Innokin Releases iTaste MVP V3

By Lindsay Fox Posted February 5, 2015

itaste mvp3 mod

The MVP family of mods has a new member – Innokin has released the iTaste MVP V3. The MVP V2 and the 20 W version are among many vapers’ favorite VV/VW devices, and the new edition promises to blow them both out of the water, packing a massive 3800 mAh capacity battery and up to 30 W of power. The updates take into account feedback from the vaping community, adding support for sub-ohm coils and a new layout along with all of the features that made the older incarnations of the MVP great. It’s available from vendors now, priced $64.99 at VaporDNA and a dollar less at My Vapor Store, with an RRP somewhere between $75 and $80.


The iTaste MVP V3 – Improved Layout, More Power


innokin itaste mvp v3


The most immediately obvious difference in comparison to older editions is in appearance; the MVP V3 has a pitted texture on the body and the fire button has been moved over to the edge of the device alongside the screen. The screen is now OLED, and displays your resistance, voltage, current setting and battery life all on one screen. You still get a color-coded battery level indicator light, but this is now on the top edge of the device.


The input jack is also on the same edge, meaning you’ll be able to stand it up while charging – just when I’d got used to delicately laying the V2 down to charge – and the bottom section is flush so it doesn’t rock when it’s stood up. There’s also an integrated mini USB cable, as well as the big USB output and accompanying cable as on the older versions.


itaste mvp3 usb
Photo: VaporDNA


The MVP V3 allows you to set the power between 6 and 30 W, separated in 0.5 W increments, and the voltage between 3.0 to 9.0 V, in 0.1 V increments, exceeding even the 20 W MVP’s capability. There’s also a “down” button now, so you won’t have to scroll all the way around if you overshoot your intended setting.


It uses vRMS current, allowing for accuracy in power output within 0.1 W; in other words, you’ll get the power you ask for. In addition, the minimum supported resistance has been reduced to 0.4 ohms, making it pretty well-equipped for sub-ohm vaping, and it will provide the full 30 W for coils 2.5 ohms or lower.


The new MVP also has a spring-loaded 510 connection, effectively fixing the connection issues present on the V2. Like on the MVP 20W, the top is flush and you get an adapter for eGo threaded clearomizers.


And of course you get all of the features from the older versions, including letting you vape as you charge and safety features like short-circuit protection and low battery cutoff. They didn’t get rid of the puff-counter, but I guess some vapers find that more useful than I do – at least now you can adjust your power without having it pop up first.


If you want more information about the MVP V3, Todds Reviews has a video up with a detailed rundown, as does the VapinGreek, or you can learn a bit more on the Innokin site.


The New Go-To VV/VW Box Mod?


The changes all look pretty good, overall, but the MVP V3 has quite a bit of competition from the wide range of capable box mods available these days. The MVP does pretty well in terms of power, offers tons of battery life and the price is still affordable, but with so many devices – such as the new 70 W IPV Mini 2 and the Sigelei 50W VR2 – available for around the same price, not to mention the even cheaper Eleaf iStick 30W (which has a built-in 2200 mAh battery), the V3 is still going to have a bit of a tough time standing out from the crowd.