Joyetech Cuboid 150W Review

The Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC box mod is smart, simple, and safe. This mod is great for beginner vapers but might not be so great for vapers who want more control in setting their firing power.

Bottom Line
Newbies who are afraid to try out using regulated mods will love the Joyetech Cuboid. The safety feature is great so you know you will be vaping safe with this mod.
Build Quality
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Smart and safe to use
Upgrading to 200w is easy
Compact for a dual battery regulated mod
Curved edges for comfort
Experienced vapers might not like how the mod regulates power output
Thin paint
Plastic strip easily scratches
Joyetech Cuboid 150W

Is it worth buying?

The Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC Box Mod is smart, simple, and safe. You could probably get a silicone sleeve to protect the paint and the plastic strip if you want to prevent the mod from scratches.

With this mod you need to keep your RDA/RTAs contacts clean. Make sure there's no overflow of juice getting in your contacts or else you might encounter the mod not firing. This mod is great for beginners but might not be so great for vapers who want more control in setting their firing power.

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The Joyetech Cuboid 150w box mod is upgradable to 200w. That means you can have more power now for your vaping preference which is still safely regulated by the Cuboid's system. The safety system is loved by beginner vapers and might be hated by the more daring vapers who want to have full control in the power that they can hold.

In The Box

You get the mod, USB cable, authenticity code, and user's manual. The Joyetech Cuboid comes in three different colors: black, silver, and grey.

Out Of The Box

As soon as I got the mod I tested it with different RDAs and they fit well and fired well with the “connector”. I decided to upgrade the firmware from the Joyetech website after a week of having the Cuboid mod. No batteries included.

Design And Compatibility

Joyetech Cuboid mod colors (Black, Silver, Grey)

The Joyetech Cuboid mod has a compact design with smooth curved edges around so it's comfortable to grip. It has a 510 stainless steel thread and spring connector which has worked well with all of my RDAs. It is lightly painted so wear on the paint may be seen within 2-3 months of use from putting it down on rough surfaces. I also accidentally scratched the top painted part of the mod with a screw driver. Asides from that, no additional wear appeared near the scratch since it is not in contact with any surfaces.

There is a long shiny plastic strip which runs from top to bottom for the display. This scratches easily. The display sits in the middle of the strip and the controls for the mod is below the display.

I have had no problems with the firing button. It works well and is responsive.

The micro USB port is on the top of the left side which is a the opposite side of the mod's firing button.

The slip-open cover on the bottom lets you replace the batteries by pulling the slider over. It has an onboard reverse polarity protection, which prevents damage incase you incorrectly install your batteries.

attery Reverse Polarity Protection

The Cuboid uses two replaceable 18650 batteries. Joyetech recommends using high-rate 18650 cells with rated discharge current ≥25A.

Cuboid 150W Output and Dual Battery Bar

Upgrading Firmware

It is quick and easy by downloading the file from the Joyetech website ( into the mod through the USB cable.

Cuboid Firmware Upgrade


Customized TCR available. Some options are M1, M2, and M3 so you can customize the TCR based on your build's material.

Cuboid TCR Value Range

Vaping And Charging

I found this very easy to use. The Joyetech Cuboid mod will go up to 150w out of the box and up to 200w after upgrade. I usually vape between 20w to 50w, occasionally 70w but I wanted to see how far up the power will go when I have an RDA attached. It will only bring up to what it calculates as “safe” so not all your builds will be vapable at 200w.

This feature provides an assurance to beginners that they will be safe vaping on the Cuboid mod.

The USB also allows you to charge your batteries through the mod but I still charge my batteries with a separate charging device.

The Joyetech Cuboid 150w is a durable mod. Having kids running around the house it's hard to keep things on the table. My Cuboid accidentally dropped from 1 ft on the mod's bottom (closed with batteries inside) still works well and did not affect its performance.

Joyetech Cuboid 150w TC box mod