Mr. Salt-E Review

Mr Salt E-Liquid Review
Bottom Line
The liquids from Mr. Salt-E are good, but not great. The fruity mixes are enjoyable enough, but the flavor components could be better captured and more balanced in the mixes. They’re a good brand for pod-style devices, but there are better options on the market.
Throat Hit
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Nicotine salt juices
Available in 25 or 45 mg/ml
60% VG mix works perfectly for pods
Massive flavor selection
Good nicotine hit
Some unique flavor combination
Decent price
High quality bottles
The flavors could be more pronounced
The juices tested weren’t especially delicious
Only for pod devices
Mr. Salt-E Liquid

Are they worth picking up?

The juices I tested from Mr. Salt-E were uniformly alright. If there were fewer options for salt nicotine juices, they would get a bit more of an enthusiastic recommendation, because the juices certainly aren’t bad, but with such a competitive market they struggle to compete.

If you pick them up, you’ll be satisfied, but other options like I Love Salts are much better in terms of flavor and also a little cheaper.

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Mr Salt-E Liquid Review

Salt nicotine e-liquids are made for efficiently getting you nicotine rather than producing big enough clouds to blot out the sun, opting for high strength blends optimized for pod-style devices. Mr. Salt-E is a juice brand specifically geared towards these types of juices, with a wide range of flavors ranging from basic offerings like Tobacco to more complex blends like Orange Mango Guava Ice. The juices are priced at $18.99 for a 30 ml bottle, and while this might be more than comparable juices, for high-strength nicotine salt options it’s not a bad price at all. But are they worth the investment? Our Mr. Salt-E review aims to find out.

Packaging and Design

Mr. Salt-E Gorilla Bottles

The label design of the Mr. Salt-E juices is straightforward but effective. The front has the icy-blue colored logo, the name of the flavor (in a color that reflects the components of the flavor), the nicotine strength of the juice and the size of the bottle. On the back side, there’s the usual selection of warnings, an ingredient listing and the PG/VG ratio of the juice. This is all pretty standard, but the labels get all of the information you need across and look pretty cool at the same time.

The Mr. Salt-E juices come in squat little Gorilla bottles, meaning they have dripper tops as standard and high-quality child-proofing. Most of the bottles are all-black, with solid black caps and a translucent black body that should help to protect the juices from the degradation and reduction in nicotine content that can happen with exposure to sunlight. As far as bottles go, they’ve done a great job here.

Mixing Options

Mr. Salt-E Liquid - Design

The juices from Mr. Salt-E come in a fixed 60/40 VG/PG ratio, making them ideal for pod-style devices and the more basic clearomizers you’ll likely be using with higher-strength salt e-liquids. The lack of options isn’t really an issue for this reason, because most pod-style devices don’t cope that well with higher-VG mixes anyway. Plus, the extra bit of VG makes them a bit better for vapor production than most nicotine salt juices.

Given that Mr. Salt-E exclusively offers nicotine salt e-juices, the nicotine strengths tend to be quite high. There are two options for nicotine strength: 25 mg/ml or 45 mg/ml. This isn’t a huge range of options, but again, for the limited focus of the line of juice this isn’t a huge issue. For just-switching smokers, the 45 mg/ml option is a comparable strength to Juul pods, but the lower level works well for less dependent smokers or people who’ve been vaping for a while.

Overall there isn’t a huge range of mixing options through Mr. Salt-E, but the most important bases are covered and you’ll get the nicotine you need and good performance through a pod-style device.

Mr. Salt-E Review – The Flavors

Mr. Salt-E Flavor Review

Complete Flavor Line-Up

  • Tobacco
  • Turkish Tobacco
  • Orange Mango Guava
  • Orange Mango Guava Ice
  • Blue Razz Lemonade
  • Punch (lemon, strawberry and mango)
  • Fruit & Menthol
  • Menthol Ice
  • Munchies (lemon, lime, orange, grape and berry cereal)
  • Cotton Candy
  • Strawmelon Taffy
  • Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Mixed Berries
  • Oops (lemon, mixed fruit, blueberry and menthol)
  • Grappleberry (green apple and berry)
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Grapplemelon (green apple and watermelon)
  • Mint
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Strawberry Custard
  • Blackberry
  • Watermelon
  • Cannoli
  • Peppermint Patty
  • Razzlemelon (watermelon and blue raspberry)
  • Blood Orange Lemonade

Strawmelon Taffy – Rating 3/5

Accuracy: As the name suggests, this juice is a blend of strawberry, watermelon and taffy, aiming for an extra-sweet fruity mixture. They manage to pull the combination off reasonably well. The watermelon is definitely the most notable component of the flavor and is replicated pretty well, with the strawberry being noticeable in the background but not really prominent in the mix. A general sweetness underpinning the whole thing adds to the taffy element.

Overall: This is a good juice if you’re a fan of watermelon, although it would be tastier if the strawberry was dialed up a little. Overall it tastes like a generic and slightly-sweet watermelon e-juice, with the fruit carrying the flavor of the juice and making it difficult to really dislike. That said, there isn’t anything that really makes this liquid stand out as particularly amazing – it’s one you’d get through a bottle of but not one you’d strongly recommend.

Orange Mango Guava – Rating 4/5

Accuracy: This is a very self-explanatory flavor, since the name is literally the flavor components listed one after the other as if it was a placeholder during development that just stuck around. The orange is definitely the most notable element of the flavor, with elements from the mango blending with it a little and the guava coming through more on the exhale. Each is pretty well-captured, though – the orange in particular is very realistic, but while the mango is identifiable, it isn’t really prominent enough in the mix to appreciate.

Overall: Orange Mango Guava might have missed the obvious opportunity to call itself OMG and could have used a touch more mango in the mix, but the overall flavor works well regardless. The realistic orange carries the flavor, and the guava adds a touch of depth and complexity to the juice to push the expected fruity sweetness a little further. It still isn’t the most delicious juice you’ll have ever tasted but it’s enjoyable none-the-less.

Punch – Rating 3/5

Accuracy: The less informatively-named Punch is described as like a sherbet punch mix you might try at a party, with lemon, strawberry and mango mentioned specifically. The juice doesn’t do too great when it comes to capturing all of the flavors, though. While you can certainly pick up touches of the lemon and the strawberry, they’re both quite subtle. The strawberry is the most dominant element, and it isn’t badly captured, but it isn’t particularly robust as a flavor. Like with Orange Mango Guava, the mango leaves a lot to be desired.

Overall: This is another flavor from Mr. Salt-E which isn’t really bad but at the same time doesn’t quite hit the level it could have given the flavor combination they were shooting for. With some more notable strawberry tones in the mix and the mango dialed up a lot it would have worked perfectly with the touch of sharpness from the lemon. But as it stands it’s a sort-of pleasant fruity mix and not much else. It’s likeable but thoroughly forgettable.

Blue Razz Lemonade – Rating 3.5/5

Accuracy: This is a blue raspberry lemonade mix, offering a unique flavor combination and a name that manages to be both descriptive and not boring. The juice itself falls prey to many of the same issues as the others in the line-up, with the blue raspberry coming through but not particularly strongly. The blue raspberry flavor is quite well-captured, up there with the best I tried from Mr. Salt-E, but the lemonade doesn’t really come through as a distinct component.

Overall: The blue raspberry is the best thing about this flavor, but it still falls a little short overall. The flavor you get is pretty tasty, but it isn’t enough to carry the juice on its own. With a stronger lemonade component, or even just the blue raspberry dialed up a little more, this would be a pretty delicious juice. As it stands – like many of the others from the line-up – it’s one you’ll enjoy but probably won’t be enthusiastically recommending to all your vaping friends.