Mutation XS Review

By Marc N. Posted April 15, 2016

Mutation XS is great rebuildable dripping atomizer for cloud chasing and flavor chasing. You get compressed vapor which has great flavor. You can also have fun playing with various airflow possibilities.

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  • Large holes in the posts that is easy to build on with a variety of wire
  • AFC is easy to turn
  • AFC has option for dual and single coil
  • Deep juice well


  • Bottom of the top cap might bend when dropped
  • Over dripping might leak at the bottom air holes

Bottom Line

This is a cool RDA to have if you love playing around with AFCs. Over-dripping is never a good thing since it will lead to flooding your build, RDA, and leaking at the air holes.

Mutation XS RDA Review

Mutation XS RDA is great for chasing clouds and great for chasing flavor. It's got a large variety of airflow for your vaping through its simple AFC and adjustable bottom air holes.


Mutation X S4 Mini Rebuildable Atomizer


Kit Contents


  • Manual
  • Additional O-rings, screws, and mini philips screwdriver
  • Delrin adapter for 510 drip tips
  • Delrin wide-bore drip cap/drip tip
  • Silicon plugs for bottom air holes


Cloud Chasing or Flavor Chasing


You can always find a balance between the two with whatever atomizer you use. Mutation XS rebuildable atomizer has a set of 9 holes on opposite side of the top cap and 3 holes of different sizes below for flavor chasing. Since they include silicone plugs for the bottom holes you can plug them up and adjust your side holes better if you don't like your vaping too airy.


MutationXS RDA


What's Inside The RDA?


There's two negative post with one hole each on opposite sides, and a positive post in the middle that has a block which has two holes.


mutation xs rda airholes


The holes on the posts are big enough to accommodate various gauges of wire so building on this RDA is easy. You might want to stay away for big builds (3mm guide w/ 10 loops) since there is a big chance you will not have room for your wick and the build might also touch the AFC ring.


The Mutation XS RDA has a deep juice well around the positive pole.


The Tip


At first I was not used to using drip caps for vaping so I used the 510 drip tip adapter that it came with a lot. It was more of a preference and I found nothing wrong with the drip cap. It's made up of delrin so it does not heat up and it is big enough for easy dripping.




Mutation XS RDA may leak a lot because of the bottom air holes. If you plug them up, the holes will accumulate e-juice so you will still need to unplug them and drain out the excess juice. It's easy to drip through the drip cap.


Adjustable Airflow


It's easy to turn the AFC ring so making adjustments for your airflow is simple. You can open opposite sides of the AFC for dual coils, close out one side for single coil, or close them both out and get air flow from the bottom holes which is adjusted by the top cap.




The bottom holes on the top cap for the airflow are prone to being bent if dropped. This will affect the airflow control for your bottom holes and it may also affect the ease of turning the top cap, and cause leaking of e-juice at the bottom.


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Ease of Use4/5


Vapour Production4/5


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  Mutation XS is great rebuildable dripping atomizer for cloud chasing and flavor chasing. You just need to make builds that aren't be too big that might touch the AFC ring. It's great for single coils and multiple coils since the airflow control allows just one side of the two sides of the AFC to be open. It's fun to use, just make sure you have a tissue with you or something to wipe any excess juice. Any RDA with air holes at the bottom is prone to excess juice dripping out. You get compressed vapor which has great flavor. You can also have fun playing with various airflow possibilities.

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