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Lunar Rover
Bottom Line
Lunar Rover may only have six flavors (at time of writing), but every one is a knockout. From the excellent Strawberry Mojito through to the smooth Virginia blend BLK, they have something for everyone. $20.95 for 30 ml is a little expensive, but the juices make it worth your while.
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Three cocktail-inspired juices with sweet and fruity flavors
Three NET tobacco e-juices ideal for just-switching smokers
Delicious flavors all-round: every one is excellent
Accurate flavor replications
PG/VG ratio of 30/70 for cocktails, and 50/50 for tobaccos
Nicotine levels from 0 to 12 or 18 mg/ml, depending on flavor
Diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free, confirmed by lab tests
US-made e-juice
Offers flavors to suit most vapers
A little expensive at $20.95 for a 30 ml bottle
Flavor selection is limited until the Apollo series is released
Lunar Rover

Are they worth buying?

 Lunar Rover has six juices on offer (with many more coming soon in the Apollo line), and every single one is enjoyable. For longer-term vapers, the cocktail line-up has a great selection of fruity, sweet juices and is chock-full of all-day vapes, and for newer vapers still looking to replace smoking, all three tobaccos offer the authentic flavor of the real deal, and BLK in particular goes down easily. At $20.95 for a 30 ml bottle, it isn’t the cheapest juice you’ll find, but if you want something a step above the rest, it’s well worth trying out Lunar Rover.

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Lunar Rover E-Juice

There are tons of premium juice companies offering multi-tonal, high-end e-juice, as well as a healthy supply of naturally-extracted tobacco juice mixers on the market (like Black Note), but it’s rare to find a company that does both excellently. This is where Lunar Rover comes in, with one line of three cocktail-inspired e-liquids and another of NET blends for sale. Whether you’re looking for refined flavors and either some sweet, light cocktail flavors like Strawberry Mojito or some well-captured, authentic-tasting tobacco blends, Lunar Rover could be the mixer for you. But at $20.95 for a 30 ml bottle, are the juices worth it? We’ve put the liquids to the test in our Lunar Rover review to find out.

Packaging and Design

Lunar Rover Review - Bottles

The Lunar Rover bottles are glass, with high-quality child-proof caps and dripper tops included. The label design is sleek and simple. The bottles have the V-shaped logo in the center, three letters to specify the flavor (e.g. “BLK” is the Virginia Tobacco and “BNP” is bourbon peach), and more details along the side (including your nicotine level and the standard set of warnings). The cocktail e-liquid line has a marble-effect light background, and the tobacco line has a darker, black background.

It may not sound too impressive, but the bottles have an understated, confident appeal, setting you up for some top-end juices.

Mixing Options

Lunar Rover’s PG/VG ratio and the available nicotine strengths depend on the line of juice. For the Top-Shelf Cocktail E-Liquid line, the juices come in a dripping-friendly 30/70 PG/VG ratio and 0, 3, 6 or 12 mg/ml. For the Real Tobacco E-Liquid line, the PG/VG ratio is evened out to 50/50, and you get a higher-nicotine 18 mg/ml option too, making it ideal for new vapers just switching from smoking.

Lunar Rover Review: The Flavors

Top-Shelf Cocktail E-Liquids

Lunar Rover Review - Cocktail Flavors


Strawberry Mojito – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This juice offers exactly what the name suggests: a minty, mojito-inspired e-liquid, with strawberry for added sweetness. The flavor comes through as intended, with a light, fruity strawberry being followed by a realistic mint on the exhale. Both elements are beautifully captured, and there are detectable alcohol tones in the background too.

Overall: Strawberry Mojito is really delicious. The gentle fruity sweetness stays at just the right level throughout your draw, but the blend of mint and rum that swells into prominence on the exhale adds another dimension to the flavor. It’s never overpowering, and with every component so well recreated, it’s a definite all-day vape.

Bourbon Peach – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This is an oaky, caramel-infused bourbon and ripe peach e-juice. The bourbon is well-captured, but comes across subtly at first. The peach backs it up throughout, blending smoothly into the sweet baseline from the caramel notes in the bourbon, but adding its own distinctive character throughout. The bourbon strikes a bit more on the exhale, with more robust alcohol notes coming through mixed with oaky tones.

Overall: This e-juice goes down very easily indeed, with the mellow bourbon and peach producing a unique but soft, comforting flavor. I’ve had mixed experiences with bourbon juices, but this is definitely up there with the best – it’s realistic but doesn’t completely dominate the flavor. Add in the touches of caramel and it’s another all-day vape for me.

Brandy Alexander – Rating 4/5

Accuracy: This is a mixture of crème de cacao and brandy, with some extra sweet cream for good measure. The brandy hits a little stronger in this than the alcohol in the other cocktail juices, especially in the nose, but the chocolate tones and softness of the cream round it out. The chocolate is subtle but ever-present, coming through most on the exhale. The cream is hard to pick out on it’s own, but merges nicely with the chocolate and makes the flavor velvet-smooth.

Overall: The final juice from the cocktail range continues in the same vein as the others. It has the distinctive punch of the alcohol, but the sweeter supporting flavors make it go down smoothly and keep you coming back for more. This is probably a little more challenging to your palate than the others because of the stronger taste of the brandy, but it’s still delicious.

Real Tobacco E-Liquid

Lunar Rover Review - Real Tobacco E-Liquid


BLK (Virginia Tobacco) – Rating 5/5

Accuracy: The Virginia blend (mixed with some Tennessee) is described as sometimes sweet and fruit-like, but also tangy, spicy and nutty. This is a lot to hit on, but the flavor does a commendable job. It’s brimming with complexity from the tobacco, and has the smooth sweetness of a Virginia, but you do get an occasional sharp hit. The nuttiness is always present, and takes the juice to the next level.

Overall: This is a brilliant tobacco e-liquid, and I can see why Spinfuel picked it as their tobacco choice of the year for 2015. The NET process gives a very authentic tobacco baseline, but the minor components to the flavor bring it to life and keep you coming back. It’s a tobacco juice you’ll probably love even if you don’t usually vape tobacco options.

GLD (Burley Tobacco) – Rating 4/5

Accuracy: This is primarily a burley blend, but incorporates notes of oriental and Syrian latakia tobacco, offering a light flavor given some additional punch by some peppery, smoky notes. The result is interesting, with a solid tobacco base underpinning the flavor and being backed up by a distinctive smokiness from the latakia and a definite peppery edge.

Overall: While BLK was a great tobacco for vapers who don’t normally vape tobacco, this is a perfect juice ideal for just-switching smokers or tobacco connoisseurs. The tobacco notes are nuanced and complex, and the peppery, smoky qualities really take the realism to the next level. They’re subtle enough to avoid tasting unpleasant but robust enough to come through clearly with every puff. If you love smokier tobaccos, this is a great choice.

GRN (Menthol Tobacco) – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This is the GLD (burley) blend with an added menthol kick, offering the same realistic, peppery and smoky backdrop alongside a cooling hit of mint. You can still pick up all of the flavor notes from GLD, but the menthol rides in on top, taking center-stage in the flavor and offering a distinctly cooling feel. The menthol is refined and well-executed, managing to dominate the flavor without becoming overpowering.

Overall: This is another solid offering from Lunar Rover, and the perfect choice for just-switching menthol smokers. The tobacco is enjoyable on its own, but when you throw in the smooth, minty notes from the menthol, it takes the whole experience to the next level. A beautiful flavor, all in all, and definitely one to try.