered in our original review, the six new flavors tasted here offer realistic, well-captured flavors and are all delicious.

Throw in the still-impressive range of options for PG/VG ratio and nicotine along with the $6.99 / 30 ml price tag, and you have a set of e-juices it’s hard to really criticize. Are they all pretentious, multi-tonal, exquisitely –layered and needlessly complex mixes a la Five Pawns? No, they’re just awesome flavors sold at a fair price. And what else do you really need?   Use our Vape Wild coupon code if you want to get the best deal!

New Vape Wild E-Juice Flavors

Vape Wild is one of the most widely-loved e-juice companies in the industry. After receiving tons of votes in our poll of the best e-juice brands, we put out a detailed Vape Wild review that took a look at a huge selection of e-juices, and they were generally excellent. But Vape Wild hasn’t stopped putting out new e-liquids, with flavors like Amaizeballs, Flint Stoned and 21 Jump Treat hitting the market recently. So are these new flavors as high-quality as Vape Wild’s other offerings? We’ve vaped six juices for our new Vape Wild e-juice review to find out.

Packaging and Design

Vape Wild E-Liquid Bottles

Vape Wild’s e-juice hasn’t changed in terms of design or the bottles. The 30 ml bottles have child-proof caps as standard, and are made from plastic. The labels are simple but get the job done, showing the name of the flavor underneath a large Vape Wild logo, and displaying the chosen nicotine level and the PG/VG ratio on the edges. Each flavor has a unique background image, which differentiates each bottle in terms of appearance while still making the line-up look like a cohesive group.

Mixing Options

Vape Wild PG/VG Ratio

Vape Wild’s e-juices come in a choice of six nicotine levels – 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9 and 12 mg/ml – offering plenty of choice for longer-term vapers and a higher-nicotine option suitable for just-switching smokers too. For PG/VG ratios, you have the option of half and half (50/50 PG/VG), higher VG (35/65 PG/VG) and max VG (20/80 PG/VG or higher VG).

These options have been reduced since our last review – where there were higher-nicotine and higher-PG options available – but this is a sign of the times more than anything. The FDA regulations effectively punish companies for offering their customers choice, so it’s no surprise Vape Wild’s offerings had to be cut down a little. However, compared to other companies, Vape Wild still offers many more options to tailor your e-juice to your preferences.

Vape Wild E-Juice Review – The Flavors

VapeWild Review - The Flavors


Amaizeballs – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This flavor is inspired by the cereal Corn Pops, described as having a light, sweet flavor with milky overtones. The juice captures the flavor of the cereal really well, with a sweetened, slightly corny aroma making up the bulk of the taste. Although it’s been a while since I’ve eaten the cereal, it does a great job of taking you back. The milky elements are detectable, and subtly round out the overall taste of the juice.

Overall: Amaizeballs really is amazeballs. If you’re a fan of cereal e-juices, you’ll absolutely love the flavor. It’s impressively accurate, and even if it doesn’t feed your nostalgia, it has a perfectly balanced sweetness and just enough character to keep you coming back for more. This is an all-day vape for me, and one that’s definitely worth picking up if you place an order.

Soylent Green – Rating 5/5

Accuracy: This one is based on the delicious, alluring flavor of people. pistachios and cream. The result is an interesting e-juice, with the pistachio being very well captured and enveloped in a rich, realistic and devilishly sweet cream. This was Vape Wild’s “mystery flavor” for November 2016, and some mistook it for a chocolate e-juice. However, tasting the juice makes the confusion hard to understand, because the pistachio comes through very clearly, but the very rich cream probably had a role to play.

Overall: This is absolutely excellent. The pistachio is vibrant and delicious, and the cream rounds the flavor out beautifully. It strikes the ideal balance between having a unique, distinctive taste but still being gently sweet enough to have a broad appeal. The pistachio is close enough to the real deal that you probably won’t enjoy it if you’re not a fan of the real thing, but if you like nutty e-juice flavors you’ll love this. Highly recommended.

Hannibal Nectar – Rating 5/5

Accuracy: This is a fruity concoction of peach, orange, melon and berries, which Vape Wild made for the “fruit cannibals” among us. The peach comes through immediately, and is very realistic and three-dimensional in flavor. A citrus, orange note comes through on the nose, adding a sharp touch to the soft sweetness of the peach. The other two fruit flavors aren’t as prominent in the mix, but you definitely pick up a touch of berries underpinning the whole flavor, particularly at the start of your draw.

Overall: This is a fantastic fruity e-juice, with authentic flavors and a well-chosen combination of complimentary fruity notes. This is one of those e-juices it’s hard to imagine anybody not enjoying, unless you really hate peach or fruity juices in general. For me – and most vapers – the realistic fruitiness makes this a flavor you’ll keep coming back to, and the natural, understated sweetness makes every puff an absolute delight.

Flint Stoned – Rating 3.5/5

Accuracy: This is an e-juice modeled after Fruity Pebbles cereal, with a touch of vanilla ice cream thrown in to take it to the next level. I’ve never tried Fruity Pebbles, but the juice immediately hits you with a synthetic, fruity flavor reminiscent of Froot Loops and other similar cereals. The vanilla ice cream supports this nicely, mellowing the taste out a little without overpowering the main components.

Overall: If you’re a fan of Fruity Pebbles or fruit cereal e-juices, you’ll undoubtedly love this juice. It’s a well-captured cereal, and the choice of vanilla ice cream as a supporting flavor is a masterful touch that softens the taste and turns it into a potential all-day vape. That said, personally I’m not big on the faux-fruity taste of cereals like this; it always seems reduce the impact of the fruity components and leave them a little hollow. It’s a good e-juice, but not one of Vape Wild’s best for my tastes.

 21 Jump Treat – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This is a raspberry funnel cake e-juice with some powdered sugar tossed in for good measure. As with most fruity juices from Vape Wild, the raspberry is excellently captured, and comes through pleasantly strongly throughout your draw. The funnel cake adds a doughy, doughnut-like component to the flavor, which is about as prominent as the raspberry. This brings the flavor together nicely, and helps the juice taste like the real deal.

Overall: Fruity dessert e-juices are popular for a reason, and 21 Jump Treat is a perfect example of that. The fruit is slightly sharp and sweet, but the funnel cake balances these elements out and brings the flavor to life. This means you get to enjoy the biting quality to the flavor while still having the soothing, soft and inviting nature of the dessert. This is another flavor it’s hard not to like.

Fuzzy Logic – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This promises to be a unique flavor, combining kiwi with marshmallow for an interesting blend of tartness and sweetness. The result is definitely unique, being largely dominated by the sweetness from the marshmallow but also carrying the distinctive, biting notes from the kiwi. The fruit is well-replicated, but the prominent marshmallow makes up the bulk of the taste and leaves it to add some depth and character to the whole thing.

Overall: This is a refined yet very enjoyable flavor. Marshmallow may be a simplistic flavor on its own, but with the kiwi in the mix it doesn’t have to carry the juice by itself. This leaves the surprisingly understated sweetness it offers as something to take the edge off the tartness, while still maintaining some of the bite. This flavor might be a bit too subtle for some, but as long as you don’t need anything too robust it’s really excellent.