The Latest JUUL Pod Flavor, Mango, Is Back Again

juul mango pod

Mango JUUL pods are back in stock so if you’re a fan and own a JUUL vaping device, you need to hurry up and snatch some before they sell out again. Trust me – it’s just a matter of time before that happens.

As you probably remember, mango JUUL pods first hit the stores beginning of March only to sell out on the JUUL website in five days flat. The worst part is that the mango flavor was announced as limited edition, so there was really no point in holding your breath until it came back – it could be a while.

And it certainly was a while. Nearly five months after they were first introduced and sold out, mango JUUL pods are back again. There’s no telling how long the supplies will last (and no indication that the mango made it to the stick JUUL pods’ list), so if you need a bit of variety to spice up your vaping, make sure to order a pack (or, preferably, a box) as soon as possible.

Why Did Mango JUUL Pods Sell Out So Fast In the First Place?

Limited edition JUUL pods always sell out like hotcakes. This happened with the previous one as well, the cocoa mint. JUUL manufacturer, PAX, say that they are just bad at gauging user interest, which they seem to underestimate, consistently. A more reasonable explanation would be that the limited editions are just that – limited. Like limited edition whiskeys and cigars, these pods have their purpose. They will sell out fast and keep selling fast if the company ever chooses to bring them back after the initial run. That’s marketing 101 for you.

JUUL vapers only have four regular e-juice flavors at their disposal on a consistent basis – Cool Mint, Virginia Tobacco, Creme Brulee, and Fruit Medley – so it’s really no surprise that they go berserk when something new hits the shelves. Seeing how PAX adds a new limited flavor to their rotation once in a blue moon, it’s pretty understandable that their fans are wind up pretty tight and ready to pounce when an opportunity arises.

Grab It While It Lasts

Whether the mango JUUL pod will stay in as a stock flavor is still hard to say. However, if PAX decides to listen to their users and customers, they might decide to keep it going. It’s, by far, the most popular JUUL flavor to date. Fresh and fruity, it ties together mango, passion fruit, and a just a whiff of orange on the exhale – definitely a spot-on tropical flavor.

However, don’t bet on PAX! Order a pack of mango JUUL pods today, while they are still around (use this Juul coupon to get a discount on your order). If there’s anything certain, it’s that limited edition JUUL flavors are as elusive as unicorns!

Updated: The Juul mango pods are banned by the FDA and are no longer available. However, you can use high quality off-brand Juul pods to refill your Juul compatible pods with any mango e-juice flavor you want (Pachama Salts offers a great mango flavor that works well with the Juul device).