Lemon Twist E-Liquid Review

Lemon Twist Vape Juice Review
Bottom Line
If you like fruity e-juice and don’t mind lower nicotine levels, Lemon Twist’s e-liquids are definitely worth trying out. The lemonade is consistently great and the fruits help to mix the flavor up a little, while remaining subtle enough to vape all day.
Throat Hit
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Four unique fruity lemonade e-juices
70% VG mix – great for clouds
Well-replicated flavors
Three nicotine strengths to choose from: 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml
60 ml Gorilla bottles
Subtle flavors all-round make them potential all day vapes
Pink Punch Lemonade and Strawberry Mason Lemonade are excellent
Great price of $15.99 per bottle
New vapers might need higher nicotine strengths
Wild Watermelon Lemonade has a perfume-y taste
Limited in terms of variety
Lemon Twist

Are they worth picking up?

Overall, the liquids from Lemon Twist are delicious and add a unique spin onto the arguably over-stuffed world of fruity e-liquids.

With the exception of Wild Watermelon, all of the flavors are really well captured and delicious, and for the price of $15.99 for a 60 ml bottle they’re well worth the money. As long as you enjoy fruity flavors and aren’t looking for something high in nicotine, they’re definitely worth picking up.

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Lemon Twist Vape Juice Review

Lemon Twist is one of the e-juice brands where you know what you’re getting right away. With a short line-up of four flavors on offer and an unavoidable clue in the name, there should be no surprise that they offer four lemon-infused flavors, basically fancy lemonades in e-juice form. The prices are pretty reasonable too, at $15.99 for a 60 ml bottle, and for more frugal vapers in particular this is likely enough to pique your interest. But e-juice is really all about the taste, so the question is: are these juices good enough to be all-day vapes? Will you regret picking them up? Well, we’ve taste-tested the whole lineup for our Lemon Twist e-juice review to find out.

Packaging and Design

Lemon Twist E-Liquids - Gorilla Bottles

The Lemon Twist e-juices come in the new industry-standard Gorilla bottles. These are durable plastic, with child-proof caps and dripper spouts in the top. There isn’t much to say about these really, they work just as you’d hope and there’s a reason most e-juices you pick up today come in similar bottles.

The label design is pretty cool too. Three of the four have a yellow background, and all have images of the fruit that accompanies the lemon as a backdrop. The “Lemon Twist” logo is front and center, with the nicotine level and the size of the bottle underneath, as well as the name of the flavor. On the right of the label you’ll find the usual warnings and an ingredient list, and on the left it shows the PG/VG ratio and the expiry date of the juice. Overall, they look great and give you all the information you need.

Mixing Options

Lemon Twist - PG/VG Ratio

Like most juices on the market these days, the liquids from Lemon Twist come in a fixed 70% VG to 30% PG mix. This is a good mix for getting thick clouds while still carrying a light throat hit from the PG, and it works well in the majority of tanks on the market today. Ordinarily I’d say that some options would be good, but Lemon Twist isn’t really designed for brand new vapers with basic gear or pod-style devices, and this is ideal for their main market.

In the same vein, the nicotine strengths available are all quite low: 0, 3 or 6 mg/ml. Again, this is great for the majority of vapers using higher-power devices, but if you’re just switching over 6 mg/ml might not be quite enough nicotine. Otherwise, there’s nothing to complain about here at all.

Lemon Twist E-Liquid Review – The Flavors

Lemon Twist E-Juice Flavor Review


Peach Blossom Lemonade – Rating 4/5

Accuracy: This is a fancifully-described lemonade and peach blossom flavor, aiming to be a sweet but slightly sour offering with an emphasis on the peach. The juice itself definitely delivers on its promises. The peach is the dominant flavor note, but it’s nicely balanced against the backdrop of the lemonade, and the tastes themselves are well-replicated. It’s worth noting that the tastes are quite subtle, but both elements still come through clearly.

Overall: The subtlety of the flavors is what saves this one. With a really sharp hit from the lemonade or over-the-top sweetness from the peach, the flavor would have been too strong to vape through a whole day. But as it is, you get a pleasant touch of both the lemonade and peach and it goes down really easily. It isn’t the most drop-down delicious e-liquid you’ll have ever tasted, but it’s really well done and a potential all-day vape if the flavors are up your street.

Wild Watermelon Lemonade – Rating 2.5/5

Accuracy: Wild Watermelon Lemonade is pretty much what you’d expect, with the watermelon described as light and accompanied by sugary lemonade. The result is pretty good, notably stronger in flavor than the last juice and with the watermelon really taking center-stage. The watermelon replication is accurate, but it does have a slight perfume-like tinge to it. It takes over the flavor a little so the lemonade is definitely more of a backdrop, you don’t notice too much apart from a slight bite of sourness.

Overall: This flavor is OK but a little let down by the watermelon replication. The perfume-y elements take over the taste, and although it does still taste of watermelon, these elements drag the whole e-juice down. Others might not find it as aversive as I do, but even though the lemonade backing is well-executed the watermelon makes it difficult to enjoy.

Pink Punch Lemonade – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: Pink Punch Lemonade is described as a mixture of fruit punch and pink lemonade, combining the tartness of the lemonade with the sweetness of the strawberry and orange punch. This is quite a complicated mixture of flavors, but Lemon Twist has pulled it off really well. The pink lemonade is definitely true to the taste of the real thing, and it’s the most distinctive element of the flavor. The orange also comes through really clearly, particularly on the nose, while the strawberry doesn’t really jump out at you but blends in nicely with the overall mix.

Overall: This is a really delicious flavor. The pink lemonade backing is good enough to be an e-juice on its own, but the touches of strawberry and orange backing it up really take it to the next level. The result is a juice that’s sweet but also light and easy to vape, with enough character to differentiate it from the multitude of other fruity flavors on the market and just the right amount of tartness in the mix. This one is highly recommended, it’s an excellent e-juice.

Strawberry Mason Lemonade – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This is a strawberry lemonade flavor, which may be fairly straightforward to describe but it’s definitely a unique mix in the world of e-liquid. The juice does a great job of blending an authentic strawberry flavor with a backdrop of lemonade. The strawberry is the main thing you pick up, with a mouthwatering sweetness to it but still subtle enough to allow the lemonade backing to come through as well.

Overall: This one is pretty much impossible to dislike. The expertly-captured sweetness of the strawberry carries the flavor and will mean you enjoy the flavor as long as you like the fruit. It’s made in partnership with Strawberry Queen, who – as you might expect – focus on strawberry-flavored juices and do a great job of capturing the flavor of the fruit. If there’s a criticism of this flavor it’s that the lemonade aspects don’t really add much, but overall it’s delicious and definitely one to pick up.